What is a bull trap

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What is a Bull Trap

13 views | 6 Aug. 2020


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In todays video we cover what is a Bull Trap and how understanding this technical pattern can make you a better trader.

What is a Bull Trap?

A Bull Trap is when a stock in a downtrend begins to signal that it is done falling, only to have the stock reverse and fall even further.

Why Do Bull Traps Happen?

An existing bear trend in the market or overall bearish sentiment.

Investors try to grab an early seat for the ride back up and get in at what appears to be a bargain price

These initial buying spurts may push prices above certain chart levels, and these “breakouts” can trigger more buying.

But such breakouts may actually be false signals, and the price soon resumes a downward path.

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What is a bull trap

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Bitcoin bull trap is unfolding. Just when we though a possible reversal was up ahead for Bitcoin, we saw a failing of the bullish reversal for Bitcoin. Volume is one of the best indicators for spotting a bull trap and we see this perfect example here with Bitcoin.

***Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not to be taken as financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes solely. I make videos to provide transparency about my moves in the cryptocurrency market for those that are curious.

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Great info as always. Analogy with oranges regarding volume was a good example.

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Are you Brazilian? The way you teach makes me think so.

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Hidden bullish divergence... more keywords to look up and learn, thanks!

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What is a bull trap

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