Vault boy

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Vault boy doing the hold up meme

15 661 views | 20 Aug. 2020




man, in those 3 seconds are like... 4 memes


Dad: Makes a that's what she said joke
Son: Dad stop!! i'm only ten!!
Dad: That's what she said.


Damn my first video is underrated asf...

Omnigod Goku

Stonks damn u auto correct

stevemc 01

Me and the boys seeing this part:
"Hold up..."

Leon Satria

Hold up

• C o o k i e B o y •

Teacher: " What comes before 47?
Student: " AK- "

hold up

Danielle J

Hold up

FittedShinx - KS12

Attend une minute ??


Excuse me wtf

foxeon 64

As a fallout player, I can confirm this is an everyday in the wasteland occurrence


Hol up

Melissa Haxhiaj

Hold up


Hold up

Omnigod Goku


Vault boy

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you loved me fast and killed me slow...

8 377 views | 15 Jan. 2021

this is a demo of my song

this is a demo of my song 'under covers'. i hope you enjoy!

full song on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vaultboymusic/vaultboy-under-coversdemo

link to my spotify: https://rb.gy/bt5s6d

Follow vaultboy:





did you ever see me as your lover

when you were lying in my bed

was there another in between us under covers

someone hiding in your head

I remember when you told me you were lonely

I said I could probably make that go away

you said “I only somebody who can hold me”

was it enough for you to want me here to stay

I can’t get out cause im in too deep

but I shouldn’t want you if you don’t want me

your polaroids and old cassettes

are all I have after you left me

hanging on by at thread at the end of it

you kept me here to let me go

you loved me fast and killed me slow

when I only wanted to come home

did you ever see me as you lover

when you were crying on my chest

or was I the bandage holding you together

using me to get some rest

I remember when you told me that you missed me

you were studying in paris in the fall

you said honestly, “I wish that you were with me”

days later you said you forgot to call


I can’t get out cause im in too deep

but I shouldn’t want you if you don’t want me

your polaroids and old cassettes

are all I have after you left me

hanging on by at thread at the end of it

you kept me here to let me go

you loved me fast and killed me slow

when I only wanted to come home

I can’t get out cause im in too deep

but I shouldn’t want you if you don’t want me

Filmed by Cody Austin


Your music is amazingggg!!!! Hoping you'd get there!!

Oscar Persaud

Keep grinding you're going to be famous ?❤️thx for making music like this

Lily Hess

“You loved me fast then killed me slow” the literal best line in music I’ve ever heard

Neetu Pundir

Hey don't forget us after be famous singer dude


When is it coming on spotifyyyy


Me love this music too fast, now I need more or it will kill me faster

KaraM 412

you should release on spotify, you're really good

ItsMeAsh JoshuasLegacy


Benjamin Novak

Every time you post a song it immediately goes to my playlist I love all your songs

Samantha Covarrubias

Love it! Please release it in Spotify!!

Jessica Dean

I absolutely love this song! I can't get it out of my head. You're so amazingly talented!

Sariah Munter

Will this ever be on itunes?? ❤️


Favorite new artist!

Mark Veurink

When will we get to hear you on Apple Music?


This was amazing man. Incredible voice

The Nerdy Wanderer

This song puts my last year perfectly. Thank you for this! It has been rough but I have made threw it. I hope the best for your music it has been great hearing your daily songs!

Myriam Gaudreau

YES YES YES!!! I am so happy to have a longer version of this one!!! ?

Lily Morgan

2:32 I like that?? ??❤️

sundly lin

Came from tiktok. ❤❤❤

Laura Riggs

I shouldn’t want you if you don’t want me...

Melissa Matthews

This song has been my favorite of yours since you first sang it on stream. I am ✨ obsessed ✨

Aurelio Sanchez

I love you and this song ! ???❤️❤️❤️ you’re a talented soul ❤️

Edwin Fuchs

Your such an amazing singer I love you??

Dennis Njuguna

I loved it

Sep T khaleaf

U are a star your light will shine through the world

Mr Potato

Ur songs make me cry and make me feel happy at the same time. Love ur work keep going bud.

