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The Coming 2020 SILVER SHOCK: And The 3 Silver Stocks You Must Own

391 455 views | 26 Feb. 2020

The coming 2020 silver

The coming 2020 silver shock is going to be big. And Jeff Clark is here to tell you which 3 stocks you must own in order to capitalize off the coming silver bull run.

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An accomplished analyst, author, and speaker, Jeff Clark is a globally recognized authority on precious metals. As an accomplished analyst, author, and speaker, when Jeff Clark talks silver people listen.

Jeff Clark believes that the price of Silver will rise 100 - 200% in less than 12 months from now. The silver price will rise 20- 30% per day in the bull market and the gold//silver ratio is going to 20 or lower.

Financial shocks equal silver shocks as investors turn to precious metals for a safe haven. And with global debt being at unprecedented runaway levels, the inflation rates are going to go through the roof.

These debts include:

Derivatives - Of the 9 largest banks alone derivatives are worth $230 Trillion Dollars, which is three times the Global Economy

Global Debt - Global debt soared to $253 trillion dollars totaling over 320% of the global GDP

Corporate Debt - Corporate debt is now over $10 Trillion dollars which has risen over 50% in the last decade

Private Debt - Private debt is sitting at $1.2 Trillion of which 50% is collateralized loans.

Inflation poses the largest threat to the economy. Lowering interest rates and printing money won’t be enough to save the economy.

History shows that when Gold rises, silver rises even more when financial crisis hit.

The total wealth in the world is 230 Trillion dollars. This number is 3650 times bigger than all the above ground silver in investment farms

When Warren Buffet bought silver in the mid 1990s’ the price of silver went up over 84% over the course of 6 months.

Buy physical silver bouillon coins. Silver bulls are some going to be some of the best investments you can make in the next economic downturn.

The risks of owning physical silver are nearly zero. You will make more on the premium of silver and the appreciation of price during the next big metals bull run.

The silver stocks total market cap is sitting at 23.1 Billion dollars, this shows that the silver market is tiny and as money comes in the price will increase massively.

Which stocks are best poised in the next bull market and how do we identify them?

Here are three key metrics to look at when deciding on silver stocks to invest in:

1. Company that produces its own silver

2. Company with the highest leverage to silver

3.Company with the strongest historical stock performances.

Producer silver stocks to buy in 2020:

*First Magestic Silver is a silver stock that leads the pack. With rising recovery rates using new mining technology they are mining more silver than ever before.

*Endeavour Silver - should have double the current production in just two years time. Very high leverage to silver.

Buying from Construction Decision (CD) and selling at First Pour(FP) will usually give you a 90% chance of a 90% return in silver stocks. This is a pre-production sweet spot.

Mergers and Acquisitions are now cheaper and more certain than exploration.

Here are the developers in the sweet spot to look for as potential strong stocks to buy for the next silver bull run:

*SilverCrest Metals - large high grade silver and only 2-3 years away from production

*MAG Silver - with production set for Q42020, this is going to be one of the largest and highest grade silver deposits in the world.

*Alexco Resources - With all deposits in production by Q42020, Alexco is set to be Canadas only silver producer in 2020.

Silver Explorer silver stocks to keep an eye on in 2020:

*Discovery Metals - This mine is in Northern Mexico where Discovery is drilling a silver-zinc-lead metal endowment.

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OC Guy

whats a good website or app to buy silver?

Lord.h Casano

What will be the price of a silver ounce at the end of the current year, according to the aforementioned analysis


clark, where I need to go or use to buy pure gold or silver? which web site is trustworthy?


I just started buying coins and I love it I regret not doing it years ago.

Steven Washington

Lebron James has Prizm and Optic basketball cards that have gone up 100% to 200% in about a week. Rise that "Silver Molasses Train" if you want!


I'm buying 66.67% physical, 33.33% ETFs. Silver and gold. Will wait 2-3 years to start buying the S&P at depressed levels. Diversify and conquer.


Silver will go to $100,000. per oz. OZ as in The Wizard of OZ...

Armando Lopez

Guess it’s time to sell that ring ?

Per Karlsson

I watch this guy with a smirk on my face. Just a few months ago people laughed at preppers. Guess who got it right?
This man is an investment prepper, and he is about to be right too.


