What does halve mean

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Halving small numbers

62 811 views | 26 Nov. 2012

Sumera Shah

Widididj uuc

Hayat Waheed


Ram Krishna

Excellent help video. My daughter learnt more by matching your video. Good luck.
One question please , how will solve -
I can find 1/2 of 16 by ?

Shan Yee Ong

I have 3 kids this is perfect for my kids

Tonya Meadows

Great video! I am using this for a child I homeschool, who has trouble with the language of these two concepts. This is perfect! She needs the visuals, as well.

Tosa97 Temascho


Zainab Akram

Very good

AMA Bilingual


:D Nonsense

This is good for kids love

Riaan Oberoi

Helps me alot i am a student and now it made it rasyer

Ivy Bilson


Unicorn gamer

I’m use ing this for my school

Sibgha Ahmad

Keep it up

Dhruv singh

How to find half of any odd number

What does halve mean

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What does halve mean?

57 views | 16 Jun. 2018

What does halve

What does halve mean?

A spoken definition of halve.

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What does halve mean

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Halves and quarters of shapes

40 769 views | 15 May. 2018

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