Veritaseum price

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4 392 views | 21 Nov. 2018


#newkidsontheblockchain #veritaseum #reggiemiddleton

The New Kids On The Blockchain chat to Reggie Middleton about what Veritaseum have been up to since their ICO. He details the progress , their products and issues an offer to anyone believing that what he is doing is a scam to come and investigate the proof, but be willing to apologise when he proves them wrong!



Music by http://www.bensound.com

NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.


I want a scam.


Ok I accept. I'm definately labeled as skeptical.
What good is digital contract for gold? If you invest in gold you hold it. Who shorts gold?

Next what happened to the Veri token bot that was built to take out the "Middle-ton man"...what are the percentages%...
And is not this gold digital 'contract' just another way for "middletons" to play the intermediary or middlemen.

Reggie's token now has 3 projects under 1 Brand ...Time to see the numbers P/E...yes a functional marketable product in gold market means it's time to produce REAL Quarterly Reports...no? I mean you are pushing gold backed tokens...let's see what's under hood.

Lastly if I'm wrong explain 'circulation' vs 'supply' in tokens...explain why so few token have been "bought" into 'circulation'.

And the real theory behind why you wont place your token on Major Exchanges.

XRP Freak

If you own Veritaseum you're some of the dumbest money in crypto. Eventually it's at zero. The project has more red flags than a Chinese military parade. Go have a look at the videos Reggie posted where he presents his scam to Tim Drapper. Tim immediately recognizes Reggie as a Wall Street con man and walks out the room a few minutes later. If you own this crypto you're a moron. I have no problem saying that.


Stay calm on that chair next time, please, thank you Reggie.

PJ Cornell

What you have to look at with VERI is the fact that the vast majority of the tokens have not been distributed. There is a very real possibility of devaluation when they get distributed.

However, ultimately, this token will take off massively. No one else is doing this. If you thought the binance token take off was legendary, hold onto your hat with this one.

DC Funhouse

what utter nonsense. it comically ridiculous. I seriously hope no one buys this crap.

Count DaMoney

"... Nigeria, Lagos, Uganda." OMFG!!!
Mark my words, this is one of the biggest con jobs in history!!
Red flags everywhere, price will go down to $1-2 in 2019.

donnie gebert

VERI cool.

Bill E. O'Nair

He's doing business in Nigeria & Jamaica, two of the top financial centers in the world. Definitely not a scam.

Phillip Shaku

Not first :( XD
When dog? :D

XRP Freak

No company in their right mind will get involved with a project where one individual holds 98 percent of the token supply in his personal wallet. That would be utterly retarded. Reggie the con man has already been hacked once and refused to disclose the vector of attack. He is a fraudster and you should be ashamed for promoted this junk. Unsubbed.


If Veritaseum leaves the Ethereum platform for another, what happens to the ERC20 tokens that people are holding?

Dr. Ho Lee Phuk

Sorry but Veri is a centralized (Reggie holds over 98% of all tokens) shitcoin and there are so many red flags with this project. The government or institutions are never going to allow some sketchy Jamaican and his centralized shitcoin to have so much control over the markets. Banks or institutions can easily copy and impliment Veri's business plan. You're delusional if you believe this Veri is every going to succeed.


Hahahahahahahaha - got money in Veri - seriously??? Bix Weir on the main brain


A really good interview. I've sub'd cheers


hands down, the best interview from Reggie, good job !

Keith Fellows

I can never hear what Reggie is saying. He must have the lowest bassist voice ever !! I wish he'd speak higher.


Next global crisis will make this technology immensly important and popular. Hard to imagine a better place to park capital in tough times either in Bitcoin new era gold or in thousands years trusted gold itself. I heard silver is really heavily hoarded lately. What it lacks is to make it more based on stable coins and less on volatile tokens as ethereum to fluently, instantly transfer between more stable assets.

Jim Rodgers

Definitely a fraud.

Apeshitz for Crypto

Love it love it love it

Marshall W.

I hear there are a couple of pretty well known psychics saying they see dark energy surrounding VERI. They say it will have a massive POP up then later crash. But as we have seen, psychics are often wrong... so who really knows?

wife says no

Ironic. Cuz now we know for a fact based on SEC it was a fraud all along


Excellent! Bright light for today and all the FUD


im totally excited about this project!


