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Scratch Built Rebel Endor Trooper Donut ROTJ

2 292 views | 23 Sep. 2017

How to make a completely

How to make a completely scratch built replica of the 'donut' worn by the Rebel troops that attacked the shield generator on Endor in 'Return of the Jedi'.

Alfred Tyrefors

Amazing build! Btw where did you get your ANH-15? i've only found them for about 250 pounds...

Olav Hellenbrand

Hi, this is really good. Do you have the templates?

Jack Mercer


Project endor

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19 538 views | 23 Dec. 2019

how to build massive

how to build massive model endor ultra realistic trees for your wargaming table. large scale model trees can be hard work theses are simple but time consuming but look EPIC great for wargames like star wars legion, fantasy, warhammer 40k or just generic wargames and the witcher dioramas

paepercuts you tube Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiU2lFWyrmuwpV0AbDCqqUg

Asparagus furn tree video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS7Wzkbh3lk&t=623s


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My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lukesaps


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Tabletop Generals

Looks very good, they are more than acceptable. I don't spend that much time on building trees. I just don't have the time, because our shedule for ww2 on the 80. anniversary is ticking every day. But i like it a lot.

Jared K.

Do these fall apart or "rot" over time with being plant based?

Larson Berggren

What about when the plant matter dries or and dies?

Patrick Bastiaensen

Luke what the latin name for asparagus fern?


Looks good enough to go in Trafalgar Square.


The tree`s looking gorgeous !!! To challenge / inspire yourself check out a Weta Workshop Sculptor's Gaming Table ;-) , especially the trees

Green Tree

You are absolutely right, those would be perfect for an Endor table. Would be a sight to see a full table with Scout walkers and the imperial bunker with about 20 of these trees. But I would have to be a diehard SW fan to put in that amount of effort.
Completely off topic but is that a primed Owlbear sat on the shelf at 4:06? I don’t play D&D but think they look awesome.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Expecting great things from you in the new year ??


saw this first on paepercuts

Jeremiah Bachmann

More terrain that fuses both the natural world and science fiction, please.

Steve Hoyle

I think they look great and the time is definitely worth it. However, for Endor trees I think the scale really just requires the trunks as they should be really big. About a foot long trunk that is about 1-3 inches fills out the Endor look. It means you don’t have a full canopy on the tress but you can add some branches if you feel the need.

Goobertown Hobbies

Sweet tree, brah! I love how meaty it is. And now you're gonna get requests to see a build video for a full board of these, It'd be a really cool look for gaming!

Leonardo Cucchiara

I used the same technique recently with Asparagus Fern. I did everything exactly the same as Papercuts (and Luke) did. The fern went off anyways after a few days. It got brown and mouldy. I've no idea what went wrong. I was pretty pissed because it took a long time and some money to treat the fern and it was all for nothing. When they went brown I thought 'ok I can still use em for dead trees' but when they got mouldy I threw them away.

Josh Freeman

That tree looks fantastic ?? Sorastro has a really nice endor tree build too


That intro music had me wanting to take my clothes off...

José Luis Núñez Diaz

Really impressive. That tree is almost perfect. Thanks for showing and teaching. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yeray.

Kendle Mack

Hey not sure if this is the right place for a question like this but was wondering if you could look into making cactus or other desert plants for wargaming tables. I'm looking to make a Mesa style scene but wanted to incorporate some plant life into the surrounding desert but havent seen any good ways to make cactus or any particularly nice prefab ones online. It would be much appreciated :^)

Wayne Bellamy

Great looking tree pal. Thanks for a year a great vids and have a good crimbo mate. All the best.

Donald Murphy

If I was to do an Endor themed table these trees would be perfect. I don’t know where the Endor forest scenes were filmed. I think it was in the petrified forest in California. But the trees in Endor look like that forest. The trees are really tall. And in most wooded areas the branches don’t really start until maybe about 10-15 feet. So from above you would see green but from in the forest you would see mostly trunk. I have been looking for ways to do the trees, your method looks the easiest. As for texturing the trees why not use a wire brush and just brush the dowels. The wife should dig in enough. But they look fantastic your way.

Geek Gaming Scenics

FAQ the asparagus fern was treated with glycerin and spray painted with greens.

To make it hard I’ve sprayed with PVA mixed 50/30/20 pva varnish and water a few times so soiled for wargaming.

