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Walgreens Deals 9/13 - 9/16 | BIG Money Maker

129 views | 14 Sep. 2020

This video shows you some

This video shows you some of the best deals at Walgreens this week. I walk you step-by-step how I made over $9 from purchasing these items!

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Tee On Savings

Great haul. I purchased the Sargento but I didn’t get my points from Fetch. I did create a ticket. Thanks for sharing

Sabine’s Phenomenal Savings

Great deals ? I love your video❤️


Awesome haul ?

Jeff Sheffield

OMG: you are hacking department stores. Love it.

Lisa Marshall

Thank you so much!! Loved your deals

Yvette Pacheco

I've been getting crazy high value digitals for those Silhouettes. I donate them!

Jodi M Dunn

Wow you had amazing fetch bonuses Christina ???❤️❤️❤️???

Melissa Darling

I love to see when food or even snack deals are included in hauls. I didn’t even realize that such a great deal was available on the Sargento Cheese. I’ll pick those up the next time I head to Walgreens. Thanks for sharing ?


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Walgreens Beginner Deals This Week 3/1-3/7 | Couponing Deals | 2 Options | Cheap Coupon Deals

1 516 views | 4 Mar. 2020

Walgreens had a few deals

Walgreens had a few deals that I included in the beginner scenario for this week. You will do 2 different options and 2 different options. Your out of pocket will be about $9 and change. I chose option #1. Let me know what option you plan to do in the comments.

**Fetch Rewards**

Submit your receipt to Fetch for extra savings. If you are new use code: N7FJV to get your first 2,000 points for a gift card.

**Walgreens Number**


**Time Codes**


0:24-Digital Coupons

0:28-5,000 points For Newbies

0:42-Beauty Event

0:59-Transaction #1


3:24-Transaction #2 (All Options)

3:53-Scott/Kleenex Info

4:29-Fetch Rewards

4:56-Option 1

6:14-Register Rewards/Digitals

7:46-Option 1 Total

8:16-Taco Items B1G1 Free

8:31-Option 2

9:41-Option 2 Total

10:01-My Option

10:05-My Receipt

12:18-Deals to Create Your Own Option

#WalgreensCouponing #WalgreensDeals #WalgreensDealsThisWeek

Letty Gamboa

I didnt the olay deal I had a $2 off of 2, and then used my $5 register reward for deal #1 you had up.

Vetty Young


Lindsay Fields

Thanks I didn't realize you could get tissues I'm going make up my own deal I need cereal but no paper towels but such a great deal i was going to get it

Peggy Schuenemeyer


Denise Jacobsma

Thank you! I done this deal and it worked perfectly!


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RUN RUN || Walgreens Couponing || Unadvertised Register Rewards

10 495 views | 2 Mar. 2020

FREE Online Bank Account:

FREE Online Bank Account:

Capital One 360


Cash Envelope Wallet:



My Planner: Mormon Mom on the go




My Ibotta Code: Join Today!


Fetch Rewards Referral Code: WM9AP

CONTACT ME: [email protected]


Follow me:

FB https://www.facebook.com/itsmyownidentity/

IG https://www.instagram.com/itsmyownidentity/


All opinions are my own and based on my experience.

Music: I do not own any of the music used here.

#WalgreensCouponing #UnadvertisedDeals #RegisterRewars

#CouponCommunity #HowToCoupon #RealLifeCouponing

Maria Reynoso

Hi hun I purchased the 2 old spice spray that is regular 6.99 coupons came off and $5 reward printed. The ones I purchased were WOLFTHORN BLUE BAND

Kandy Dewey

When you first bought the eyeshadow did you use a revlon coupon?

Brittany Bond

Definitely hoping to make it to walgreens this week. I tend to just do cvs because my account already built up. I got 29 items for $10.44 today. That include paper products and diapers but I know walgreens is unlimited and would love to build my account there!

Val H

Thank you for explaining things so well.