This is a total scam. Lost 97% of its value ... pump and dump scam. Going one direction ... lol down!!!!

Crypto Annie

brilliant interview great job Ash

jj smith

At what point does Middleton end up in jail for fraud or some other sketchy action? He is anything but transparent. He's a con man.


MFW he mentions Cardano :D

Max Ley

What will Reggie do with the 98 million tokens who are now in his possession.


Fucking idiots, Veri was a scam from the start


Reggie's Limited Liability Company may grow in value; the value of the coin is another story. The coin is needed to use the LLC's platform.

Howard A. Roark

This is just like a software project from the 90's or the 2000's - its created by a company, who everyone then depends upon - take that company out the equation, then the whole thing collapses. This is the AGE OF BLOCKCHAIN - where no single company or group of people are the central choke point - that is the revolution! It will change the world! But this Veritaseum - where is it going? How is anyone ever going to trust this with their money? Reggie is a clever guy though - he made some good predictions about some big things. So please prove me wrong - I am all ears.

info GBSemi

Veritaseum aka scam coin
SEC Says Crypto Wizard Bilked $15M From Investors

XRP Freak

yep, you're an idiot dude, see my comments below, you even look shady

Marc Harris

reggies a gobshite

Ronald Coe, Jr.

Very cool interview. Reggie and Veritaseum is legit.

New Kids On The Blockchain

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Francesco C.

Veri and Pillar would be epic together

Adam Peters

Love what Veritaseum are trying to do. Im really hoping they can do it! Lots of haters out there and i don't' know why they seem to have delivered on what they say they would. A lot of people call this 'Vapor Ware' i don't understand why. does anyone else?

Todd Schultz

Kudos on the Veritasum Interview , you should try to interview Popoulos

Finn Bear

Talking to the leaders of tomorrow, I see! Great stuff!

Michael Alpine

Total fraud...your orange jumpsuit is waiting for you, Reggie...the SEC is hot on your tail, as the price of veri hits all-time lows.

info GBSemi

Veritaseum (VERI)
$9.98 USD (-42.02%)

Raw Power

Talk talk talk talk talk .. Reggie Middleton has not produced anything yet . at least publicly

Rum Hound

In layman's terms, Reggie has just formalised barter. I'm not wealthy enough to invest personally, and it will be the greatest regret of my life.

DC Funhouse

they were written to be legally binding in a court of law--this is the single funniest interview since "Bitconneeeeeeccttttttttt"

DC Funhouse

nope, its absolutely a fraud. 100%.

Veritaseum price

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Veritaseum Price Slam: Hack of Computer Manipulation? (Bix Weir)

12 632 views | 24 Jul. 2017

Veritaseum was slammed on

Veritaseum was slammed on Sunday night with over 100k tokens sold in a matter of minutes. Supposedly, one of the largest holders was "hacked" for $9M but that's only 40k tokens.

If you look under the hood this is pure Computer Market Manipulation at the thinnest part of trading Sunday night. At one point the dumper hit 3 x 10,000 sell orders at 25% BELOW the highest bid!!

Jet Blake

you are 100% correct

Robert Laverentz

But whoever kept pulling and changing price

We Smoke Bitcoins

you guys realize the reason the price is this high is because one person own and keeps off the market 99% of all the coins. You're getting fleeced hard.

Jimmy The Gent

I purchased 20 at 0.50 i was watching it live.

Joshua McLean

If it was in fact market manipulation how do you explain the increase in circulating supply on CMC (coinmarketcap). Bix I love you man but sometimes your bias gets in the way of a objective analysis. Keep an open mind my friend.

joe bhatlanta

I will trying to get in on the next dump - cause I'm a buying

True Human

sounds like bankster hired hackers

Jenny Lewis

You are the most sensible tuber on Crypto!

Professor Curtis, O. G.

I got the email and took advantage of the situation at $122.00. I didn't get much, but I got over. Thank you Bix !

