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3 261 views | 8 Oct. 2020

This two-part episode

This two-part episode delves deeply into the Tesla acquisition of SolarCity, and how intertwined all of Musk's dealings with Solarcity were - from the involvement of SpaceX, the false promises Musk made in regards to the viabilty of SolarCity, and the current class action lawsuits Musk faces as a result.

Please view in order to get the full story.

Wayne T

Thanks for the great video. Why doesn't this have more views?




Monorail, monorail, MONORAIL!

Piotr Dudała

You guys need collaboration with Pressure Fed Astronaut :D Musketeers will SSTO themselves on sheer power of tantrum alone ;)

Mike Funkbuckle

I would argue that Musk is a genius in terms of being a master swindler. It is all starting to feel like he is lining up for the world largest 'Exiting Scam' of all time.

ste kra

So Tesla has only not fulfilled its commitment for 53 years for the State To brake even. Dammed corporate philanthropy.

Patriot Peasant

Didn’t NASA hire Space X? Or partner with them?

David Soom

It's great you are getting the word out about Electric Jesus.


great videos! ty


How is this shit legal? I know regulators are sleeping on the job and there are not enough of them but come on.


Your videos are good. But you won't get views with these thumbnails. If it's a video about Musk, but his face in the thumbnail image.


Failing upwards!


Fun fact: I actually deactivated Google Chrome's suggested news article on blank tabs because of Chrome constantly showing me positive Musk articles back in 2018/2019. I used to google stuff like "f*ck elon musk" in the hope that the algorithm would figure me out as "not a musk fan" and either stop showing me musk articles or showing me another side of Musk and Tesla. Why did it never show me articles such as those at 23:06 ?

I have quite a few people amongst my family and friends who think Elon Musk is a brilliant genius. Now this video and these articles are definitely going to show up on their Facebook feed 3:)

I often compared Elon Musk to Trump in that he's a fraudster billionnaire whose companies successes are all mostly based on his name and persona but in actuality the delivered products are on par with the competition's or not as good. They're also both megalomaniacal and think a little too highly of themselves. Would you agree?


This is the NASA evaluation on Artemis from last May: SpaceX came in last, barely making the cut with acceptable ratings. The only bright spot is that they came in ahead of Boeing.
* Very good technical rating
* Very good management rating

Blue Origin:
* Acceptable technical rating
* Very good management rating

* Acceptable technical rating
* Acceptable management rating

Jurczyk, NASA’s third-ranking official wrote that the Starship’s propulsion system is “notably complex and comprised of likewise complex individual subsystems that have yet to be developed, tested, and certified with very little schedule margin to accommodate delays.

Jurczyk identified the Starship’s reaction control system — used to control the ship’s orientation in space — as one example of the vehicle’s propulsion complexity. He wrote that the reaction control system “will require considerable development time.”

“Additionally, there is significant risk associated with successful development of the integrated propulsion system given the proposed approach for integrating and testing the individual elements of the system,” Jurczyk wrote. “This plan does not adequately address the risk of potential delay in development, as well as concomitant delay to SpaceX’s demonstration mission.”
NASA’s source evaluation panel also examined SpaceX’s planned Starship concept of operations, and questioned the company’s parallel development of the Starship lunar lander variant, the Starship-derived refueling and propellant storage freighters, and the Super Heavy booster.

While SpaceX is testing vehicles in South Texas, the company has not publicized any major advancements on the ship’s life support, propellant transfer, or Super Heavy booster systems.

Peter Morris

I’m so glad this channel exists. And I’m glad shareholders are trying to hold Musk accountable.

It’s been baffling to me how the Street just keeps sending money his way. I thought people just seemed to enjoy burning money. But this gives me hope that perhaps sanity, and a healthy return to skeptical thinking, can happen.

take tak

next thought i wonder if fan boy joe rogan will believe that elon isn't as amazin as he thins he is lol


FYI Those Dyson ventilators were never used to help a single patient.
It's pretty insane to think you could start out with no background in medical life support equipment and come up with something equal to the products made by companies with years of experience in that area within literally a couple of weeks - all the extra ventilators produced by British industry 'stepping up' were licenced copies of existing models... which was always the obvious way to do it.


this was much needed. since the very first time i heard him speak about a few topics, I thought he was a charlatan but there were few places that discussed him with any skepticism.

