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All About the Black Tetra in your Aquarium

29 615 views | 2 Dec. 2019

The Black Tetra also

The Black Tetra also called the Black Widow Tetra or Black Skirt Tetra is an aquarium favorite -- but is it over looked? In this video I take a look at this fish, which is available in practically every fish store. You might look right past the black tetra in search of something less common -- but should you. The lovable black tetra has a place in many home aquariums. There are a couple of small precautions and considerations -- and I'll tell you all about it in this Fincast.

Excellent Black Tetra Info and breeding


More on Black Tetra breeding:


Stick with this video and it's quite good:


Relaxing Nature

The do school well in the right conditions ..I have 8black tetras in a 130gal long with 7 african cichlids for 6 months , they always bunch together great ..none were lost , a black neon school and tiger barb school were both eaten ....I also have a 225gal tall with 8 black tetras plus 5angels with 11convict cychlids plus 2 full grown Preditor cichlids ,a green terror and a jack dempsey ..zero losses ,they school fantastic

Muthiah Balasubramaniam

Do the need oxgean

Road Rage 810

I had a school of them for about 9 years and they were doing great and expected them to live a lot longer. However a defective heater caused the demise of everything in the tank. Not to cold, die to heat. I assume the regulator went out or the sensor and the temperature was well over 100 degrees in the tank. I currently have a school of little ones I got last week in my 30 gallon. They even do well with the little electric blue acara and the Serpae in there.

madcypress L.L.

One of my favourite tetras ?????.

kc Hh

I have two black tetras ..... they always watching all the things around the room.............. its sooooo cute .......

Loach Lover

thanks for this.

Lance Simon

Могу ли я сохранить это с Oranda?

Bobby Nguyen

I feed my axolotls flies I find around the house! ?

I’ve noticed that skirt tetras behavior does change depending on how many there are in their group and how big a tank they are in. For example, I have 3 in a 10 gallon and they are very territorial amongst each other and often get into small fights. They are tough fish! They used to push around my apisto until he was fully grown. In larger groups there was less aggression and I only notice them schooling where there is a perceived threat like during a water change

Vakrathunda Mahakaya

May you pls suggest a remedy for my black tetra's tumour like outgrowth over its gills...

Eddie Haidar

Mine stuck with schooling of 6.. but the problem is they dint come up to get the food when i feed them.. not to mention i got 19 green apple danios and 12 neon tetras in the same tank.. how i wanna feed my 6 black tetras if they just wait at the bottom while danios will clean it all.. huhu


My Black Tetra is dying. It’s fin is injured somehow it’s by it’s self so I don’t know what to do. We had it for 8 years named Outlast. Sad day today.


These fish are criminally underrated. Back when I didn't care about fish (I was 10), the water would turn cloudy and yellow. These guys were still speeding around the tank just fine. Obviously I know better now, but the point is these guys have outlived so many tankmates, an ich outbreak, and multiple parasite outbreaks. These guys are bulletproof, what they lack for in color, they make up for in activity. Get a group of 4-5 and they'll keep the tank looking busy. The ones I currently have will actually interact with the red eyed tetras as if they were their own kind!

Mark Zig

I throw camel crickets that I find in the basement into my tanks and they are gone in seconds!

Always had a black tetra in my tank as a kid. I thought of it as my "angelfish." (My centerpiece fish)

Really enjoy your videos!

melanie coleman

Please update us on your Electric blue acara pair. Where you able to have a successful fry batch??

Melissa Asplin

How do I breed my tetra and I have 10 but when I woke up one day I saw my fish and I saw baby fish ??

Mendez lit

I have 4 of these should I use an airpump for these little guys?

Yannick Broos

Are they okay with shrimp? Currently have a big tank with 5 of these (plan on getting some more once I find someone who sells some at a decent size) have a pair of CPO crayfish (dwarf Mexican crayfish which are cool with plants, fish and shrimp) and plan on getting some amanos, which get about as big as the black tetras. Are they cool with neocardinia shrimp tho, since I have a bunch of colourful culls, which I would love to add to my big community tank.

