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The Tiny Art of Coin Cutting

2 543 102 views | 28 Aug. 2019

The Tiny Art of Coin

The Tiny Art of Coin Cutting

In today's video I want to show you an unusual project - silhouette cutouts from coins! You can make cool necklace, key holder or unique piece of art!

Use your imagination, it's not so difficult :)

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com

The Meditation


Fans and iPods! More

My mom said that’s illegal

king crow

he is going to fedral prison for doing that to money

Bipul Basak

It's very hard and long work.I love the video.

Harry Tan

How did do that trick?

Elza silva

Essa primeira mágica do vídeo é antiga em ??????já fiz muito

Suji Sriram

Super bro

Ethan's universe

He is illegally defacing these coins

jacquelin martinez

3:09 OoOoO lOoKs So PeRfEcT (āňđ §āţì§fýıńğ)

Andi Dobek

cries in poor

kidtorah,on xbox one x

U cant do that

David Criswell

Do I didn't know utube let's you illegal shit. Like defacing american money. But cool I guess.

Bryce Wilson

Isn’t this defacing US currency

Lautaro Gimenez

Tengo un dollar ??? ??????


When you have nothing to do

Alfredo JR. arias

SMH ????


This video is illegal

Heat YT

Where is the FBI when you need them.

Abhinand C Nair


Fred Yeezy

Now, but Benjamin franklin from a $100 bill

The men in blue

That's illegal

Rimon Rahman

00:7 The Tiny Art Of Editing

Naomi Nyaboke

Nice but how do cut a peny

laine Santos


Kim Brian

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King Yashnoor

I’m broke now

gel yer

You will be in jail.

Gürsel Çopur

Where is the tl turkish coin ₺ ₺

Mr. Løud 036


Саида Калыкова

Good job The q


What a waste of money!!

el crak

Guao párese majia

Joe Rosales

What's the name of the tool used to saw ? ?

Sam Hanie

Where can I buy a couple of the Lincoln Penny cutouts? I need the bottom cut flat so that he will stand upright. Thanks. Sam

feci ikili

Vayy am*


I’ma Underground artist

Varsha Satarkar

He is Really very Hardworking :-)

Maulana Gaming Frost


JJ's animations

Fun fact: this is a waste of money

Tap here for another fun fact:
Fun fact: coin cutting takes a long time

Edward Morley

If you really want a challenge try the american innovation $1 coins

Lyla_kun :3

Tío eres tonto o te lo haces que es plata tío la plata no sale de los árboles ?

Shane Lewis

That's NOT ART!

Liam Ig

If you want a half a penny?

Just cut Abraham Lincoln in half!

Rolf Mactal

Hey thats illegal

Amanda Hanson



they did surgery on a coin

Super Sonic: series

this is illegal in Brazil


The Q: imma cut a coin
President Trump and the government: No...

Tshepang Motsapi

make chains or necklace with them


Am I the only one who rewinded to see how the hek he did that magic trick????

Milan Gutierrez

WOW what a cool man

Fahidə Mikayılova


Nghia Nguyen

I this a legal now

Su Lei

That is illegal in your country

Liliana Castillo Lopez


Angel Rosario

wow 41 cents cut in art..

ไทบ้าน NOบู้



I have been fretting over this video all day.


Gosh is ti leagal?

Monika Graef

what kind of clamp is that?


This is cool and all but is this even legal ?


There are "GIRLS" in your neighborhood no ?

Shred Criminals XL



Am I the only who thinks this are master pieces!?

Mathew Montgomery

Is in this eligal


What is the tiny metal saw called? Thats a round rod file?

nacho cecretoo

Como se llama esa cierra que corta la moneda?

Petar Ćićerić

Cccccccxc???????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????

Santiago Ezequiel Quiroga

I like your technique, i was worried cause i've a problem with my left wrist, but now i can see that i don't have to hold the piece with my hand so i can use that "holding" tool and work the piece with my good hand,thanks for sharing

Leon Martínez

Esas monedas se venden

Becca Buck

When people say that stuff at home like this doesn’t cost any money but it actually costs 41 cents. But it least it pretty cool

Norm Sophiea

WHere can I find the coin holder?


Thank you for idea! I will use this method.

Alex Baldwin

What blades do you use?

Vengadesh V

Sema bro

Joel Fuentes

0:11 - 0:17 magic !

