Komodo coin price prediction

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1 781 views | 26 Jan. 2019

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Mehar Muhammad Azam

Bhai ap electroneum k bary me b video bnaen pls

aadil malik

Walton chain ka review kro

yes no

Sir , Komodo ek promising coin Hai magar uski privacy feature future Mai pareshani laa Sakta Hai. Kyuki yeh privacy coins SEC ko Pasand Nahi Hai

Asif Khan

Bhai aap aa rahe ho kiya delhi me??

Business plan

Bhi kamodo coin kis exchang pe buy krskta hai

Shashi Chaurasia

I already hold it!!

Crypto Conversation क्रिप्टो की बात

Let me know which coin would you like me to Cover? I will pick from top 3 maximum commented Coins.


I think amazon web service is with qtum also

Jay sharma

Good news thanks a lot u r great

Amar Gupta

Bhai Please STEEM par banao Ek Video and uski price prediction...

Kafi time se so raha h bich me jaga tha phir so gya....

akhilesh Jaiswar

Komodo wallat link digiyega sir

Ahmed p

1saal ke 5% milte he ya her mounth me?

Ripon Chowduriy

Bhi empower coin se kocco bataho na bhi pls a coin se me invest korana cai app kei bolla bhi


5% per month mile ga Sir

Komodo coin price prediction

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Waltonchain Review: What's up With WTC??

4 433 views | 14 Aug. 2019

► Complete Review:

► Complete Review: https://www.coinbureau.com/review/waltonchain-wtc/


⛓️ ? Helpful Links ? ⛓️

► Website: http://www.waltonchain.org/

► Whitepaper: https://www.waltonchain.org/en/Uploads/2019-04-25/5cc171763aebb.pdf

► GitHub: https://github.com/WaltonChain


?️ Socials ?

► Blog: https://medium.com/@Waltonchain_EN

► Twitter: https://twitter.com/Waltonchain

► Telegram: https://t.me/waltonchain_en


? Project Overview ?

Waltonchain is a project that is combining blockchain technology with IoT. They want to leverage the power of the blockchain when it comes to supply chain management.

⚙️ Technology ⚙️

Through the use of RFID (that’s Radio Frequency Identification) and blockchain, records of physical products can now be stored in a secure and immutable digital form.

So, once the data has been tracked it has to move onto a subchain.

Each company that wants to set up their own tracking system on the Waltonchain network will do so in their own sub-chain.

On these sub chains, consensus is achieved through the use of a mechanism called “Proof of Labor”.

The Waltonchain main-chain uses a Proof of Work / Proof of stake hybrid.

?️ Token ?

The Native token on the Waltonchain network is WTC and this acts as the fuel on the network.

These tokens will be used for amoung other things, staking, issuing subchains and voting.

These were initially issued on the Ethereum blockchain but have since moved onto the main net as a native coin.

?‍?️ Team, Partners & Development ?‍?

Waltonchain is based in Korea and China and was initially launched in 2016.

The founders have extensive experience in supply chain management and product safety. There have also been a number of partners that have got on board with Waltonchain.

? Trading & Wallets ?

Currently, WTC is listed on a number of exchanges including Binance, LATOKEN, Huobi OkEX etc.

The Bulk of the volume is taking place on Binance with healthy liquidity.

Depending on which token variant you have, there are a host of storage options.


? Disclaimer ?

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

#Waltonchain #Waltoncoin #crypto #blockchain #Review #Bitcoin #WTC #platform #Binance #trading #cryptocurrency #China

Tribia tribia

Is wtc worth it. Because if it spikes back thats like 20x. But its quiet around them

C.L .K

Walton will lose, they don’t have enough supply to take on the mass adoption of Fortune 500’s


It's very shady. I used to trade it during the bull and bear run and have been following it since for entertainment purposes. You could always see a pump in price before major news, meaning that they were likely inside trading the coin. News often turned out to be less impressive than they were making it to be. They also used to pose with other Chinese companies for pictures for hype. Most of these "partnership" news have mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

Most of the ideas they come up with don't make any sense and the projects that they do get out to the users are terrible failures, like staking for example. Token swap also seems to have been a mess, you can find threads from 2018 hyping token swap and looks like it just happened on Binance during 2020. There is barely any communication with the team.

Just a quick visit to their Reddit page reveals that only the most gullible people remain and hang on to the last threads of hope. All in all, it's a sad sight and it's been like watching a slow motion train wreck. My guess is that it's just a Chinese RFID chip firm that launched their ICO during Ethereum bull run and profited a lot from crypto mania.

Bugra Zara

there is one thing that ı know is people always buy name walton chain name after charlie walton , eventually walton name gonna find its place on market next bull run all the eyes gonna on him


I just bought WTC (Waltonchain) on coin spot and sent it to Ledger Nano X but it never showed up in the Ethereum Ledger account. I had done likewise with other ERC20 tokens and never had a problem. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Can anyone solve this mystery?

Ainars Garda

Waltomchain will shoot, something big is coming

Choudhry Rehman

Are u blockchain developer?


Telegram channel : @WTCresearch

Sam Willow

Good Review thanks.

WTC price has taken a severe beating and can't find a bottom Vs BTC

Fundamentally WTC has a lot going for it but fundamentals in crypto prices don't seem to count at the moment..

No reason why you couldn't have a future with VET and WTC competing for business so I would rather long term invest in the one that's less hype right now which is Walton.

Just looking for a decent entry point.

