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A Brief History of Coin Collecting – The Daily Bid

8 196 views | 26 Feb. 2015

Coins are one of the more

Coins are one of the more popular categories for collecting not only because of their beauty and design but also because of the wealth of information and insight they give us into previous eras in history. We highlight 3 rare U.S. coins from the estate of Barbara Hussey Riggins up for auction on March 1st at Material Culture.


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James Turk: Silver, Gold and De-Dollarization Update

9 085 views | 1 Jul. 2018

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Please visit James Turk - https://goldmoney.com - https://lendborrowtrust.com

Please visit Rory - https://thedailycoin.org

how do you see the next three-five years playing out for the metals - silver in particular.

Tells what's new with GoldMoney

in your recent KWN interview you reiterated that central banks would either be forced back onto a gold standard or the system would, in essence, change so much that central banks would willingly move back to a gold standard. Peter Boehringer - the architect of the German repatriation movement stated there were close to 21 countries that were either discussing gold as money, gold repatriation or some form of very high level discussions of gold. Gold has been repatriated by several countries now from U.S. vaults returning to Venezuela, the Netherlands, Germany and most recently Turkey. Is this, in your opinion, countries preparing for a change in the monetary system or is something else at play with these moves?

With Russia recently dumping 50% of their U.S. treasuries - and for the record it wasn't a real significant volume, however, the gesture was huge - Russia also recently ask their Russian companies to move out of the SWIFT system and into their alternative payment system that is tied directly to the Chinese alternative to the SWIFT system. Would you say Russia is really the canary in the coal mine for some type of change in the global monetary system and is this part of the overall nonstop attacks by western corporate media against Russia?

Suppressed Commentor

A lie remains with a person for only a short time that's why the MSM and financial manipulators keep repeating the lies; to give a person mental acceptance of it. The truth only needs to be said once and remains with you the rest of your life. Gold and silver is money, and fiat is a fraud that has to be legalized to keep the creators out of jail. In the New Testament  it describes giving truth to others because of the truth without obligation. Also authority rests with the individual and is the common denominator in all survival;  don't give it away.

Jim Norwood

I remember when gold was over $1500, Turk said gold would never see $1500 again. Hmmm on second thought, maybe he is right.

rino bin miswari

Cryptos.....What a way to divert from the finite physical metals....


Thanks Rory! I like James Turk just not Gold Money, You don't hold it you don't own it. I signed up for a card maybe 6 months to a year ago and have yet to be cleared for an account with them. I thought of it takes them this long to clear my account for purchase do I want them to hold my PM's or rely on them for handling that much money for investment? So they actually did me a favor by not ever approving me. I actually Thank God they didn't and it just showed me what kind of company they are and who I would be trusting. I hate doing this on your show but Gold Money is a terrible company that to this day still has not finished my account. I was just in contact again with them last week and they still have issues. I give up with them....Terible service.

el gallinazo310

TTBOMK Jim Willie is the only one who knowledgeably tries to lay out a pathway where the Cabal could lose control of PM pricing. If it weren't for China and Russia, this s**tshow fraud could go on for ever. The Cabal will try to replace the FRN with some basket form of world reserve (maybe the SDR) after TSHTF and people have suffered and died from the break down of everything because of no credit (Bill Holter). This was what criminal fraudster Jim Rickards (chief counsel of Long Term Capital Management) used to predict, saying that only the SDR has negligible liabilities. Rinse and repeat. Will the sheeole buy into it? Will Russia and China support it? Stay tuned.

Bill Rundell

Never borrow from a bank against your gold or silver.
You would have just defeated the purpose of having it.
Thumps down for several reasons for using his advice.

George W. Schaffer

Yes keep buying Gold and Silver Bullion and right now, buy on the dip prices Dollar cost averaging and even you will have more. As Will of U.S Rare Numismatic Gold and Silver U.S.Coins. The Price structure is much different and it will cost a whole lot more to obtain. But you are buying of wealth of United States History in Deed. One day the availability of Gold and Silver Bullion will be Harder to obtain like it was in the past, and when it does the The Investor and the Collectors will Go to the next availability thought, Is U.S Rare Numismatic Coins in the 1700 hundreds all the way up to 1930 year


Zack P.