Since Bitcoin fall from $10,000 to under $4,000 in one short month, the ultra bearish, panic-induced price action has finally settled into a neutral state. However, if bulls can break above $6,500 level and hold it as support, the price action will flip bullish and likely go on to target $7,200. I still see bitcoin as the strongest and most favorable crypto asset despite some unlikely up and down movement, its a very good thing i take advantage of any given price with Floyd Edward's strategy/daily signals as i have been doing since the last bear market. Again , i was able to increase my portfolio from 0.9btc to 6.2btc within 3 weeks interval using Floyd daily signals, i would say no time is ever too late to start earning and growing your portfolio when you trade daily. Floyd can be contacted via Whatspp: +13617177129 and Telgram @ floyd_signal27r for inquiries into profitable trading systems. .. ,.


Why buy silver stocks with all the added risk when you can just buy a silver bullion ETF with leverage directly?


What a call! Well Jeff, kinda, you're taking profits now, but expect $36 silver by Feb 2021? Odd.

Steven Washington

lebron optic

no no

silver was 13-14$ 100 years ago now its under 16 gold was 21 bucks 100 years ago now its 1700$ do the math

Patrick Baldino

People simply have more money now days. When people earn more money; gues what, they are now allowed to borrow more money. So, are the numbers just scarring you; you are just going to have to adjust to bigger numbers. Simple as that!!!!

Mark Jamison

Silver is a precious metal and they need it to make stuff it’s just that simple . Plus silver should be 8 to 1 and it’s 100 to 1 to gold now . Also it’s mentioned in the Bible . Buy physical let someone take chances .

Andrew B

Everyone saying they won’t buy silver stock is old. ?

Gary Carlson

Buy Physical silver have in your own possession.


If it goes to 20/1 silver to gold ratio that will be one heck of a lot more than double today’s price. I contend your math sucks.

Stuart Foster

Is it possible to Cancel ALL Debts? and start afresh ? ? Because the lenders are never going to be repaid ? At least after any new loans could be repaid ? and the lender’s would be back in business ! Other wise Banking collapses and ALL investors ? Both ! Change the ink on paper ?


Use SilverTokens as real money with real value redeemable on demand from private vault SilverToken.com

Navy Phyrfitr

What's this guy been smokin,,,

john jacob

what about BTG , KL, and Gold ?? those are the three that look the best to me

Wood Oliver

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Black Swans9999Fine

Drug cartel army's running all over in Mexico, Pemex oil reserves less than 10 years, AK 47 type environment coming for miners, insane corruption and lawlessness. I've been buying Alexco in Canada because of what I think is going to be an unknown future coming for Mexico. If Mexican gold and silver assets come under fire then safe jurisdiction silver and gold mining will rock.

Marcus Aurelius

Giving the coin to that guy was a GREAT MOVE!

Maira Rasool

Silver dollar is the more reliable way to calculate the cost of purchases..

Judi Christophersen

Ok how do I buy this ?


What is the date of this talk?

Oleg Petelevitch

No thanks ! I am a man ! I hold it and you keep the paper crap !!!

FBP muffs

Remembering Jeff is affiliated with bullion dealers so naturally he will talk silver up. Wait for the coming correction and buy low.


Based on the information from previous recessions... it looks like people made TIMELY gains from Silver and Gold. Why would they ever hold a true value to high ends though?

Shawn Smith

I own it , but my wife holds it, I guess I dont really own it :(

Maira Rasool

Silver Dollar is best amount of money in the world.

Gary Whitesides

Is that what you believe?

old dave

you want to buy silver stocks, see me first, I've got a bridge in NYC for sale. at least you will be able to drive over it.  you want silver to hold in your hand, not a piece of paper.

Renato Villavicencio

Watch "JESUS Loves Us! He Died On The Cross To Save Us From Our Sins!" on YouTube
https://youtu.be/LxAITHdX4Q4 .....

Brian Goss

Silver mining has gotten easier. Silver is mined as a near waste product of mining more expensive metals. It will be hard for silver to sustain a monetary premium again.

Mary Marino

We have been hearing such doom and gloom for many many years, I think I would make a cooking video

Lone Wolf Lifestyle

With all the massive Fed printing of late which continues on with no signs of slowing, it might not be a bad idea to trade a chunk of your 'stimulus' check for silver if you can. More likely to be worth something than those dollars in ten years.


Ok, so how is the situation now (with the Covid crash)?

Jerry Scott

Silver will have its day or the one percent will continue to have their way. My bet is on silver and We the People.. hold on tight liable to be a rough ride!


Why aren't those fucking bankers saying this when they are in a position to do something? Because the system is running perfectly. We are being subdued by modern day slavery controlled by very few. Well fuck those psychopaths!