Christie Nichols ExposingDCFKidnappers

Thanks for the heads up!! I'm no good at the 'unexpected'. Hopefully @pennywisecouponing will accept my friend request since her account is private. I DM'd her. I'm finally learning my way around IG and @hart_0705 gives excellent breakdowns!

Marsha Beaver

Yes yes yes..????

Terry Meyers

I got a 5.00. I think the different scents are giving different RRs and causing the beeping on certain scents.

Kimberly B

You can go to support dot catalina dot com and submit information from your receipt and what you were expecting to print and they will confirm and send you your RR!! You have to submit one for each so if you purchased items that should print 4 RR and only 1 printed you do one submission for each so in this case a total of 3 different submissions. They sent me 3 previously and I have 2 more coming. They are great!

Felicia Dependable Angel Services

great video and information thanks much love from Felicia Dependable Angel Services on YouTube channel, I used no paper just register rewards, and my register rewards didn't print for the old spice nor the olay, but I made it work to a money maker.

Terry Meyers

Do you use point on the Revlon to get the 8.00?

Pauline Johnson

Bought 2 almay wipes
Got it


Just left the store. Bought eyeshadow and it didn’t work. Bought Kiss balm and it didn’t work. So it may not be working anymore.

Maritza Spell

Thank you for teaching me to be GREAT at couponing! “She is learning how to rock Walgreens” in your voice! ❤️

Kashmira Chunara

Hi nice ?

Tiffany Sutton

Thanks for sharing, will try out the Revlon rolling.

Karen’s Lifetime

Hi good day I did it today twice and it went through fine for me and I get a five dollar

Monique Robinson

But it wasn't the white exfoliating kiss balm so I'm bout to go back in store and c if it will wrk

Peggy Schuenemeyer

Thanks so much Michelle

karen jones

hi, michelle - wow! what a deal. hope your day was good. big ol' hugs! ~k

Cora McBride

I used the old spice coupons on Sunday around 7 am. They worked with no problem and I got my $5 RR. Thanks for insight on a Revlon. Will try today to get the $8 coupon.

Karen Ross

alrighty then................I did the Old Spice deal Sunday and my paper coupon and digital coupon did work together...........got back a $5 RR..............Went to wags today.......NO KISS BOMBS.............grr...........so I just bought ANOTHER tube of lipstick............used a 3 off paper coupon and got the $8 Revlon coupon..........RR.....whatever it is..........lol. Will go to a different Wags tomorrow and hopefully they will have some Kiss Bombs and those smaller eyeshadow palettes................Gurl..............u know u r the bomb.com when it comes to deals at Wags............thanks for sharing...............PEACE AND BLESSINGS.

Wendy Shapard

I used the Old Spice coupons on the spray that says “Fiji” and has the different top and it worked fine.

Jeanette Ingram

I hope this works tomorrow morning!?

marjorie kane

Thank you great information?

Debbie Savings

Thanks for keeping us informed Michelle! You rock girl! ?

Annette DeMary

I bought the revlon eye quad -RR didn't print

Kimberlea Daugherty

Okay so I was able to buy one of the old spice Fiji old spice wolfthorn & got 5rr

Heidi Talley

I tried the kiss balm today in Berry burst and an $8 mfr Revlon coupon didn't print for me and did few other deals together and didn’t print @ all..


No you didn't go out couponing on Sunday family time??? I can't wait to finish listening to.hear how you got out????? Girl I had to work last night too tired this morning but I'm glad to get this video now I can go tomorrow morning. Isn't the beauty deal ths week? Lord knows I don't need anymore body wash but I love this stuff ?❤ thank you Michelle Walgreens couponing queen.?

stormy macias

My store gave a $4RR along with the $5rr for the Old Spice body spray. My coupons worked perfect!

Imso Frugal

Definitely stopping to purchase Revlon in the morning!! Thank you.
Question: If the kiss balms are $5.49 in my store, will the $8 catalina still print? Just don’t want to grab the wrong items then have to do a return due to the $8 not printing.

