Project 0x

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0x project ZRX - cryptocurrency review

887 views | 14 Dec. 2018

0x project ZRX -

0x project ZRX - cryptocurrency review

#0x #crypto #cryptocurrency

Project 0x

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0xProject - Live Development on the 0x Platform with their Starter Project #Ethereum #ZRX

1 247 views | 4 Nov. 2018

Join @adammmanka as we

Join @adammmanka as we develop on the #0xProject 's Starter Project. This basic project gives us a basic view of #ZRX and it's capabilities. This project will take you through a number of scenarios using the 0x v2 protocol.


Use Ganache to spin up a test project interating with the 0x project's platform and discuss the projects goals and capabilities live


#blockchain #react #cryptocurrency #development #node #ethereum #crypto #erc721

#0xprotocol #0xproject #0x #zrx

Here is our agenda for this livestream!


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Love #0x !!!!!!!!!

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Project 0x

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Blockchain Interviews - Lucas Huang, Head of Growth at Tokenlon, DEX on 0x

3 396 views | 21 Oct. 2020

Ashton Addison interviews

Ashton Addison interviews Lucas Huang of Tokenlon, an instant decentralized exchange built on top of the 0x protocol. Tokenlon is generating 22M in annualized revenue through fees through its users, and is in the top 6 Dapps for overall revenue. Tokenlon announced they are launching a LON token to be used within the platform as a governance token and to further integrate its users into the Tokenlon ecosystem.

Website: https://www.tokenlon.im/#/

Tokenlon Discord link: https://discord.gg/9pQ6hMW

This interview is also available on Reuters Insider Financial network: https://share.insider.thomsonreuters.com/link?entryId=1_t6yyuc22

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