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Trade Ideas Review | Is it Worth it?

10 666 views | 10 Jul. 2019

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Trade Ideas Review

trade ideas are one of the best day trading scanners on the market!

What are trade ideas?

#1 real-time AI Stock market scanner

Scan the market within milliseconds

you can create your own scanner



Gap scanner up or down

high of day

and more

fully custom charts

use the channel bar for scanners made by others

prices start at 119$ but use promo code "MVP15" for 15% off


customer service is great, fixed my problem in 10 minutes

Martin Duffy

sorry mate but ..since you are an affiliate cant take your recommendation seriously !

Carter Farr

Use Code "MVP15" for 15% Off Trade Ideas: Click the Link to Join!!  https://www.trade-ideas.com/referral.html?p=tradelikecarter&w=pricelist

Martin Retegan

not helpful at all...

Leo Itani

So if you don’t personally use it why should I listen to you and use it then ?

Darius Savage

Thanks for the quick information on the video. I'll use your code so that it helps to contribute to you. Also subbing.

Jackson Rodrigues

Is your 15% discount is for every month or only for the first month? And if it’s every months, is that for indefinite amount of time? TIA

danish hassan

Which scanner scans earlier than 7 a.m pre market}???

jay r

I did the test run. made $200! it works. they give you that trade ideas! entries and exits! very dummy proof. $1700 for the year. but it does work


Trade ideas has two plans, standard and premium, which one are you using in your video example?

Molana Rumi

This is Worthless review whe you are an affiliate of Trade ideas.

Jalel Zee

Dude I think you don't know what you are talking about, please! people come to youtube to learn, if you want to teach have an idea about what you're talking about

Howie Dick

Why the fuck would you trade on a God damn Mac?


just subscribed to your channel. great content. are you still offering the hard copy book?

Jonathan Blanco

Trade ideas or finviz?


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Trade Ideas Scanner Live for Day trading Stock Market

8 703 views | 3 Feb. 2021

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Stock Scanner:

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the Coupon Code: STOCKSROCKS15 at https://lddy.no/oknv .


Streaming Hours:

We stream Trade Ideas Scanner and Live news alerts every weekday from 6:00AM till 8:00 PM EST and we start live trading at 9:30AM EST in our private trading room https://stocksrocks.com/

Trading Style:

What is our day trading focus on this Channel?

We mainly trade Gap-and-Go and MOMO (momentum) based strategies using custom scanners designed to identify low cost, small cap stocks. Prior to Market open, we assess stocks listed on the Biggest Gappers Scanner by checking for share float, news catalysts, support and resistance levels and relative volume. Once assessed, we decide what stocks to trade and which day trading strategy to use. When the Market opens and as the morning trading session advances, we adjust our trading style to volatility, volume and momentum changes. Because we prefer trading stocks in the $2 to $20 price range, little money is needed and larger share sizes can be traded.


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Be positive and respectful. Remember to treat yourself the same way.

Everyone will be treated the same, however, disrespectfulness/rudeness will always get banned. We ban the behavior not the person.


We caution our viewers to trade ONLY what they understand and never trade based on anyone's opinion or actions.

We do not ask for any information from viewers.

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome as we would love to be a part of your day trading success. Feel free to contact us at: [email protected] .

Our videos and streams are for entertainment purposes only.

To read our full list of terms, conditions and disclaimers, go to: https://stocksrocks.com/terms

Trade ideas.com

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20 987 views | 8 Sep. 2018

Trade Ideas Day Trading

Trade Ideas Day Trading Scanner Review! Going over my new DayTrading Scanner that I've been using for the past month. What I've noticed is that I'm able to get into stocks earlier and be more aware of what stocks are hot during the day. Remember Knowledge and Information is Key when it comes down to the Stock Market. Trade Ideas gives you real information that you can act on to make profitable trades.

Find out more about the Scanner I use Trade Ideas here-


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Get an amazing offer at SpeedTrader.com Broker by using this link!