Duane Daniell

I absolutely love this song. Cant wait for the full album

maria micha

It's killing ❤❤

Jake Stephen

How this song doesn’t have 100k listens yet...can’t stop listening. PURE TALENT! Thx for making sad music ?

J Overman

This is so beautiful. Such a talent. ????

Amy Sheehan

MY FAVOURITE Song!!! ? Added to the sadboi playlist ?? I'm literally crying ?

Cadence Goggin

this is amazing ?❤️


Are you going to put this on spotify?! I keep looking, but I never see it :(

KaLeigh Underwood

Amazing my friend. Keep them coming. Excited for this chapter of your music. ?????

Water Bottle

???Well done, literally all your songs are great❤️

Nicholé Lewis

Holy shit ! This is my all time song you've written&recorded so far. I can't wait to buy your album when you make one! ??

Tsion Ebrahim

Ooh my this is the best song I have heard in 2021. Keep up my friend you have an amazing voice with some killer songwriting skills ???

Emily Rausch

I really hope you get broadcasted on the radio. I discovered you on TikTok and absolutely LOVE the videos you post. You have an amazing voice and your song writing skills are spectacular! Really good music.


My sister and I need your Spotify to be live and loaded so we can fix our otherwise lacking playlists ~:} <3

Luke Workman

I straight up listen to all of your music all the time. I love your voice!❤️


I love your music sooo much ? I wrote a respond to this. Pls look in your dms on Instagram ?

Bina Cooper

Love it well done sir

Wessel Greeff

BTW I subscribed

Akuma isolation

I love your voice

Sean Dunavant

you are legit so talented. It's kind of SHOCKING how each song is so intricate and beautiful!

37 Degrees

This is soooo good!! Got me in those feels

Felix Bフェリックス

Dude I just saw this on tiktok ?.. Please call it #Polaroids??or #OldCassettes.. Or both


If you're not subscribed yet like what's stopping you.
Listen to this very song at least 20 times for the day with singing it everyday at work....it bring back so much memory and this song has so much meaning.


verse 2 cut me deep deep

Patrick Blazek

So happy I found you on tik tok man. You’re seriously my favorite newly discovered artist. You’re gonna blow up soon, you’re insanely talented and write some amazing originals!!

Kevin Calame

Ugh thank you for posting today ❤️


probably releasing another demo next friday. if you like this one, hit that subscribe button lol <3

Carlie Amber

Really nice ? ?? ??❤️

Makenna O

You’re so incredibly underrated. This is amazing!!


i moved away and change my number when I did it ......... pleasssssee cant wait any moreee :((((
your fans from middle east <333333333

Josef Stewart

What VST do you use for your piano?? Sounds amazing

Lucien DeJule

i literally have been listening to this on repeat all day. this is literally so amazing. keep up the amazing work!

Cassie Matthews

I’m crying. I didn’t know you posted this yet omg

Luna D'Arcy

I cant wait for you to release an album this song gave me chills

Wessel Greeff

So i was dumped 6 months ago and 2 days ago she gave back my promise ring we where together for 3 years and I was planning on marrying that girl but she just dumped me with no emosion out of the blue
... this song was relatible for I felt thanks for the exscape my man needed your words.

Jennifer Firebaugh

Absolutely beautiful ? you inspire me

My Pleasure

Dang, bravo ??

The Soprano Brit

This has been my favorite of yours since the minute I heard it ?❤️?? So proud of you and so glad other people get to enjoy it now too ??



Geoffrey McAdams

The fact that you only have just under 3K subs is a DAMN SHAME. You're absolutely amazing

Tom Syco

Beautiful dude

Lauren Edwards

Amazing!!! I’m so excited you are putting your music out. ??

The melting pot


christine mc donald

Omg love it so glad u put it up with the lyrics now I can sing it all day brillent work ?

Alyssa Louise compton

In love ?