To support check out my store www.geekgaming.co.uk

Thanks luke


Very cool the static grass adds a nice touch to them. Thanks for the shout! I'll be back in action very soon, just cooked up a batch of large tree prototypes for a new dio i'm building. Cheers.

Ryngs Raccoon

Looks AMAZING!... I wonder tho, will the Asparagus Fern die, and/or turn brown and wilt over time?


As odd as may sound, for redwood style trees (which is what the Endor trees are based on), the model is actually too small. Mature redwoods are between 200-240' tall with 10-15' diameter trunks. At 28mm heroic scale (roughly 1/56) this means the tree model should be just over 4' tall (about 1.25m). Which would be rather problematic if you wanted to try to build one of these monsters, much less try to put it on a gaming table :)

Henry Martin

So... basically rehashing an inactive channels content for more clicks. ??

Chris Shaw

Glycerin treatment takes anything from 2 to 6 weeks and just extends the look of the cut leaves and plants etc for a period of
time it is not permanent cut plants/leaves treated this way will eventually start to to rot. Glycerin just extends the life of the
treated plant material. Do not get wrong that is a great looking tree you have made but how long will the fern last ? Only time will
tell even after the glycerin treatment.

Daniel Callaghan

I've been making them from plastic tubes as the base on a weighted base (for gaming). I then use my 3doodler to draw the frame for the trunk and the branches. I then cover the frame with papier-mache, followed by hot glue, and then agrellan earth for bark. It takes all day to get the trees up from nothing to fully framed and papier-mache started.


Joyeux Noël Lukes ⛄⛄??❤❤

Loupis Canis

Cheers Luke

Andrew Tate

I think these would be great for elven forests etc, I make my small trees using grape vines with added milliput/greenstuff around the trunk (I eat a lot of fruit) then I use the standard lichen covered in flock and I paint the trunks up. as for the leaves if people cant get the Asparagus leaves. you can buy plastic ferns quite cheaply ( loads for a bout £4 )on the net and cut them to shape and flock them both sides ( once you've removed any of the stuff used for getting em out of the moulds) you can also paint them too. might save a bit of time, as the glycerin thing can be a bit of a pain.

The GameCraft Dragon


The Dusty DM

This definitely makes me want to get back into experimenting with terrain, I'll be needing it again.

Thanks sincerely for another great year of content, my deepest most genuine thanks for turning me on to Kong's of War, and have safe and happy holidays!

endevor morse

Hi I’m currently adding scenery to my slot car track I have made wire trees and would like to know roughly who tall and thick would this be in 1/32nd scale and would you recommend the same procedure in making them


My mate just uses a selection of giant dildos and cut off the tips and balls. The veins make for a fairly realistic bark texture. Every time the table is nudged the 'forrest' produces a comical yet satisfying wobble that we named bellEndor

Holly Craft!

like the result and yes i would put the work, that's why i'm watching this great video! :D thanks!

Kim Moberg

i do think that 3D would be a faster, and better solution(even in looks), if you combine it with grass. ( well different designs could allow you to use different materials).
The only downside is time, when you wait for the 3D print to finish. but on the other hand you have time for something else.

Another method i haven't triet, is just a stik found in the woods, which i drill holes in. then places a smaller branch, preferable with "leaves or gran" on. and then just shower everything in something everlasting coat. like hairspray. ( i think). something that prevents the trees aging process.
I am not sure hairspray is enough for that tho, or how long it will last. But it would be fast to make.

Norman Rowe

Super labor intensive, but....great looking large scale trees.

Kg Kreations

They seem very treedious but the end result is fantastic


i would defo put the effort in for stars wars legion ive been looking into getting into it next year so ive been looking for idea's for tabel's myself think i would not just have stump's but both on my board :)

Scratch Bashing

Very nice trees!

Nathan Pinch

Soooo good

big_iron_ 2277

Tree looks great, and I absolutely love paepercuts's videos! So glad you shouted him out, have a great holiday dude and happy New Year!

Jason Westmas

Hi Luke thats a grand technique! I wouldn't make trees that tall for infinity but maybe some fatter and shorter trees can use that asparagus fern. So yes absolutely i would build a table with that stuff.

Jacek Łękawa

This is one reallistically looking conifer :) And this is definitely of diorama qualiy and diorama scale.

Andrea Febo

I think this is perfect for giant pines! It fix very well with model!
But When the fern dies it does not turn brown and loses its green color?

