The bank of spain

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Minecraft - Money Heist [Bank of Spain] Official Minecraft Teaser || Minecraft Builds

436 views | 13 Jul. 2020

The official teaser for

The official teaser for Money Heist (La Casa de Papel - Bank of Spain) is out!!! Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) is available on Netflix! Hurry and go watch it out!


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Series: La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

Song: My Life Is Going On

Performed by: Cecilia Krull


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I need the full item list with amounts

Andrei Bolivar

Your intro is too funny and also the video it self wow i think you give much effort to finish that map


This intro is on ??????you know p"***h

It'sme Ry0

Dang dang talent!! ❤️❤️❤️

Léo Cole

This deserves more views

The bank of spain

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Welcome to the bank of spain lisbon ❤️? this scene ❤️

177 views | 11 Apr. 2020



The bank of spain

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What's the Hardest Place to Break Into in the World?

3 209 297 views | 21 Apr. 2018

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Master Roshi

Give you a hint, it's not the Capitol building.

藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

Still not as hard as trying to break into the bank in Jailbreak


Ah the police wouldn't be a problem just call lester

Rylee Pare

Clearly not the US capitol ?

Woosh Karen

The Capitol building ain’t making this list

Jad Alabed

no its the capitol

Onix #95

Nothing's impossible to break into if you just blow it up with a nuclear missile instead.


Simon Gruber seemed to have no real issue with it.

Zach Rowe

Peoples appetite for gold as store of value will likely be the un-doing of this facility. Not to mention the push for decentralized currency.

Mahir Labib

1 bar in real life 600k
1 bar in GTA Online meh 20k-80k

J Parker



I would like to see Danny Ocean break into this with his crew!

Yaman Uras

Someone PLEASE make a Payday 2 map of this.

Tornado MikeYT

Fort knox is 200 trillion

Trevor Brightly

I peep the Halo theme


Challenge accepted

Cranberry Juice

A Republicans house


0:24 Stolen from Africa

BeyondTheHorizon - Imagine

Hardest Place To Break Into

Ghost: so easy i can do it balls deep no sweat whatsoever piece of cake and then you have all the gold you need just uh pay me up.

Greg Ketchup

where the lockpicking lawer when you need him

Paul Albrecht

I'd become a stockbroker instead

Rov Thomas

Where did real life lore get this information anyway? lol

kiszi koszi

Dafuq i thought fort knox is the most secured place in the world, even sourrounded by army

Franklin Clinton

Imagine if you could go invisible and go through walls.

Dark Eagle777777

Plot twist: The real gold is equally distributed among the other 11 federal reserve banks. The gold in the NYC one is all chocolate with gold foil wrapping.


Rockstar Games: write that down, write that down


cocacola serum

Savage Scott

Money heist season 5 needs to be here

Mr_PC- SCO19

To be honest, if breaking into the Capitol building was easy for some protestors, this building really stands no chance.


Dude just enable sv_cheats, noclip and notarget

Erick Castro

Not the Capitol. ???


Is that a challenge?


“The diary section.”
-Dad who couldn’t find the milk

Revan Star

This is precious!!! ?

Tea tok For you

just call Proffesor......................


Thanks for giving the blue print of the bank


Ah man... Hate to say but technology is not as great as it appears... No stopping it though. Everyone be good.

Reed R

Simon Gruber accomplished that feat no more than...two-and-a-half decades ago

El Tercero

Answer: My front yard.

Real One

Fort knox would be way harder...

sapphire paru

I'm surprised the start of this video isn't about bricks.


Simon Gruber did it pretty easily ngl

Laurence Hamilton

Spoilers, it's not Capitol


Apparently not the capitol building.

ahmed alawadhi

call 800-ocean

Robbie Jeffery

The professor would get it done


In Die Hard 3 it was too easy to break in

Vickie Marquez

Who the hell is this Professor that comments keep talking about?

