The put/call ratio is a ______ indicator.

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Bronson Dant: Evolving to Meet Your Health Goals

199 views | 6 Nov. 2020

Bronson Dant discusses how

Bronson Dant discusses how you must evolve in order to meet your goals and his passion to help others achieve health and fitness.












CAN I HAVE ______?










Bronson Dant, almost 50, didn't start his fitness journey until he was 40 years old. Since then he has transformed himself and developed a passion for helping people improve their quality of life and gain personal freedom through fitness and nutrition. Bronson has spent years training and learning about fitness and nutrition. Over the last 8 years, he's gained multiple certifications and attended every training opportunity he could find. In 2014 he opened a CrossFit gym and, over 5 years, helped hundreds of people transform their lives. About a year ago he started The APEX Training System and moved his fitness and nutrition coaching business online.

As a dad and a grandfather, Bronson is super pumped to help men lead by example, find their inner power, and take control of their lives. Bronson's training and coaching philosophy centers on removing things that are holding you back and focusing on things that improve efficiency and performance. He believes the goal of fitness is to make you stronger and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. Bronson follows an animal-based nutrition plan that prioritizes protein-rich foods and eliminates any foods that cause interference with the optimal function of our bodies.

A lion fears nothing.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theapextrainingsystem

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bronsondant72/

Website: https://apxts.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkx53Rm4zkhWT2t9zHpx9Xg?


Lone Star Keto Social Media

Website: https://lone-star-keto.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/lonestarketogirl

IG: https://www.instagram.com/lonestarketogirl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lone_Star_Keto

FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoneStarKetogirl/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/lonestarketogirl

Carnivore & Fasting coaching: https://meatrx.com/product/amber-w/

Andre Pitts

Bronson Dant is the best guest in today's podcast ???❤

Andre Pitts

Hello Amber it's Finally Friday

Andre Pitts

What are you doing this weekend Amber ????❤?

Andre Pitts

Amber Wentworth is the best woman to host a podcast

The put/call ratio is a ______ indicator.

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Exhaust Systems - Explained

586 627 views | 5 Jun. 2013

How do car exhaust systems

How do car exhaust systems work? Why do cars have exhaust pipes? What are the different components of an exhaust system? An exhaust system includes: headers, O2 sensors, catalytic converters, resonators, a muffler, and a tale pipe.

How to increase horsepower with an exhaust system:


Coming Videos:

Catalytic Converters

O2 Sensors


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chris mason

can you do a whole video on EGR systems and if a delete is good

Tony Gruber

Any concerns with putting the Cat after the resonator? I'd like to have an h-pipe in front of both the cat and the resonator. It seems this would be a better configuration. Better efficiency and power.

Adam Painter

Do I have to change my stock exhaust system 1st if I want to get some headers or a sport exhaust manifold??


What's the purpose and function of a J-pipe?

jorge ulloa

Does muffler delete decreases mpg and low end torque I have a 02 Silverado

Fendi Hanafi

hi..can anyone tell me what the best exhaust setup for auto trasmission turbo engine? actually for mitsubishi airtrek.


Quick question !
Let say your making an exhaust system for a n/a front engine car but never join the pipes together 4,6,or 8 pipes running individually to the rear of the car. Is that a thing already? I haven’t found a name for it. I soooo badly want to hear what that would sound like. Don’t you? I figured if anyone knew it would be you. ? thnx.

Lucas B. beats

CAN anybody explaiN what 4 stroke is cause IM new


I got a 03 subaru legacy wagon she got 2 resonator nothing affect if I deleted both or can u give me any help

Nicholas Paladini

Hi, I know this is a very late comment on a really old video, but I was wondering if you were going to make a video in the future describing the differences between H-Pipe and X-Pipe? I looked through and didn't find a video for it. I feel that would be a great video for your channel.

Nick Ouellette

What if you placed a muffler where the resonator is and a resonator where the muffler is placed? Would the sound or efficiency be effected by the placement swap?


Egr and Catalyc are nothing but pocket killers that don't need to be attached to an engine. If you get rid of gasoline engine we don't need those junks.

Herman Pruis

Why is this guy always wearing a helmet?