Adam Jacobson

The bark texture looks brilliant mate!

Jules_paints_40 K

Those trees would work on any fantasy wargaming table I think mate , looks brillaint mate.

Tom Webster

Love these ... Not enough places make BIG trees and for something like an endor build its always a bit strange seeing small trees

Miloš Šácha

Very nice trees, thank you. Paepercuts isn't actice anymore? It's a pity, I like his models very much. I even won a miniature there, once!?

pascal vb

happy hollidays and good luck with your expansion


How would the fern stay the right colour? Did you glycerine preserve it first?

Dark Matter Workshop

That’s some BIG wood you got there mate ?
Great job.


I would spend the time because my 4x8 Samurai village has turned more into a diorama than a game table. We still game on it though. But I even have it wired for Lanterns and Meji Period add ons. I think like me you enjoy the build rather than the game. I have always wanted to get a gig at a museum doing a huge civil war display.

Andrew Franke

Huge trees for Legion is Awesome.

Alexander King

I am working on a feature length (indie) stop motion animated film. I wasn't sure about how I was going to do the trees for it but I think I know now.

Table Ready Gaming

Those look great! I’d certainly build them

Crafter Lex

Perfect timing! I really needed this!

Theo Bessiris

Thanks for the tip Luke and also to you and your family, relatives, and friends, have a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year( with more videos of course!!!!! )

Vegas Terrain Crafts

I thought size doesn't matter its the wind in the leaves? came out great thank you ?

Reece Taylor

They look great think they would look good for a display board or gaming board for lord of the ring like a Mirkwood forest or Fangor


Have you done any jungle scenery vids?

Phil R

Ideal for realistic and immersive scenery...Excellent!

John Cox

Love this.. trying to figure out how to make it 6mm size.. for battletech


First! Hey Luke!

Theo Bessiris

How do you prevent the tree foliage from crumbling? How would you strengthen it?

Alex Neal

Does the fern need treating with anything?

Jay Roney

Trees look awesome. This seemed more like a review rather than a tutorial though. Maybe useful to more experienced builders/crafters. Not so much for myself. Still don't understand what or how you did the trunk. More in depth explanation and footage of the actual process rather than a time lapse with audio recorded over it would've been helpful. Again, trees look awesome.


I always make terrain in 5, 10s or 20s.
This was your first time, so I as well would have just made one, to get a feel for it.
Next time, try to make 5 at once.

This is why I have 278 trees, I make them in bulk once I make new ones.

Brigand Boy

These are great. I think that they would work for legion, but also for 40k for sure. Actually, a battlefield with huge trees like this, covered in stuff like this, would be amazing.

Robert Graham

Luke I really like it. I have tried to find asparagus fern here in the United States without having any luck.

gary silverfox jewkes

these would be good for 1/48 scale or 1/35 scale model build ie Aircraft or Tanks

John Wayne Everett

merry new year BUDDY

Paula Ellerbrock

Fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Rerolling Ones

This is the kind of effort I would put into a table I intended to win awards with, or demo a game at a pro paid trade show or convention. It's more like a model railway layout quality, I don't know that I would trust it in the clumsy hands of a wargamer like myself. :) Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Looks really really awesome! but is it really good for wargaming / Tabletop RPG ? Seems to be very fragile, more like some showcase stuff you better don't touch.

Robert Morris jr

Trees are a very reusable part of a gaming table so yes! I think that the time is worth it and also the size is appropriate.

Rowan Murray

would love to see an endor board

Sally Ashby

I've used asparagus fern for trees in the past, but they looked sparse. Yours look a hell of a lot better. I never thought of static grass as a remedy but I'll sure be doing it now. I do preserve them in glycerin for a few days first as the needles can drop. I also dry and crush some for scatter too. Many thanks for this video.

Sean Gere

I spent almost 4 weeks on trees alone for a war gaming table for one of my friends. Did you remember to glycerine/dye treat the fern branches? If not they will start to turn brown and become brittle in a few days to a week.

Atholl McNicoll

Luke: How about a holiday to Vancouver Island where trees grow to outrageous sizes, especially the Redwoods ? Of course being that its winter over there then I'd advise you pack your thermals!


I don't think I'd make enough of these to fill a table, but maybe like one corner or intersperse them with the trunks to give people the idea to help fill out the theater of the mind.

Black Magic Craft

Heck yes!

