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TableTop: Wil Wheaton plays MYSTERIUM

1 165 079 views | 7 Jun. 2017

Wil believes that ghosts

Wil believes that ghosts aren’t real, mediums don’t talk to departed spirits, and psychics are full of crap. But, just this once, he’ll set those beliefs aside and welcome them all as real for a fun game of Mysterium! Joined by David Kwong, Laura Bailey, and Shannon Woodward, the four attempt to solve a murder by communicating with the departed.

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Fox Ross

At the moment that will pulled out the raven marker, I heard an actual raven caw outside my window.

Shadow Mancer

Lol... did they use a special effect on his head in the intro? It looks disconnected

Jean-Paul Audette

I'll never understand why it's so important for some people to convince others that their beliefs are invalid.

Zethren Beltran

Shannon woodward looks like marty mcflys hot mom version, and she actually is the actress behind dina in the last of us 2.

Shaun Pydyn

Where can I get that shirt?!

Turbo Plasma Chicken

That intro tho... just wow haha

Philip Clayberg

Fan to the late Marion Zimmer Bradley: "Are you a medium, Ms. Bradley?"
Marion Zimmer Bradley: "No, I'm a large."

Jessie Carlson

My boyfriend and I played this last night. Works as a fun Halloween couples game.

Maidros Fëanoron

These explanations are the best. Thanks!

Dominic GP

Damn no one working together in that cooperative game fun time.

Harry Eaton

I have this game and love it, although the setup and explanation for new players does take a while.
It's interesting certain people have different methods of figuring out the vision card clues, and the more you play with certain people the more you get in sync with how their mind works, one time I was playing with someone who's a chef, and whenever I gave them a card with a rat they thought "ratatouille" and would select the chef suspect, or kitchen.

Abigail Owens

4:33 i understood that reference!

Gene Zhao



Billy Mays:

VJose32 Playing Cards

I don't know, I think of knight I think sword not glass, lol

Patrick Doss

For a while this was my favorite games. It has downgraded recently though I play it on my phone


The Mysterium episode of TableTop you say...are you referring to the day Will Wheaton rolled outta bed trigger happy for paranormal believers, 'cause I think I may know the one...

Harry Plinkett

Shut up Wesley!


Watching this I kept getting a weird urge to watch Raising Hope and couldn't figure it out. I didn't realize Sabriner was right before me.


I’m not watching cable at 2 am... I watch Will at 2 am


I cannot stand Will Weaton

Vwlss Nvwls

I am so in love with Laura Bailey!!

Kristal Cornwell

Laura Bailey. *Harp noises

Isaac Karr

You don't believe in goats?


Shannon Woodward is awesome. Raising Hope was such a hilarious show.


it's not the "it's all a lie" of the intro that offends me. it's the fact that Wil left out all the people that watch basic cable at 2am NOT because they're stoned, but because they're depressed isolated creatures of the night who don't have enough money for netflix, but also don't want to be left alone with their thoughts.


Did Wil ever get that piece of artwork he so subtly asked for?

Gaming Indoors

great vid!


What happened with the Chanel Table top? Why I can not find it on YouTube?

Drayden Hammond

0:10 I call dibs on that being bullshit.

D Russo

This game is all about knowing your players and the luck of your vision cards as the ghost. As the ghost, I prefer to use the "two knocks for yes, one knock for no" method for letting players know how they guessed. It adds greatly to the whole "medium" idea.




Shannon Woodward #hotness #youwould #Iwish


I dislike how he decided to jam in opinion in there as if it was fact.

Scott Mefford

It isn't pretentious to use proper pronunciation.

This Justine

I'm new to tabletop games and I LOVE IT. Love the culture and everything but sometimes the roleplay is just a bit too cringey to me HAHA


i am a little disappointed, of all the fantasies Wil couldn't just let us indulge in some ghostly hauntings he had to punctuate it with "ghosts very not real" meanwhile i don't hear any "by the way zombies totally not real" in dead of winter or "dragons aren't real" in dragon farkel. It was just kinda annoying that this was the one fantasy he had to stomp on


Man I love this game, but Wil seems overly sour, focusing on the theme. I mean, I know that wizards, fortified trolls, orc barbarians, Cthulhu monsters, and zombie pandemics aren't real (yet) but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy playing games about them.

Sorin Popescu

When someone reaches the final step, guessing the character, the location, and the item of murder, does he get any vision cards?

Matej Markočič

Wil Wheaton, we miss your show!


vase ... with a long a is correct when it is filled with flowers say .... it is a vase with a short a when it is empty ....

Tor Gregory



Did will dye his hair dark blue?


that wasnt even meta:gaming it was just a smart decision

Dave Mcbrinn

Intro is vg . I will use this on believer's ??