Cambridge House International Inc.

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Will Downey

Deer come into my yard and the river is just down the hill. I'm a high school drop out. I try to live within my means. I say the word Fuck often. Educated millionaires commit sideways just as often as poor kids. Did biden say that? Anyway my point is this. Who gives a fuck? Answer. The wealthy give a fuck. Why? Because of how they are accustomed to living. Alot of them would set 1 foot inside my mobile home and immediately want to commit suicide. I might make a million one day, but if I dont it's not gonna bring me down. You cant eat silver. When the shit hits the blower(causing a shitty gross stench to be scattered all over the place and just a mess) and your hungry then what? You millionaires got a reply?


I invested in Silver Spruce Resources after this video (SSE on the TSX) It'll spike to $1.00+ once Silver gets over $30

Ryan Serhant

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.


This guy looks like my next door neighbour..

Ray Ng

I believe silver is going to rise. But using derivative as a factor does not make sense. If derative blows up, liquidity gets extinguished, and prices of everything goes down the tube.

Nick Outram

"That sounds pretty outlandish Jeff" -just a little over 2 months after and after a major financial shock and SIlver spot down... I was buying sanitiser and face masks while you were giving this presentation btw.


Geez , where is football season , enough of this silver crap , Covid-19 , and crazy ass weather .

Gary Whitesides

So far today it's only 17 and change per ounce.. You're getting me excited that it will jump to 50 or much higher. Immediately...

silver fan21

Well you are so wrong because the fed can print as much money as they want. So there's more then enough to go around.


6 months later and Comex is delaying delivery by 5 months! There is no silver!!!!

John Corson

... and buffet bought only 130 million ounces

Tudor Lucian

63 mid 40s ... strange 365x10 ... Xxx or XYz...

Jerry Scott

Are you a whipped dog or a man of valor? It is impossible to be both! Hiding behind a mask will not save you! There is only one way to be saved. Yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff comfort me. Men of valor stand strong and mighty in the face of ANY evil. For God is mightier than any enemy. Be a man of valor.

Trenton Hammons

What if we mine meteors all those people who invested are screwed bruh

James Rocco

Fucking obnoxious presentation. Get to the point man!

Oleg Petelevitch

Throw some here !

Indiana Stones

silverratio should drop unze 2016-18€ unze 2020-25€

Damen Bourassa

Absolutely agree! Here is where I buy my gold and silver. They are getting ready to open their private insured vault to store it in as well. You'll also be able to sell it back to them and the money will transfer instantly. Great Opportunity! Check it out. https://www.7kmetals.com/dbourassa
P.S. You'll be able to do this from multiple countries as well! Game Changer!

Nick Greek

When I see people that sell precious metals for a living , pushing their product like this , I can't help but get suspicious..If you are so sure that silver will be so valuable in the near future , why aren't holding on to it until then? And saying this , I am holding 100's of ounces of silver myself as well as stocks in gold and silver miners..

Dr. Zoidberg

I'm banking on antibiotics becoming useless... then who'll be laughing? Me sitting on my silver mountain.

Beto D

Wow I like what I hear about buying pyhical silver..

Astronomy Live

Excellent work folks ????

James Rocco

WTF is with the audio?

You Tunnel

"all....All..........ALLLLL that silver!" I love that ;-)


Where is the best place to liquidate physical silver?


whos playing w their bullion right now?

John Mark

Crypto currency is the future, investing in it will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise.

Mark Arnott

looking at perth mint in australia ?out of stock https://online.kitco.com/australia-perth-mint
or buy mint coins $250 au https://www.perthmint.com/catalogue/latest-silver-coins.aspx
coke coala cap set silver au$200 But 1 gold coke cap 1oz $6,500 ? never seen these collections b4


Silver stocks ?
Ha, ha, ha .... I don’t think so.
Only physical.

tony alba

I believe many mining operations have shut down recently especially doe to the pandemic, but were struggling even before this because such undervalued prices in crimex.


Dear World,
If not for us, the Nazis would have won. Therefore, We owe you...NOTHING

The United States of America

Flip Vansaksen

Yes i believe silver will increase since it cannot go any lower !!!! People, stop believing this silver bs.

laurie williams

BUY THE PHYSICAL METAL not paper or digital promises of something. Come on people, wake up & drain the available supply so that the CRIMEX CRIMINALS lose control of their suppression scheme.

Phil Salt Lake City

Silver stock? Lol your kidding right? If you do not have it in your physical possession, you do not own it! The stock market is all but dead.

