Npc tokens

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Foundry VTT Basics Part 3 - Creating Characters, Tokens, & Adding Players (Updated Video Available)

44 436 views | 9 Apr. 2020

Updated video here:

Updated video here: https://youtu.be/Q9muibNggC4

Let's create some characters, set their default settings, pull some tokens of those characters into our map and make them unique. Then we'll also look at giving our players control over a token that will represent their character.


In Foundry is there a gmlayer like in roll20 where you can hide enemies?


Also should you set up a access Key as a Game Master so that players cannot have GM powers.

mike sixel

I don't think anyone has said this, but we can't see what you are doing in the bottom right corner. I've had to move me to the mid-left side for videos because of this.....these are great! Thanks,

Dj Blackford

Well, reading through the comments answered my question about why default lighting seems to be darkness, but it didn't answer the other question I have, though it was touched upon.

I am running my FVTT on AWS, so it's not set up on the localhost. I can't login to localhost, then also login via IP like a player. So, I login as GM via browser, but am unable to login as a player via browser at the same time. The only method I've thought of that seems to work is using Chrome as GM and Firefox as a player, to allow me to login to both at once. Can you think of a less cumbersome method?

The Dorkly Lion channel

Nice video! Are you planning to do one on macros?


How did you get the ip/url link for your game in order to check your player's pov?

Caleb Albritton

Running a game of Curse of Strahd in these crazy times, and recently decided to try out Foundry VTT. I got so frustrated by Roll20's lighting and lack of darkvision, so great to see that this amazing engine has it! Thank you sooo much for your guides, you explain things so well!

Matt Hodnett

Love these videos, sir! Following you here and on Twitter. Thanks!


Can you only have 2 bars on a token or is it possible to have more?

Derek Geary

How did you open a browser window and join the game in progress????


How do you add a monster to Actors?

Cubeist Games

Nice video, good pacing. Confused about the first Azabelle token,that wasn’t linked to a player, though. Why didn’t we see that tokens sight lines? Does that happen when you select a token?

Michael Ghelfi - RPG Ambiences & Music

Thanks so much for your videos, it's really high quality content. It's clear, precise and useful.

Alena Organa

dude, these videos are a life saver. Thank you so much for explaining things so well and breaking them down to make them accessible.

Janne 'Defu'

Video is great, but! Can you make a simple video how my players can connect to my world? I'm using, and that is the only possibility for me, Mobile hot spot. I can't even find a forum to help me out.

Sam Tootell

I'm switching from Roll20 to Foundry and your videos are invaluable. Thanks so much!


Hey cant for the life of me figure out this self hosting thing. Im trying to send out links to my players to my game. can you make a video on how to do this im trying to do it over the internet.


Dude thank you, I've been playing with the program like a week and you have taught me sooooooooooooooo much


Do you know if there is a way for players to use their D&DBeyond character sheets with Foundry? Similarly, can a DM use a D&DBeyond character sheet for a character, or export it to foundry for ease of use?

Luxuria Unus

Is there a way to turn of token disposition?

Encounter Library

Updated video available here: https://youtu.be/Q9muibNggC4

Dan Santospirito

How do you assign a player to a character token?

Julio Ortiz-Forero

did i miss the part where you can hst and send a link to players? im so lost!


Can you explain what happens when as a gm controlled monster speaks in a language that not all the characters know? Specifically if you as a gm wish to have a goblin say something, but only 2 out of the 4 party members understand goblin, can you make it so the message you type is only understood by those two characters? I am using a version in roll20 that simulates the use of languages, and it is nifty. From what I've seen you show about Foundry so far, this sound like something that might be implemented or are planned to be added.


Classic Insert frustrated at roll 20 DM comment here just starting the transition to foundry and these have helped a ton thank you very much! Will be looking out for future content put out by you, Thanks again!

Eric Bjj

Damn even if it changed a Little, i purchased vtt yesterday and this is helping a lot!!!

Gabriel Cersonsky

Watching your video, I see that the nameplate is missing on the new player, is there a way for people to see it?

