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Taiko - Leaves

5 537 799 views | 13 May. 2017

my mood - dk

my mood - dk

Song: https://soundcloud.com/taikomusic/leaves

Support the artist: https://soundcloud.com/taikomusic


DK's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Animevibe_dk

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/animevibe

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/animevibe_

Email: [email protected]


We do not own ANY rights to any of the music or footage we share, if you have a problem with our way of promotion, shoot us an email and we will take the video down if needed.

A. S

Does anyone have a 8d version of this, thx
Have a great day

Daenerys ma Bij

one night, i was jst laying down on my bed,
lights off, hands on the sides,
feet apart, no pillow on my head,
earphones on, this song playing,
eyes closed,
and suddenly, i felt i was floating in a black space..
then i woke up to carhorns blaring. hmm


I like the video!

Cowboy Spike

Ai itame to kurushedusu....

Azar Bomb

I wish I could find someone who I can protect so I can feel my worth

pedro wmilio


Priyanka Goyal

What is he saying in the song ?

Sebastián Olguín

I had a girlfriend. Really fun and cute, small as a minion but a heart the size of a mountain. Things didnt work out and we never saw each other again. Now i'm with someone else, in a more mature and healthy relationship. But this song somehow reminds me of her, and the day she left.

Fabricio 700


Nova_ 4004

Bro I’m mad cause this song ain’t on Spotify :/


the 600 people who disliked this must be deaf

Danio Solano

Anyone miss something that never happended?!

Juanita Dominado

I'm allways grumpy never been happy not even one I lost my happynes because of the boles in school I've never been sad either


i feel like i always mess up my friendships, no one stays long

Anik Mumssen

real ones know what anime this is from


This is very good!!! ;-))

Yvan Lara

this music makes me feel happy

Luizzz Quinones

i slept with this and i drempt that all my friends and loved ones were walking away from me and i couldnt walk i was bear foot and glass on the floor i kept crawling through out the pain of the dream and when i made it to them they all freaked out wondering what happened right at that moment i woke up with a huge smile thinking im lucky that will never happen but then i started crying and went to sleep

Deavon Washington

The funny things is this really isn’t how u feel right. u might think u feel this way but at the end of all your really thinking is how u feel try to feel without thinking.other Wise your end like up like all these people stuck in a game 4

Dillbros Gaming2

All these people perfectly expressing how they feel on a Lo-Fi beat. While I can't even begin to fathom or Express mine. I don't even know where the beginning or the ending would be.


Legit where can I find this song, I literally wanna listen to this later


Something from a Legend of Zelda game...... But what?

yu sana

after all the things we have done she said: i want to tell u something. do u remember when i told u that i have ended very serious relationship. i cant forget HIM so good bye( eventually they got back to each other).

Mono Ace

Im not sad or empty i just really like this song

Valentina Quinchia Rondón

Pensando aqui la mierda q es este mundo en 2020

Sebastián Olguín

I had a girlfriend. Really fun and cute, small as a minion but a heart the size of a mountain. Things didnt work out and we never saw each other again. Now i'm with someone else, in a more mature and healthy relationship. But this song somehow reminds me of her, and the day she left.

Ria Tag

This song is pretty chill. I like it! I gotta thank the algorithm for recommending this video to me :)

El kakas

Yo creo que está canción es la mejor me gusta un buen

Dương Thùy

I still love you :(

Euclid Casadaphobia

ik it doesnt matter in the end my feelings are there and will change, i just wish someone would take me away to forget everything wed run to the farthest island and dance and listen to songs and just exist in a perfect world at least hope everyone is doing there best


What anime is that from?


Stuck in a loop, born, study, get a job, get old, die... I dont want that..but, I cant escape

Math En

I feel like, a person flying in the sky, without any encounters, not even a bird, just the soft and cold breezes, and the sun seems pretty much colder than the normal day. What he sees from up to bottom of the group are a huge glasses, which filled with trees, and houses. On the top of the glass, there are some dead plants and some coffins. That's why I feel about this.


i like your song when i study but the guitar is the best uwu

Phyllis Diaz

The elderly karate aerobically bruise because dragon pathogenetically talk atop a boiling music. yielding, pathetic cave


Can someone please tell me why I can’t find any of their songs on I tunes or YouTube anymore. There’s this one some that I can’t remember the name of and I need to know why I can’t find them

Roshan Sharma

I hate people who fake having a mental disorder(depression mainly) to seem aesthetic .
Because man I can't imagine someone going through so much . It's just that so many people have started to fake it to seem cool or something.