Александар Цветановић

Soda machine in the '20s? :D
Ok, that was a bit far fetched.

Kristóf Kolos Nagy

What is the music???

Mark Kittel

Didnt realize that Wil is subtly roasting Jonathan Frakes in the intro.........


love this


“I probably would have been better if I farted in my hand and gave it to David” ????

Nicolas Iannone

Super high production value! Great job

Mansa Musa

Dina and Abby

Megan Deel

Came for Laura Bailey and Mysterium, left for the god-awful "reality" format with the constant cutaways to pointless, scripted interviews.

sharat gupta

Can you guys do a play session on Cluedo

bentley De Guzman

The characters psychic specialties can help the ghost choose which cards to pick and how each player may approach interpretations. say you got the numerologist, the ghost can use the number of objects in a picture to corelate with the objective, or something like that. maybe adding flavor only to the gameplay not really all that practical but i think that would be fun to do.


As someone watching tabletop very stoned at 2 am I feel attacked.


In honor of brexit I've started calling pulling out at the end of sex dixit.

Arthur Sickler

Well back to two weeks quarantine. Which boardgame shall i buy!


Whenever I play Mysterium I just change my character's name to Shawn Spencer to let my position on ghosts & psychics to be known.

Steven Cleere

Hey! I live in Rochester. I never knew that about David Kwong.

Jack Passmore

The content of and concept for this show are enough to compel me to watch. Though I do wish WW would "ham it up" a little less.

Joseph Jones

Jerkin my meat to Laura during Covid.

Fredrik Dunge

It¨'s not Clue-do it's clu-edo

Борис Сапожников

Is Mysterium so popular at USA?

Blair Leggett

I wonder if Wil got his book reading polar bear card as wall art?


Every time Shannon Woodward is on camera, I melt. And shes apparently a gamer, off screen? sigh swoon...

That Guy Levi

Ahh, the era of W'Wheaton without hair gel...


Anytime I hear about mediums, I always recall the joke that ends with the punchline, "Small medium at large".

John Wozniak

Alright, I am going to perform some dark ritual to cause what I have been told is the impossible dream, a FIFTH season of Tabletop, just because I need freaking Rayne/The Boss/Serana playing a game and giving her conclusion in her Laura Bailey voice another time. Also Shannon is QUITE awesome. Just... putting that out there.

Taylah Tohill

Pretty sure you're meant to get a clairvoyance point when you guess correctly. Like your ball counts as a correct card so when you move forward you get a point too.


When you metagame in my RPG, the soda machine guy fills your soda machine with bees. In the afterlife. Forever.

Edward Brost

Love the intro as well as this game.


Dear Tabletop, please come back in some form. I miss you as the best content on Youtube.

Sadae Sashington

Idc about the shows on TV ghosts are real and some people can communicate with them. Actually anyone can. And yes there are a lot of fake psychics/mediums out there. Guess you have to actually go through an experience first before believing in it ??‍♀️.

NeRethil Wolfsson

Four years. It. Took me. Four. Years. To catch that the Rules Owlbear is a pun on Rules Lawyer.

Kallie Hennigar

Laura Baileys ghost explanation thing gave me chills

Facundo Corvalan

Damn son. That is one unattractive dude


That moment when your first instinct is spot on (sharpness, literally what Will wanted to convey) and then your fellow medium who is supposed to be on your side persuades you you're wrong.

stv dagger

"The Ghost of Gary Gygax hates metagaming" - Ironic as in addition to the concept of metagaming, there was also a company known as Metagaming, which published "The Fantasy Trip" a role-playing game which competed with Gygax's D&D game. See (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metagaming_Concepts) It was never as popular or successful as D&D, so Gygax might not have been bothered enough to hate Metagaming. |The only way to be sure would be to hold a seance.

Judah Osborne

Laura Bailey!? LAURA BAILEY!!

James Shelnutt

well Wil, I get that you don't believe, and I too am very skeptical, but I cannot prove that ghosts don't exist - just like I cannot prove that God doesn't exist. (Basically you cannot prove or disprove something that you cannot see or that has no evidence of it's existence). But yeah, I agree with you that the tv show ghost hunters will never find a ghost. I mean, how do they know that their equipment would even show evidence of a ghost anyway? It has never been proven that their equipment can detect ghosts. They may as well be using purple, flying, alien rat-brained, mutants from Pluto detectors - cause they would work just about as successfully.

The Cheshire Cat

How is the replayability of this game? Doesn't it get old pretty fast after 2 or 3 games cuz you know what cards belong to whom?



VJose32 Playing Cards

Ooh Abby and Dina!


tThis game seems to fall short in the end. I don't like that the killer is randomly selected in the final round.