Scott Reist

I just noticed, is that a Toh Kay shirt?? Nice!!

Felonious Monk

I just bought Foundry and your videos are really helping me get to grips with the basics so far. Thanks! A quick question please...the part where you create the new player "Azabelle" @14:24 and then launch new game, in my game the new player isn't showing up in the Actors list on the right. Do you have any idea what might be going on? Many thanks.

Matt Sullivan

Do you have to buy the data for each book in a system like you would on Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds?


Great series so far. Thanks for putting in the work!

Tai Tui

is there a way to change the tokens from the square image to the circle version?

Crescent Star

"We can click create character button down here." Where is here? You're blocking it.

Andrés E

Guys, maybe some of you are trying to find how to place "filler" token, to do this just drag any actor token to the tabletop, then remove the character linked to that token, now you just hace to copy paste it and change the image for each one, no mod or tiles to do it


At about 10:30 you seem to contradicted yourself explaining the Assign Token button. You seem to be saying that changing one token on the VTT won’t affect other copies of the same token also on the VTT unless you click that button. But then say that changing one token on the VTT won’t change the others. So it’s still unclear to me what that button does.

John Van Hoven

Just bought VTT from being a long time roll20 user. This makes roll20 looks soooooo underwhelming. Glad I switched.


You're the GOAT.

I haven't watched all videos but I'm still struggling with vision for my players. I think all players should have "Observer" permissions on friendly tokens.
I also can't figure out how to have my humans not see everything.. it seems that dim vision isn't working how I want it to.

Mana Eternal

This is a really good video! Thank you so much!
Though I'm curious, if you put no darkness to a map, why do you need to setup low light vision to your character for them to see anything? ^^

Npc tokens

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Mechanized Bestiary, a Lancer NPC Guide: Basic GM Advice and NPC Templates

4 004 views | 24 Jul. 2020

Welcome to a brand new

Welcome to a brand new series of mine, which might be a bit helpful to any new and old gamemasters out there as well as some players that might be interested to be one.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragonkid112

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thereal11dragonkid11

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/thereal11dragonkid11

KD Lancer NPC Tokens page: https://karolinedianne.itch.io/kd-lancer-tokens-npc-mechs

RetroGrade Minis website (For the great mech sprite!): https://www.retrogrademinis.com/

Massif Press main website: https://massif-press.itch.io/

The content of the video is purely for parody. All artworks, images, music, sounds and anything that aren't directly created by me belong respectively to their rightful owners.

#LancerRPG #MechanizedBestiary #NPC

J Evan

The one template I would like to see added is Turrets, both for defending enemy bases and to simulate smaller capital ships.

Fugitive Unknown

Some thoughts as someone who ran a lot of 4th Ed (which is where a lot of the ideas for Lancer come from).

1- The difference between LL0, LL1 and LL2 is HUGE, particularly 2. 2 Grants you the frame, and is also where you can get your first level 3 talents, AND gives the first point of grit. Go easy on your player around this time, but recognize that you might have more of a challenge later on.

2- The effectiveness of the various enemy forms largely depend on the circumstances you are in and what the party has access to. A vast pile of grunts, for example, are probably going to do pretty darn well against say, three mechs with Cyclonic Rifles. That same group might go down VERY fast against a Monarch/Barbarosa/Raleigh with two RPG's. Melee units are more effective if there's cover, range if there's difficult terrain. You have to try and be aware that the unwrittten ways to add difficulty in a fight.

3- DON'T USE A LOT OF PIRATES unless you want the PC's to hate you or get captured by pirates. Don't use a lot of grunts with ranged attacks unless you want dead PC's.

4- Wear them down. If they go into a fight with 1 repair remaining and systems down, it builds tension and encourages them to play deviously.

5- Offer terms to end the fight early if things are going well. "For one repair use, you can end the fight now" is a good way of skipping ahead a fight that' already over.

The BIGGEST problem with most RPG tactical fights, IMO, is that the game's tension is all front loaded. When all the enemy pieces are on the board, the threat of losing a PC is very high. However, once one or two enemies are down, the offensive potential to overwhelm a player drops immensely.