Ultimate Kunochi

This is the song that plays after the monster in a horror movie is defeated. Knowing that possibility such evil can exist will set you off kilter for a while.


everybody hates me.. because im abnormal they call me that
im depressed everyday i go to the top of our house setting and crying and let the rain drop on me LONELY

Unnamed Reader

Why is being sad almost like a blanket of comfort.

Bonni BV

Y aquí es donde estamos los raros con estilo de música raros ..

Breeze Posts Cringe

this comment section is such a mood

Lady Vanilla

David Bowie⭐ ??‍??⭐

Emily Wan Dosen

which anime is this can anyone tell?

Jaime Rotger

I’ve just gotta strive to be cooler

The Wanderer



someone knows who's saying this

MadeThrone 11206

What are we? Like leaves to soon fall with the wind's breath, as we wither away. For it is only a matter of time. Time that you are hopeless to stop. No matter how hard you try. For one day we will all die and rot away and be forgotten as if we were never here. For nothing lasts forever, even our universe. For one day, it will also die along with everything else in existence. With every tick of the clock. For one day, we all will face our mortality.

Memento Mori - Remember Death. For death is the true equalizer that will come to all in the end.


The photo in this music just ..me


I just want someone to talk to

kaw tec

i feel so empty

Legend 12

this song makes me cry everytime i listen at 4 am

Tyler Froberg

this at 1.75x sounds it could be used for a Mario Kart song going around the race track

Abraham Fuentes

i feel i lost a bunch of my teenage years

Wajeeh Alam

Everyone saying that this is cheering them up yet I'm over here being sad about memories I never had.

Swayam Punekar

I really love when I find people who love living sad................
It makes me feel very warm


soffitti sconosciuti


the voice at the start is an interview with david bowie

Larry Boi6

man wish i can just read manga with endless pages that is just about a person's life, since mine doesn't seem to continue anymore

Siraphop Chamrasthanasan

Nothing hit deep anymore. I'm empty, like my future.

hightimes 619

Life is to beautiful to reminisce on our mistakes keep loving you and this world that gots much to offer

jhems castillejo


Faye Valentine

Life is a soup

and i'm fork

abraham joseph hernandez garcia

Is there a hole on his wall or is it just a shirt?

Potato Man

Something just feels off

Phan Chouz

My crush just liked my post, i feel like i'm falling because of him...

Calvin Smith

"I think it's terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people's expectations."


Música top pra dormi em

Ben Bunnell

Blatant Nujabes rip off but okay...

Murosaki Smith

Everyone else:
Talking about the music and/or posting lyrics they made
thinking about the image and how I read that it's bad to lay on your stomach when you sleep ???


As of writing this comment, its the 2021 new years. 2020 has been a total wreck for me. Loneliness, pessimism, laziness affected me greatly. I do hope my future self finally can get back to feeling happy, motivated and peaceful again. But for now, I'm going to have to endure this until things get better. Hopefully.

Sasuke Uchiha

I don’t wanna be happy
I don’t want confidence
I don’t wanna be social with people
Because someone’s gonna come along and ruin that and I’ll be butt hurt all over again
I’d rather someone make fun of me and I can just ignore it than me breaking down in front of everyone.
And there’s a comfort in sadness for me
I don’t wanna struggle to break out of it. It’s better just to sink. Nothing else can hurt me that way.


I do be like Shinji sometimes...

