Penny stocks volume

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High volume penny stocks | Why liquidity matters and how to find high volume penny stocks?

594 views | 22 Oct. 2018

In this new video from

In this new video from video project series, you will find out about high volume penny stocks.

First, you will find out why high volume and liquidity matters. Especially when day trading micro and nano-cap stocks aka penny stocks.

You will learn why it is important not to trade low volume penny stocks and the dangers when trading illiquid stock.

Of course, I will show you how to find high volume penny stocks for yourself using FINVIZ screener.

In addition, I will add some notes for day traders on high volume penny stock and how to screen them so to be ready for the day.


Gauravkumar Nath

what website r u using

Penny stocks volume

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How Volume Affects Penny Stocks & Float Explained

77 views | 3 Mar. 2019

This video explains how

This video explains how volume and relative volume affects penny stocks. The more volume a penny stock has, the more attention it has, the more volatile it is. This presents opportunity for us to either long or short the stock. The float is simply the supply of a stock, in shares. The lower the float, the bigger it moves. The higher the float, the less the stocks moves.

LOW FLOAT SCANNER: https://youtu.be/9a7gq3iu-QA

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Penny stocks volume

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Volume Indicator Technical Analysis - How to trade penny stocks

17 593 views | 16 Apr. 2012


Volume Technical Analysis - How to trade penny stocks video chart training video

We have a full staff of highly trained and experienced traders, all use technicals, fundamentals, and research to maximize profits and to assist us in bringing you the very best stock picks. We are offering the trading videos free of charge to our followers. At Stock Legends we feel that our own personal success is based off of your success. We want you to not only come to Stock Legends for the very best highlight stocks, but to also make this your home for the most up to date technical trading training videos available in the market.


Anthony Salters

The Chart? one year one week?two days?

Cardosa Melissa

Trading volume indicator with a psychology strategy known as Blended Model Strategy. which has been studied extensively by many market analyst and researchers, typically to determine what type of trading mindset and personality type are most successful in terms of generating consistent trading profits.


it's not even a penny stock. What a dumb video....

Keith Clark

Guess you like to play with the zoom.


Good video