Those Who Game

Your voice is absolutely touching and beautiful

HiGe Studios

My story rly happy to see u sing

Henro Brand

Man your songwriting and melodies are on a nother level

Kimmie Lette

This has been my favorite on tiktok for such a short period of time but feels like i waited years for this to be released as a full song lol Thank you so much!!!! Still my favorite song ever right now lol Im such a huge fan of your voice and your music ❤

Sinead o


Peachy Goddess

i cannot get over this. all of your music. it absolutely floors me. i will never stop supporting you dude, i hope you get all of the recognition you are so deserving of?

Anna G

You can just tell through how much emotion you put into singing that you really, truly, have a genuine passion and love your music. It never fails to give me chills listening to your voice. It’s so calming and breathtaking. You have a natural talent, please don’t ever stop sharing music. You’re simply amazing! ?

Natalia Iliana

Oh yeah. Do you love me? ?? ??❤️

Klemen železnik Jeršin

Its SOO NICE i love it

Jordan Ashlock

Hey I was on your live stream today and I just fell in love with your voice ?


This song is a masterpiece! Your songwriting is so inspiring to me!

Jacob Buhler

Wow!! This needs to be on Apple Music ❤️

joe peters

the first 10 seconds have me hooked ?


more people need to see this! amazing

Vault boy

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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Cover by vaultboy)

11 071 views | 4 Dec. 2020

if blinding lights sounded

if blinding lights sounded like a sad song. kinda. hope you enjoy. :)

Listen to this cover on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vaultboymusic/vaultboy-blinding-lights-cover

Follow vaultboy:




Filmed by Cody Austin

Shannon Tobin

I love the Vault Boy hanging on the wall ? almost as good as the singing!

Tataa Freitas

You sing pfvr Maroon 5 This love. detail: (you sing with the instrumental of the song). ?? ??????

https://youtu.be/6bUbzaAl95w ?????

kara simball

Another great cover! Keep it up ?

Kirston Redman

Cover Let Me Be Sad by I Prevail!!!! Please!

Aristotle Vital

nice voice control

Adam Loebig

Here from TikTok. This is such a beautiful version


Ayyy im from tiktok. Thanks for this bro. Your voice is astonishing

Aljoša Gostinčar

You are Amazing bro, I even prefer this over the original.. excellent job ??

Yktv sosa

I love this bruh Foreal glad I’m here early rooting you on to succeed my dude❗️??

Skye x


Logan Foxx

I liked the way you sang it on tiktok better

Braden Reese

Do the one you were thinking of naming “Aftermath” that’s my FAVORITE!!!

Andrea Hunt

This hits different slowed down with ? ????


I was blinded by your version of this song! ?

stephanie fahrbach

And like that I heard the voice of an angel! The feeling that you put into this song made me miss my nephew who was stillborn... but also it made me love him even more❤ keep it up! I'm here for the long run!

Samuel McIntosh

This is the best version of the song love it!

Kerri Forbes

So glad I found this ?

Sikha Jhansi

Can you pls do little do you know song pls

Agift Soichy

I would listen to you all day

Jenny's World

Your voice is so amazing❤


Anyone else here from TikTok? :)

Alejandra Rivera

I loved it ??

Tataa Freitas

Very good ?? ??

infinity fam

Loose you to love me selena gomez??pweety pweeeese?

Maged Soliman

Can't you start uploading on Spotify?

Jessie Van Kessel

So amazing, your voice is so smooth and beautiful. I hope you get recognised because you deserve it.

Stephen Hawkins

This is amazing


WHAT A VIBE BUT WHY AM I CRYING IN THE CLUB?? Keep the bangers coming pretty please and thanks. ?


Well that was fucking incredible

Ting zut

Aaaaaay love this J!!!

Mike De Luyck

These should be on Spotify. Better than the original tbh

Red Davis

Dude.... This is amazing! This really got me in the feels.

beats fanatic

Such an amazing voice

Muan Tunglut

The cover we needed

beats fanatic

I wish this was on your Spotify

Marla Natomagan

This is seriously so beautiful!! ♡♡♡ new follower on tiktok and new subbie ?