Boggan Alseryd

Pains me to say this but we now know the numbers on covid where 94% exaggerated and not deadlier than the normal flu. This info is all over the web. Doctors finally speaking out.


I don't believe in solar but I believe in nuclear power tbh.


Future presidency confirmed ;) Hold on - wrong kind of African American :)

Jonas Aleksander Karlsbakk

Keep up the good work!
(And please ignore the Fanboys :D)


Keep up the good work!


Please cover Elon's new VTOL Supersonic electric jet. It is obvious that people are learning that hyperloop and boring company are stupid failed taxpayer scams and Elon is going to flying cars now for mass transport. I remember him saying flying cars are stupid but after hyperloop fails in its money burning Theranos track Elon will have flying cars. Elon should give thunderfoot credit for the sales pitch - flying cars that cost 1/10 of a normal car, travel 10 times faster, 10 times the range, 1000 times safer, ... .


Holy mother of all hell!! That was amazing! All of this was news to me and ragging on Elon Musk is basically a hobby at this point. :P Thank you for making this! :)

Quick question. Do you have any plans to do a deep dive into the Thai cave rescue "submarine' incident? It's old news and low hanging fruit but also a fun story. And... In particular it's the incident that for me personally moved Elon Musk from the "typical stupid billionaire" category to the "asshole lord of vaporware" category.


Good work on these videos. Shame the fanboys wont ever watch them. They idolize their "hero", faith is seeing something as truth without evidence.
But as long as your video series just enlightens one person who was unsure, then it is a job well done.


WTF how dare you! This is the man who told me he witnessed a leprechaun, giving Tinkerbell a ride on a unicorn, in the enchanted forest, while being chased by bigfoot with frosty the snowman up his ass. When the hyperloop is done I will be visiting some of you haters...


Wow, thank you for doing this. I will def share this

Alexei Barnes

6:51 British people watching this video in 2021: LOOOOOOOL dies of covid


There are at least a dozen Musk hype channels in addition to SpaceX's own channel. It's sad to see so many people taken in by these scams. One channel even asked if Starship was being developed too fast. They don't seem to realize that none of those test articles are actually prototypes and that Starship is at best about 4% designed at this point. They think it is a nearly completed design. NASA gave SpaceX the least amount of money for Artemis because it is such a long shot.

Patriot Peasant

I always wondered why Musk was messing around the the likes of Amber Heard....but now I totally get it!! Thank you for all of your videos!


I am so sick of seeing laws to protect us from The Gilded Age just being circumvented. I don't care how awesome one person is, no one is worth billions of dollars. This kind of wealth comes from a ruling elite creating rules for thee but not for me. Capitalism is awesome but must be protected against monopoly.
Even in the entertainment sector were people have been openly given billions of dollars by fans there is copyright laws and other nefarious dealings going on behind the scenes. In the material invention world, patents and patent lawyers seem to benefit the larger companies.

Sean Mellows

this 2 part episode is well executed, thorough and convincing. Not that I needed persuading.

Le Shiro

This is just depressing.

Kenneth Ferland

I was genuinely surprised at the depth of financial double-dealing exposed here, certainly hope the law catches up with him.


Great content, but I think that the music volume is too much... one of the tracks has some loud parts and it is hard to understand and it is quite distracting.

Steve Baldwin

Strange that this channel goes after Musk's double dealing and duplicitous claims but can't seem to see through the virus fraud and climate change hoax.
Your Critical thinking needs a little more work.


Now I am curious as to how exactly Tesla started out. As far as i was concerned Musk started it up and it was going well so he got investments. Thats pretty much the only success that i thought he actually had. But if thats not true either then he drops from annoying buisnessman throwing money around and scamming some investors (Not much compassion for those...) to absolute fraud from start to finish.

Kelly Starks

When will this house of cards finally take him down?