Emily G

Just got some for our 55 gallon, 7 to be exact! They are loving swimming in a school like crazy

ants france

Can you please do a care guide on the elephant nose fish.?

The Clever Millionaire

I have 17 of these black tetras and they school beautifully

Luis Ramos

why mines keep chasing each others???

Toyz Junior

do they need air pump?

Susie Avelar

My black tetras ate my neon tetras like some savages?? I was sooo sad

Adriana Cardenas

Hi there I have a question I have 6 of this fish I was wondering if I could mix gold fish with them

Manuel Mendez

I have two of these and one of them seems to nipping the others sometimes

Richard Andrews

How big does this fish grow ?

Ammooney Mooney

my tetra only school if they get spooked. they don't have much room to school in my tall 20 gallon


I had a black skirt that ate all of it tank mates it ate 3 full grown gruammis the thing was huge I had to get a cichlids just so it couldn’t eat it.

David Perrin

You can have albino type

chris oerly

My brother left a tank in a house he was moving out of, there was only an inch of water at the bottom of the tank and it was basically green slushy mud. When I moved the tank to throw it away poor little black tetra was in the the mud... I took, the tank home and filled it with clean water and poor little fish actually survived and thrived!!!!! I named him "ghetto fish" he lived a long time!!!

Sandipan Das

Are sarpae tetras compatible with widow tetras?


I got 7 of these in my 55 gallon. I've been getting some contradicting information. Some people say they do just fine with Angel Fish as long as they're fed well and have lots of room others say they'll nip their fins guaranteed. Anyone have any experience with this scenario?

Faby The Chiquitin on the Adventure

My black skirt tetras murdered my guppies it was 6 black skirt tetras and 6 guppies in a 30 gallon tank. The guppies were there first. Did I do something stupid? I researched and it said they were good tank mates


You are so likable!


Just picked up some small ones up and the darting is crazy fun to watch

Siddhesh Potdar

What is the best fish food for widow tetras black skirt??

Summer Vick

I have 2 black and 2 white that live with my angel fish and my bala shark all in one 29 gallon tank but I'm worried my skirts have made babies and about to lay im not sure what do I do I know its good to put male and female in one tank alone and let her drop them but they could eat them after they are dropped


Sadly one of my black skirt tetra was fin nipping my betta so I moved my betta to another 10 gallon with some guppies and dwarf gouramis, I’m thinking about moving all fish from these 2 10 gallons to a 29 gallon, hopefully my betta does not get fin nipped

Mark Guitars

didn't know you were from Central NY! great fish for almost any community tank, I find that they will occasionally nip at the tips or angelfish fins rays but not necessarily long flowing fins of their long finned cousins or even guppies. Usually when kept in a group they go after each other more and ignore others similar to tiger barbs but not even close to the nipping that those devils can do!


Its so good to see a big tank that's not overpopulated

big peanut

I have too angel fish ,i love them but im not gonna put there fins at stake get this fish outta here

Alessio Campione

I forgot about these guys.... I have congo tetras with my red severum but maybe getting 6 of these is an option I have to catch that iridescent shark though... he grows slowly and is too small to eat anyone though.


Darn, I do miss these I. My tanks. There was a time they were a staple in my 29 gallon, but during a descale of that tank, I lost all 6+ of them in a separate holding tank??‍♂️. I haven’t replenished them since. I used to consider them a “poor guy’s silver dollar” for obvious reasons. I think getting another group of black skirt tetras will be high on my get next list?.

Hunter Hill

thank you for this video!

KDF Films

I have 15 black tetras and my puffer and rainbow shark swim with the tetras in their school. It's really freaking cool. A tank that swims together stays together lol

David Perrin

Go well with rainbow. And Congo tetras

Sedrick Jones

I have two black tetras and those same fish have been with me for over ten years now is that unusual?

Sandi Pettit

I have 6 in my 40 gallon and they school beautifully! I also have two other globe(?) tetras that join. I had 3 black tetras and they were sad, now they’re all happy.


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7 179 views | 12 Dec. 2020

cardinal tetra or red neon

cardinal tetra or red neon tetra ( Paracheirodon axelrodi ) is one of the most popular aquarium fish of all time. Come see their natural habitat where hundreds of the beautiful cardinal tetras school in the shallow water.

