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126 554 views | 27 Jun. 2020

An old man tried to fight

An old man tried to fight me at the poker table. we are in borgata atlantic city for this weeks poker vlog and gambling vlog. playing the borgata poker open from fall 2019. This was one week before I got banned. We played in a huge poker tournament with giant prize pool.

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Video Editing and Graphics Done By John Malone:

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Website: http://malone.work/


You touched your face 137 times in this video. Gross.

Matt Wakeman

Did you bet on the Bears or the Packers tonight?

kevin starnes

I don't hate anyone! But I hate the fuck out of this guy!!!

Richard Kent

Trying to be English and so American at the same time had me laughing so much

Kyle C

is anyone gonna talk about that transition at 2:31???

Oscar Larsson

Lol. You're textbook douchebag.

Pat Ocall

Watching this in a Target and people keep hearing you curse pretty funny stuff, keep it up

Zach M.

John Travolta LOL

Jerry Little

uh first bullet... what was the hand he had....this bad player who raised you then you jammed ?

Crazy Cajun

Nick Palma is a piece of shit

Terry's Tube

Love your channel, but i think it's only a matter of time before you get your jaw broken .
anyway best of luck for the future Ryan .

Nicholas Chavez

i subscribed to your channel cause your boy has a Magic The Gathering T-shirt

Boss Bear

Borgata seems incredibly fun...you can't get away with all that at my casino.
Also...your content is super entertaining and hilarious.
It's always a refreshing change from all the people that take themselves too seriously in poker.
I actually laughed at the "THIS IS BORGATAAAH!!".

Joe D

"But fuck him and fuck everybody" DGAF - love it

Mr Magic

where that nigga bone? I said where that nigga bone. We from pittsburgh we dont play that shit! where that nigga bone? Bone!
Bob Sapp that POS was in a movie called blood n bone that was his line look it up funny

David De La Cueva

5:20 “They can’t do all of us at once if we stick together guys.” ? AWESOME!!!

Bryant Paul

Damn this guy is a terrible human being.Lose you dirt bag.

Steven Cher Lake

new sub. Hilarious content!! Keep it coming well not right now but eventually.


“I think I’m a jerk cause I’m the one keeps getting in fights!” 11:43 Priceless insight! A breakthrough, fuck the couches.


that was a bed bug bro

Aaron Green

"Fuck your ear" - RDPDG

Augustus Falloon

If Andrew Schulz played poker lol

Tampa Deal

Funny thing is, the old man woulda kicked your ass!!! Lol!! The world is full of douchebags today, taking selfies and thinking that they're celebrities. Truly sad

Moose Duty

"People...what a bunch of bastards!!"

Jerry Wong

Wasn't ryan banned from borgata, I guess being a wsop braclet winner changes things

Gambling Wind Man

The shout out to Brad Owen lol

Bryant Paul

Dude is an ass wipe.


you fucking beautiful degen

Robin Smith

You’re alright kid

Troy Strzelczyk

Negreanu shouted u out in his last live stream .. ?

Jonathan Glock

The way you talk makes you sound so f**** smart. Must be the word f*** all the time I think I'll start saying f**** every sentence so I sound as smart as you.


Honestly man you’ve given me a ton of inspiration to start playing poker seriously if someone like you can make 200k in tournaments it’s definitely worth playing


Fuck your adds you lowlife

Adrian Sandoval

You sound like a lifetime of loneliness

Richard Van Riper

Too many curse words and too much talk about sh!t tends to make me want to find another YouTube channel, perhaps one about human sexuality will do.

The Dude

Dude you need to edit this into a parkour video. .35 of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLgcYPKRYVc is the most epic old school parkour ever from 1997 . She was 20 years before her time and yours for PARKOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark coniglio

I don't know why. I want to punch you.

Avi Langer

That’s some bull shi* ! An old guy tried to fight the degen at a table ! Doesn’t seem like it at all ! Guy said I’m going to knock you out ! That’s some **ull *hi**! You should be like your mommas gunna knock you out ! Talkin smack ain’t fightin ! Talkin smack is talking smack ! The borgata is a whorehouse with no protection !

adam Overby


LottoGOD83 H

Good game I wanted to know whoever won that trophy that you had vote for the best poker player

Chad Barczak

Who’s the degen with the magic the gathering shirt?


He doesn't seem like a very good player.


After 15 years of feeling shitty about a $30K one outer suckout you have inspired me to get over it and have max fun again.

Sam Abrams

After that Colossus money runs out, just get a free checking account with Schwab. Best +EV move I ever made.

Corey Simmons

Parkour! Way to go Ryan, Bracelet winner!

Las Vegas Retired

This is a Fucking Great Video!!!


Love it. This world needs a few more noisy characters like yourself. :) PC Cancer culture is killing me.

Richard Bennett


Mattillmatic !

“Our fucked up brain is still better than these shmoe’s on their sharpest day.” Amazing line

Matt McCann

What a mouth! You are a heal.