Oh god... I never thought Elon Musk would ever turn out to be such a dumpster fire. I thought he was a billionare, who got himself some companies, bit of a dumbass and self entitled, but whatever. Seeing his approach to hype, and his willingness to make exaggerated promises that make no sense which he couldn't deliver, and his need to always be in the spotlight and seen as some sort of hero visionary made me really dislike him, but I thought that'd be all there is.
Turns out, the more I learn about him the more I end up hating him. He's no visionary, he's just a scammer, though a very successful one. Indian fake tech support has nothing on this guy.

I'm really glad you're making these videos, keep up the great work

Kevin Balch

Now I understand why the Gigafactories are not powered by Musk’s solar tiles. Even if the tiles worked, Buffalo rarely gets enough sunlight to make it worthwhile. But even the Gigafactory in Nevada still uses the grid.


WOW! Your video essays are better than "60 Minutes."
Thank you!

Kevin Balch

Compare this sobering video to the comments on this video from 4 years ago of Musk announcing the solar tiles.


Kyle Phelps

I actually really enjoy the delve into SolarCity. This exposes the underbelly of business as whole... humans making deals that are self-serving and in their best interest. Unfortunately, this isn't an Elon problem but a "pandemic" in our business world. I also do not think that the charges presented will stick. At worst, I expect very minor "slap on the wrist" penalties.

The SEC article is pretty amusing to me. Accuse Musk of being "false and misleading" LOL. He made a 420 tweet... cmon man please show me some common sense skeptic here is this not the funniest part of your entire video? :) The fact that the guy gets a 40M bill from the govt for meme'ing on twitter? This world we live in...

the comment that well anyone could do it better than Elon... yeah ok bro. I mean you can dislike, distrust, ridicule, question and disrespect the guy all you want but if you actually think that he is Dumb and thats not just some more funny parody clickbait... either way its been a ride and your perspective is different so thank you for the content :)

Patriot Peasant

Haha, I just mentioned the ventillators on Ep. 1 regarding PR stunt, and here you discuss it BUT I DID NOT KNOW the outcomes of it & bipap/cpaps were delivered?! Omg, this is nuts!!!

Deividas Davailis

If this is all true, why in 2020 he's still only portraid as genius?

Solar city corp stock

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Carlos Tinoco

I been holding peck/isun when it was 10 dollars


Bruh!! Please you gotta tell me where to listen to these beats in full man. Is there a link? Great analysis by the way.

E Jaganjac

car charging will be taken over by existing gas station behemoths. Theyll just adapt

frank Mo

America is going to go bankrupt with his new green deal. Millions of jobs will be lost. They want to spend trillions of dollars in renewable energy is not going to work out overnight it takes time and money.


Any thoughts on Gevo?

FaReal WitIt

nice vid thx

Amna Ibrahim

Can you make a video on AZRX. Its a Biopharma stock. It was at $2.63 than came down to $1.56


The boss, charged up and back at it - let's get these this week - looking for that alert!


Jinko solar

Mike M

Thanks for the SOS tip. Going strong. My target is 5, what do you think?


When are you going tell people the truth. You can't buy buy buy. Now is about the time to exit the market


How about the usei Penny stock? 50% up? Would you make a video about usei Penny stock , thanks

Pride Home

You site takes PayPal?

Mike M

Also PHUN on fire, not sure if it's too late. Waiting and watching

Lisa Crawford


Peter Scherling

I bought 6,400 watt solar system including a 15kw inverter 2 solar chargers for $5,000 but here's the thing it's 24 275w solar panels and takes up 40 sq meters of space which i think 8 vehicles can park under! Problem is that it would take 5 days to charge just one tesla vehicle if it's not cloudy! I'm not saying solar is bs but think about it lol and commercial vehicles use about 7 times more kilowatts than the tesla sedan!

kalei p

Dude you got a bot trolling with your pic

todd hupp

buses look great.


Good One ACTC ?????

Dylan Martin

pro terra says they will be ticker PTRA so are we sure actc will be the same as proterra

Bob Basanti

AMC ? ? ? ?


Nice picks, I'll have to do some additional DD on those. My current clean energy stocks are Canadian Solar, JKS and SPWR and SEDG for solar. XPEV for EV. TPGY (EvBox) for charging.

jimmy lee

2.09 chair turn , to a tee bro

Brandon Soyke

Appreciate your insight ?


