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Gold Live for Android™ with Spotwatch!. Release 2.3.5

33 681 views | 5 May. 2016

Download Kitco’s Gold

Download Kitco’s Gold Live! Android™ app to stay in touch with the precious metal markets on the go! With comprehensive coverage and full control, it brings live spot prices for gold, silver and other metals, along with critical market information to your fingertips.

This application version includes an updated look and feel as well as the new SpotWatch! feature which allows you to setup a price update icon in the top left of your screen. A detailed version of the price update is also available on your lock screen.

Kitco apps

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The Top 3 Android & iPhone Apps for buying Gold & Silver bullion!!

31 660 views | 25 Jan. 2016

If you are new to buying

If you are new to buying precious metals like silver and gold bullion and want a few apps for your phone to help you along your journey then this video is just for you! I'll go over 3 of the best applications I use nearly every day when I'm buying or selling bullion.

Kitco Spot Price: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kitco.android.free.activities&hl=en

Silver Calculator: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.filabs.silver.android&hl=en

My iBidder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myibidder.aclient1&hl=en

Business Inquiries - MunkeySpaz @ gmail.com


How do I buy or invest in precious metals using KitCo app?

Aaron D

Silver calculator is not on play store anymore. Just a warning

Robert Mason

Use the Kitco app only for spot prices. The interviews are many times misinformation.

24K ArabiaFelix

very informative ty, i use the kitco app already as i love the widgets they have


love kitco


Thanks! SilverTowne's "Silver Now" app is pretty good for spot prices of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium.

Malcolm X

any update?

Kitco apps

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Original ID115Plus Color HR Smart Bracelet Color Display Sports Activity Tracker Heart Rate

275 404 views | 2 May. 2018

Original ID115Plus Color

Original ID115Plus Color HR (ID115C , ID115 Plus Color HR) Smart Bracelet Video content includes product appearance, function interface, Veryfitpro APP function interface

Bi-color wristband design, USB Charging,Veryfitpro APP,

24-hour heart rate monitoring, auto sleep monitoring,

Steps / distance / calories burned & activity time,

Support multiple sports modes(default 3 kinds: walking, running, ride; APP can be configured to add 11 kinds of options: mountaineering, badminton, fitness, dynamic cycling, treadmill, yoga, basketball, football, tennis, dancing),

Clock display (12h/24h),

Message alerts (Support SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Email, calendar reminders, LINE, VIBER, Skype, KakaoTalk, VKontakte),

Sedentary alert,

Call reminder + hang up,

Alarm clock, Remote shoot, Weather forecast, Lift the wrist bright screen, etc.

For more product information, please visit our website:


For more smart bracelet information, please visit our website:


Kerstin Rose

How do i chenge the clock



Just Me

Water proof?


Hello, gostaria de saber como faço para comprar uma dessas, agradeço a resposta!

Cin Hollins

What does the green flashing lights mean?

miglena dimova

Πως αλαζουμε την ωρα ?

Mankala Saipavan

How to charge itt

DeadShoT Gaming

Some call me .only show his number not his name.. How can we show his name also. Plz help me

Sanim Mahmud Ratul

Am i control my music with this?

Aniket Gupta

App name

tiffany white

How do I charge this?

Man Tazakka

Is the features working accurately?

Reynold J2

Is that a weezer song? In my garage?

Just Me

How I change the hour format please I receive mine today it’s very comfortable on the wrist and look so nice

Crystal Ramos

How do I change the time from military time to normal time?

Ludwig Dai

Can you change the watch face?


Can it's support Google fit

Sedat Ergen

Does it have a vibration motor for notifications and alarm?


The app doesn't find my phone ... I can't use it .... Can anyone help? Thankz

Md Mahibul Hosain

এটা দিয়ে কি কি করা যায়?????

The Healthy Page

visit my shop at fitbitforme. com

Romulo SCCP

Essa Smartband é boa? Vc já teve algum tipo de problema com ela? Enfim vc recomenda?


It would have been interesting to see him on his arm. to see if it looks good or is very long

Ismael Alejandro Vera Alarcón

Hi, i just got a question. This smartband has the option to take blood pressure? Thanks!


Is it available in bangladesh?

Varsha Thakur

How I connect call

brhoom fagih

الساعه صينيه وصراحه جيفه

Dilek Özer

Are you able to use the language in Turkish

Anup Sharma

How does this monitor sleep? I can only see start time and finish time as 12:00 am in the app.


I have a lot of trouble getting it to connect to my phone. A lot. All the time.

Ivy Gido Lagura

Why i can't connect it on bluetooth?

Sayed Construction

What is the name of this app?


M4 band Vs id115 which best

Jinrong Chen

ID115C Smart Bracelet, ID115 Plus Color HR, ID115Plus Color HR Short Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLDWdCtpbNY&feature=youtu.be

Maherban Momin

I want a Strap only for this Band.. kindly give me cheapest link...

Stacy Schwering

I can't get my Bluetooth to work. It's not showing icon in corner of display and my phone isn't finding it please help

Jason Gruber

could anyone out there possibly tell me how to set the correct time , day , date and also why it doesn't reset till afternoon? any help would be appreciated

Justin Zhuo

How do you delete an alarm I'm so confused

Tahan123 Gaming

Good video

Irma Situmorang

Punya saya ada ni, kalo boleh tau ganti tali jam gitu ada di online gak.?


Can it be used to control music?

Aicha Diallo

How do i put the weather on this?

Meyer Haus

music is too annoying to watch

Kirsten Holm

Vil gerne have indstilling af uret på dansk

Air wolf

Where is the Bloodpressure function,?

Navid Asif


eyes rimas

What the name backsound ??

salim mansuri

Brightness kaise badhye

Catur LS

it has automatic display with hand movement or should touch display to watch the time?

Miftachul Huda

Has bloodpressure?

Danielius Kemeris

Half screen is black

Fun Time

Where To Buy It ?

chakaroff 727

the app looks like mi fit I like that

Salman A

Is it worth buying ?

Am from India

jasvinder khaulsay

Hi, is there an option to customise the clock face? Mine does not have a date and i would prefer one.

Just Me

Has medication reminder?


Can support android ?

Tifah Boyd

Does it have the relax feature


Sorry, there is no connection possible with this app. So the fitness tracker is useless.

Buzz Line

How can i set the correct time and date. Kindly help!

Yans Yan

is the divice can show other notification like Business whatsapp , instagram and others ... thank


I had problems to connect the iPhone SE with the bracelet until I used the Lefun Wear APP instead of the Lefun Health APP.


Charging time? Bro please