Other fish in this habitat include: Hemigrammus stictus , Dicrossus filamentosus , Apistogrammas Hemigrammus rubrostriatus , Axelrodia riesei , Nanostomus unitaeniatus and Aequidens metae.

Want to see Rummynose tetras in nature?


Japanese Version: https://youtu.be/hzy7C9PiqvU

Deutsche Version: https://youtu.be/SdvqjfYuYew

Also check out our other videos of other famous fish in nature:

GOLD NUGGET PLECO collecting - https://youtu.be/QVWTev_ic_k ( Baryancistrus xanthellus )

PIRANHAS guide - https://youtu.be/pF1pKFAHOcs ( Pygocentrus cariba and others )

CARDINALS in nature - https://youtu.be/hzy7C9PiqvU ( Paracheirodon axelrodi )

APISTOGRAMMA in nature - https://youtu.be/Iob3UtQoHM8 ( Apistogramma alacrina and others )

CORYDORAS in nature - https://youtu.be/MMsj6H5E4qo ( Corydoras apiaka habitat destruction )

STINGRAYS collecting in nature - https://youtu.be/GMOf_G7XkiE ( Potamotrygon motoro )

BLUE RAMS in nature - https://youtu.be/wZYAOhy7N94 ( Mikrogeophagus ramirezi )

Potato Cookie

Beautiful photage I hope this place is not destroyed by now and is still in such conditions

Dreadfull Guppy

excellent presentation as always..your attention to the provision of relevant detail in the natural habitat of these fish is extremely useful..for myself the knowledge that these tetras are almost always found over a complex and multilayered substrate is particularly relevant to how I design the ideal aquarium home to provide the closest to ideal environment for these tetras health,comfort and welfare ...so I think we should all be thanking you for your efforts as this can only be a good move towards improving our hobby and improving our knowledge about these fascinating creatures


Are those Axelrodia stigmatias in there too?


The footage is soo pretty!


Wonderful video! I've always wanted to spawn these guys. I think I'll try again as soon as I get my quarantine tank up and running.

Mohamad Asmawi

Can we mix cardinal tetra,green neon tetra and black tetra in 1 tank/aquarium..


New sub here. I don’t have much luck with cardinal tetras :( thank you for this video, unique and educational. Love it.

Aron Hansen

hi good info.how to buy ? i live in denmark (upper europa/scandinavia)


So they want acidici water no wonder they won’t survive on mine.


Great video Oliver, Thanks for sharing all this information with your followers.

zeke thefishgeek

Thanks again, pal... Black Arowana in the wild next PLEASE...

Brian Scott

Awesome as always, Oliver!


Footage from the 1990's? That's pretty good underwater video quality for that time! xD

Pinaki Pal


Esdras Doc

Came for the fishes and received a lecture


I hope that little creek is still as beautiful and untouched today in the 2020's as it was back in the 90's.

Biotope Aquarium

Oliver, please tell me the name of the stream where this video was taken. In which country is it made?

Peter Y

This is the first time I've heard this logic, usually conservationist will bitterly condemn wild caught biodiversity. It actually makes a lot of sense. If people depend on something for a living, they will work to protect it as a community, just like clean drinking water. Thanks for posting

Cute fish

Those are the most beautiful aquarium fish.

wtf mrb

I have a bunch of cardinal tetras. Love them

Henrik Hugo Nielsen

What kind of Apistogramma is in the video?


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105 993 views | 5 Jan. 2018

Finally the 230 gallon

Finally the 230 gallon aquarium is ready to add the 100 silvertip tetras that we've been quarantining at the shop. I have to say so far they look pretty darn good!