Donna Swires

Nothing was working right at my walgreens ..


But what was weird the first store $5 Catalina printed on old spice, but the 2nd store the Catalina printed $4. But the Manager changed my Catalina to $5 and initialed it.


How come my register reward only printed $2, not five. My first time couponing at Walgreens.

Samantha Equihua

For the beauty even, would be able to use multiple of this Catalina coupons per transaction?

Jennifer Rosenthal

My RR for old spice was $4 too
The manager just added 1,000 points to my account to make up for it

Lucretia Jordan

Thanks so much for all that you do! I feel like I can't go to Walgreens without watch your breakdowns!

Kim Jones

Mine worked just fine I purchased the body spray.

JoAnn Hernandez

It worked with almay as well I bought the wipes 2/10 and used that coupon got another one back ?

Monique Robinson

Nope didn't work for me on the exfoliating balm either

RJL Harris

I'm trying it right now and it's not working for me ☹️

Lawanda Hairston

I had the same issue with the old spice coupons but my cashier did override it.

Patricia Ingle

Just bought the revlon kiss balm! No Catalina ?

Kentucky NaNa

Hey? babe... I ? ya... , i had girls n been so buisy... Now ya got me diggin out my Revlon Qs i got left n im on a mission .. N im gonna get the scrub on 2 transactions n get my game on for EVENT READY !! Im ready to cheer 4 ya chic.. Im ya cheerleader 2day... N i love me some PennyWise too.. Bomb.com that she is ... Love her ❤... T4s n all ya do babe ... Im goin in on Almay n anything cross board babe ... Lets do It to It RRS/REVLON/ALMAY ...
? ?????? ?

Frances Castillo

If you buy three Revlon products in one transaction, do you get three catalinas, or do you have to do each product separately?

Latonya Atkins

Thanks for sharing Michelle. I will try on the lip balm tomorrow.


All my old spice items were a NIGHTMARE, I tried 2 different registers, 5 different combinations/ transactions and nothing printed back. I tried body wash and stick deodorant. ?

Jenice Pye

Which kiss balm did you buy?

Saving with zuzana

Can I use points to pay for the Revlon and still get the $8 register

Monique Robinson

I just tried it with kiss balm and it didn't work for me

Stephanie Trosclair

Was that the exfoliating sugar kiss or the coconut that the $8 printed for. I ain't trying to have a whole situation getting the wrong one. ??

Jamie Thornton

You explain deals better then any youtuber I watch Thank you for taking the time to explain the way u do .Havea great day




Wow! I just saw a whole bunch of Revlon products at around $0.50 cents at Walgreens yesterday. Do you think that would print out the $8 coupon? One way to find out, right? TO WALGREENS! I'll let you know if it works for me.

Alba Brown

I don’t think I’ve thanked you for being so thorough, your a great blessing to us couponers!!!!

brandon bailey

I went today to my Wags... Purchased Almay makeup remover and it did not print off the catlina coupon. Michigan , 2:30pm

Someone told me to notify you

Bout to subscribe to your channel now and thanks for all you do!!

Patrice Mayers

It works on certain ones.

Mary Adiutori

Could you do a video on how to use Instagram, I tried but so confused

Shondra Smith

Just like the Crest deal this week unadvertised...buy 2 @3.99 get $3RR...its a shame my advertised Colgate wouldn't print at all everytime

Tammy Lucas

Thanks! ?????? and I can’t stand the parking situation either??‍♀️

Crystal Burton

I love when you don't coupon on Sundays ??? thanks so much for the info and checking if that Revlon rolls. You're a ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Craz-E Coupons

Wow Revlon! I hope that deal works when the Catalina machine gets fixed.... side note...the Vicks sinex coupon out of the P&G was beeping too on the products pictured.

Cindy Lou

That $8 will be great with the beauty event Thanks for sharing the deal

Huda khan

Yes we can use 2 $8 revlon manufacturer's coupon and get back $8 coupon.... I did it today twice with no issues?