( SNDL) fantastic pick ? % a winner ? ??????

Miguel Alvarez

Liked, subscribed and notifications on!!!!

Gail Som

Sunw ???t

Peter Athana


Sam mas

bro can you make best ev battery stocks video?

Son Van

Check out arec wwr trch and peix thank

Joe T.

Have you heard of GEM?

Jose Torres


Johnny Louis

ISUN To The Moon!

Carlos Tinoco

Ctrm to the moon

DarthVader DaGreat

I swear. You better not be working with these pump n dump assholes. You sounded to much in love with ISUN

Great Life

Check out GPHBF, this is G6 material


First few days Bidens presidency he signed not 1 but 36 executive orders. When trump signed 1 Biden called him a dictator...... So what does this make Biden ?

Tim Liberty

Came across your channel 2 wks ago. My fav stock channel bro. Keep it up.

Invest with Jase

'go down there and start clicking all the buttons... down there' dead! hha why r u so funny also missed 'waaaaaaasssssssuuupppp my investor homies'

Dave Jones

Get back to under 10 dollar stocks Kevin .


CCIV to the moon! ????

Pui yam

Kicking myself for not getting in when u alert at 9.50-10???


Thank you mate! What do you think about JE they installed solar and renewable energy too

Vince Santroni

I had PECK & SOLD for profit thanks to you ... bought back in on iSUN because I love the business model. Thank you, Kevin.

Moe Poe

what about polar power


Except for the fact the solar panels will be made in china

Liquor With Lenoir

Good info. Been in ISUN for several months now. "To da' moon!"

Drive West Investments [Susan L.]


Sam Samarullah

Only stock im interested in is $IDEX !

Stop Begging

I made 20k off GameStop this week. So. Duck all y’all hahaha


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Stop Begging

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A day with Mil

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Glenn van den bulck

Doesnt BEEM have the same tech ?

elitanu g

SNPW already 500% up, this is a penny stock gift

Carlos Tinoco

Actc i going in on this long term seems like a good investment.

alex basmaci

Will Koss reach $100 today?

Katelyn More

WOW! Good video presentation. I will also buy ACTC/Protera stocks. Thank you.

Can Arca

Shift technologies Will it come out this year

hamza butt

XRP is blowing up

rodney westbrook

Put me inda game Coach

Peter Scherling

We have to much oil and natural gas and when they drill and hit gas there's waist that gets released into the atmosphere from around the edges of the pipes which leads to more greenhouse gas and global warming when we already have to much natural gas which also comes from the oil wells!


New sub here. ??Great video??. Thanks for the DD ?

Edward Lin

is isun kind of similar to other charging companies such as the new spac clii or blink charnge

Hi Everyone



OEG another solid solar company don’t get left out

PENNY STOCK 미국 동전 주식

Thank you so much! Best wishes,

Litho Freeman

no bang buses huh loll


THCB Microvast ??

Katelyn More

ISUN is a good stock. This will go up to $30.00 this week this will be like BEEM. POLA is a good stock investment too. They got huge potential/upside.

Kingsley Makefor

Let's go


So webull also screwed people over by not allowing them to buy gme/amc and other shorted stocks last week? Good to know webull stands with Robin hood as a pro wallstreet app ?



Nelson Guzman

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Kev Bell

Thanks, I've been debating on buying this for a while you've persuaded me.


Kevin check out OPTI

David mcauley

Got them both for 10 and 11 cheers Kev. Keep the picks coming.

Mohammed Ahmed

Thinking of buying into his yearly subscription. Worth buying?

Stock Guru


Carlos Tinoco

I made more than 3,000 on koss thank you

Choon Han Ho

How about BEEM?

Beto D


Nelson Torres

Sooooooo NGA or proterra? I have both. Just wondering who will have the faster growth

Clouda 1258



I bought this crap at two bucks hoping it would go to four. Wish I bought more than a thousand shares. Do not bet the house

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Just bought alyi...I think its about to pop!

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I love both.

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