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The Most Compact + Powerful GPU Miner - Shark Mining 4x 1080 TI Mining Rig | 200+ Mh/s

19 753 views | 2 Sep. 2018

Today we review one of the

Today we review one of the most compact and power gpu mining rigs ever built. This tiny frame (Shark Mini) packs 4x Nvidia GTX 1080 TI's which hash over 50 mh/s thanks to the OhGodAnEthlargementPill.

Order your own Shark Mining Rig - http://bit.ly/2PsYh4h

Coupon Code = voskcoin to save $50 off your order!

Shark Mining offers several mining rig build configurations ranging from 4 gpu builds such as the Shark Mini we review today, as well as a 6x gpu mining rig and 8x octominer style 8 gpu mining rig. All customizable to be tailored towards your budget and desired cryptocurrencies to mine.

Shark Mining Official Website / Store - http://bit.ly/2PsYh4h

Hammerhead (w/o ethlargement -- testing) - http://bit.ly/2vmBFKj

WhatToMine 4x 1080 TI ETH Mining Profit Calc. - http://bit.ly/2ovxbhz

Shark Mining eBay listing shown in video - https://ebay.to/2owFCtb

Song referenced is the Baby Shark song, I'm not totally crazy!

Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/WQd7cCs

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That is RIDICULOUSLY priced. What ever happened to "build it yourself and save"? *Peace*


what the mobo used in build? never buy rigs just build it.

Ghost P

I would have bought this mining rig last year :)

Darren Weatherall

With that kind of ROI, it's just not worth it, even with a bull run.


What if you just want the screen? Where do you get the screen?


Needs more Tails...


I notice you never mentioned ROI...HA HA... I can't believe there are still suckers out there investing in overpriced mining rigs with today's market conditions. Might as well just buy the coin. I don't know how these developers think their crypto is going to survive with no incentive for the miners.

Charles Biaku

We need a voskcoin crypto


Dang, I was eyeing this company from 6 months ago when I wanted to buy a rig, just didn't go through with the fear of being ripped off, who knew they were actually pretty good ?


ZYC Here I come!


Hey Vosk can you show us the teardown of the Zeon Asic?

Vasilis Vasil

@VoskCoin men can you cover z9 mini batch 2 overclocking. You are the only guy I can trust to do this right :)


Awesome Shiba :) I have one also, such awesome doggos.

Maxime D

mining is dead get over it find a job nerd

Investment Strategies

Would you recommend this as a good starting turnkey miner for this crypto cycle?

Nasdaq trader

This is the future I think: compact mining rigs. They seem to solve most problems a miner can encounter at just a little bit higher electricity costs.


Mine DigiByte and hold it longterm!


Sweet Demon shirt vosk!


Pros= I love the look of the rig.
Compact clean looking

Cons = price

Island Exchange

GPU use too much electric compared to the z9 minis

Gutter Monk

Thanks for the video, Vosk. Who makes that touch screen? And how's it powered?


Great video, unfortunate price point but that ain’t Vosk’s fault. Keep up the good content Drew.
If you can, make an updated video for GPU mining strategies such as short/medium/long term profits with risk management, project analysis and overall being a better miner that would be super sweet.

AcousticA Dubai

hi i want to start mining please let me know how to start i m planing to go for a Shark mining please drop me a email [email protected]@t


ROI ..never lol

Jérémie Simonet

What did you do to your hair?


Need some 8bit music behind it! That rig looks stupendous


Nice video Vosk... Can you make a new video on what 1070 ti GPU miners should mine now?


cool looking mini power rig

Jeff Kilgore

An interesting YouTube video that makes me want to watch your other YouTube videos... Good play sir.

el vie

Quick question, is the ethlargement thing really legit?

Peter Ellens

very crazy frog like intro...

Andy Reeby

thanks man!

Matt McChristmas

Awesome info ty ?.. can you please do a review of LitecoinZ https://litecoinz.org ?

Kim DotNet

meh. don't really see how 1080ti would be a good GPU choice. It's more expensive and on average makes less than a Vega56. (except maybe every few days when XVG difficulty drops over 50%). But hey, go for it, I'm totally fine w/keeping the Monero nethash-rate down.

BitDoc NP

Nothing is more satisfying than building your own 4 card rig to hash out over 50mh/s with evga 1080 Ti SC2 with ethenlargementpill. Just ordered two more 1080 It’s a couple days ago on amazon and BHphotovideo when it was around $669 brand new. Now price is back up again! I know the new 2070, 2080, and 2080Ti’s are coming out real soon but with the Ti line, just thought this would be the best fit for my use.


nice intro sir! shark, shark, shark. nice looking little miner and the screen is sick! thank you for the review!