Deva Luysterburg

This is the best advertisement for owning silver and silver stocks I have ever seen!

Dorota Sz

I started investing in silver some 5 years ago and I am still waiting for these predictions to come true. I hope you won't keep me waiting forever.

Tudor Lucian

246 com men ts u silly silly silly baga Ar Gin ny tul or e is war stra star te gic a ss et s u baga gets con fiscaly cate ed or et...?...

Butch Lake


Chemtrails Over America

The most Important thing * Was never mentioned. Market Manipulation!!!! The Silver Market is the most Manipulated and Controlled Market of them all. Until the Control is released the price ain't going any where !!!

Mark Arnott

?‍??Just watch this doco https://youtu.be/Zk11vI-7czE?list=WL the lies were told or dont want to hear ? Energy
was told silicon was made from sand Not made from quartz & coal wtf Solar batteries ? the real truth about recycle

Robert Allaire

GOLD try24k.com Gold in small quantities 1, 2.5, 5 grams www.try24k.com

Fandango Fandango

Great Information / thank You.

Karl Wagner

I swear people just don't get it. Gold and silver yes worked well during bad economic times historically. However, times are different. Intrinsic value will come in a far different way. In a technological way. In a cryptocurrency way. Why? Mostly because its more liquid than metals. Guys XRP is the gold standard of crypto. It is the most liquid asset on the planet.
Gold and silver is about to get schooled by XRP.

Te'Devan Kriyavan Kurzweil

Well you called this one

andrew maunders

Nope...not a shitty buy. They are lovely to look at. But you paid a hell of a premium I am suspecting.
So pour yourself a shot of single malt and gaze at your stunning coins and enjoy.
As long as we are captured in this fake fiat bullshit monetary debt system, the scumbags who control the metals market will KEEP PRICES DEPRESSED.
The tree of liberty needs to watered with the blood of tyrants.
You might also just buy silver rounds at much closer to"spot" price.
and most importantly....enjoy that scotch.⚡︎

Joe Weis



Same crap religious people have been told that Jesus is coming , see what happened to Michael Jackson with his las tour " This is it" , I personally don't believe in this crap , just love to own shiny metals . I am holding on to my 2 oz of silver period .


This video is a load of B.S. The stock market went from 29k to 21k and the price of silver is still only $15oz!

Robert Hall

The stock market is good but I swapped and invested in forex trading, I've been making good profit


Well, this aged well. Damn Jeff, great job!!!

Imran Ali

Coming true as i write this

DaveTech Canada

A little over a month later and you can't buy physical anywhere. Good timing.

Silver market cap

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19 845 views | 20 Mar. 2018

What do I do? Full-time

What do I do? Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher:


Check the comparative stock list table on my Stock market research platform under curriculum preview!

I am also a book author:

Modern Value Investing book:


More about me and some written reports at the Sven Carlin blog: https://svencarlin.com

Stock market for modern value investors Facebook Group:


Silver looks interesting as its price is still at multi year lows. I like to have some gold miners in my portfolio as a hedge against future possible crazy monetary policies. Let’s say that it helps me to sleep well over night. I’ll soon make an update on gold but before that I want to share my thoughts on silver. Many see gold and silver as equals which leads them to believe that silver is extremely undervalued and overlooked. Let’s dig into the supply and demand trends for silver and the main trends surrounding silver in general in order to see whether silver is like gold or perhaps better or worse. If there is a currency collapse, silver will most likely do well as gold.

Ling Lee

Love silver. Just watch the price explode next bear market (that is coming soon) we have. The next stock market crash will be worst than 2008 and do not be surprised to see silver up 2-3 times current prices. Smart money is getting in now. I speak to a lot of people in hedge fund industry and many are starting to build positions now. Personally, I prefer physical silver bullion and coins as eliminates certain management and operational risks with stocks. Plus with price increases you have benefit for premium price increases of certain coins.

De Zandloper

hey,you there:where is your video about silver in 2019,2020 etc.?

Justin Charles

NAK, AUMN, USAS, CDE all look great! so does SLV!

Bill Novitsky

I Invested in silver and gold mines and fiscal for 35 years. Mines you need (great drill results.) In the last 30 years hear are some company's that had great drill reasults. Some of these company's may have been bought out.
1.AUMN..Golden minerals used to be ecu. great drill holes. Silver
2. Bear creek. great drill holes.
3. Sandspring Res. great drill reasults.
4. Tiger gold
5. barkerville gold
6. U308
7. EXK. Silver
8. Novagold
9. Hannan metals
9. Novo res.
When I buy Phical I like to buy alot so it makes a difference in my pocket book. I like 100 ounce englarehard bars easy to sell. Mines can go up a 100 times easy when markets are good. People have a hard time getting in fast enough at times. Small sector when the money flows it's way.