I am not convinced that gold and silver will clearly go up in case of financial crises, stock market drops? Stock market did drop more than 1000 points in last few weeks or less. Gold and silver following, WTH?

The Mansion

Thanks Rory

Ricardo ubo

Rory thought that Russia was going to use a hyper-sonic _______ on the U.S. because the U.S. military launched a missile strike at Syria. This guy is so living in the Hollywood movies !

tim wilkinson

Thanks Rory

Jeff J. Brown

The Daily Coin website is fighting Western elites and empire. One of the best aggregators with great original content. Everybody should sign up for the free newsletter…

Live from the streets of China, Jeff

China Rising Radio Sinoland: www.chinarising.puntopress.com - @44_Days - https://www.facebook.com/44DaysPublishing - https://vk.com/chinarisingradiosinoland - http://apps.monk.ee/tyrion

Gregg Vasko

I listened to both of you clowns and bought a large amount of AU and AG 4 years ago because it was IMMINENTLY "going to the moon" according to you....Well it has done nothing but go DOWN and now you say it is "going to the moon" in 2020 or MAYBE 2023!!!! By the time it does go to the fucking moon I will be 80 years old and will have missed out on other forms of gains......I wish I NEVER fucking listened to you internet economic gurus because you fucking suck!!!!!!!!

Ben Dover

I don't trust Turk.. plain and simple.


Good BS for the SUCKERS

Bill Rundell

Wrong about crypto deterring banks from Gold Standard.
Crypto will lead Governments into a cashless society.
Government will be able take away any funds you have with a click of a mouse.
Government will be able to control what you buy. This is BIG BROTHER FROM 1984


How much silver should a person have for the coming crises

el gallinazo310

Thanks Rory. Turk is a little too corporate mainstream for me to take him seriously. Anyone who goes on for 20 minutes about the past, present, and future price of PM's, and who claims that they are "undervalued," but does not deal with *why* they are undevalued is not trustworthy in my opinion. (For the neophytes, they are undervalued because the Deep State has conflated the futures price on the COMEX with spot phyz and then naked shorted the futures with massive leverage and with 100 to one ratios of paper to phyz with periodic price slam downs). Also, Turk bought into the ridiculous 2% Bureau of Lying Statistics number until Rory corrected him with John Williams' real numbers. Turk then goes on to say that interest rates cannot rise that much because governments and corporations could not pay the interest on their debt. Every hear of default, James, as in Argentina? Of course default could be avoided as well by paying the interest and the matured bonds off in Zimbabwe FRN's, but IMO that is default with a sugar coating. As it is, according to FRED itself, the current FRN "dollar" has 4% of the purchasing power which it had in 1913. A boiling frog style of hyperinflation.

Ricardo ubo

US$15.85 an ounce for Silver on July 2, 2018. For all those people who think they are going to get wealthy and protect themselves it is not going to happen anytime soon. The average cost of production is around US$16.00 and ounce ! That is why it is trading here! You keep on believing it will be freed one day because of the manipulation theory you are being fooled !


Scam man?


I’m sorry but I’ve been listening to this song and dance for the past 7YEARS

Mark Dagley

By lending money against gold and silver, you are creating, during the period of the loan, a gold/silver backed currency. Cool!


You can judge a man by the company he keeps; Turk keeps company with Soros.

slawomir tomaszewicz

Great interview. I would like to pointed though that so called dedollarisation is really a myth. Wolf Richter just had nice article on his blog, its available for free, usa $ still represents 61% of IMF reserve currency basket. With China yuan still like hardly ONE percent steady from 2016 when they get introduced. I think USA greenback it's going up and there is really nowhere else to go. Gold might still rise though especially when we will have some kind military conflict. Which I don't wish to happen but with Trump in office this can happen any day.

Andre De La Fontaine

I don't trust any American.When i watch them clapping hands on the NYSE at the opening and closing bell it tells me they have had another successful day of market manipulation.


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I Just Spun $17 up to $567 in the Daily Coin (R.I.P. DC and Steps :(( )

27 views | 10 Jun. 2017

... again a nice score and

... again a nice score and SICK ROI playing the DON SNG steps 1 2 and 3 to the $50 mBTC Daily Coin (1K Guar).... It's my first "score" since coin spiked. That's some fun math. Just checking in.