Lower band

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Band Supported Leg Lower

4 639 views | 22 Dec. 2018

Curious as to how each

Curious as to how each specific exercise fits into the programs @ MBSC? Visit https://onlinetraining.bodybyboyle.com/trainers/mikeboyle/landing for more!

Lower band

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Trick Tip Tuesday #4 English Wheel Rubber Band - Trick-Tools.com

380 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Today's Trick Tip Tuesday

Today's Trick Tip Tuesday is about how to use a rubber band on your English wheel to create a bend in a panel. This easy to use technique can make it easier to bend a specific radius in a panel especially if you don't have access to a slip roller of radius brake.

Rubber Band on Trick-Tools.com


English Wheels on Trick-Tools.com



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I like that idea. Thanks!

Earl Cousins

A good one. Thanks.

Finney Metalart

Nice tip! Thank you

Erik Herrera

Thanks bro!! give me a good idea for the wheel while I have to make..

Lower band

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Band Y-Raise for Lower Traps

25 105 views | 14 Sep. 2016

It's critical to balance

It's critical to balance out the strength of the upper and lower traps. While shrugs work well to hit the upper traps, the lower traps get neglected. The standing band Y-raise works great for the lower traps.


jim knows

Rostyslav V

As I wrote in one of my answers below, the right way to do this excercise is to make an angle between your body and the floor. In other way the excercise is definitly mor for front delts and is not correct.

My Enemy's Enemy

Can’t believe I’ve never tried these. Was looking for something to connect with my lower traps properly and these lit them up!


if you overdo this exercise you will regret it it's a crazy burn

Camille Lo

I love it ! I feel my lower traps very well with this exercise. With a new lockdown here in Europe I don't have access to a gym and I don't have a bench at home, so this is a life saver for me. hi from Italy :p

Joseph Samarripas

He's back! A week is too long between videos

Ash G

I feel a burn in my front and a bit side delts, but I suppose that's just because they're so much tighter and stronger than my mid/lower traps.
I do feel it a tiny bit in the traps and rear delts, unlike every other upper back exercise.
I will do this exercise anyway and try hard to focus on the traps, hopefully I'll finally wake up these muscles.

Mike F

The way you're standing in the video make the plate behind you look like you have a turtle shell!! Turtle Power! LOL

Great video as always. Thank you Jim.

Anyway you could do a video on ways to strengthen the areas of the knees? Specifically for acl reconstruction recovery. I have a weak patella from having a graft taken from there.

I'm trying trx straps for stability while I do pistol squats. Always doing lunges. Any other ideas? Thank you.

Angel Rosado

That was actually an X ? good job ?

Ant B

Hi Jim, should we be doing this exercise pyramid style like most bodyparts, ie, increasing the weight is set (i always keep the 'rep ceiling' the same (10 usually) and then utilise rest pauses and drop-sets until i achieve the desired rep range for the heavier set) or simply using the same weight or resistance for three sets of 10 say, and then increasing the resistance once all three sets can be achieved for the total number of reps? i assume this isn't a 'building' exercise as such? thanks.


I love your videos but please reduce or stop the screen slide.
You can just join the scenes.