Megaman zero 4 bosses

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Mega Man Zero 4 - Boss Battles

20 924 views | 22 Dec. 2015

Subject: This video

Subject: This video contains all the bosses as well as mid bosses from Mega Man Zero 4 for the Gameboy Advance. The limitations are no elves, chips or ex skills. (Much like my other Mega Man Zero Boss Battle videos.)

Info: This week we take on the bosses of Mega Man Zero 4! It was only a matter of time before I got to the bosses of this game seeing as I did both Zero 2 and Zero 3. (Probably won't be doing Zero though.) I find the bosses of this game to be far more challenging than the previous games as they're less predictable and kind of unforgiving. There's also a mid boss for every stage this time around and quite a bit more stages in this game. Quite the jam packed Mega Man game and a blast to play again.


Is it me or do the elemental dragon mini-bosses sound like the Super Metroid Baby Metroid???


The boss of the level where Neige is held as prisoner is hard as hell

Ren Yuzu

You're realy lucky, that plaint woman maverick didn't use her other attack where she spawn little enemies

CoolDude33 455

Fuck you dr vile!

Megaman zero 4 bosses

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CRAFT BOSS FIGHT Mega man Zero 4 ZX Legacy Collection Fun Gameplay - Playthrough

138 views | 9 Apr. 2020

We play Megaman Zero 4 and

We play Megaman Zero 4 and have an absolute hard time beating this boss

Zero gon give it to ya

I tried to defeat him, but he killed me 16 TIMES then i gave up and im never going to try him again

Spiral Mark

Craft: Macaroni & Cheese

not here

Craft is the hardest boss

Megaman zero 4 bosses

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Megaman Zero 4 - BOSS RUSH

57 440 views | 5 Jan. 2012

Megaman Zero 4 - BOSS

Megaman Zero 4 - BOSS RUSH

No Damage Zaber & Buster Only

mechaniloids excluded

boss list:

Craft 1st Battle 0:07

Mino Magnus 0:44

Heat Genblem 1:26

Popla Cocapetri 2:14

Tech Kraken 2:47

Noble Mandrago 3:22

Fenri Lunaedge 4:03

Sol Titanion 4:40

Pegasolta Eclair 5:33

Craft 2nd Battle 6:11

Dr. Weil 6:48

Dr. Weil 2nd form 8:06

Swapnil Ajgaonkar

You were good...

Lil Debbie

thanks man was really helpful

Chaud The Gamer

the fire girl is so adorable!!!! forgot what her name is but SO CUTE!!!


What do they each say in the beginning of the fight

Yellow Jacket Scorpion!

First boss sucks

Giovanny Priego

Bomber Man: Kerisgorogoro.


Easiest: Cocapetri
Coolest: Lunaedge
Cutest: Sol Titanion
Hardest...hmm...pegasolta and craft
Most annoying: The damn turtle...


Pegasolta Eclair definitely reminds me of the skiver cept he didnt try to ram you nearly as much lol.


I hate gian bosses

Denis Souza

2:15, cu de quem??? ?

Julieta Marini

Sos un capo i jugas re bien

Austin Reed

Ever noticed that these guys parallel the X5 bosses?

victo von Doom

Mis respetos a mi aun con ciber elfos me cuestan un mundo

Kiro Desu

Looking at how difficult this could have been for me, I'm still wondering how the fuck I beat this game in Normal Mode when I was a kid lol

victo von Doom

Calvin Abad

How the hell did you do Mino Magnus with no damage?

La Potato

Wasn't there a big-ass boss in the background for the stage that played "esperanto"?

Patrick Ancion


MetalWolf ZX

jose mercado its kraft.


I wish I know what they are saying....


The Kraken guy level is kinda hard for me at first now Its easy

José Mercado

whats the first bosses name in this vid plz

FlamingPit 123

2:39 Nani!!!

Nicolai Night Sky

Zero: Omae wa mau Shinderu
Cockatrice: NANI!

Zeta beiS



3:44 Spinning like the koopalings but even faster

Paulo de Almeida

8:39 REALLY?