Nando Botelho NB


Jade Plascencia

Reasons to live:

“Suicide doesn’t stop the pain,” “It gives it to someone else.”
- [ ] 1: We would miss you
- [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive
- [ ] 3: It does get better,believe it or not it will eventually get better.
- [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing.
- [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone,even yourself tell you otherwise.
- [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason.
- [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live!
- [ ] 8: So many people care about you
- [ ] 9: You are amazing
- [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you
- [ ] 11: I care for you
- [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you
- [ ] 13: Youre literally perfect!! <3
- [ ] 14: There are plenty of people that care for you
- [ ] 15: God loves you
- [ ] 16: God cares about you
- [ ] 17: Sometimes life is hard but it will make you a stronger person don’t worry!
- [ ] 18: What about all the things you’ve always wanted to do?What about all the things you’ve planned,but never got around doing? You can’t do them if your dead.
- [ ] 19: I want you to be alive
- [ ] 20: So many people want you alive!
- [ ] 21: You won’t be able to listen to Music if you die
- [ ] 22: You’ll never be able to listen to your favorite song if you die.
- [ ] 23: You’ll never be able to listen to your favorite singer if you’re gone
- [ ] 24: You’ll never be able to listen to your favorite rapper if you’re gone.
- [ ] 25: listening to really loud music
- [ ] 26: Killing yourself is never worth it,you’ll hit both yourself & the people who care about you.
- [ ] 27: There are so many people that would miss you,including me
- [ ] 28: the clouds
- [ ] 29: You are gorgeous
- [ ] 30: Someone out there would die for you :’)
- [ ] 31: How do you think your family would feel?
- [ ] 32: Proving people wrong with your success.
- [ ] 33: Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life.
- [ ] 34: You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day.
- [ ] 35: You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a cold building on a hot day.
- [ ] 36: Being stupid in public just because you can.
- [ ] 37: Helping other people.
- [ ] 38: You have a future to live for..
- [ ] 39: Being alive is good
- [ ] 40: thinking about happy memories
- [ ] 41: Finding your soulmate.
- [ ] 42: All nighters!!!
- [ ] 43: Sleeping in all day
- [ ] 44: You can look back at yourself later in your life and be glad you didn’t commit suicide.
- [ ] 45: Nobody could ever replace you
- [ ] 46: You’re unique
- [ ] 47: pets
- [ ] 48: petting pets
- [ ] 49: Netflix and movies
- [ ] 50: Decorating the Christmas tree
- [ ] 51: Dreams that make you smile
- [ ] 52: Breakfast in bed
- [ ] 53: New clothes
- [ ] 54: New shoes
- [ ] 55: New books
- [ ] 56: Sunrises and Sunsets
- [ ] 57: Friends
- [ ] 58: The ocean
- [ ] 59: Sunlight
- [ ] 60: Your family
- [ ] 61: Inside jokes
- [ ] 62: Birthdays
- [ ] 63: Christmas
- [ ] 64: Family traditions
- [ ] 65: The taste of your favorite food
- [ ] 66: Favorite tv show
- [ ] 67: Favorite movie
- [ ] 68: Going to new places
- [ ] 69: The ability to peruse what ever you choose (there are over 7 billion people on Earth,don’t be afraid to be you)
- [ ] 70: To earn money and rewards
- [ ] 71: You can always flip your life around.
- [ ] 72: To find the perfect job/career for you
- [ ] 73: Pizza
- [ ] 74: Kittens
- [ ] 75: New haircuts
- [ ] 76: Moments you can look back to and laugh at
- [ ] 77: The clouds
- [ ] 78: The world is better with you in it
- [ ] 79: Roller Coasters
- [ ] 80: Showers
- [ ] 81: Cake
- [ ] 82:Growing old
- [ ] 83: Growing old with the person you love
- [ ] 84: Singing
- [ ] 85: Sleeping
- [ ] 86: Icecream
- [ ] 87: Cookies
- [ ] 88: food in general
- [ ] 89: Movie nights
- [ ] 90: Candy
- [ ] 91: Popcorn
- [ ] 92: Daydreaming
- [ ] 93: Happy moments
- [ ] 94: Halloween
- [ ] 95: Sleepovers
- [ ] 96: Parties
- [ ] 97: Having a good personality
- [ ] 98: Making people happy
- [ ] 99: Bonfires
- [ ] 100: Sitting on rooftops
- [ ] 101: Vacations
- [ ] 102: Hearing crazy stories
- [ ] 103: Telling crazy stories
- [ ] 104: Treehouses
- [ ] 105: Starbucks
- [ ] 106: You’ve changed someone’s life
- [ ] 107: If you’re gone how will you achieve great things?
- [ ] 108: Everyone has talent including you
- [ ] 109: Eating crazy food
- [ ] 110: Hanging out with your friends
- [ ] 111: Nobody coul ever replace you
- [ ] 112: You have so much to live for
- [ ] 113: Your dreams need some fulfilling to do
- [ ] 114: Living life to the fullest
- [ ] 115: Heck,I would miss you like crazy
- [ ] 116: Your family and friends would be devastated if you were gone
- [ ] 117: Someone out there is constantly praying to meet someone like you
- [ ] 118: Your future
- [ ] 119: You could save so many lives
- [ ] 120: You are too beautiful to disappear
- [ ] 121: You are bigger than any of your problems
- [ ] 122: You are never alone during this struggle
- [ ] 123: Tomorrow is a new day!
- [ ] 124: You are worth more than you think
- [ ] 125: But,the final and most important one is, just being able to experience life,because even if your life doesn’t seem so great right now,anything could happen!


