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TRXC HEADING TO $10? HUGE NEWS CAME OUT! BEST Penny Stock to Buy Now - TransEnterix Stock Analysis

3 691 views | 24 Jan. 2021

In this video I’ll be

In this video I’ll be talking about some major upcoming catalysts for the penny stock Transenterix (TRXC) which could send this penny stock soaring to $10. They just released an update, stating they have gotten patents for their Senhance surgical system. This is huge going forward as it increases the strength of their market share! TRXC might be one of the best penny stocks to buy now!

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Intro - 0:00

Recent News - 0:48

Investor Presentation - 3:39

Recent Price Action - 7:14

My Thoughts - 8:10

Conclusion - 9:11


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Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmy8wuTpC95lefU5d1dt2Q


Nice video!


This is a terrible company that cost me and family a lot of money.

Kim Brian

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Can u make a vid on Telkonet if is a buy they r priced now 0.40

Sulayman Sulaymanov

MKD please review and NIO


Amazing opportunity to Buy Battery Minerals LTD -- BTRYF -- for only .023

Sej Investing

Thanks for watching! Let me know what stocks I should review next.

Tim Williams


Sharon Kim

Great video

Black Blacksheer

Is going go $84.00


Been in since .93...this one is headed to the moon!


Great Video how much potential does this stock have?

Blake Griffis

So what was the big news that just came for them? Figured it was something friday

Jazzie N

I am holding TRXC and thinking if I should add more now...

Its me again!

Is trxc still restricted on rh? I just checked rh list just now and only 8 are listed.

Trxc news

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3 813 views | 27 Jan. 2021



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Ruben Rosario Chinea

Yesss Thanks

Tevez Acat

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Reid Hunter

Stock offerings always screw me over, i was hoping it was gonna break 4.. because its been trying to break 4 all week.. now i mostly definitely be in a loss for a while.

Spotless Pictures

Hey man. I would like to know your personal opinion; do you think it is possible TXRC could dip below 3.00 tomorrow? Looking to grow my position.

Money Maker

Are you still holding TRXC? Why are these penny stocks getting stuck before 5?
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Yeah, that hurt since I got in at $3.11 but it'll be back.


This is the future... like it or not it’s the future.. I’m going in big

Louis Archer

Frsx has been holding over 7 dollars for a week

Kat Rojas

753 shares @ 1.93 average.. hold?


Thanks for the video. Can you please cover ZBISF and SNDL. Thanks ?

Reese Krac

Thanks for your info and late night hustle ?

Brandon Tegelaar

First time im first=D

Sean Sela

תודה רבה !

Silver Surfer

I'm holding this one long term. I'd love a pull back but don't think it's going below $3.25.


Great news. Nice find. Thanks

crypto crackhead

I'm gonna go real heavy on this one

Blinds Solar screens

im a old timer with low funds i have to go risky to get my account ready in future but i made more money in last month than i put in account

Trxc news

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TRXC Stock Breaking good News... Cathie Wood's Though on BNGO & TransEnterix

4 488 views | 12 Jan. 2021

Cathie's presentation:

Cathie's presentation:


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john rizz

week ,bngo will qualify to get re indexed after have met the 10 day window of staying above .. That alone will be massive as that headline hits the equation not to mention the 5 day symposium.
Dont get to the party late .Load the boat now.

Beach Guy

Need to speak a little louder. I could hardly hear you at 1:20

fitlife advisor

Up 400% ain't going nowhere


When dips come we buy and hold and hold...I love the song!

Awesome video.
A little misleading title of video because she doesn’t directly refer to trxc in presentation.

However, whatever we know this thing gonna moon after all the selling pressure and weak hands falter.


Awesome TRXC is now a stable safe stock. Its only going to go even higher with low risk. Best time to buy ?

crypto crackhead

Go job


Hi sir should i buy at the current price?

crypto crackhead

Cathy Woods is a time traveller from the future.

Pop Squash

Nano dimensions to $15? Any updates?

Atis Tiltiņš

As soon as i saw, that they have the posibility to raise more money from institutions, to last into next years q3, i started to add small amounts to my position. Initially bought in @ 0.57


Do you think it can reach $40 - $50 per share within the next 3 years or am I just crazy??? I sincerely believe this as this industry is just going to get bigger! ??

Spotless Pictures

Does Yahoo Finance let you see major holders? New subscriber here, thank you for what you do.



Patrice S

thx for the update!

Money Talk

It's our duty as investors to see certain connections before institutions because once they see it before us. The train is Gone. ISRG has 90% Inst. Ownership and they better be ready to share some of that bread with us through TRXC!