Ripple 200m tetragon 10b

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How to Value Your Company From Day One to IPO

390 views | 12 Jan. 2016

This webinar looks to

This webinar looks to inform participants about how “fair market value” is defined, factors to consider when raising rounds of financing, and how to comply with the pertinent tax and financial reporting regulations.

Ripple 200m tetragon 10b

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Ripple value is $10bn_wealth can be transfered to XRP holder

9 190 views | 5 Jan. 2020

Wirex and Fintech Times

Wirex and Fintech Times "Rising Women In Crypto - Power List 2020" WINNER. 1. Ripple can transfer wealth to the XRP holder literally overnight if they want to. 2. The debt issue they did put them in the Professional bond market. 3. The did not need the money 4. So why did they do it ? 5. I believe it is an entree of bigger things to come. 6. Ripple could easily list on the Stock exchange . 7. Ripple could easily do an asset swap between their equity and XRP 8. Thus giving XRP holders value over night. 9. They could burn 25bn of XRP 10. With this XRP would go up. 11. This would give them so much marketing, promo and be absolutely strategic for the. 12. Plus it would be the first time a Corporation has done an asset swap between the different markets - Crypto and Equities. 13. In my mind they could do this. Random Tags (Please Ignore): #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Ripple #XRP #Bitcoin #Ethereum #DLT #R3 #Vechain #Cardano #Trezor #CoboVault #Hedera #Celsius #Binance #Coinbase #DistributedLedger #VitalikButterin #Crypto #coinbase #investor #binance #forexsignals #binary #blockchaintechnology #ripple #finance #stocks #altcoin #hodl #mining #bitcoinexchange #forexlifestyle #ico #usa #cryptoworld #success #trade #gold #financialfreedom #motivation #fx #wealth #cryptoinvestor #cryptotrader #cryptomining #wallstreet #stockmarket #fintech #moneymaking #forex #crypto #daytrader #investor #entrepreneur #earnmoney #businessman #entrepreneurship #bitcoin #cash #hustle #finance #trading #motivation #goals #financialfreedom #invest⠀roger #invest #investing #cryptos #bitcoinnews #avalon #cryptofriendly #cryptocurrenci #cryptoasset #cryptoforex #cryptopirate #cryptopeneur #cryptotekcorporation #crypton #cryptoblitz #cryptoeconomy #cryptotek #cryptorightnow #cryptocoinnews #bitcoiner #bitcoinminers #cryptoboat #bitcoinbrasil #bitcoinuk #ethereum #cryptomining #cryptolife #forex #bitcoinmemes #bitcoinechnology #cryptomoney #CryptoGranny Earn weekly $$ on your Crypto with the Celsius Wallet

https://bit.ly/3hoNS7t Earn weekly $$ interest on your Crypto with the Celsius Wallet whilst waiting for the bull markets to come.


Jeff Case

Great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Rob Licker

New intro graphics very nice and professional ?

Net Nerd

It's a breath of fresh air to hear XRP content on here that is based upon fact and presented by someone who know what they are actually talking about rather than the usual amateur junk we frequently see upon this platform. I took a look at your Patreon channel too, at last I can have somewhere to go for real information as I would sooner pay you a little money than these Bearable Guy's, Ripple Riddlers and Bedroom Bullsh!tters that claim to have insights they clearly do not. I want facts to base my decisions on, not fantasy, so thank's Susie.

Andrew Woolfenden

Hi Susie ,
what are the chances of ripple doing this?
Regards Andy

XRP 747E

It's heartbreaking with the fires causing so much destruction. I know that people like us are feeling sick for the wildlife and their pain.

Chris Tyson

Susie, I think this is an excellent synopsis of what could be part of the planning at Ripple especially in light of the changes in the legality of crypto asset holdings and custody rules for digital assets. Further, it is definitely in the company's interest to do this as they have the most skin in the game with XRP and this scenario creates more scarcity in a finite asset with utility. Great work, and thanks for sharing.

XRP Andy

Awesome into?

