Minecraft trade plugin

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Trade Shop Tutorial!

5 644 views | 20 Mar. 2018



The /shop command is not functioning at the moment, sorry about this!

Server IP: skyblock.net

This is a short tutorial on how to set up trade shops of different kinds using the custom trade shop plugin

Buy Shops: 0:12

Sell Shops: 2:22

Barter Shops: 3:38

Donation Shops: 5:54

Giveaway Shops: 7:03

Changing item display: 8:25

/shop command (does not work): 9:38

Dan Cooper

I love minecraft


Very Helpful Krissy! :)

kaid harrison

Km is very pleased and thankful for this video. xo

Lukas Nantz

thanq u soooo much for this tutorial i now know stuff


Any download link for this plugin?


Where can i download this?

SuperJay Wolf

Thx this video was a lot of help like a lot thx

Robert Dowling

Thanks Krissy for the help was asking people for hours about how to do it =P

G Lim

Thank you so so so so so so sooooo much you helped me so much I have been looking for 2 hours or so... you earned yourself a sub!!


krispy is the best

Minecraft trade plugin

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Minecraft Plugin Tutorial - Wee Trade

8 906 views | 23 May. 2015

Plugin Thread:

Plugin Thread: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/weetrade-trading-plugin-1-8-x.6046/

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Shot EU

pls a plugin with custom trades

Esreitic Duality

How do I trade tokens or money?


What is The Permission?!

Paul Rill

Where can I find the permissions?

SkyZik & Snipi

It's a very good plugin and a nice video <3

Max Schiltmeijer

Awesome video! Can you please do another tutorial on citizens? The other one is outdated. It would be awesome :D


i need config please playars cant use

Santi Guzman

+Ltjim007 please, make a video, of how to make a sponge server 1.8

o of

Thx c:

Jabier Juarez

I'm looking for a trade plugin with a blacklist that doesn't allow certain items to be trade. Help men please .


You are awesome, but i hate your intro. XD


Whate are these things at right to the gold ingot in the frame? O.o


Can u make an tutorial about the plugins that Lachlan uses for TreasuerWars?

Marios Mage

Nice Video :)!!!!

Minecraft trade plugin

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Trade GUI Plugin | Minecraft

13 523 views | 24 Jun. 2019

This trading GUI plugin

This trading GUI plugin is a great plugin for your server! Trade using the GUI and have it customized to your liking!

Trade+ Plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/trade-3-54-%E2%9C%B1-fully-featured-high-quality-trading-plugin-%E2%9C%B1-1-7-10-1-14.23138/

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3:00 epic moment ??


what is your name on the game


I subbed


Hmm paid plugin make it free

PC Game Help

Plugin link now work

Holly Mae

Cool Video ?


3:00 Epic moment ?

Dark Raven

when i trade, i can take out all of the items out of the GUI. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!???????!!?!!!!!

Миша Ушаков

Это Россия бро


Blackspigot and get it for free ?


Ok, so the question is how do i get money? Is it included in this plugin or i gotta download some other one? Also if it is from this plugin, how do i work with it?


I didn’t pay for it or use it at all but you did give me a good idea of what to search up and found a free spigot that works with aternos so thank you now I can trade with my friends in minecraft :D <3
Well earned sub