Can you add a valve after the cat to switch between a straight pipe and normal exhaust?


What mid muffler is for?
And what differ from the resonator?

David López

One suggestion to make these videos better: teach people to THINK, don't simply recitate raw knowledge. HOW can we conceive this in a creative process? Cold knowledge is useless.


Much like house cats, car cats are nothing more than a waste of time and money.

Will Bennett

0:34 Honda drivers: am I a joke to you


why is mt tail pipe so small on my scooter? The rest ot the exhaust seems to be the same width. Is it to keep the noise down?


I'd love to see a video about Helmholtz resonators!

Firdaus Mat Soib

is it true the bending radius of the exhaust manifold will effect the performance?


I wanna make my truck sound beefy. What do I buy? I have 5.4 Triton. My buddy has smaller 4.6 and it sounds really good. He offered to switch exhaust. Think I can swap?

Lucian Miyagi

Have you covered pros and cons of exhaust cutouts?

Roger Lee

So I have a 2015 Altima and want to get sport mufflers do get abit of rumble. its 2.5L 4Cyl QR25DE engine. It comes factory with dual mufflers. Is it better to remove one of them and only install one muffler or change both mufflers? Which setup would I get abit more performance?


You look like Mrs.Odiase son

tropicana Sister

hi jayson. may i ask the pros and cons of deleting an egr system in diesel engine, theres plenty of vids out there but your explanations is the only one i trust. thank you

2 Joker

I was curious what this guy would say not even 1 min in I'm already triggered ?‍♂️ bro alot of people like loud cars/trucks exhausts are made to be loud ??


So helpful! Thank you!


Can a stock Subaru Impreza (2009) hatchback produce the "Rumble" sound associated with Subarus??


my car has an air fuel ratio (commanded) reading is 9.7648:1 ,means that my car is not working properly ?

Francisco Sotelo

I have a 2015 mustang 5.0 i took it to get straight pipe it feels a bit less responsive but it sounds nice should i get a full exhaust system instead?

Utkarsh Arora

Does it harm the car engine if i run without a catalytic converter?
I just got my cat gutted and i havent installed downpipe. Im running it with an empty cat, so now i have engine check light. So i was wondering if this could damage my car engine in any way.


"How old are you?"
"somewhere between 17 and 75"

Alex Maradiaga

wow thanks



if im doing exhaust piping fully 3" and in the middle reduce to 2.5" and then increased back to 3'" again towards the back end (tips), does this mean the whole flow is changed to 2.5"effect or 3" .

or for example i want full 3"piping but im missing a 3" flange so i reduce one small part to 2.5"just for the sake of using 2.5"flange. but the rest is back to 3".. NOTE that one flanged part is reduced to 2.5" .

can you please explain the effects. ty


my exhaust is leaking at the flex pipe. I brought it to a shop and they offered me an option to install a pipe instead of replacing the flex pipe. Is the flex pipe necessary? Car is a subaru


I thought the resonators are after the muffler?

Sean Faith

Can somebody of you explain to me what difference between center silencer and resonator. Or, its pretty much the same thing...


Hello and thanks for a great video.
Can I please ask a question about Exhaust flow.
I want to purchase a 3" downpipe and frontpipe combo (or 3.125" to 2.5" combo from other company). The question is - wont it make any problem that 3" or 2.5" inch pipe will run into 2" stock exhaust?

Seb_Loeb_09 Megane RS RB8

One question, a have a clio 4 rs 1.6 Turbo, i would like to install a straight pipe, is it true that if i do that then my clio will have less hp and nm?

Forrupted Hrek

How old are you?
Somewhere between 15 and 50
What? Send a vid

Taylor Gallegos

So... I should chop the muffler off my car is that what you're saying


Please explain h-pipes vs x-pipes


I'm kind of wondering that with your knowledge you might be able to help me. So I was looking under my 2018 cadillac Escalade today just sort of checking things out. I noticed that on the bottom of the muffler close to the seam there's a tiny hole. I kind of figured that might be normal. However what didn't look normal to me was the amount of soot build up all around that orifice. Should I be concerned about this a t 18,000 miles?


