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01 Why Bitcoin is important with Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser - TeenBitcoin interview

1 278 views | 13 Jan. 2021

I sat down with two of

I sat down with two of Bitcoins most respected media personalities Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert who are most famous for their television show Keiser Report on the RT Network and their podcast Orange Pill. We discussed why Bitcoin is so important, not just for the individual but for humanity, as well as good ways for teenagers to start collecting Satoshis.




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Don’t only just hope it goes up! That’s stressful . If it goes down that’s an opportunity to earn extra money and buy more cheap bitcoin.


Excellent interview, Stacy and Max are Awesome teachers, Thanks Astrid

Gold News

Max and stacy are amazing, started off with two home runs!. Try to get peter schiff on..

Charles Orefice

Haha max said “some people just don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand Bitcoin” lol ?.. I feel the same way ..

Alfredo Valenzuela

Keep it up is good to see kids taking control of their economic sovereignty.



Marco Ajun

Best wishes in your proyect!

Yuri Kalashnikov

Great interview!


I'm a 53 year old teenager. This should be made compulsory viewing. Brilliant.

Green Thumb

Great interview and awesome info! ??
HODL Bitcoin! ? ?


You are chatting with the legends!


Nice to have a new voice. Keep it going!

X. S.

Keep it going!??

peace meal

Great show Teen Bitcoin, Max & Stacy! Thank you for encouraging the younger generations and spreading the love!

Charles Orefice

Lol I still am a little confused about time theft

Ed Kal

Spread the orange word ...

Stacy herbert

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Stacy Herbert, Antal Fekete and Martijn Jeroen van der Linden debate economics

3 300 views | 3 Oct. 2015


At http://www.reinvent.money/ one panel was dedicated to economic themes like central bank policies, inflation, deflation, money and credit. The panel comprised of renowned professor and mathematician Antal Fekete from Hungary, Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report and Martijn Jeroen van der Linden of Ons Geld (Dutch equivalent of UK's Positive Money). Moderation done by lecturer Jan Willem Burgers, also consultant at Coin and Co.

Video shot on 26 September in Rotterdam.

Erik Sliman

Stacy: "the black hole of fracking" ... "it produced nothing"

HUH?!? What is she smoking? Fracking produced a ton of oil and natural gas, lowered the price of both dramatically, and gave the countries that benefited from it the energy independence it spent decades trying to figure out how to achieve.

I like what she said about Bitcoin. But, she tosses in statements that hurt her credibility on other matters.

Victor Seborowski

Great video... But the last two "questions" were so bad.


Martijn Jeroen van der Linden is so full of keynesian woodoo nonsense: quantitative easing for the people?? what the hell !! Antal Fekete is right on, Stacy has some great points too.

Stacy herbert

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The Elite Has Failed Us. Bitcoin Is Our Peaceful Revolution (Stacy Herbert)

1 114 views | 2 Dec. 2020

Stacy Herbert, an early

Stacy Herbert, an early adopter of bitcoin and silver investing advocate, is the co-host of the Keiser Report and the Orange Pill Podcast. In this interview with Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research, she shares her thoughts about the rise of bitcoin, calling it "a peaceful revolution."

She argues that crypto and Bitcoin will be a great opportunity for ordinary people to build something new, and this could put an end to the elite system that failed us.

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The Elite Has Failed Us. Bitcoin Is Our Peaceful Revolution (Stacy Herbert)

0:00 - Why the elite has failed: the two bubbles and the growing polarization

1:06 - How the markets reacted to the 2020 Presidential election: what Trump and Biden mean for China and the US

2:00 - How China is taking over, and how we can avoid conflict

3:16 - What is "price propaganda" and how is related to political propaganda, the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve

4:17 - Why the Elite has the most to lose and what this means for ordinary people

5:22 - Why this could be a Renaissance 2.0 and the end for the fiat "dark ages".

#Bitcoin #StockMarket #Crypto


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Rusty Old

It's just people. We all need to work together. Go Bitcoin.

The truth above all

How amazing a woman is Stacy!!!

Mark Luis

Nice and very informative video ??? I still hope to get the best out of digital investing this December. It's no news that the leading crypto-asset Bitcoin is very bullish at the moment and it's a very good time to start growing what little we have rather than selling, which I see as a strange way to make a profit. However, getting into intraday trading is still 100% when it comes to making profit on bitcoin trading. For me, it has been very profitable because I am being guided by a professional trader known as Carolyn Sullivan who has a working strategy and precise signals. Having traded my starting portfolio of 1.1btc, I was able to accurately increase it to 6.4btc, which you will agree is a very good profit. I strongly advise everyone not to sell or hold, but to trade intraday. Carolyn can be contacted by email [email protected]gmail.com for inquiries about profitable trading systems.


It's not the political parties it's the corporations and banks that are destroying America.

Jacko Here

Happens again a fake gold coin with Bitcoin logo on it is used to promote bit"coin".
Bitcoin is NOT a coin it is numbers on computers so why do crypto folk keep promoting it as gold coin?

calvin chew

This is why the elites, hedge & trust companies r also FOMOing to cryptocurrencies to prepare for US dollar eventual reserved currency collapse..

Richard Fiser

Beautifully said, and the time frame is unknown, how long will the covid pain and the dollar devaluation pain last? When will calm, intelligent thought prevail? Will it be a 7 year tribulation? Who will accept their vaccination MARK?

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I completely agree. It s definitely a peaceful revolution... Hope will be understood by people asap....