The Great Klosett

-First Majestic Silver-Great Panther Silver-Impact Silver

999 No SILVER use ha yat ying

Silver look SHIT in 2018!! Try again 219 or 2020

Phil Rant

Very simple to understand and very helpful to us small investors

Pro Paycheque

Im all about the silver.

Milan Reder

I own shares of Wheaton Precious Metal

Edoardo Resta

Ciao Sven
Cosa ne pensi di Silver Wheaton Corp. ?
Io non ne so nulla, mi è stata consigliata


Do you have a list of favorite silver miners?

Roger Ng

Thanks for the video. I've found it hard to get a picture of industrial demand for silver. People are trying to reduce/replace silver in solar panels. No one develops photographs anymore. How economically sensitive is the demand? Have you been able to get any basic breakdown for silver's industrial usage?


7 yrs cycle gonna complete on 23rd March, neq cycle begins... Good days for Slv. Holders. And alot of investment is taking place in solar panels and from2020 onwards electric vehicles is the future. Both batteries n solar panels need silver.

tom tom

Wrong - looks good for 2019 and onwards!

James Locke

Feb. 2018 Silver $16.54 Jan. 11 2019 15.66


With the U.S. economy currently at or near full-employment, inflation should rise in the last 1 to 2 years of this economic expansion and bull market in stocks. Historically, every economic expansion has ended with rising inflation and rising inflation has been bullish for precious metals. Silver is more volatile than gold and can have more magnified moves. Its price should move up a lot more than gold in a precious metals bull market. Its risk reward at current prices certainly gives it a place in one's portfolio and I have started accumulating a position in SLV.

Silver also has a fascinating history as being the focus of an attempted market corner by the billionaire Hunt brothers from 1979 to 1980 where the price of silver spiked from around $6 an ounce at the beginning of 1979 to a climax high of just over $50 an ounce on one day in January 1980. In a nutshell, the Hunts accumulated large spot silver positions (they were estimated to hold at least 1/3 of the entire world supply of privately held silver) which they subsequently held off the market so that it was very difficult for those short silver futures to meet their performance obligations. The Hunts also accumulated large long silver futures positions and demanded delivery of silver from those short futures when the contracts expired. To further pressure the shorts, they had their brokers stand in the pit and bid limit up for 1,000 lots of silver futures, leading to a series of limit up days. This led to a massive short squeeze spike higher in the price of silver. The attempted corner eventually unraveled after regulators became involved in January 1980. Futures margin requirements were raised significantly and the Comex adopted Silver Rule 7. There were now limits on the amount of silver futures held and trading was essentially only “allowed” for liquidation. Purchase of silver was mainly limited to legitimate industrial users. With holders of long silver futures being forced to sell, silver prices plummeted. Falling prices only led to more forced liquidation and traders, smelling blood, stepped aside and pulled their bids. The Hunts, who were heavily leveraged in their attempt to corner silver, were forced to meet margin calls as silver plummeted and they were running out of money by March 1980. The final nail in the coffin came in March 1980, when the Fed instructed banks to no longer lend money for commodity speculation. The Hunts eventually could not meet their margin call. Silver crashed about 50% on March 27, 1980, on what was known as Silver Thursday. On the following three days it went limit down on the first trade of each day. The price eventually stopped falling by 1982 at around the $5 an ounce level.

Fabian Komorowski

Tahoe Resources CA8738681037 might be an interessting play, let me know what you think. Regards.


I got 1:1 Gold and silver. Circulating supply is actually lower than that of gold I think. Because a lot is lost in various forms like cutlery, food additives, etc over the last 200 years.. compared to gold, it has industrial demand , I consider it as internal hedging!

George Alexander

The price of silver is not going up any time soon. Two things you need to factor in....
1) Mining Costs... It will not go down as the price now is about break even.
2) Its many commercial and manufacturing uses. The manufacturing market would not sustain a rapid increase.

For these reasons, do not expect any big swings. If automation can make mining it cheaper... Price could foreseeably go down. No clue if that is onbthe horizon though.