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Business Inquires- [email protected]

#DayTrading #StockMarket #Stocks

Vitor Gohsev

It is a business . Trade ideas is cheap if you consider it's monthy cost . Similar to debit terminals in retail stores. Would you consider starting a store without accepting bank cards . - invest in success.

Knife Knight

Thank you Patrick, Happy Sunday for you and your Family. Dirk


I have the same12 mid cap stocks on my watchlist I look to trade everyday. No scanners needed. All I look at is the 5 min opening range breakout or breakdown. Less manipulation than trading penny stocks.

Smooth AF

Great content Patrick, your videos are on point I've seen you progress from those losses to constant green days. Would you be willing to share your layouts for the trade ideas scans? I have a similar strategy to yours and I just got trade ideas as well just need help setting the scanners to the way we trade. Thanks!

Trey Neal

Wow, you like the tool that's sponsoring you, crazy stuff.

lol, just givin' you a hard time man.

Ismael Hernandez

Good for you, the now you using a scanner

John Wilson

Think your moving up to the Big boys now...


Are you paying for it or are you getting it for free (to advertise for them)??


Thank you Patrick for the video. Can you scan three bay plays with this? Cheers

Simon Mcr

Next Vid stick a Trade Ideas Chart in the big gap! the charts are awesome and are linked to the scanner for quick look.


Patrick Weiland, you and Ross Cameron in my opinion are the very best around when it comes to making meaningful YouTube videos on trading. Well done

Boo Jay

Is this the only scanner you use? Also what programs do you use on a daily basis to day trade? I'm looking to get involved.

Edgar Kretschmann

which version are you using? standard or premium?

Do you recommend Standard or Premium? Which one are you using?

xavier rea

Can you have hot keys on SureTrader without PRO????

Pharoh Costello

Invest in your trading and you will be greatly investing in yourself. If you try to be cheap with your tools in trading, you will get cheap results which means you will lose and get left behind

Mike Fitzgerald

which version are you using? standard or premium?


Trade ideas is awesome and worth the money. Just get The standard version.
Look at it as a business expense.

Engineering Masters

Nice content

Matt FB

Thank you for the discount code! Love your videos! So glad to see you grow and thank you for motivating me to start day trading from swing trading. You also make me miss my home in FL! Enjoy! Take care and thank you again!


You can use the demo for free with a 20min delay. That's not great, but for beginners you get a easier insight and get overview.

Mohamed Jr

Notification gang here!

CAT Mechanic

Trade Ideas works. You just have to know what you are looking for, and how to use the program. A massive learning curve for this program to be 100% effective. Onward. ;-)

Howie Dick

If I didn't know..you can get a demo with a 15 minute delay.....and you can't see live 60second delayed streams on YouTube.... Also if you do buy trade ideas just write it off at the end of the year on your taxes......


Are you using standard or premium?

Tabitha dea

this is gonna be huge! thanks!

Jin Chun

Do you recommend Standard or Premium? Which one are you using?

Sloan Weekes

That is the one thing I miss about Trade Ideas - is that Halt Scanner. That scanner alone is worth its weight in gold.

Antonio R

Hi Patrick, What you guys think to XTB brokers they are FCA regulated? Also has anyone used them before?

Christopher Pallotta

dam $120 a month tho

monsieur malaise

What % of your account do you invest per trade and how big is your account?

Brutus Empire

When are you gonna start a chatroom with live trade ideas platform like everyone else?? :)

Chris Turner

Can you filter out chinese stocks.
Is there a rapid riser scan.
Can you adjust the time parameters on the new high scan
Can you adjust the new high scan to within (x) %


Is the SureTrader scanner included with the $50/month software or the more expensive option with level 2?


The setups I take do not require a scanner.

Patrick Wieland

Find out more about the Scanner I use Trade Ideas here-

YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS USE THE CODE "PATRICKW15" for 15% Discount on all Products!

John Wilson

Im down 3 Hun right now after 3 1/2 months training ...I dont think thats bad compared to what I here...

Miguel M

If you can make it work for you its great, I just couldnt do it, felt like I was drowning in to much information, too many options.

Curious Kian

Do you have video on how to use it while trading