Hugo Stiglitz

Hey Vosk. You could be the first to do a detailed video about how the second batch Z9 mini is different from first batch. I know all the ins and outs, so I you want I can give you the deets. Cheers!


Difficult to watch with your horrible attempt at humor. Machine looks cool though.

Annonymous 1

LOL. Sensitive isn't the word. More like stupid. Thanks for the video


1300 days to ROI lol lol

Sukanta Sutradhar


Michael Furmaniak

It confuses me that people complain about ASIC miners (I have Z9 mini in mind) that ROI in 2-3 month and are looking at GPU miners that would ROI in 1000 days or so. People propagate the illusion that GPUs can be just sold when mining becomes unprofitable. In the current market and with new FPGAs coming out, one can get probably 75% (at the most) for used GPUs. This (in the best case scenario) gives 8-9 months ROI. Coming back to Z9 mini, the second batch cost ~$600 (after coupons). The new, RTX2080Ti (with unknown hash rate but let's optimistically say 70 Mhs ethash), that costs $1200 will bring at the most $1.5/day (cheap electricity). Equihash coins did not fork (as everyone was predicting). The bottom line is - GPU mining is dead. There is no salvation in some new, clever algos because more and more cryptocurrencies would go POS.

Max Tapia

What is the best cryptocurrency to mine with 8 gtx 1070ti?

Chris Wallace

With $5K I might be able to pick up 8 lightly used 1080ti's and still have almost $1K for two 4-card racks, two motherboards, two PSU's, risers, two touchscreens, two SSD drives, two i5 CPU's, and plenty of RAM.

Halil Kunge

Most miners are a bunch of fools with money. That's how come the rtx 2000 series sold out in less than a week.
So why not this? Some old fools will buy them.


What is the most compact TailsCoin miner?

m novo

I have not given up mining ETH. Not only will it come back but I think it will catch up to BTC in market dominance. Get ready for the alt rally in Nov/Dec...


Great intro

Hudson Hoff

how much longer until mining with be valuable... I mean like more than a 1$ dollar a day thing?

Evan Schramm

Can anyone comment on the actual dimensions of the rig? I'd greatly appreciate it but if not its no big deal. Thanks for the video.

Sailing Invictus

Vosk really? Please anyone watching this video, don't purchase this rig! Vosk, how many videos have you made promoting rigs? Really Vosk and can you even make a buck or profit mining with this rig? Hello no!

Tim Schnedler

ya the mark up on this is very high. But it is a slick looking miner. Most people in mining right now are us that have built there own stuff, very few entering right now that want to just buy a prebuilt,

Occluvania O' Laveste

i have a small rasbery pie monitor... i mean very small, and it can do touchscreen but its nice to easly pick it up and the only cable it needs is the hdmi cable

Cryptopher Mining

Nice package! Love the form factor.

Eli Smith

It's really overpriced LOL.

Nickel Tabs

Who would buy this at Days to break even: 2188.42 Day( $5,200 )

trev N

These GPU's will be useless for mining with all the main guys going to Asic it seems. These cards would be a waste for mining and you would never get ROI. Guess if you're a serious gamer you could still use em after

Tattoo OnTheBack

Too expensive.. Much cheaper to build it yourself.

John Davis

Great video, nice intro. Awesome review on the mining rig. My only complaint is not enough Tails. Keep up the awesome work!

monckey wrench

Loved the touch screen..

Austin Franks

About to get the shark miner mini kit for around $1000 and supply my own GPUs. Saves a grand or two on this exact rig.


Vosk whats most profitable coin to mine now with 1080 ti`s?

Shubham Patil

I get 56.5mh/s on ethash

D Thomas

Beautiful piece of worthless tech. Actually it may not be worthless it will have negative roi and you will lose monero.


Интересные сборки корпусов, мне нравится, можно где-то посмотреть сами конструкции корпусов?

Matt McCarty

Love the look of the miner, and touch screen.

Price point too high.. would just build my own.

Occluvania O' Laveste

i cant figure out why it cost so much.... if you do the 1080ti 4 card build with the touchscreen included there is $2,690 gain from anything else so lets say you use another 300 on the rest of the components, and lets just say $80 in shipping thats still around $2300 worth of profit they are making, or around there. Thats insane


as a beginner this 200mh/s how much money can you earn from that in a month on average?
i stop mining since the nicehash hack in 2017 and planning on mining again

Fred Flintstone

Just kidding about the intro. Keep up the great work!


A bit unsightly but it is a nice heater that pays for itself.

edit: I take it back. Too expensive when I saw the price. What is the price for the AMD setup/Preorder?