Ricky luciano

Omg I felt this in my soul

Lom Dom Gamer


David Elsesser

This is so different when its slowed. This hits deep, at a time when I needed it most. Stellar execution!

jon pow

shivers down my spine, tears in my eyes ❤️

Mehgan Mcgehee

Found you on TikTok. Great cover! Very artistic.

Technology Enthusiast

Can you make put this on Spotify (UK)?

Nicholé Lewis

You give me goosebumps. Incredible

The Soprano Brit

Love it ?❤️???????

Derrick Grabowski

This needs to be on Spotify!

Rebecca Universe

Love this ❤️

Bessie Luffman

You are so amazing!!! Subscribed and following you on TikTok ? You da G.O.A.T. ?

Nicholé Lewis

Absolutely beautiful work !

Art Nunya

Fools (can’t help falling in love) Foster, sody, sarcastic sounds


Amazing, searched for this after seeing your tiktok. Love it ♥️

Amy Grenville

Downloaded Spotify premium to get this but it’s not on there yet! ? we NEED it on Spotify! ❤️ (here from TikTok by the way)


✌️?Duuuuuuude ... found you on tiktok an instantly got goose bumps when I heard it

Thank you for making this, now I can listen to it on repeat ... Man your cover is fire

Luke Workman

Soooo good mannn! You really inspire me so much??

Brooklyn Wilson

Here from TikTok ❤️

Ting zut

The best cover by far!

Cody Austin

This is sick, imagine putting out 2 YouTube videos and already looking like a pro.

Vernal Human

Got me in my feelings.

Sara Higgins

your voice is so original


Wow ???? I absolutely adore this on another level.

Dynamic entry

Ned it on Apple Music thanks


This is so beautiful ?

Kyle Sykes

I can’t tell you how many times I listened to the tiktok video. I imagine I’ll listen to this one 10x more.

The melting pot

I’m so happy I found you! Can’t wait to see how you blow up! ?


Wow epic bro!

JohnBonDoe !!!

Let Her Go, I’d love to see what you can do with it

Jarred Cannon

Hollywood is bleeding


what songs should i remake like this one? :)


Amazing ❤ I always loved your voice the first time I heard it years ago. I cant wait to hear more.


So in love with this ❤️

Jackson Stapylton

This is brilliant!!

Parker Shyu

?????? yessss dude i’m here for it


Bro your voice is so good ❤️❤️

Veronica Pimentel

I can’t wait for you to drop your own music!! I follow you on tik tok and I just love how you change the songs to this. Truly amazing.

Kinshara Butoudan

Always remember us this way next please

ItsMeAsh JoshuasLegacy


Kirston Redman

I just absolutely love your voice and covers!


Oh, my God, that's just amazing, the world really has to hear that, I absolutely believe 2021 will be a very successful year for you.
I'm from Germany and I'm curious to see when you'll be famous here too.
I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart, your Sabrina.

Dennis Njuguna

Wow beautiful ?

Luis Valdez

amazing work man

bacon hobo

This is beyond better then the original


Such an amazing cover, well done! Can you get this song on Spotify please?

Mackenzie Hite

i love seeing you're videos and all the songs that you cover. keep up all the good work! you're going to do great things?

Kyle Sullivan



All the way from tik tok....came for the goosebumps.,.again ❤️

Its Javii

Idk why I didn’t sub before lol ? This is fire ?



Vicki Vibes

currently in my feels, thx vaultboy


This was awesome! Love how you slowed it down and really made us feel the words. Great job per usual!

christine mc donald

Omg ur singing is just amazing everytime , this is brillent and the video is amazing well done cant wait for many more to here you sing to ?❤

Zachary Weyland

I'm so ready to be one of those people in the future who "knew him before he was famous" haha! Keep up the amazing work!

John Gage

Tiktok brought me here

maria micha


Infinity Angel

You amazing love your versions so much ? maybe you could cover Wonder by Shawn Mendes

Kevin Calame


Art Nunya

Found you on TikTok. You should post the full song about leaving a toxic relationship!! Not sure the name.

Nick Myers

Lets gooooo!!