Sign up for our Deals Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cH_pmb

Our Website: http://www.aquariumcoop.com

Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/aquariumcoop

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aquariumcoop/

Filming equipment we use:

Main Camera : Sony a6500 http://amzn.to/2hpl3Ls

Travel Vlog Compact Camera : Sony RX100 V http://amzn.to/2yyRUV2

Underwater Camera : GoPro Hero5 http://amzn.to/2hq2WF6

Microphone : Video Rode Micro http://amzn.to/2hx4ocF

Secondary Audio Capture : Tascam DR-05 http://amzn.to/2zEGcvu

Lav Mic : Boya BY-M1 http://amzn.to/2zEZGQL

Small Tripod : Gorilla Pod SLR ZOOM http://amzn.to/2iTe3qy

Lightweight Tripod : Pedco UltraPod II Lightweight http://amzn.to/2hyljLP

Favorite Versatile Mount : GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp http://amzn.to/2zFRGyL

Main Gimbal : Zhiyun Crane-M http://amzn.to/2iTBYpM

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Big Drone : DJI Phantom 3 4k http://amzn.to/2zJ2wCf

Compact Drone : DJI Mavic http://amzn.to/2hqSmhu

Studio Equipment for live streams:

2 x Studio Microphone : Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic http://amzn.to/2idDjIs

2 x Back Up Microphone : Blue Yeti http://amzn.to/2yzJugc

2 x Microphone Swivel Boom Arms : RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Boom Arm http://amzn.to/2iTC68K

Audio Interface : Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) http://amzn.to/2yCl5qf

Broadcast Software : Wirecast 8.0

Cory's 4K Webcam : Logitech BRIO http://amzn.to/2zEmQqg

Jimmy's Webcam : Logitech C922 http://amzn.to/2iW1WZN

0:00 - Why I like silvertip tetras

0:39 - Adding 100 silvertip tetras

1:16 - 230 gallon aquarium setup

2:33 - Custom handblown mbu puffer fish

2:51 - Silvertip tetra fish


How do you add so many fish without having an ammonia spike

Catfish Cave

Yay!!! Kudos on the Silver Tip school. This is quickly moving up the ranks as one of my favorite tanks on the internet. When some Satanoperca or Retroculus goes in, this might become number one...add in some Sewellia or Gastromyzon and some sidthimunkis and I might stand outside your house with binoculars.
Me: "But officer, I'm not looking at the McElroys, I'm watching the fish, honest."
Officer: "Of course you were. Book'em Dano, he's cuckoo!"
Me: "Will there be an aquarium in my cell???"

Upside diy

Looks alot different. like the fish spawned and grew. Now it's an expensive tank. Happy belated new year. The tank needs a rock pile.

Scott Campbell

I actually quite like the cabinet.

Jared Waters

You mentioned the long, Lacey, string, plant in this video. But I can't find it anywhere because I don't know how to spell. Somebody help me out please.

Dexter Loves Annie

Wow. They are beautiful! And I love the scape, so simple but so effective for showing the fish off.


I got 4 silver tips when I first got my tank to get it cycled. They’re all still going strong haha. They are a little bit of a bully fish towards my mollies and guppies. Is that normal?

Sanjay Satheesh

I like your channel better than Joeys

Madhav Valiyaparambil

Woah... Jimmy's shots tho...

Paul Scott

Wow that look's nice!!

Nazeem Ameen

Please consider adding some cherry barbs, pencil fish or odessa barbs.


Love this tank!

Monty James

Your so lucky, for one, you have an awesome channel, and I watch it every day, so I just subscribed.

Ohio Malinois Mom ツ

Tank looks fantastic!

Naicly Media

I want a big tank sooooo bad!

Caylor's Aquatics

Tank is looking great. Love Silver Tips. Great editing and narrative. Thanks Cory for another great vid.

Jarl Swigart

That crinum calamistratum looks really awesome.

Michel Carrasquel

Perfect, I watched it on my 65 inch tv It's awesome and I want to buy those fish too!

Fill Up On Life

Cool video. Nice tank

BigDave 13 **

Just wondering how big is those tank? It says 230. It truly looks like 70 to 90. I could be wrong but I thought a 230 is 7 to 8 feet long 2 feet wide 2 feet high ish

Girl Talks Fish

Aquarium montage starts at minute 3:42... what a peaceful way to end the week!



STAN Nicki Minaj

can you put them w/ angelfish (veils)

rebecca durbin

awesome tank, my tank in the classroom is looking great. the only thing is the debree when i scape my tank from adding in the water sorta of scattered. it was a long haul to spruce it up. my kids love fish swim around.