Remember coconut head? This is him now, feel old yet?

Just kidding love your vids. Very informative.

Hunter Bacon

Soo... straight pipe bad?

Roman Wanem

Can the tail pipe be changed to get a bit of loud noise? Without changing the muffer. Just the tail pipe.. Which pipe can i use for my honda accord euro.. Leave me a link

George B

what is the difference between a regular exhaust system and a catback exhaust system?

Tractor Trac Tech

Can someone please tell what to do to lower the sound of exhaust system? What to do, how to make one. Thank you.


I have a question. There is a type of exhaust that I believe goes from dual back to single that sounds like nothing I have ever heard before. It has a very strange sound and I have only ever heard it once but I have video from 15 years ago, a guy had it on a trans am and it sounded like nothing I have ever heard before. Almost like a phaser sound or something, very hard to describe.

Jared Swanepoel

Forgot about your EGR valve?

Brando PANDO

I love all these vids thank you

Mason Glen

Does the metal used and or shape change anything? What if in theory I had a copper or brass, trangle or square pipes on a long exaust. I've wondered if a brass exaust would sounds more musical like a instrument. Just wondering o wise one

Nolimitz_93 YOUTUBE

bro I've seen quiet a few of your videos. hope you had a great fourth. i need your advice. i have a 2014 v6 camaro that has the new LFX 3.6L engine. i cannot put headers on my car. i have high flow cats on it with resonator delete and mrt v2 for the mufflerz. my car is making a fart sound around 1k to 2k rpm wheneverim accelerating or decelerating. can you help me. my cats are high flow slp

Dominick Winfield

Do a video on straight pipe


Can you still shot flames with a muffler?

bryce harbertson

I clicked off when he said people don't want them to be load

Imagine Aurora

Me: Trying to peacefully sleep in my room with the lights off

My sleep paralysis demon in the corner watching me: 0:00

Jennifer Windsor

good video, explained very well.

Johnny 24

I bought a used honda element and previous owner installed an aftermarket cat but I noticed they welded it and canceled basically took out the resonator part and it's a straight pipe from cat to muffler. My question is when I accelerate I get this annoying flying buzzing bee sound and it stops once I take my foot off the pedal. I checked the exhaust system for leaks first and the donut gasket between exhaust manifold and cat and before cat 02 sensor, is slightly leaking. Do you think this sound is coming from the resonator or donut gasket?

Julian Saiz

So I took the muffler off my car and my mom got pissed bc she said I'm destroying my car and that I'm a bad person blah blah blah, she also mentioned that I can warp my exhaust valves and I loose back pressure please help me make my case and explain to her why she's wrong


Hi, I stumbled in to this video when I was searching YouTube about catless downpipe and a free flow downpipe I don't know the difference between the two

David vs Goliath

Which one is the downstream and upstream O2 Sensor?

Alex Panturu

Quick question, say on a Nissan GTR, when you see the rear it looks like it has 4 tailpipes, so how would 6 cylinders-worth of exhaust be evenly divided by 4? Or are they just for show?

jay yoo

My car (Honda CRV 2002) is getting a check engine light, Fuel System Too rich (P0172). I changed the o2 sensor(BOSCH), Cataylic converter (Walker brand) Air filter. What do u think it is?

Alex Maradiaga

your drawing was really good

Play Doh

I love your videos. I was wondering, even though it is a motorcycle engine, if you could explain the Yamaha EXUP system ? That would be really cool. Thanks !!

Dan Savitski

Hey man can you help me please i have a mercades sl500 i just cut the muffler off and put a magnaflow street series universal 2.25 in 4 out with the tip welded on type muffler all ready to go i put it in and i get this drone at 70 mph to 80mph really would appreciate it thank you its a 5.0 v8 GREAT JOB EXPLAINING BTW


In relation to your diagram, where is the "flex pipe" located or does it vary?


hey what about if the O2 sensor is burning ? because mine it is burning like crazy sometimes

Project Ajax

Do you have a video showing exhaust pulses in the exhaust? The back and forth

Chan Kah Kin

Hi, if replace a aftermarket 4-2-1 header without changing middle pipe and muffler, velocity of exhaust gas might slow down when entering middle pipe, is this harmful? Thanks.

ben crosson

I’d really like to see a performance resonator video

Charles Clemons

Can I connect a 3 inch exhaust pipe to a 2.5 inch catalytic converter that mounted pretty close to the exhaust manifold? Will this negatively affect performance? Thank you!