Kass and Anna Empire

lol im dying inside bc this is so illegal?how have u not gotton fined yet XD P.S.: I didn't even know this was a thing :l

Tan Tài

What the

Joelson Sampaio

Ta...mas qual é o sentido deste video?

Edward Morley

Careful now that's still technically illegal lol

Rafik Reseize

When u bored at home......


Is this for real? fake coin? Or is that legal or not... Because here in Philippines what you're doing is wrong you might be in jail for that

Rae Weisz

The Q :I'm going to cut a coin door: FBI open up

Maksss Zzz


Jeffer Ardanny


Rosidah Suyoto

Salam dari indonesia???????❤

A. idea

Coool video my bro


Wow! That's crazy

Jack Sydney

Anyone know what that wire/string saw type he is using is called?

Al45kan cold

Imagine if that was a 1992 close am penny worth 32000

glitched inferno

Just why??




R.I.P there heads


How sharp is that fucking blade whoa

Maria del Carmen Andrade Estrada

Yo ya me se el truco la pones atrás de tu mano y se pega con agua


Pure waste of time....Plus it's not legal…

Tan Tài


XC products

?you put it between your pointer finger and thumb 0:12 & 0:13

HeroBruno YT

Wait that's illegal


For what?

Q coin

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DIY Automatic Coin Sorting Machine from Cardboard v2.0

47 294 316 views | 26 Aug. 2017

DIY Automatic Coin Sorting

DIY Automatic Coin Sorting Machine from Cardboard v2.0

For this project you need cardboard, cutting knife, battery, electric motor, small nut and glue. The most important part - to measure needed coins and cut right holes :) This machine is very effective, it can sort up to 300-500 coins per minute!

If you like this video don't forget to subscribe :)


"Pilots Of Stone" Audionautix. Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).


"Aces High - Funkorama" Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).



Eni Ufi


tree plant

That’s Ukrainian money


My Piggy Bank : am i joke to you ?



Astarte of the Silver Eyes

Damn I guess I have to make one now

Hfxkhc Igckhg


Dyl May

Plot twist:
It took him longer to build that then just using the other thing

D Double A

Where’s for dime and nickel


Sponsored by Coke?

Melvino8 lolboi


Delight _

who will deal with this

Bella Morena

Very nice idea??

Z Gaming

I don't think anyone who watched this will actually do it we all watch it bc it's so satisfying and cool when u do it

Miss Wittank

Why did he glue a cardboard lid on so the battery can't be changed?

Kent Ucky

think of everything, every detail, and enclose the stack in the glued cardboard... Check

G Master Flex

It would take you longer to make the sorter than rather sorting it your self lazy ass

Cassie Mcguinn

The coins look like £ to me

Cristian Radu

Imagine what happens when the battery runs out

Lolsanyok X


Kush Bansal

I'm so broke I don't even need this, either I have no coins or just of one denomination ?

Jungkooks Wife

Why he write 25 instead of 20?


와 진짜 개천재다


Ok soo, Repeater 3 ticks, redstone torch below, 2x5 red dust, comparator, 5 red dust, andd done!


The way you handled the wires gave me anxiety. This isn't a complaint as much as constructive criticism.
First, you stripped the wires way too far back. I'm glad you fixed it with tape, but it shouldn't be a go-to. I recommend heat shrink to make the job more professional-looking.
Second, you didn't tin the wire before soldering it. Tinning is a crucial step in soldering to ensure you get a good connection.
Third, I didnt see any application of Flux to the soldering job. If this is a DIY job for people with no experience, I highly recommend showing the application of Flux.
I hope this helps.

Котёнок Мяу :3

Удивительный факт мы его не искали

Mert Kilic 2007


Callum Duckworth

God I hate the way you strip wire

Jonatan Pacheco

Too much click bait that I cant even resist it

Добрый Кот

Молодець друже!!?????

DA MotoNeko

Can you make one for Scrooge McDuck?


I will never have any use of this but I absolutely love it

Heather gale Licot

Wow you have 10 million sub

Jakub Mencel-Duda

add length

Brandon Gamp

Las manos los dedos y las uñas del Ing. ?


Nice invention…but how to switch the battery ?


Se demoró más hasiendo la máquina que separarlo hasi no mas

FunnyPro Gamer


Peyton Vecera

If I ever meet The Q,here will be our conversation
Me:I love ur videos!
The Q:what have you made?
Me:oh,I don’t make the stuff,I just like your videos
The Q:* dissipontment*


Apparently there are many mis-classfied coins in 25 cent box.