Linus Littlefield

Cryptos are a hack


Hey Bix, just looking at the action on Veri today, only 0.4% of the total market cap traded today. That liquidity is so small and it dropped by 20% - buying in now would be pretty crazy wouldn't it? I think the idea of owning shares on the stock market will become obsolete as the petrodollar dies. The underlying asset will tend to zero because we will have to trust the companies to be honest with their accounting which will not be possible IMO.

na' ah mean?

turn it into pm specie !

Edward Ryan

It was definitely Aliens! ?

Daniel Fernandes

You forgot to put your gas at maximum. You would of got all of it if you had the funds

One 4 The Gipper

funny how he praises the price on twitter but when this happens he po-poos it. I sold high and found a much better project.


How come no one can see this the circulation supply was 1.3 million now 2 million who has that kind if veri, only one person and do the math


It seems to me that the likely manipulator is probably reggie...They are obviously lying about the hack so what is it exactly they are hiding? 2 million coins in circulation and there are 100 million created? hmm...

Li Ocean

Bix you really want people to invest their money in this bullshit?

Miguel De la Barra

Some Cryptos are good, but any token is good, with the VERI token the people will receive a daily/monthly report at discounted price, that´s it.


Is it inconsequential if they are your 38k coins?


If Veritaseum has the power to do what you say, then this was likely an attack to target confidence in Veri itself.

There's far more profit to be made in destroying their new competition before it gets off the ground, than in getting in on it before it succeeds.

GoldSilver Investor

I actually saw some at 0.30000 last night. I tried to buy them but couldn't. I did end up getting some at .67 though

Steve Schreiber

I don't know why the trolls on here bad mouth Bix. I am a newbie to the cryptos and Bix has done nothing but give me great support and help me to increase my net worth. Thanks for all you do Bix. Ignore the trolls.


I got 50 VERI at .5500, i got lucky


All this really shows in the long run is that somebody out there that's big thinks veritasium is worth a lot. If they're willing to go out of their way like this to mess with it that's enough proof for me that some bigwig has got their eye on this shit.


More like it's because it is a scam/pump coin. It was probably Reggie.

Joe L

But doesn't Reggie Middleton know what manipulation looks like too?


I got some at .55


sorry , I meant the Big Banks don't want Veri to be successful.

Joe L

how does someone's veritaseum get hacked?  Was it hacked via My Ether Wallet?

Orange Dot

Anyone have thoughts as to why Pillar is begging supporters to get others into their token? I'm thinking if Pillar is so great, why the need to beg so much??

Matt Borden

not sure what you are talking about Bix... i got all my orders filled by the dumpers

daniel rickerbaker

Bix-- a new fan.....thank you for the insight of Clif on litecoins., in your last video, before this one I saw. I'm going for some more!

Gofo K

when price was going up it was due to free market action, because it was supposedly not manipulated by banks. now price gets slammed down, u cry manipulation !. how pathetic you are bix. if it can be manipulated, even the upward price action was suspect!

Charlie Chain

Bix I think you missed that they removed the orders and added a new ones.. this happened a few times. It wasn't all eaten up which is where you error in estimation lies. I think it was a planned attack yes but they actually stole and sold those VERI. I could be timing was coordinated by another larger group but not the actual theft and sale of the tokens.

Ricardo Chacon

the audio on this video almost killed my speakers wtf man..

Ralph Hutchens

I have to ask: so cryptos cannot be manulipulated? Seems like comex to me - I'm in but not impressed.


delete this.

ashley shaffer

I bought too soon, got veri at .89 of ETH to one veri token...

Senior Fact Checker

bro, what you're not grasping is that this is happening to all exchanges, to majority of cryptos....you happened to see it happen to veri...I've witnessed it happen to several others. this isn't a hedge fund, but rather, it's the same entity who is manipulating silver and gold...for the same reason (keep people in cash & stocks (and out of alternatives)).

Cory Hallex

I filled a few orders of those low offers. Do a vid on EOS you will enjoy doing it and learning about it I assure you


Whales gonna dump.