Still... A solid "store of value"

Max Tai

Another educational video. Sven, Thanks for your time

lance bartlett

Hi Sven, interesting thoughts (as always), however, I would say that you need to know that the assumption of silvers use being high due to production of solar panels may not be corrrect. Solar is not the amazing thing that many would have you believe. CO2 production on the life of a solar panel is actually quite high. Nuclear is and always has been the best option by every metric you care to measure. Deaths per capita, Life cycle CO2 per KWh and so on. Believe it or not, nuclear is the best option.

Tristan Mac Lennan

Silver is valued on the USA Debt clock at $702.00

Tim Session

Thanks for the silver Vid Sven! I willing to bet I'm not the only one who'd like to see you at least touch on the metal once or twice a month. Perhaps a monthly metals update? Anyway thanks for the videos, keep em' coming.


It makes me happy that you made this video at this time because investing in silver miners and and in cash is my current strategy. I don't think that I will be shorting any stocks because I'm not comfortable with it although I am bracing for a lot of volatility. Hecla's ceo recently said that they are looking into using artificial intelligence to increase their margins. Whether that's true or not, I can't honestly say, but it could be an interesting AI play if so. Thanks for making another great video Sven


Great information, one of the best videos on silver Ive seen. Thank you, Sven.

G Yip

I would recommend Silvercorp (tsx:SVM). They mine Ag,Zn, and Pb in China, but 2018 guidance is 5.6 Moz Ag at AISC 4.2$/oz Ag. Current and quick ratio of 2.8 and 2.43. No debt.

Davide Restori

Hi Sven, I don't have understan a point. Silver it is considered a hegde against monetary policy like gold or it could become in the future and why?
By the way very nice video you present thinghs very clearly

Fation Tahiri

2018 ALBANIA ??

Slavomir Michalenko

Silver has cca 10,000 industrial uses. Only oil has more. It has the best light reflexivity and electric conductivity. Risk to potential reward ratio looks really good here, especially looking at the current state of the global financial system. It’s like a put option with no expiry date (as was mentioned on this channel)


Congrats for the 10K subscribers, new video about NSU coming up?

Victor Vulpescu

Do you think aluminum will also perform well during inflationary crisis?

Martin is god

Short gold, go long silver. Right?

Ron Yoder

Sven,  I'm glad you are coming to the silver space, as the space does currently offer tremendous opportunities going forward, after 6-7 years of being beaten down.  I do want to steer you in the right direction on one point.  There are not 100s - not even 100 - primary silver miners, and by "primary silver miners" I mean those who get the majority of their revenue from silver mining.  Most of the hundreds of "silver miners" are really mining silver as a by-product of mining some other metal, whether it be gold, copper, etc.  Get it?  Hundreds of miners out there mining gold, copper, base metals, etc. and, for example, along the way of going after their copper deposits they run into and mine some silver, but the revenue generated from their silver sales is very small.  There are, truly, only 30 or so PRIMARY silver miners.  And here is a list of them: AXU, AAU, USAS, WLDVF, ASM, BCEKF, CDE, EXK, EXLLF, AG, GORO, GARWF, FSM, AUMN, GPL, HL, ISVLF, KOOYF, MAG, MUX, MSVF, ORMNF, SZSMF, SVCMF, MMRGF, NUPMF, PAAS, SLVRF, SVM, and WPM.  I hope you find this list helpful.  Best wishes for profitable investing.  I love your videos and I'm a real fan!  Ron

John Ingram

Everyone knows that silver and gold are, and have been for 50 + years, the MOST manipulated markets in the history of our country. Why anyone would invest in these "dog and pony show" investments when you could put your money into ANYTHING else is beyond me. Gold and silver are where money goes to die !

G Media

Could you include Tahoe on your silver mining stocks?



Darren O Reilly

Markel corp please. The baby berkshire

lili lili

Still waiting my gold to rocket.. even after the trade war breaking out its still dropping. Troll

Colin Burnside

Silver is one of those interesting products. I don,t know if the price will go up or down but what i do know it is a great electric conductor . All the top HI Fi manufactures use silver solder. Bose work with it all the time and on thier top products still use Silver with glass valves.

Greiguci Wootchie

Silver is worthless dog shit.

Luis Sánchez

I will apreciate if you take a look at:
Maybe some of this are good for your consideration.

Slavomir Michalenko

Maybe it is worth mentioning that in not so distant future we may start mining asteorids which can have quite an impact on the price of many industrial metals perhaps including silver.


Gold to silver ratio is now 81 to 1. Always rallies north of 80 directly before a major, major spike in the silver price

Eric Gamliel

I haven't seen analysis of Silvercorp (SVM) from you and wonder about your thoughts. The metrics look good: P/E = 11; Price/Book = 1.3; Current Ratio = 3.3; Debt/Equity = 1.3; AISC = $4.