Scott Anderson

Wow! What great insight to what those at Ripple could be planning. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information.

carl harrison

No thanks!!!!!

infinite info

Sorry this is too complicated for me! So do I hold my xrp coin? And buy ripple share ?



XRP Xtra Rice Please

You should do I live show

Gavin Williams

Thx Suzie for your insight on Ripple/XRP always very informative.....?Runs On Ripple #2020

Andrew Baigent

Well done!!! You should get paid for your work...
Love your Vid's..........

Alex Hill

Great work Susie


World increasingly crap because of Oz GOV, fuck Australia!!

ajar eselde

Anyone who thinks that Ripple will buy back any of the xrp they sold, can throw away their diploma right now.


By far the smartest Youtuber out here. Absolutely brilliant! So thankful for you and all I've learned from you....Much ❤....

Crypto Investor

T Hay

mrhat 75

XRP can save money, but isn't liquid enough right now to scale to an unlimited amount. Also, how long can an asset be as undervalued as this is? Because we're at 1/25th of that $5 valuation.

Nik Dujmovic

great video, wouldnt this make it a security then?

Crypto Christ

Hi Susie, quite an insightful view of both Ripple and XRP and its respective IPO in the possibly near future... quite refreshing to see quality content on Youtube pertaining to XRP and Ripple. My commendations to you, well done.

Thy Nguyen

this channel is underrated

Baron Stone

So will XRP reach a high price or not?

HøđŁ XRProper

Wow!!! Love the new intro!!!

John Alvitre

This made great sense. Again, thank you Susie.


Wow! Thank you for enlightening us, amazing what could possibly happen! Hi from WA by the way ??

Nobody really

Great vid Suzie,xrp been going down for two years,when do you see the price rise start?thanks.


?XRPillionaire ❤️ to the Moon ? and Beyond ? is going to change our lives ?✝️???????‍?‍?‍???????✈️?????????


Since Ripple doesn't 'own' XRP, nor did it create XRP, how could they transfer value legally and not be a security?

prashant yadav

Hey Susie..I want to interview you..just for 10 min..it's very important..will it be ok for you ?Please let me know..I am from India crypto/XRP community

Paul Rigg

My thoughts exactly! ?

Gokhan El Lobo

I was an xrp believer but no longer believe in the project I honestly believe ripple is using xrp funds to grow the company. The circulating supply is too high the price will never be high the bullshit rumours and fake swift stories sucked me in but I’m out be aware people

Lucky Guy

love the asset swap analysis but man we are going to have to hold a ton of XRP to realize a reasonable gain. I was kind of looking for an increase in the value of XRP through its currently utility being built as we see now with new corridors being leveraged.

Mickey B. Fresh *The DeFi Standard*

Great video. Love your videos!!!

Lucky Guy

another AMAZING analysis!!!! Appreciate your research and insight.

Mickey B. Fresh *The DeFi Standard*

BG said they had $305 million in cash last year in Forbes interview.

CryptoChris 82

Hope your safe in Oz Susie

amy ortiz

HI Suzie, has actually Ripple talked about transferring the value/wealth to the XRP holder?

Crypto Gaby

This makes sense! Thanks Susie.


=] always great content! <3


Well above my knowledge level but thanks :)

john gill

I signed up, on your patreon account. I just wanted you to know.

Kosmo Nautik

Hat down!!! Great work. Thank you

XRP Girl

Great Video!?

Viewers Delight XRP !!

Wow..super nice intro graphics..!!
NEVER is the worst time to buy!! :)

Arjan Crypto

Cost a fortune for al those XRP Mabey news


Susie do you think Ripple will IPO soon? Thanks


Ripple would certainly set a new standard this way. Great insight, thanks for explaining.

Ducky McScrooge

It seems doing such an asset exchange would make XRP seem more like a security than it is....and we don’t want that either.


What are the chances of Ripple ripping off us XRP holders, i.e making us sell ?