Rob Ert

For mining on the phone/computer I recommend the Presearch search engine. The amount of 0.25 PRE is earned on each individual search. It's worth setting up instead of Google search. Presearch has a Google engine, so it will search for exactly the same as Google search engine, so we can earn almost no work, because who does not use the search engine these days? :) Unfortunately, to withdraw the PRE, you need to collect 1000 PRE. Currently, it is a small value, about $108, but if we believe in the project, it is worth waiting until the market goes up and sell PRE on the hill. At the beginning of January, it was worth $1.4 on hill, so the amount of $1400 is a nice pay. Recommend link: https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=131890


In voskcoin defence everyone needs a piece of the pie.
Kickback from companys to help promote products related to your channel. Vosk i appreciate your content thank you keeping this crypto mining rig tutorials alive.

No one else in my opinion is reviewing asic / gpu builds like your channel is.


Brad Hewitt

You didn't mention one of the two killers of gear...heat. How does a 4, GPU rig handle heat dispersion?

Tony Cecala

Sexy miner. Imagine the frame rate on Minecraft! ?


Your mining the wrong coin if your only making a $1.00 a day per card.


i think they paid you for promote them


I like what you did with the intro video. My kids were sitting on the couch and perked up when they heard your intro and came running over to "watch the video." Keep producing the content man. I always enjoy watching them.


Turn your GPU mining into 100% profit in winter, by heating your house. That's why I got into mining in the first place. GPU's are 99.99% efficient heaters

Bas Elbers

Why needing 11:59 minutes to just tell it has a high price? 2 minutes would be more enough..


Did that intro said, "Suck my D***"? And yes you should have a YT channel singing.

We the sheeple

breakeven 20 years woo


Or if nothing else it’s a heater during the winter.

Crypto MKD

It look great :)

Fred Flintstone

Yeah the "cool" factor is up there, however you certainly pay for it. For about $2500 you could build a GTX 1060 rig with 6 cards. Right now mine are getting 138 MH and using only 549 Watts mining ETH with SMOS. Overclock settings are -50 core, 1050 mem, power 75 w, target temp 65 c. Thats $2.93 before electric and $1.63 after according to what to mine. BTW the intro was cool but don't quit your day job(mining).

Tad Schoedel

Hey Vosk...love your content. I'd like to share an idea with you could create a new lucrative affiliate. Sent you an email to your voskcoin website.


very cool effects! Good details: power usage, OS, miner, eth pill info... all very detailed. very helpful as always. Thank you!

Regarding the rig... no, I would not buy it. Costs too much and I would prefer to build my own.

Total Bullion

Funny, I commented on a channel that was pumping Shark Mining and told them to just check out Voskcoin and learn to build one, 2 weeks later Shark sends vosk a Miner to review LOL.


That intro....I thought something wrong with my system!

Rob Lober

Vosk - Shark Mining looks fantastic, very professional and they have a great Web Site. From a business perspective my preference is to put a Onda D1800 or Octominer motherboard on a ceramic tile, plug in the memory, SSD, PSU and GPUs, switch on a let it mine. Occasionally the cards tip over, so put sticky rubber feet in the corner of the cards so they support each other. No frame required. Hey, perhaps you could sell preconfigured SSD or USB to miners who don't the hassle but do want a cheap build? As some of the other viewers wrote, ROI does matter.


You had my attention until the 5.2k price tag...


Ive been getting into some MN coins --- Ether-1 and Egem --- Ether-1 is killing it ! Then just a solid coin to mine - Great Dev and Team!!!! Look into Atheios - Its young and still working on use cases but Atheios has a few devs working on games for the Ath block chain they already have 1 game running.


Great miner ??????

Mike ™

1080 TI's can't even go above 40 MH/s at all, fuck no they are doing 50 MH/s each, that shit is doing like 144 - 150 MH/s max, not no damn 200, even if you had a 5th card it wouldn't be doing that.


Yeah $5200 for a wanna be un upgradable miner they couldn’t afford to throw in a 12000 watt T2 power supply.

Nuthin' But Respect

Appreciate the content but buying marked up pre-built rigs for mining is the perfect way to put yourself at a loss.


$5200 for a 4 card rig that makes less than $4 a day? Why would you shill this over-priced piece of garbage? C'mon man.


Super overpriced. 580s were just onsale a month ago for $220


holyyyy That price is insane.....i can build and program exactly the same unit with TOUCH SCREEN for a lot lower cost.
but, i m not doing it...too much time consuming.

All i need is a stable running rig and keeps mining.


Price starts from $2590 for the Shark Mini with 4 x AMD RX 570/580. The one in review is top of the line config and the price is so high just because the 1080 Ti GPUs which is really expensive parts. In terms of price/hashrate the baseline configuration looks better and gives 120MH which is not bad!

Also we have 8 GPU server case with same touchscreen for $4590. 240MH. https://sharkmining.com/us/shark-extreme2.html/