Floro Alcantara

David from jumper movie laughs


hardest to break in: texas houses

Steven Heinrichs

Not true!! Someone did manage to break in. Simon Peter-Gruber and his crew. They got out with truck loads of gold. It is well documented in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Ok Really?

"Oh, hi this is Lester, I have a job for you"


Missing from this list: THE FUCKING US CAPITOL


GTA V Mission: "The Liberty City Heist"

сука Haw

Time to get the thermal drill.

Ayrton Twigg

In the movie “Die Hard With A Vengeance” they successfully steal all the gold from this bank. Brilliant plan tbh.

Annabel Rubio

The YouTube algorithm has a sick sense of humor

bobotrobot enon2



Fort Knox: Am I a joke to you?

BeatZen Grave

Real Life Lore: Hardest place in the world to break
Me: Are You Talking 'bout My Crushs Heart ? ?

Charles Patawaran

Why would the bank admit being broken into

Jack McLane

The hardest place to break into is the place that you don't even know exists. And there are a lot of these, for that specifiv reason. ;)

Leo Martino

The answer for sure isn’t Capital Hill


Two Wallbreakers.
Three Goblins.
That'll work.


how about bedrock bunker

Super Ludwig

2:00-4:26 nobody that paranoid minecraft players base

LilNutLord 911

That ad read was smooth, but not smooth enough to convince me to use it

Jacobo Castaño

We now know the US Capitol is nowhere near the list

Bob Bob

I would figure Fort Knox


Just remember, Jeff Bezos has more wealth than this bank.

Richard Morris

Don't forget, you also have John McClane to contend with, too.


Nothing is too hard for Lester to break into.


We need an updated video on the easiest place to break into. It's the US Capitol Building, but I'm sure there are plenty of bad jokes to be had.

luiz Miguel Alves

Until tomorrow ;)

Blue cup Gaming

Open sesame

O yeah free gold


Hey guys, sorry for the slightly delayed upload on this! I'm currently in Guam with Sam from Wendover Productions (airplane guy) and Brian from Real Engineering and the WiFi in my hotel is pretty bad, so it took a long time to upload this. Anyway, if you want to check out some behind the scenes photos I've taken here go check out my instagram; https://bit.ly/2HgMHFN

twisted whiskers

what would they do f they sall somone in the vault

Mr David Cromey

Dont worry, with enough bombs, guns, and people, you can do anything.


GTA V player: the union depository.

Robin Dabank

Read my name cuz i read to :)

R22 Gamer

Terrorist groups: so for allah luts bomb the building so everyone’s scared and rob it and throw all the gold everywhere so the people go crazy for it and havoc causes.
The people: wait what

prabhu profile

Sub scr I be me Awesome

Rizky Miraza

Hardest place to break

Michael, trevor, franklin, lester: rlly ?


But what with Fort Knox?


that sponsonship was smooth


Can’t be any harder than the union depository


Fort Nox: ?

KniqhtHero_ 10

tokyo, berlin, moscow etc : “Do i look like a joke to you ?”

Percepto Shmegington

They already showed how you break into this in Die Hard With A Vengeance. All you do is bomb the subway, drive in earth moving equipment, threaten to bomb a school, kill all the guards then drive off in a shitload of dump trucks.


Just called the lock picking lawyer


Im going to rob that bank mark this word.

There's gotta be a German Word For That

Im breaking in wish me goodluck


Me: Invisibility potion

Arizona Business League

Least hardest: US Capitol.
Tutorial level.

Bill T

OMG... I've been tricked. This was just a long ad for cyber security software or services. Good one guys.

Sean Henry

Not the us capitol that’s for sure

Ganesh Pingle

Make video on easiest places to break into so everyone can have some fun..

Roel Hendriks

the US capitol

Kids Stuart

only way this thing is going to fail is ether hacking like you said or the us is being taken over completely

Lil Jicey

Therefore, the more secure a building is, the harder it is to break into it.

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