Betinho Rodrigues

Put 7 firemouth ciclhids and drop a like?

Matthew savant

I keep trying to find videos about having small fish in a big tank. I really want to do a 150+ tank with swordtails, cherry barbs etc fish but like huge amounts of them but all the big tanks I see always have huge fish in them. I’m thinking like a really huge freshwater community tank but I can’t really find anyone doing this


That stand is super dope! I love the Asian art style

Gerhard Hildebrand

What can i do if my tetras fight eachother?

alfonso antunez

Are silvertip tetras the same as the Buenos Aires tetra?

o o

I really would like an aquarium but the whole proper setup scares me along with the cleanup. All the stuff that goes under the tank. How often you have to change water and scrub a tank clean etc. just an insane amount of work and complex knowledge necessary. So I've stayed away... Is there anything you can recommend that may make this seem less of a hassle than it does?

Ryan Patrick

Hey I have a female guppy that has been laying on the bottom of the tank for 3 days and I can't see anything wrong with it please help


They’re a really cool fish but they destroyed my lobelia cardinalis and bacopa.


"I don't wanna get too too crazy"
:::add 100 fish:::


Edit: wow that's a beautiful tank stand. I love the carvings.


Looks good. Crazy impressive with the great video you guys get on very small fish. Kudos.


The tank looks so different from the last time I saw it. It is really neat! Love the spider wood and the different plant colors look awesome ??

LCPL Aquarium

Awesome video, its thanks to you that I found this fish and now I have to have them I'm getting 50 I hope that's enough of them to get that school going. keep up the great videos and thank you for the help that you give to the community.

Mike Alvar

I paused and Cory u only added 90 jk awesome tank n editing


What are the measurements on a 230g and around how much does one cost?

The Nonconformist

I love your stand!

Drive My Exotic

Very cool. I'm amazed how you add hundreds of fish at a time.

Zidane ZiZu

Absolutely stunning set up !!

I had a lovely tank of 40 neons then added 14 Silver tipped tetras who quickly took over the top two thirds of the tank where they battled relentlessly whilst pinning every Neon at the bottom , picking them off when they dared to move a little higher ! Had to get rid of the Silver-tipped sadly

Rogue Aquariums

looks good Cory. nice puffer. RIP Hank.

Cindy Lu Roman

Thank you

Cuyahoga Aquatics

What happened to the top you had on it or waiting to put it on when your done?

Monty James

Could you have more than 100 silvertip tetras in a 230 gallon aquarium?

Kehly Rath

So cool to see different fish as adults rather than just what you see in the store


Those red fish is ember tetra? Among silvertip

KG cichlids

you make it look so good...ILL TELL YOU HWHAT!

CJ Black

I really love this tank! Thinking rescaping my 75g to something similar - thank you for the inspiration. Silver tip tetras are now on my 'google' list, need to research them see if they'll work with my current stock - Thank you!


It somehow looks so natural with a big school of fish!

the boi

question can i keep a blue Gill with tetras guppy's Molly's platys corydoras hatchets and barbs pls reply

Shaun Thorpe

When you add 100 fish Cory do you get them all from the same breeder? Is there concerns for interbreeding? Great video thanks.


Very relaxing

fin doe

Might not be the right place for this but i remember you getting some Garra rufa any word on how good these are for algae eaters?

Rob Hicks Aquariums

great looking tank Cory

Knyght Ryder

Great choice one of my all time favs!!!! Check out jackrobertsi !!!!!

Rajdeep Ghosh

I love silvertips but they're aggressive

Zebra Pleco

Hey Cory. How long does a big tank of c02 like that one last before you have to refill it? Also where do you go to refill it?

Aidan Van Maren

Wow... I like this format... Jimmy's editing is incredible, and I love the scaping and fish.


Great video once again Cory.
Keep up the good work and a Happy New Year to you and the team. Best wishes from the UK.

fish life

Wow you've definitely made me grow more appreciation for the silver tip tetras!