John Kidby

Watching this in 2020 and hearing Luke say "next year a lot is changing"... Oh, sweet, innocent 2019 Luke. You have no idea.

Len Pytlewski

I'd make this type tree for a diorama, probably not for a gaming table. Many scale modelers use asparagus fern for 1/35 scale dios.


Looks good.

David Smith

For a Static Table being used as a display these would be great. If they were able to be separated into two parts for the actual game play would be great also.
For myself I'd like it if they were swamp trees for my board i'm working on.

Vic Marriott

They look fantastic, real looking is a state of mind, kinda like is water really blue, trees all look the same and different at the same time.
If you have only ever seen Scotch Pines, any other tree will not look realistic.
Also yes I would go to the trouble to make something like these.

Euan Smith

The first shot looked like Luke was playing foliage Jenga, or Buckaroo Arborist.

That bark is spiffing.

You could mix in fully foliaged trees and taller tree trunks to get the coolness of one and the speed of the other.

Michelle Hammond

Beautiful tree, I love how full it looks! For me it's almost more about the crafting than the playing... For certain I would make this "just" for a gaming table.

Jacob Jerde

Very realistic thanks for the tips

Laura Lee Roberts

The final look seems worth all the work to me!

Paul Sniadach

Luke it looks great, I would put the effort into it!! Mate you have a great holiday and happy new year!!! See you next year!! Luv, luv !!!

Project endor

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Lego Star Wars MOC - Imperial Bunker on Endor (with custom AT-ST and 74-Z Speeder Bike)

8 539 views | 8 Oct. 2019

The war between the Empire

The war between the Empire and the Rebels rages on.

After the discovery of the second Death Star in the Outer Rim, the Rebels are trying to take over strategic points on the forest moon of Endor.

To ensure the safety of the Empire, Inferno Squad was sent to secure a valuable bunker, where they disposed of a group of Rebels, trying to take it over.

But is the battle really over? Some of the Rebels, are still eager to win the fight, with the help of locals...

This MOC was so much fun to make for a Star Wars nerd, and it's the biggest project I made. My recently made AT-ST is included, and ofcourse it would't be a Cube Brick MOC without an interior.

Hope you all like it

Be sure to check out more projects at:

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecubebrick/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cube.brick/

Pocket Man

That is f'ing epic, I don't know why you have such low views for such awesome work

Zmienny jak

To jest tak genialne, że ja nie mogę ?

Mister Rayquaza et Petite Basket

Moc that Good job.

Edge of Bricks

Awesome! :)


It’s great but the at st s legs look a bit fat

Savannah Masterson

That at st is perfect


beautiful moc great creation

Arthur's Brick Studios

Wow, very nice Moc? I've subbed?


What's music

Arf Trooper X3.0_ Productions

Looking good!


When you see how many subs they have
“ Impossible “
“ Perhaps the archives are incomplete “
u deserve way more subs

Gabriel le gros fou

this moc is awesome but i hate the at st. Good job for the bumker and the speeder

Infernal Bricks

Absolutely amazing ? ? ?

BrickStar Lord

The MOC is awesome! Congrats for making this incredible Endor battle MOC! But I think Iden Versio, from Battlefront II shouldn't be there.

LWSA Productions

wow this is soooo cool! I love all the detail! I subbed mind subbing back?


Looks absolutely amazing! Awesome job! You definitely earned my sub to man :)

Cube Brick

Like what you see? Than check out my other MOCs here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt3Ml-zIbrqi6_lE07VNIyijm4TTtTvMv

Kaya's Custom Legos

Man that is just awesome...


this moc is so good!! Love the custom speeder and the snot platform


Awsome dude! First

Donor #1572

This is a great moc dude, keep up the good work


Very cool!!good job!

Great Brick

Amazing job!

Blackbird Motion Studios

Amazing endor MOC this deserves more views !

Ollie Mills

The speeder is the best version I've seen

General Grievous

i thought it was 74-Z not Z-74 am i wrpng

Trey Shultz

I don’t say this a lot but this is honestly an amazing moc! It’s small size allows you to fit many interesting details in, some even go unnoticed. I particularly like the walkway on the interior of the bunker; I never thought to use the masonry brick as a grated floor.

Nicholas Skinner

How did you do the slanted wall technique? you moc is amazing!!


I’m subscribing to you on all of my other YouTube accounts so you get more subs.

PG Productions

Nice work you got my sub

Fillippo /

Mega MOC!