All suicide hotline numbers if you need someone to talk to :
- [ ] Argentina: +5402234930430
- [ ] Australia: 131114
- [ ] Austria: 142; for children and young people, 147
- [ ] Belgium: 106
- [ ] Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05
- [ ] Botswana: 3911270
- [ ] Brazil: 188 for the CVV National Association
- [ ] Canada: 1 .833 .456 .4566, 5147234000
- [ ] (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal)
- [ ] Croatia: 014833888
- [ ] Denmark: +4570201201
- [ ] Egypt: 7621602
- [ ] Estonia: 3726558088;
- [ ] Russian 3726555688
- [ ] Finland: 010 195 202
- [ ] France: 0145394000
- [ ] Germany: 08001810771
- [ ] Holland: 0900767
- [ ] Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000
- [ ] Hungary: 116123
- [ ] India: 8888817666
- [ ] Ireland: +44058457909090
- [ ] Italy: 800860022
- [ ] Japan: +810352869090
- [ ] Mexico: 5255102550
- [ ] New Zealand: 0800543354
- [ ] Norway: +4781533300
- [ ] Philippines: 028969191
- [ ] Poland: 5270000
- [ ] Portugal: 21 854 07 40/8 . 96 898 21 50
- [ ] Russia: 0078202577577
- [ ] Spain: 914590050
- [ ] South Africa: 0514445691
- [ ] Sweden: 46317112400
- [ ] Switzerland: 143
- [ ] United Kingdom: 08457909090
- [ ] USA: 18002738255
- [ ] Veterans’ Crisis Line: 1 800 273 8255/ text 383255

songs that could make you happy ?
Personal by HRVY: @YJpE
I like me better by Lauv: @ozwA
Classic by MKTO: @A4Ds
Just friends by JORDY: @eINM
Eastside by Benny Blanco,Halsey,& Khalid: @UvGY
What makes you beautiful by 1D: @-A4E
Cheerleader by OMI: @QfW8
Everybody talks by Neon Trees: @84lE
Dear future husband by Meghan Trainor: @D_40
Backyard Boy by Claire Rosinkranz: @shy8
Shut up and dance with me by WALK THE MOON: @lx6Q
iSpy by KYLE: @gMPU
Trap queen by Fetty Wap: @NKio
LMK by Lil XXEL: @IC24
Dynamite by BTS: @WNZg

- fun facts!

1.Otters hold hands when sleeping is they don’t drift away from eachother
2.Penguins only have one mate their entire life,they also propose by giving them a pebble
3.Cows have best friends
4.you’re perfect <3
- another message : -


To all those people being bullied
- To all those people who have lost a loved one
- To all those people who have lost a pet
- To all those people being abused
- To all those people going through depression
- To all those people with anxiety
- To all those people in poverty
- To all those people going through a breakup
- To all those people having a bad day
- To all those people with insecurities
- To all those people just having a hard time

Don’t forget
- Your weakness today
- Is your strength tomorrow
- It always gets better
- Your loved ones will remain in your hearts
- You always have the memories
- Love yourself
- Stand up for yourself
- Money can’t buy happiness
- Those lovers
- Just weren’t right
- Don’t abuse yourself
- Don’t abuse others
- Kill them with kindness
- Treat people with kindness
- We’ve all had these times
- There will always be a hole in our chests

- Let’s all be each others’ strength
- whether you’re
- Black
- White
- Christian
- Atheist
- Etc

- Love yourself
- Love others
- Don’t cut
- Don’t kill
- Don’t criticize
- Don’t beg
- Don’t do drugs
- Don’t starve yourself
- Don’t starve others

Fallout Boy

Put the phone down. She won't answer. Go to sleep and be stronger tomorrow.