Jennifer Leo

It was definitely intense last night! I was able to get some at .50, .66, and .68. No trouble buying in at those numbers.I believe that VERI will have a successful future and Reggie handled the dramas with class. I was impressed. It was also pretty mind blowing to watch the news unfold in real time via the Slack channels.

daniel rickerbaker

keep smoking bitcoins,--i light my cigars with 100. bills. I'll hang on to the bit's though.

eirik arnesen

this hapened to eth at 420. be prepared for veri to fall. flash chrashes are warning too the people in the know.

jack craig

The crypto raincoats are beginning to open. Not much there! All controlled by corrupt exchanges. Pump and dump centralized control. Total digital Ponzi..The sheep are being sheared! I guess Bix is a paid agent of the banksters. Shame on you Bix!

James Frushon

How does Middleton fit in, if somebody had to tell him what happened and you say that its not what happened; again how does Middleton fit in to VERI?

Robert Laverentz

I watched it. It was supposed to be stolen.


Coif said we would see big news on veri on July 24. Can't remember where. I think it was on his last video. Web bot hit.

Kevin Fulop

Welcome to the digital world.  Remind me again why we like cryptos?

sjaak liebregts

I just stick to btc and happy with it.

Mark Holladay

this is exactly why I am not about to play into the hands of the ( bad guys ) as you Bix call them. Stop playing their game, you are playing against the house ( Global Banking Cartel ). Do you really think they have no hand in this? They are herding you all like sheep to the slaughter. I'll fight for real money till the bitter end, because when you are all just a key stroke away from someone whom you do not know stealing all your fiat cashless wealth, and make no mistake cyber ( read that cashless ) cryptos are the carrot they are using to dangle in front of all of humanity. Talk about click bait, cryptos are not the future they are the bait to enslave you all. And old Clif High he needs to take a walk off of a high cliff, where in the hell did this prophet want to be come from any way? Really you actually believe this guys BS, did it ever cross your mind that he may just be today's Pied Piper with aid of inside info from your friendly global banker. And guess who are all the children following him. And at the end of the day you all will be good little sheeple and enslaved to the banksters......you know the ones who pay good ole Clif! If you can't hold it, it ain't yours.Gold and Silver are real money always have been and always will be.

Adam Anderson

I saw that it was getting smashed down but I was checking my etherdelta account at that time so I was actually able to buy in around points .689

Litecoin Donny

I got some at $130.

Josh Fairhead

OK help me out because I'e heard about this silver shorting/slamming to buy up more and now apparently its in our cryptos. How do heavy weights slam the price to buy more?? Surely to slam the price their selling, then they buy up again after, why doesnt the price they've just deflated by selling reinflate when they are buying?? I need to get my head around this and I've not seen an explanation, just people telling me thats what happens and it doesnt add up for me... cheers


Bix,  its clear the Hedge funds and Large Brokerage Houses don't want Reggies Software to be successful.
This is just the beginning.  More Hacks and Rumors will fill the web..


IT calls attention of how bad the system is still!

Will Collins

I''m gonna say it. --"Inside Job"


What can you do about it..yes exactly nothing

Joe Rathwell

stick to silver bix, you are being distracted

Michael Tomlinson

I got all I wanted on those 3 10,000 sale orders. But I'm a winner baby

Stephen Kovaka

Bix, how is VERI going to become so huge if it's not available on the big exchanges and only on the rather clunky EtherDelta site? Where is the volume going to come from?"

steve lewis

I got in twice at .65 and .55. They didn't pull all the sell orders I know that for a fact.

Berto Flores

I got plenty, turned the gas up to 6 and it went through

John doe

best key storage and best site to buy bit coin and eritheum

Federico Guardia

I got some at .5 just have increase gwei price.


Buy and hold cryptos longterm. If you place a stop loss order in these markets you're just begging to lose.

Bob Johnson

also it may have been computer rigger types but it was people doing the slam. The orders were reacting to the chats. The room was asking for .55 coins and got them. asked for more and got it. Asked for .3 and said it was a joke. Got .3 orders at less than one veri. I got in at .5 so it wasn't a cancelled order.


I got the same screen shot at the 3mil "sell orders" that they put in ! It happened in front of me , crazy


You just make shit up...