Didnt work for me?

Annette DeMary

I got 3 Almay Makeup Wipes at another store. Didn't print Register Reward


That’s weird mine scan just fine.

Shondra Smith

Yes...I used 2 in one transaction on lipstick but make sure the lipstick has same code as that $3 Revlon lip q has on it...it didn't accept it on the others

GLElite Coach

Can you use a Crest RR to pay for the lip balm and still get the Catalina?

anna curiel

Than you ♥️♥️

Whitley P.

Thank u 4 breaking everything down. I'm getting so much batter at Walgreens now.

Sovy Shopping

I dont have Facebook nor Instagram. I did get two olay body wash at cvs for $3. I did have some issues at cvs. I want $6 back for the loreal facial crt. That transactions was suppose to be a money maker. I lost 6dollars. Lets see if cvs will give back the 6dollars. I was planning to grab soda only at Walgreens and now I think I'll grab some revlon. I got some 90% of items at cvs. Totally happy. I just donate two bucket of toiletries to the homeless people. Thanks Michelle.


Can we stack the "Get 5k points when you spend 20" digital with the same paper booster AND the "Get 7k points when you spend 25 on beauty" digital?

LaMona Curry

I got the $4RR and yes the coupons did not scan but my manager put them in a as store coupon both of them!!


I did it in the Almay wipes, it worked!
Thank you ❤ you took the deal and made it even sweeter, finding out the $8 Revlon rolls #couponcommunity

lorena juarez

I soooo respect that you shoutout others you get info from. A lot of couponers don't.

Ladiijae Wright

Okayy Revlon ?✔

Camille Anderson

Girl you had me dying over here laughing when you said i just move cus these people digging all in they truck so you moved its how you said it.... Anyway im going to walgreens tomorrow to these deals thanks so much for the heads up on the coupon


Thank you so much ??

Vanessa Bradford

Revlon not working in my area. I’m in Georgia. I tried 3 times but no register rewards.

Jacqueline Wells

It looked like you made out on the old spice since she price modified it making them $6 plus you also got the $2 digital to come off making your total only $4 instead of $6. I wouldn't argue with that either. Good deal.

Patrice Mayers

Also I got a $5 rr not $4

Rory Kosaka

Hopefully it would be fix tomorrow. I'm planning on going tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.

Cvs Couponzalez

Thank you for all the updates. I need to get my but over to wags ASAP. Those $8 are everything. Beauty even is going to be fire this week.

Daniel East


Viola Alley

? Thanks love all the updates and deals.??

Clydie Yauwelmong

Hi there I’m a new subscriber. How can I get the p and g coupons you are getting? TIA ?

SaVvy SaVeR DiVa Jackson

Happy Sunday Boo, i was not going to cvs today and deal with all that system foolishness, ill do walgreens on thursday when i fly back home

Terry Meyers

Mine isn't beeping.

Kimberly B

I have Revlon coupons from last time!! WOOT!

C Marie

I use to adore IG, they petty now lol. I can never catch tha most recent posts, even after refreshing and by tha time I see posts it be too late

Mr. Beach Walker

if you call customer service, customer service will give you 1000 points with no fuss. In fact, they will be happy to

Wanda Tennyson

???deals thank you for sharing

Felicia Artis

I did the deal and got back $5. I bought the Sweat Defense Ultimate scent. The $2 MFC would not scan. The manager would only price modify only one.


Now I gotta go to Walgreens tomorrow. You're not suppose to be couponing on Sunday. I blame you. ??‍♀️??‍♀️?

Sweet P'zzz

Ut~Oh! Be there 1st thing in the a.m. (Thanks for the 411)

Cherie Cadena

Great revlon deal! Trying it tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! ?

Andrea Juno

Purchased several Revlon lip balms individually and kept getting the $8 RR. Thank you!

Angeleque M12

I did secret deal and no RR printed.

Lisa Fuller

Ugh in my state you either get RR or points you can’t use both.