Is this a joke? Everyone in the XRP community has been saying/expecting for years that XRP will be worth 3-4 digits, and you predicted a value of $330+ per XRP last year...but now we would throw that out the window and divide it by 25 just to get shares in a publicly traded company? We took super high crypto risks and missed out on the best 2 years of the stock market in the past 15+yrs just to trade our XRP in for stock at a ratio of 1:25?...and likely just in time for a massive recession? The idea was that the value of all XRP would be worth many Trillions, more than any company could possibly be worth, but now you are saying that XRP will only be worth 1/25th of Ripple? That's peanuts. This would solidify XRP as a scam.

Missy B

You should be working for Ripple and getting paid Big Bucks
You are one smart Lady
? ??

Crypto Investor

Thanks for doing this Susie

Grey Wolves aka OFS

Too 5 podcast in terms of valuable information in the space this year. It was really nice to get some visual imagery not made up of dots and lines. Thanks for your hard work.

E. Martins

Always a good video!


If ripple buys on the open market wouldn't the price explode upwards very quickly? Thanks Susie

XRP 747E

Always such a pleasure to hear your thoughts, Susie. And yes, I'm giving the puddies prime treatment! Thank you.


Nice to see someone getting the Snapshot of Ripple's Financial Statement, and seeing how that can favor XRP holders. We should get married.


Great content as always Susie, please continue your excellent work ?

Cyber Kenobi

love your channel, but I think that any conversion of XRP to an equity stake in Ripple is unlikely. Ripple has jumped at all opportunities to put to bed any whiff of any idea that XRP in any way resembles an equity interest in Ripple. This complicates that appearance at a minimum. As you state, series C funding adds legitimacy to the status quo machine, and sets the stage for the inevitable IPO. That in of itself highlights the distinction between Ripple equity and XRP. It also allows them to refrain from selling XRP for a bit while funding Ripple and any potential acquisitions. I have questions regarding whether why RIpple would buy and burn any XRP. If anything they wish to hold less. Burning digital assets was a red flag if memory serves as further evidence that the particular crypto was, in fact, a security. Would the IPO allow or permit RIpple "gift" XRP to the IMF, ECB? Expect an IPO in 2020. What that means, I dont know. Ripple is interested in solving problems and beign successful as a company. XRP need not be high except to facilitate large transactions. I have a feeling the price of XRP will move organically just fine on its own...eventually The chicken will come before the golden egg. Ripple rolls in it first. But the faster Ripple grows, the faster XRP is widely utilized and increases in value - seems like an inevitable outcome. Just seems logical.

Mark Keltie

Great insight Suzie, love from Merimbula, hey hey its raining (for now)


Thank you Susie ! Another good video
Greetz from Riesie (from the Amsterdam Bitrue event)

Paul Mulryan

Hi Susie. Where can I purchase the info "...how Ripple could easily transfer wealth..." Love your content, thank you so much for sharing with us ..


I have consodered the potential of an equity swap as well. Seems it is much harder to achoeve high values takig that route. I would hope that it would be an option and that you could swap some for equities and hold some for appreciation of the cryptoasset.

Peter Fangel

soo good video

Ralph Raymond

Great content and super intro Suzipple :-)

XRP Preacher

Amazing insight from the most experienced mind in this space thank you ??
Can you do a video on Cardano ?


????? Happy New Year Susie ???✨




How about stellar xlm ? Seems like IBM has a good part of the market ..with over 50 currency and multiple banks world wide .


If this helps, last summer, Ripple was approached and I was offered, about a secondary market sale of private held shares via EquityZen And Ripple acted on its right of first refusal. I do not recall what the pps was. They had another sale in December that I rejected participating in at $13.00 USD per share + fees for total of $13.50 pps that Ripple allowed by not acting on its ROFR. It is fully funded and pending. I placed myself on the waitlist if someone fails to fund their portion.

Ripple 200m tetragon 10b

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The Week In Payments

26 views | 20 Dec. 2019

Acquisitions, Partnerships

Acquisitions, Partnerships And A Team Of Rivals Unite Over Standards

The year may be winding toward a close and slowing down, but this week the world of payments showed signs of neither as big players seemed to be racing down to the wire to get their big news out before the clock strikes 12 on the 31st and the calendar resets to 2020.