Ishaq niz

Price prediction please
Suggest vechain or Walton chain which better

Declan Murphy


Komodo coin price prediction

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NEW Travel Cryptocurrency Preparing to TAKE OFF (Get in While You Can)

18 267 views | 15 Nov. 2020

Following news that

Following news that there will be a vaccine, airline stocks shot through the roof. However, Travala, a little known travel cryptocurrency didn’t seem to see the same effects… yet. But in a bull market with a hyperbolic altcoin season knocking at the door, cryptocurrency is set to take the travel industry by storm. Travala is one of the pioneers in the travel niche. Its Travala token could be preparing for a trip to the moon.

Today we are talking about Travala and the AVA token. Travala allows customers to book hotels, plane tickets, and many other travel products using its AVA token. Unlike your airline miles, AVA tokens never lose value, meaning you have flexibility on when to spend them. We will discuss the pandemic and how the airline industry will be affected once vaccines begin to be distributed. Find out about Travala’s HUGE partnerships and why they will propel it to the moon.

0:00 - Intro

1:14 - Travala

2:51 - AVA Token and Benefits

3:43 - Travala Partnerships

5:25 - MIL.K

7:01 - AVA Blog/Tiers

9:02 - Travala.Bitboy.Live

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.


This sounds like some futuristic shit

Vantum Noir

The Lebron joke made me like you even more lol


Yeah this sounds like the real scoop, def getting. Thanks!


Hi Ben, I'm the first to like the video and the first to comment hey I'm a legend !

Hamdan Alhosani

Dash already can be used in travala

Karen Susan

After a successful investment,you have nothing to worry about whether the rise or fall of the economy or anything won't effect you,make your future brighter by making good investments

Wayne Bruyns

This is the start of adoption, I can use my Zil or ADA to pay for my travel!


Cover Epic Cash (EPIC) ???

Robert E. Davis

Stock are crashing Bitcoin investment right now will be at every wise individual's list. In three two months you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today


This is a great project, used it a few times and does exactly what it claims, cheap prices and great service. I can see this being big!

Crypto Strategy

This is a step further to mass adoption, its coming and most people won't know about it

Kyera Shandel

2 things I LOVE Travel and Crypto!

james reilly

Moon walker pic this long time, good vid.

Labour law adivor

The rich start rich spending like the poor and investing with out stopping and the poor start poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

Алекс Ко

Strong team. One of the
Best progects. Future winner...

mohamed Samsoodien

Do a video on DSLA & SRK coin


How do you feel this compares to share coin?

Zip Lock


sun settting

I got level 2 smart in Travala and also I got SHR..so hopefully they will both moon post covid.

BD information

Their cheap prices helped me, for saving some extra penny. Thanks travala

God's Grace

Loki coin big time gains


A great project. Apart from me using my crypto, I also get some solid discounts in hotels and flights.


Awesome video, Go Travala ! ?


Very watchable, top corn haha. Used Travala for 2yr now and don't need to use others post pandemic, a great business




I like THAT!

Easin Arafat

Awesome info Ben

Tejas Aloka

Extremely bullish on Travala, thank you BitBoy.

Malchijah Betts

Share > travala
By far.

Lanii Chimeka

Bitcoin is crypto most valuable asset, never sell it away. Just trade its price movements on level01 app with AI-guidance


AVA will be huge ??

Jeff Financially free Celsius.Network

Travala is good!

Učilište Mirmar

Wow Superb info! Tnx for video!

Kris JS

Love Travala, great prices and easy to use! This project is going to be huge!

ranjit kumar

Please make videos about Digitex Future exchange.

Blockchain Travel

Nice, will get some AVA.

Jonathan Rosario

Can't buy on binanceUS. Dope content though. ???

Enrique Rivera


Soul's Source منبع الروح

Great video thanks Ben

rob mittman

Awesome find Ben!! Love this one like AGI, future rockets

Alexander Buick

First Comment!

Richard McCallum

Love it!

David Harvey

Been thinking about getting some Ava for a while. Travala seems to be the next big thing in crypto.

scott martin

Good project but not on same level as SHR ?


youre the man ben


Hello! we just stumbled over your incredible channel and really like your video clips. ? We are seeing the world a lot, maybe you'd also just love to check for our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo as well ? So lets motivate each other. Enjoy your day, and also keep up the good work! ?

Adam Whetzel

i thought you could use LINK on travala?

Damon W

I think I'll boast a little.... got this at ico lol. Always new they're doing big things

Ofie Iwissi

Can somebody explain me how to install this on my hardware nano ledger s? Thanks

D Hovanes

Make a shout out Digital Reserve Currency (DRC)for this token think you might like it. The NEXT BITCOIN

crypto2021 CRYP

travala to the moon....when covid19 is over, AVA to the moon! 100$ for a start


wondeful video.
whats your prediction for AVA at the end of 2021?
Love from Pakistan

Oscillating Turtle

Can you get this on any u. S exchanges?

Jocsan muriel Lebron

Hey guys, can someone tell me where can I buy it?

Radoslaw Gardocki

where can I buy travala coins?


Sell out! If you want to get into a real travel winnner look into sharering global (SHR)

Iam Evyahno



A coin for the travel industry is perfect, crypto needs mass adoption and a coin with utility for travelers (people who actually spend money) will easily understand and adopt it because they're already used to exchanging foreign currency which is a similar concept. There will always be demand for travel and this pandemic has created a rare opportunity to invest in an industry that is obviously going to recover massively when the world becomes safe again, there will be no stopping AVA once it takes off.