Cowboy Spike

Ai itame to kurushedusu....

Benjamin Roberts

Please go to your doctor. You know you need to

Eclipse 999

This song is hurts for some reason. I don’t know why. It just hurts.

Jad Saadeddine

feeling sad and listening to a sad beat is just a different level of satisfaction. i just love the feeling of loniless !

Thuc Tu

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

Daisy Torquato

Tem BRS aki? '-' ??♥️

DJ MadAh

Wow how did he change the piano to sound like from the original. Holy wow! Lol pun intended

J. Antonio Aguilar

like si estas sad uwu


I miss you Alice, my sweet little lovely Alice

Anna. LA

this video was posted on my birthday :D

Vijaya R

"And then I woke up to reality.."



Aniut Rahim

Please upload this into Spotify!


nena, se que no soy lo mejor del mundo como novio.. y tengo mis bajas..
pero constantemente estoy cambiando para bien, solo necesito que me perdones
y que no olvides que te amo.. y que jamás dejaría de hacerlo.

¿joshua tran?

this really fits the evangelion theme

Gerhard Scorgie

Music is there to turn people up not turn them down why listen to this? Cos it sounds good.


...is this from Neon Genesis

Uncle Ruckus

I don’t find this sad I see it more of a relaxing winding down time before bed.


Why am I like this?

Some One

Hey ?


This is the best random song I've ever clicked on.

Fahim H

I enjoy listening to this as it makes me relaxed and calm.. never thought of this melody as sad or lonely till I read the comments.. ?


Depression symptoms can vary from mild to severe and can include:

Feeling sad or having a depressed mood
Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed
Changes in appetite — weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting
Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
Loss of energy or increased fatigue
Increase in purposeless physical activity (e.g., inability to sit still, pacing, handwringing) or slowed movements or speech (these actions must be severe enough to be observable by others)
Feeling worthless or guilty
Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions
Thoughts of death or suicide


This music makes me feel like im missing something, not happiness but the key to it


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Mooji Meditation ~ You Never Change, & Your Peace Never Leaves... Know Yourself (Calming Soundtrack)

2 283 views | 9 Feb. 2021

See the reality of

See the reality of personhood with Mooji's guidance.


Our videos have no negative impact on any original works, but are contrarily positive for the original content owners. Our videos are also for teaching purposes. We only use audio from copyright-prone works. We use originally edited visuals & audio (rightfully) to create ambient & atmospheric meditations that help people in their lives. We believe the copyright-prone content is represented in a positively transformational way.

Music by Chris Collins at indiemusicbox.com

Marjo Jegerings

The wey today, is the way tho morning .Notting and all, in timeloos thoday. You letters als gold, you letters so greath. My timeloos time, is my wey in freedom. The words in red, are wordt in dualiteit. The dualiti, is the golden portal, in de power in self reflex.
Thody the see, is morning ago.
My way today, notting and all.
Fast te see, my eiys with love.
Thanks Mooji,for this.
love you - to all. Marjo Netherlands. 10-2-2021.

Ben Holland

Please do more with this music, best one yet ?♥️???

Saraswathi Vijayapalan


Deborah Osgood

I love you Mooji. Thank you for your beautiful guidance to start a new day. Thank you for helping me seek my true self before I face the world. I’m getting better at this as I practice each morning. ❤️

Djed Eye


Cecilia lixi



Thank you

Jake Portolese


Andrew Hussey

Beautifull clarity ?

Tes sullivan

Perfect silence + peace. Oft to take this to my family. So our world becomes beautiful again.

Lars Adolfsson


Ben Holland

If you love meditation by mooji, this is the 1 ?♥️?♥️??

Anne-France Wernert

Thank you ???


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How To Draw Fall Leaves

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Fall is here, and it's

Fall is here, and it's one of my favorite seasons. I love how the leaves change color. Today we're learning how to draw fall leaves. We're going to draw 6 different leaves: elm, birch, maple, oak, poplar, and walnut!

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