Steve Shaw

Wil is insufferable in this one

Julian Smeeth-Serrano

Ghosts r just an attempt by colonists to demonize ancestor worship in noneuropean cultures and pagans

Jack Strange

Maybe ghosts aren't real, spirits of dead people...

But spirits of God and of the Devil are. As are demons.

I should know. One attacked and damn near possessed my wife. We were alone in her car at 1am and it didn't leave until 3.

And that's the last fucking time I even looked at a deck of tarot cards.

Neil Brian

Ghosts exist, just like how quantum physics elaborate one particle can subsequently and simultaneously exist in one place and another because--quantum physics (same principle with ~ s p i r i t s ~). I also do tarot reading (for free) and will probably see and accidentally random (and apparently the darkest, deepest secret) stuff other people are not supposed to know but hey, tarot cards.

But I still love you. :)


this game looks fun but i cant help but feel that if you play with the same group of people that this will become Super easy game after a few play throughs


Laura Bailey has the coolest damn voice.

Izumi's Apprentice

I know we're social distancing, but I really need more tabletop in my life. I LOVE these episodes and frequently return to rewach them!

Joe Mccollum

Wil, did someone ever do a painting of that Bear/book card for you (15:00)? I'd be willing to paint it for you, if you happen to have a copy of Libertalia to trade. Just let me know!

Jean-Paul Audette

No intros, this episode? Maybe they figured such quality guests need no introduction....But I'm not that kind of geek. :(

Ted Assur

Weird amount of soapboxing detracts from an otherwise great episode of my fav board game show.

Garrett Stewart

Wil, please get over your little feud and bring back Tabletop. Becca Scott's game program isn't good. We need you


the frogurt is also cursed....great Halloween Simpsons reference

VJose32 Playing Cards

Beautiful Laura. I mean so is Shannon but Laura is cuter.

Big Red

British people watching this giving Dowager Countess pursed lips at the intonation that... "Clue"... *shudder*... is American when it was invented and first published in the UK, as Cluedo.


Impossible to watch this and not suddenly want pizza #munchies


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How To Play Mysterium

17 913 views | 24 Dec. 2018

How to Play

How to Play Mysterium:

I strive to make game tutorials as quick as I can while being as thorough as I can.

If you have question please comment below and I'll answer as soon as I can.

In the video you'll learn everything you need to know about how to play Mysterium.

Mysterium has won many game awards and it should definitely be in your collection.

0:22 Setup

2:35 Overview

3:13 Gameplay

9:15 End Phase

Claire Robinson

Very helpful video thanks. Could I just check what happens to incorrect clairvoyancy tokens. If you guess wrongly do they get discarded until the start of phase 4 and is there no impact on clairvoyancy tracker? Thanks

Tanner Corder

AMAZING video. This explained it so perfectly, so excited to try this out

Kristóf Kolos Nagy

One thing is not clear to me. When everyone figures out their stuff and ou are at the endgame. Does the ghost has to reload to 7 cards again and chose 3 from that? Can you still use a crow if the ghost is stuck to help with the last one?

Lalo Balandrano

Thanks bro, this helped a lot! Really! I’ve watched it a bunch of times, and now thanks to this I think we’re ready to play in a set up for 4 to 6 players in hard mode. Thanks again!

David Pease

The video has an error in the rules. On page 7 of the rules it states. "As soon a Psychic receives their Vision Cards, they can look at them and show them to the other Psychics." There is also a note that states. "Note: Psychics may start to discuss and even place their pawns and tokens as soon as they receive their cards, even if the hourglass has not yet been turned over."

Dan Van Duyn

Awesome video! You made this game much more clear!

Loretta Race

Thank you for making this simple! I learned more in your 12-minute tutorial than a much longer and drawn-out video I watched earlier.


This is The BEST toturial for the game I've ever find in YouTube thanks dude ?

Kevin S. Egan

Dude, this and your Catan video were really well done. Please do yourself and the board game community a favor and MAKE MORE VIDEOS!

Graeme Morgan

This is the best tutorial I have found for the game. Just made everyone watch it instead of explaining everything.

Lynn Wiggins

Excellent video on game instructions - much better than others I have seen. Thank you so much!

Quack 5

We just played this game tonight and had no clue! Thankfully we came across your video and it was so much help, we even did the reveal from the same sleeve to add to the suspense! Thank you!!!