Gavin Jenkins

If you take 6 or 7 lucky last spins on slots. Is that the beginning of degening

Gem Mint Miners

Fuck your ear...exactly the response warranted in that situation...well done

Nick Odell

Worst poker vlog ever!!!!!

Lance Whitford

What up it’s the Trooper

Mike Tolley

This guy is a fkin tool bag

John Ross

Tournaments/holdem isnt degenerative. Suspect content if plo cash isnt arrivitable

Paul, Does things.

New Yorkers shitting on jersey must be one of the oldest pot calls kettle black situations in America.

Mitchell Graham

Hey Ryan, do you use any poker training websites? Coaches? Any books you recommend? Love the content, The Colossus run gave me enough degen tingles to get me through this lockdown.


Your outro is so good, I rewind to watch it again


Glad to see the innocent chipcock...pre Coronavirus and pre nationwide riots.

Stewie Griffin

good one


If you buy $132k of chips in a tournament or whatever... does it actually cost $132k? Or is it just like a "you buy in for $5k and you get $100k "worth" of chips"

Larry Kirk

Hell yeah!! Never let anyone talk shit!

To0_ NaSty

Never mind just read it's from 2019

To0_ NaSty

So borgata is open and you don't have to wear a mask????

Jeff Scott

Not too impressive


Hahahahahhahaha fuck brad owen king of the nits lolll

Paul Dupey


Larry Las Vegas

Never a bad video. Always with the ? content.

Jeffrey Kemmerer

You should of told him to meet you after class by the bike racks at 3pm and whipped his ass


"we'll let Brad Owen handle those boring type of hands, you don't give a fuck about them"
hahaha... hey wait, I do give a fuck, love me some BO


Congrats on the bracelet!

Matthew Wood

Bro,the editing you do is fkn Amazing! I'm a huge fan of Andrew and Brad,but your edits are perfect! Always got a huge smile on my face as well as I literally feel the Tension lol! Keep rolling!


Why is everyone raw doggin it with no mask ??


Subbed just cuss of intro I haven't made it past that yet liked and subbed

Craig Jacobson

Bro.....first time watching your video and I thought you were an obnoxious turd.....after about 5 minutes watching I actually love the F uck out of you...please make more vids

Nick Curt

fucking DEGEN!!!!!

marcus rezzonico

You play MTG?

Blayde Mckay

15:30 for some real audio degen shit

Micah Cloclo

Prayer to the ghost of Stu Ungar ?

Jake Edwards

Good dealers like myself should be paid more man

Joe Reynolds

"Stacey gave me a lunchbox" is the most degen thing I've ever heard.

Ed Kasprzak

Lol didn't the bears win??

john smith

Get your damn coffee cup off the table you f*cking slob. I'm not joking you're a degenerate slob with the vocabulary of a 10 year old.

Srdj Sr

Brad Owen is the best!!

Philip C

This guy needs to be punched in the face.

Hunter Gatherer

I'm not sure what a lunchbox is, but it sounds dirty.

Matthew Adams

He's not a poker player so I don't expect him to know this, but the first stall is gto.


This is my second video im watching of yours.. the first one I watched was like 10 min ago. Your gambling attitude is fcking AMAZING!!!!!!! You are so real. That guy yelling after he got 14 balls on a fire link (probably) was my exact reaction to when I heard you first say "get the fck out of here bro" after leaving a table. Lmaoo because that's me at the casinos. I love your content! Keep being you bro, fck everyone! NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!!!!!


Casino sushi? What's that? ONE step above GAS STATION sushi? ??

kurt wiesjahn

Never bet against Aaron Roger's he kills the Bears

Walliam Shitner

What to watch out for is not slow dealers - it's when you've got a slow dealer followed by a fast dealer. When you change speeds, your game doesn't always keep up. Happens all the time in Baccarat.


100k subscribers before the end of the year, mark my words!

Ben Beerman

4:06 yesss covid party loll

Matt Aronowitz

When was this actually filmed

Mitchell B.

"the colossus corrupted me bro" ??


"Fuck your ear" hahaha


You got the agro in your belly Ryan, call out jake Paul


Not watching due to the upcoming 5 commercials in a 20 min log. Gross

Dach The Collector

You’re beautiful Ryan. Little different for a change?

Is an 89 an a

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This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License.

Is an 89 an a

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Authenticity is Key | Blass 89 (Yonkers Hip-Hop Artist)

16 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This conversation is

This conversation is actually a throwback to August of 2020 when I spoke with my boy Blass 89 (@fingers2fat) during the 24 hour live stream that we did. Blass is an amazing local artist, talent, and friend. This conversation was really just us catching up after not hanging out for several months. We talked about growing up in Yonkers, making music, Taco Bell, and being yourself. Would love to do a Part 2 at some point.

Check out Blass' music on all streaming platforms. Follow his socials (@fingers2fat) on Instagram.

Subscribe to the podcast! Cheers.