Ahh, finally a video about Silver and (soon) miners. :))
Some of my favorite miners:
- ASM Avino
- GPL Great Panther
- FSM Fortuna
- SVM Silvercorp
- PAAS PanAmerican
- EXK Endeavor
- SSRM SSR Mining
(- AG First Majestic)


Miners are cheap. I’m buying! One day miners like AG will be over $20 again. Everyone hates PM’s right now. Perfect time time to accumulate. Thx for your thoughts

Olli Korhonen

Hi Sven! Sotkamo Silver (SOSI1) has finished capital rise and opening process is on schedule to start operations at q1 2019. The company also applying soon permission to increase the mining amount. They will mine also other metals cold, etc. Stock price has not reacted to good news though. Management seems to be pretty trustworthy, so the best time to buy could be now. Might be good video material to you, if you continue silver series. Liked your book btw, would recommend.

Green Ghost

As for mining stocks, I'm interested in CDE and HL.


Hi Sven Great video. I have been buying a lot of physical silver % 20 of my portfolio. How do you feel about the outlook on Gold and Silver do you think it will Rally in 2018 ?


I keep hear from friends I have, in “special” places . that I should invest in silver bc we are going to a gold back dollar... please, forgive my ignorance here bc I know nothing about investing.. could someone please explain to me how would one go about investing silver? Pros & cons? Thank you in advantage. I’m just a hard working blue collar man trying to give my family a better life. Godspeed.

Kris D

This is a great topic. I'd like to see what Canadian miners you find interesting. A few weeks ago I attended the http://www.pdac.ca conference in Toronto and had a chance to talk with a few miners and look at a bunch of junior projects. The only name that sticks out is First Majestic FR (TSE).


TAHO. Break-even support from gold mines. Potential catalyst if/when large silver mine in Guatamala re-opens.


leverage to silver: Bear creek mining, and Bayhorse silver

Yaokai Jiang

Funny I just bought 6 kilos.


This graph got me extremely bullish on silver in addition to all that you said in the video https://www.macrotrends.net/1470/historical-silver-prices-100-year-chart
The inflation corrected graph without the log shows how historically undervalued silver is right now. I'm DCA, I hope it will go a bit lower within the next couple of months before its massive bull run

Osmani perez

I think you should invest in silver because like you said not now but in the future and now we're using solar panel that use silver apart from jewelry electronics cars silverware xcetera and the population is going to grow so the demand is going to be higher but you just got to wait or buy an abundant the good thing about silver is that you could trade it off little by little instead of gold and setting the whole big chunk that's why I think it's a good investment.

Scott's Critical Mass

Hi Sven - As luck would have it, I've been doing some research on Silver over the past week, so your video couldn't have been timed better. I actually just bought 25% of desired position in SLV yesterday, strictly as a hedge. In all my years of investing, this is my first time buying a physical metal outright. I'm hoping SLV continues to fall as I'd really like to get my position to under $15 USD. The .50% expense ratio caused some pause, but I finally justified by pretending it's part of the insurance cost. :)

In regards to miners, I've been looking at CDE (Couer Mining), which I've invested in a couple times before and luckily had some success with (that was a long time ago though). Familiarity is primarily why I've focused on them, so I have more research to do prior to making any mining buys. I look forward to your Silver Miner video(s), which I'm sure will help me makes some decisions. I hope CDE makes the cut. Cheers Sven!

Steve Dowber

Hey Sven! Great job I'm glad you're talking about silver I'll be following this for sure


If you invested in Sven's subscriber's list in 2017 when he had less than 1,000 subscribers, you would have made 1000% by now. A ten bagger. Almost 10k subscribers. Congrats!


I've been buying silver since 2016. glad I'm not the only one who thinks this an interesting situation. grazie Sven un altro video molt'apprezzato


Silver is undervalued. Will have its day before long.

Jerzy Stanisławek

Could someone tell me what is the exactly date of may when report will be released :) ?


Finally silver, Sven! I like EXK and USAS.