Steve K

Totally agree with Shuttlefield. I had watched three other videos on Mysterium, some shorter and others much longer than yours, so I may have had some extra background knowledge when I watched your video. But my friends hadn't seen any, and we watched your video together. Five minutes after watching we were playing and having a great time. We all agreed your tutorial was clear and concise. Totally agree with Shuttlefield again.....the play-acting in other videos is annoying and superfluous to us. That being said, it's key to see how a "turn" looks when it's played, which you presented. More explanation on strategies for using the Vision Cards would be helpful, but we did get just enough of an idea from your explanation. And we all agreed that you really have to play the game a few times with the same group of people to see how those cards can be used effectively. As the Ghost, you listen to the rest of the players thinking out loud using your clues, and that gives the Ghost ideas on how to better lead the other players in subsequent rounds. We all wanted to watch you explain more games we're interested in, but we already play Settlers. Looking forward to more from you and your channel. How about Power Grid??


Really liked your explanation on Catan so watched this one and subscribed. Have seen Mysterium explained elsewhere and yours was a very concise delivery. Might be worth explaining about the vision cards a bit more and how the ghost will be attempting to use them. Liked the style and appreciate you don't go in for great play-acting - really puts me off. So thanks for the concise run-through - well done and keep it up.

Adrian Tan

This is such a good tutorial video. You explained the rules and gameplay really well. It's a pity there are only three videos.

Anthony Montanarella

Oh my God. Please make more videos. You are exactly what we needed to play this game correctly. Great explanation.

You are a God my friend. Well done.

William Lewis

This is a fantastic video! I hope you make more keep it up

Moiselle Valentine Fernandes

I think I understood Mysterium better when you explained it rather than the other ppl explaining it. Can you explain "Betrayal at House on the Hill" in the same way ?

Amber James

Great explanation of setup, play, and tips, Alex. I feel ready to lead my family through our first game! :)


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How to play Mysterium in 6 minutes

132 723 views | 6 Oct. 2017

How to play Mysterium,

How to play Mysterium, designed by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko

For an alphabetical list of my videos: http://bit.ly/2vlymoz

Buy from Amazon http://amzn.to/2y55yBK (affiliate)


Brandon Elsdon-bird

I'll be honest this doesnt make alot of sense


I believe you missed out on the part where intuition points are granted to a player when they guess the right thing.

[revive project]

this sounds complicated as hell :D

CornBread !



I very rarely comment on YouTube but I had to just say excellent tutorial. A group of friends and I were able to follow along thanks to your video!


How to play Mysterium.

- ghost spends 30 minutes looking at cards while players sit around twiddling their thumbs.
- players finally receive cards and in unison say, “wtf!? What does his even MEAN!!??” While the ghost sits twiddling his thumb.
- ghost spends another 30 minutes picking cards. (He can’t do that ahead of time because he doesn’t know who’s going to guess correctly).
- everyone loses. No seriously, if you played the game correctly, you will lose.
- everyone walks away scratching their head and wondering if they’ll ever get that time back.

Just play Dixit. At least all players are involved together throughout the game, no down time.


Succinct and clear explanation. Thanks


Sorry, we got very confused when I played this. At the end (4:13) trying to find the culprit how is that determined from the groups of cards the physics collected? I don't have the rules on me but i remember it saying the Ghost just chooses? That's pretty lame and i really felt we did something wrong. Thanks in advance

Fred Weasley

LoL the fork but Awesome tutorial!

Rasmus Helenius

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42

Christian Nieto

oh, i've been playing with altered rules. this clears is up, thank you


My son walked by: "Is that a fork?"

Giovanni D'Angelo

Thank you


what's the name of the song in the background?


This could have been a fun game, but they made it unnecessarily complicated.

Jared St-Pierre

is that a fucking fork?


this makes no fucking sense wtf am i seeing

Marius Popa

Love the fork!<3

Christoph Ruepprich

Excellent explanation. Thanks!

thomas johnson

First time viewer.  Good explanation.  I watched the game played on Table Top and was confused as to what each player was trying to guess (their individual who, where, with what) and what they were trying to guess at the end (the correct who, where, what).  Also I enjoyed the background music.  I plan to send a link out to my friends so they can come with SOME understanding as to how the game is played.


Sooo.....it's similar to CLUE?


My guess the played a set of games and took the average. That could be 42.


You sound suspiciously like Levelcap

Vitaliy Vinogradov

Your explanation was awful dude

The Outsider

Where did you get that table? They have one on TableTop too but I can't find them anywhere. What are they called? My group has been playing on my pooltable which is too big and has no leg room underneath.

Vitaliy Vinogradov

Your explanation was awful dude

Yuri Morroni

Great tutorial!

Kristóf Kolos Nagy

One thing is not clear to me. When everyone figures out their stuff and ou are at the endgame. Does the ghost has to reload to 7 cards again and chose 3 from that? Can you still use a crow if the ghost is stuck to help with the last one?