JRPy Fish-n-Game

Like thee look of those silvertips. Thanks for sharing.


Just amazing! This tank is lookimg beautiful!!!


I really want to do a silvertip tetra tank someday. Such a great fish!

Yamil Rosario



i didnt know silvertips colored up like that i always thought they were just grey fish

Tim Needs A Hobby

How well would silver tips mix with peacock gobies? Already have school/colony of 13 gobies in my 125. And would roselines be a possibility? If not, looks like I'm with a ton of nano fish, so win win really. Thanks for your time and what you do man


Isn't that too much and they will feel over-crowded.

Patricia Christie

They are truly beautiful , very natural . Thanks for sharing . xx P

Sayd Bognare

What is the name of that grass plant that you have ? And can I plant it in black diamond blasting media?

emem o

Where do you buy a large shipment of tetras ?

The Dutch Aquarist

Awesome tank! love the scape! and that schooling action is amazing :D

Bunny Buns

What's corys favourite fish Murphy?

B Lee's Pets

Love the new fish. Tank looks awesome??Just got my order from you guys, did a vid on it. As always rhnx for sharing???

brantley tinnin

No don't do this to me my list of wants needs to stop growing

Lei Wang

How much do you feed for those 100 hundred fish? And how to make sure the bottom dwelling fish have enough food?


Tank is looking great !!!


I want to set up a feeder tank that I can pull around 20 small to medium size feeders a day. 1. Is there something out there that populate and mature fast enough for that in a 40 long? 2. If so is there something attractive or fun that does so it not just a feeder tank but can be its own thing? Thanks open to all comments.


I have 11. Almost the same ha ha. The orange, yellow, white and black are great. They school with an occasional explorer wandering off. Fwiw, black fin tetras school in small groups, if anyone is looking for the behavior but have a smaller tank

Alan Dunnell

2 years on, did all those silvertips get on with eachother? My experience with these fish is that they are about the least likely to shoal tetra. I find their constant bickering with eachother irritating. It's a shame because they are attractive fishes.

Jacob Genandt

Awesome vid!! Love the end!


If one had a large number of marble hatchetfish, would they show any interesting behavior, or would they just hang out at the top of the tank an not move much?


Just recently got myself 25 or so for my discus tank, still in quarantine so fingers crossed they all get along

Renan Ogiwara

this woods are from what plant sir?


Cory, can you please tell Jimmy he needs to stops editing/filming so well it's making me jealous ?

Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan

Beautiful tank


will anyone suggest ONE species that I can have in a school of 2-3 dozen in my 75g tank? They will be the only fish (except a few bottom dwellers) that I will keep...
Thanks! Joe

Phoenix Az

Would they do fine in a cold water tank like 75 degrees?


I'm not normally a fan of yellow- or orange-colored fish (besides goldfish), but those silver fin tips really pop against the black background.


Just bougth quite a big school for my 50 gallon... at my local store nobody wanted to have em and i thought they were great ... had to pay for 15 but got way over 20 maybe 25! ... I really like them and not everyone has em!

Scowling Wolf

beautiful .ty


IMHO this is the most beautiful tank you've put together. Can't wait to see what the tanks in the fish room will be like. Thanks for the cool video!

Trax and Grooves

Hello. How many full grown Silvertips can be kept in a 55 gallon tank? Thank you.


Love the aquascape.. great potential once it grows out!

LRB Aquatics -Aquarium Hoarder

You are living one of my dreams!

Matt Vlog

hey cory i have a big green spotted puffer but the belly is black and not getting better and he is not eating since i know , i was wondering if you have any idea ?

Vexing Cat

I had to watch it again, big groups of little fish moving and schooling comfortably with lots of space. I'm totally Jealous, my largest tanks at the moment are only 55-gallon, too narrow of a tank to pull anything like that off. I feel the smallest tank I could do, and get that effect, is maybe a 40-gallon breeder. If you filmed an hour loop, I could probably watch it most of the day before getting bored. Considering I watch snails for hours at a time. I might be a little to easy to entertain.

Kevin Hayes

Great choice bro! Tanks coming along nicely.


Would it be accurate to say that they school more than Cardinal tetras do?