Sam Clare

I managed to get some at 0.5 and 0.55. The smaller ones at 0.0003 I couldn't touch. I do hope this is manipulation and not stolen coins. I wouldn't feel great about benefiting from someones loss.


What can you do about it..yes exactly nothing

Jim Walters

Bix: FYI: Once you have loaded X amount of tokens onto the ED exchange, you can enter as many sell orders as you want for the same tokens (as long as they have not yet been purchased). Weird but true.

Jacob Hamfeldt Kold

Bix you should do an interview with Reggie Middleton.

John T

Look at circulating supply. Its approx 100,000 plus more than two days ago.

Vic Boras

I did manage to buy 20 ETH worth at .500 but ya it didn't last long


It was not hacked, Etherdelta is broken, I have been seeing this type of manipulation for over a week on other pairs on Etherdelta. Someone on bitthit notice it last week.

Andrew Haehlen

Bix, there are no such thing as stop loss orders on etherdelta


BIX!!! DUUUUDE... WAKE-UP MAN.... This AIN'T MONEY!!!! This is speculation!!! It DOESN'T represent ANY calories... Stored WORK man! STOP IT!!!! PLEASE!!!! Snap out of it man....!!!

Crypto Minded

Kind of goes against your "this is a honest system that can't be manipulated "

Toltec Sam

How do you like those Crocodile teeth, BIx!!


It wasn't manipulation. Hacker was trying to dump and he executed the same order multiple times because etherdelta is buggy as hell.. It allows you to post multiple orders totaling greater than the sum amount an individual holds. He was trying to offload his VERi into ETH as fast as he could to lock up profits in case VERI were to fork, have his funds frozen etc..

Steve Schreiber

I had to place my orders several times before I finally got my 30 Veri at .68 VERI/ETH. What a gift.


I was watching whole thing sunday nite. It happened in 3 blocks. First block was over 1759veri at 0.55 price. It sold quick. I got some :-). Secnd block was 6666 at same price and got sold down to 5700esh when they canceled order. Than we got 3rd block, largest one at 3x 10k veri at price of 0.5 eth per veri. That one got canceled whitin 2-3 minutes. But i got some of those :-). I knew at first block that someone got cleaned out. I feel sorry for that guy. My advice to all, MAKE 2-3 MY ETHER WALLETS, trade only with one and keep others private. Use public one just to transfer coins from private to exchange or so.
Make like a buffer, if public gets hacked at least private is safe.


The third buy offer down is mine lol

Jeronz Drouet

Can u buy token with LtC??

Chipotle Denied

Doesn't know what he's talking about. I loaded up on plenty at 0.5 and people on the forums did too. I participated all night, trading back and forth. This was not manipulation, this was DUMPING. The thieves were anxious to unload before anything could be done such as a fork.


A pre-mine that huge has scam written all over it. I'm staying far away from veritiseum.

Shaka Zulu

Did you say the bids were at .666%? If I understand correctly what Reggie is trying to do, then a 666 showing up in the midst of this situation makes perfect sense because the deep state Babylonian luciferian system does NOT want its central bankers to lose control!


First off love the channel Bix! Second of all this is block chain Bix remember my friend. All we have to do is look at the transactions in and out of EtherDelta at that time and we can get right to the bottom of this bullshit. I do this for fun sometimes while on EtherDelta which is all day everyday as of late. I missed this last night and only found out when I saw your video. When I jumped on EtherDelta this morning the first thing I notices was the volume was 40000 Veri tokens higher from only 9000 when I went to bed so 40000 tokens got deposited into the exchange over night. Like I said we could go back threw EtherDelta's transactions at that time Bix and find out exactly when they came in and ware they went after if your interested Bix. I have nothing but time right now so I am all in if want have some fun! I don't understand why Reggie did not have one of his guys just look at the block chain ledger to see what the real truth is behind this. Did everyone forget this is all transparent on the block chain? Don't tell me it can't be done because I do it all the time just for fun like I said before. Get back to me Bix I would love to talk about this just the two of us.

Mike Larkin

Reggie needs to set up his own exchange for VERI.


When will the 3 Amigo's interview Reggie Middleton ????

Blake Northcutt

So they did complete the sell orders or they didn't?