Turgut Demir

1a bu bir

Nicola Cov.


Itoko No Kona

Creo que era más fácil y rápido contar y separar las monedas por valor XD

Minty Mango

Cardboard coin sorter!

Dimes and pennies: No.

Gretchel O'Brien



I hope you have a nice day! ?

Damian FC-Erzgebirge-Aue

Thanks forever the cool ideas

Atma Shakti

Este man gasto más tiempo y dinero en su clasificador automático que si lo hubiera hecho manual ?‍♀


Great science class project.

nop nop

gub fact: nobody is gonna do this but they are still watching.

Kat Laufeyson

So did...uh...did anyone really do this?


Слушай ты Украинец , так почему ты создал Канал на Английском ?

Vlad Rishnyak

Зроблено в Україні, якість на найвищому рівні!

Magdalena Barylska

Jokes on you! I don't have any money. ???


So... what if the battery is dead?

Vicky Yang


RivRob River

When you relize the music

Jewgeni Novikov

Отличная идея. Еще можно ящички для того, чтобы проще извлекать отсортированные монеты и тех отверстие для замены батарейки:)

Cardeo Gaming

I Made This For My Math Exhibition Project And Won First Prize Two Years Ago??

Mythic Boomers YT

Golden coins op ?

Azim Iqbal

youtube recommend as always


where are you from? i don't think dollar coins are in use in the us anymore

Fabian Gerotzky

And what, if the battery get off of energy?


The Q stands for Quarantine

da guide

Yoooo u are rich 0:28

Александр Иванович Арзяев

В 2021 году в Украине исчезнет номинал монет 1, 2, 5, 25 и желтые 1 гривна

Bryan Skinner

I know this was years ago but how are you going to get the battery out incase it died? battery don't last forever

Omkar Kharkar

? %people will Never do this just watching this video for fun

Thunderstorm Videos

Who thinks this shit up? Just sitting around one day and think "Hey, I'm gonna make a coin sorter out of cardboard!"

BTS army Forever

I would rather sort it on my own ??

Auduth Admane

I dont have a gluegun what should i use instead of gluegun

eldar avdic

This is the right channel not 5-Minutes-Craft

Primrose Malaza

This is is so unnecessary, yet interesting to watch.


“How I used my collection of Chuck E. Cheese, shakeys and batting cage tokens”


god ive seen this video 2 years ago

Zoya Shahid

Wow so nice and best

Elmafia 14

Buena idea pero se ve claramente que caen monedas de 10 en las que no corresponde

Makrem Mahfoudhi


Notwhou Thinkiam

There were several 10s that ended up in the 25 tray

Dinakar B

What if the battery dies ? ?

Ege Dinek

Dealers life music ?! WTF thief

Logan Night

If five minute crafts were good

Ellen Correa

the q makes a wooden television

J. Eduardo R. Anguiano

Casi se lleva un pedazo de dedo DX

Leonel Arcuri Neto

Alguém sabe o nome da primeira música que ele pois no vídeo?

Robin Red

Glued together ok. But how do you change an empty battery?
Thought of that? That's no IQ?

Jango Fett 02

I hate when you guys don't give measurements.

Hassan Muktadir

you do not find any work?

Juan Santiago Gonzalez

Casi se saca el deso con la trincheta

Thomas D. Thielpop


Максим Кущ

Ну здраствуй братє українце


When you don't know, what to do on the quarantine: this video

Presto YT

How to re charge battery after it dries off?

Delight _

Bunla kim uğraşacak


The Q when handed even more coins to sort: Boring! (where is that voice clip from?)

Mert Kilic 2007



too bad you can't make it for me, it's so cool


* hint * you need money for this

The yellow fox

But why???!?!??!?!?
If u just did it the other way that would had been so much faster
And also why the hell would someone ask u to do that??

الشمس المشرقة

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?Tafsir al-Jalalayn ?

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???Thank you so much ???


Q coin

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Leigh Western

You got any invites

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Patrick Crypto

So it is a centralized coin competing with the mighty US dollar( centralized as well)? I wish them luck

Mehdi Razeghi

Thank you for the invitation Q .
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Passive Income

Sounds good.

Can you do a prediction on.