Johan Nguyen

hi Sven, today coeur mining, Tahoe and eldorado went up with a big step. you think it is due to silver slightly increasing 2%? or is it for some other reason, market estimates an increase of silver in the near future? look forward to your point of view :)

Ernest L Stromeyer Orthodontics

I'll tell you my 2 top silver miner picks traded on the NYSE: Golden Minerals and Americas Silver. Golden Minerals is a past producer that needs higher silver prices to resume mining, but they're leasing their mill out for revenue and not burning through their reserves while silver prices are low. When silver prices are high enough for them to mine profitably their share price will take off like rocket fuel. In the meantime, they are de-risked with a good balance sheet and are not in any danger of needing to raise capital. Americas Silver: they have huge zinc and lead offsets and good potential for increased future production, plus a good balance sheet and increasing cash flow for 2018.

I like small caps because they have greater upside in an uptrend even though they are more volatile. As you said, the downside risk for silver is limited, so why not invest in cheap small caps with low balance sheet risk and greater upside volatility? Both of the companies I mentioned have low balance sheet risk in a downmarket but will give you higher returns in an uptrend than larger-cap silver producers. There are other great junior silver miner picks on the OTC markets with good balance sheets and share structure, such as Impact Silver which has no debt and great potential for long term production sustainability and growth at higher silver prices.

Luis Sánchez

Thank you Sven. Looking forward for silver miners analysis.

M Mansfield

Pan American Silver Corp. looks like a good value. It currently has a PE of less than 20 and has little debt. The thing I find that is interesting is that there has been a recent insider trade of $23,000 by someone who makes less than $200,000 a year.

Green Ghost

Thanks for looking into silver for us, Sven!

Silver market cap

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Stock Trading News | Small Cap Opportunity: Promising Companies in Gold and Silver

56 115 views | 20 Nov. 2019

In this video, BTV-

In this video, BTV- Business Television shines the spotlight on gold and silver companies for investors’ watchlist, as gold continues to trend upwards.

Victoria Gold Corp. (VIT:TSX.V)

BTV shares Victoria Gold’s milestone moment – the pouring of their first gold bar at their Eagle Gold Mine in the Yukon. The Eagle Gold Mine in Canada's Yukon has been under construction since September of 2016 and the first gold pour was a tremendous accomplishment for the entire team. The inaugural gold bar was poured by Sandy Silver, the Yukon’s Premier, which weighed in at 1,001 ounces gold!

Great Bear Resources Ltd. (GBR:TSX.V, GTBDF:OTCQX)

Great Bear has multiple high grade gold discoveries near Red Lake, Ontario. Its flagship project is the Dixie Gold Project. It is a large high-grade gold system from surface, located beside a highway and a power line, and is accessible year-round. Importantly, the Dixie property hosts different styles of gold mineralization.

Novo Resources Corp. (NVO:TSX.V, NSRPF:OTCQX)

BTV heads to Australia to reveal this company’s three gold rich projects. Novo Resources is focusing on exploring and developing gold projects in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. They have amassed a significant land package covering approximately 12,000 km2. At Beatons Creek, Novo is exploring for gold-bearing conglomerates within the Hardey Sandstone Formation, part of the Fortescue Group, a thick sequence of ancient sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

Metals Group of Companies (APN:TSX.V, BNCH:TSX.V, COR:TSX.V)

The Metals Group is an award-winning team of mining professionals. They are sharing three promising projects in their portfolio. Metals Group is also leading a resurgence in the junior mining sector with a renewed sense of purpose and opportunity, having taken control of multiple active companies engaged in the advanced exploration and development of highly prospective Copper, Gold and Silver projects in North and South America.

M3 Metals Corp.(MT:TSX.V, MLGCF:OTCQB)

M3 Metals is an exploration and development company set to bring an historic gold mine back to life. M3 Metals is focused on the exploration and development of its North American metallic mineral projects. The company is currently advancing their Mohave Mine Gold Project in Arizona. The Mohave project covers over five square miles of strongly altered rocks as well as virtually all of an historic gold district.

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.(ASM:TSX)

BTV updates on this 50 year old company with two silver mines in Mexico and a gold development project in British Columbia. Avino Silver & Gold holds two producing precious metals projects plus another in trial production. The company also maintains a diversified pipeline of gold, silver and base metals exploration properties. With the exception of the Avino mine, which is owned 99.28%, all the company’s properties are owned 100%.

Ely Gold Royalties Inc.(ELY:TSX.V, ELYGF:OTCQB)

BTV hears from the CEO of this emerging royalty company. The company has development assets focused in Nevada and Quebec. Ely Gold Royalties is an emerging royalty company with a portfolio of 33 royalties, three of which are produced. They have been building a portfolio of royalties and properties, mainly in Nevada for the past three years, which has just been named the number one mining jurisdiction in the world.

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