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Is this the next Commodity Supercycle?

401 views | 13 Jan. 2021

There have been six

There have been six commodity peaks in the past 227 years, with the most recent peak in June 2008. Michael Avery speaks to Rene Hochreiter, Mining Analyst at Noah Capital Markets; Peter Major, Mining Analyst at Mergence; and Andries Rossouw, PwC's Africa Energy, Utilities and Resources leader, about whether we are entering the next commodity supercycle and what this signals for the local mining industry and broader South African economy?


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Commodities Strong Recently...Why? New Supercycle?

1 120 views | 17 Dec. 2020


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Adam Ritter

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The mongolian way

I think supercycle is possible but commodities outperforming stocks, bonds and cash is probable when you look at lot of things combined: inflation coming, dollar down, Green energy boom lot of materials needed, deficits currently in many metals and deficits projected in many more, commodities are historical my undervalued to sp500, deficit in homes in usa, bipartisan support for infrastructure plans in usa. Just lot of things lining up very nicely for commodities strong performance

TheJayBalvin Meal


Eric Hahn

i think inflation will be really segmented and selective. Alot of $ being injected regardless of scenario but with shutdowns it means more $ chasing fewer goods and therefore inflation. In places where demand plumets like travel etc this will be less of an issue. Great video!

Mojay 2k

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Great video! Thank you for making it, I was one of the guys asking for it - so thanks! I agree that it's too early to tell if this is a commodities bull supercycle or not, which is why I had asked for your opinion. Let me ask one more thing, perhaps others relate to this question to: I feel that most commodity investors believe the dollar decline will continue, which you mentioned a few times can serve as a good tail wind for commodities. Let's assume it continues. With that assumption: How do you see the correlation between the Metals vs. Urainum vs Oil/Gas? I hope this makes sense. Thanks again for this video, much appreciated!


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Menachem Sahler

Inflation seeme way too popular a bet right now, given all the unemployment and debt delinquency that's in forbearance. The bullishness in commodities seems rather overbought and based on very premature optimism about economic growth

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Oil 'supercycle' expected at the end of this year, analyst says

1 449 views | 14 Jan. 2021

JPMorgan Managing Director

JPMorgan Managing Director and Head of EMEA Oil & Gas Research Christyan Malek discusses his forecast for the price of oil.

K Deronimo

except $RECAF will be dumping 8 million barrels per day on to the market.

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Jiayang Shao

If Iran chooses to press the "nuclear button" to close the Strait of Hormuz, Brent crude oil may soar to a few hundred dollars per barrel. Any unrest or military situation in the Strait may cause oil prices to rise to US$150/barrel or US$200/barrel. "

In 2008, Brent crude oil hit a record high, above $147 per barrel.

Several analysts said that the risk of conflict between the United States and Iran is rising due to the government's hint that its ultimate goal is regime change in Iran.

Miguel Breton

What do you think about the Canadian company high arctic energy services (haes) ? Great assets and income streams