This is why I strongly advise cool setpiece moments. Reinforcements is the obvious one. Have the enemies take civilian hostages if things start to look grim. Have timers and alterante objectives ("You must do 100 damage to the missile before it launches in 6 turns!") Have a new enemy force announce that they are on their way on turn 4 and arrive on turn 6, no rest between encuonters. Have the enemy flee into tunnels. Do something to make the game feel like the "move, countermove" of battle rather than a spread sheet.

I'd also advise giving the NPC's a bit of personality. Imagine a drone pilot who was as annoying as Handsome Jack who kept taunting the players. Have the other ace pilot be a genuine believer in his cause who argues philosophically while fighting. Make enemies NPC's from the PC's past. There are damned few good mech anime where the enemies aren't interesting in their own right.

Anyway, enough babbling. Happy gaming, everyone!

Anthony R

This video helps me a ton, thanks dog


The biggest problem with LANCER's combat is that NPCs are almost always better 1:1 than their player counterpart when not counting core powers. The trick here is to draw as little attention to that fact as possible.

Onno Inada


Draco Aleksander

I converted all of my players from my Battletech group. After the first couple of fights, they basically just, as a group, told me to hit them harder. Players are weird sometimes.

Logan Gagnepain

As a GM, i really do not like how OP the GM mechs are

R Fast

Making enemies run away after being damaged was something I liked to do in other games to make them seem like real people. Sadly my groups have all been bloodthirsty so I always quit doing that after the first couple of encounters.


I heard 1.5:1 NPC:PC activations was a good ratio. How do you feel about that vs 1:1?

Lauren Neuburger

"If you believe the players are going to have enough brains to know they're in an unwinnable fight, you are very wrong."

Truer words have never been spoken.


I'm saddened that infantry can't have any template other than Grunt. I love the idea of a Spec Ops team holding their own against several Mechs. Maybe even have them enact sabotage or catch the players while they're out of their mechs, etc.


I really appreciate your GM advice. I totally agree with you on a lot of what you said, especially on the amount of enemies.
I have seen some GMs overwhelm the players pretty easily. A lot of NPCs are very min/maxed.

Sam Cooper


Npc tokens

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MapTool Tutorial - 12. Creating and Setting Up NPC Tokens

4 846 views | 23 Nov. 2016

"RPTools is the Millennium

"RPTools is the Millennium Falcon of RPG Software"

In this video I cover how to set up and manage images for NPC portraits and Player Handouts.

This tutorial uses MapTool and OpenOffice Writer

For more HTML editing resources, please see here: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_formatting.asp

You can download MapTool by going to this link and clicking on the MapTool Icons . I try to use the most current version. http://www.rptools.net/downloadsw/

This video was made using MapTool Version


Is there any way to make a token display the extended notes? like things on the hidden layer?

Thom Vandevenne

Really learned from your tutorials, well done! I am a bit stuck though as a first timer. I have downloaded 100s of token images for my dnd 3.5 campaign and I want to add gm notes to a specific token. I want that information saved so later when I insert another such token in the same or different campaign it has those notes and properties. Sort of building your own monster manual (img+info). How to do that would make a great vid.

Gregg Chastain

Good stuff on all the videos to date - Going to give it a try in my campaign

Leandro Parra

Great videos, Thomas! Thank you very much! But i'm having some trouble with tokens and GM Notes...I've tested the tokens "GM Notes" using 2 clients in the same computer (1 Gm Server, and other i connect as player), and when the player click or double-click the NPC token, it shows the "GM Notes" to the "player" that double-clicked the token. I'm using 1.5.2 client. is it a config matter? Bug? Or I needed another Computer to connect and hide the GM Notes?

Another doubt.... when i mouse over as player, it shows only the portrait, and not the sheet...


Dude thanks to you my party can play dnd in corona times ! Thanks a lot. Great structured video ! Would you share some of you maps over Dropbox ? Right now we are playing Chrimsen throne! And we are lovin it

Styxx Rivers

Excellent Video