Capprice Argo

Is the Resonator the same thing as a mid-Muffler? Or does it come after like cat-resonator-mid_muffler-final_muffler?

CashMoney AyeP

How many resonators does a car have ?

Flavio Vasquez

I have a CTS catless downpipe already installed in my car, if I buy exhaust kit will I have to get rid of my downpipe? Also res delete kit

Josh ___

Do you know what a good reference would be for how a resonator works? Googling has lots of info about helmholtz resonators but I find hardly any about the barrel type. Thanks

Carlo Dioso

What is a resonator?
How it works?

Edward Naso II

Why don't you mention the expansion pipe?


I have an M5 V10 engine, this car have from factory 4 catalytic converters, resonators and of course mufflers,

Two of the secondary catalytic converters were removed along with resonators and mufflers,
Could this be the reason to have the inside of the truck always hot?

Invasive parasites

why your engine has no cylinder head where your exhaust manifold suppose to be installed, it is misleading.


Does anyone know why some cars have dual tail pipes - coming out of on muffler - instead of just one? I'm asking this because I noticed the other day that my car has dual tail pipes but one is blowing harder than the other one.

Danny Gallagher

Is a resonator delete very loud? Is it louder than muffler delete? If i get my resonators delete will my neighbors be angry? Please respond.

H. B.

Hi! Please explain EGR on diesels. Is it good or bad thing? And does it right to turn it off???

ECU Tech

Thank for your tutorials


such not suck. my bad


I already knew what an exhaust is and all the parts and I still learned in this video ??

Da Bug

I wana do what you do.. what kind of engineer are you ?

Ladi Ladi

Question: if I buy a 4inch catback exhaust for my 2003 Nissan Maxima, will it sound good or will it sound like a fart can? Also, is it the bigger the number the louder the exhaust? For example a 2.5inch exhaust might be better sounding then a 4inch one?? Any help would be great. Btw I'm keeping the converter on bc I don't want to trip check engine lights...

Salvation Of Yeshua

It is safe to drive long distance on the highway with an exhaust leak?

Peter Fujikawa

Thank you Jason. I recently replaced my stock muffler with a light stainless steel cat-back exhaust system with 2 and 1/2 " dual piping. It made a notable difference. I wanted to get the Titanium Cat-back exhaust like the Focus RS but it was not available.
Still, it's lighter than the stock. It sounds much better with that low-end growl. Most of all, I've noticed an increase in both horsepower and torque. Because it's equipped with a resonator, it's louder but not too loud. Thanks again.

Mohammed Alameri

Guys i need help on something if I want to put a downpipe on my car i must remove the catalize convertor?

Yup- 206

These little vids always help


If my car is pulling in too much air, what sensor would tell the engine to pump more fuel?
From idle to acceleration my car sometimes cuts off.
Installed cai with new maf sensor, Cleaned the throttle body, reset sensors, changed spark plugs. Ordered a downward o2 sensor thinking mine needs to be changed. Next I want to order an exhaust system, new camshaft and fuel injectors which I think should balance air to fuel ratio while allowing gas to quickly get out. Pray for me

Prit Patel

Can you make videos on exhaust system fundamentals?

Rene Martinez

Can resornators get clogged??


Your suck an engineering nerd. Love it!!!

Edmar de Guzman

Good day sir, just want to know if there's any disadvantage with resonator delete? Thanks


Why if i delete my resonator what happens? Any car problem doing that?

The put/call ratio is a ______ indicator.

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JenesisNow - Company Setup

204 views | 4 Apr. 2019

You have a new carrier &

You have a new carrier & coverage to offer in your agency, but how do you set them up in your JenesisNow system?

Jenesis insurance software for agents was thoughtfully designed to help insurance agents be more efficient, and this setup procedure is nice and easy. We're so happy to show you how this affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com is always getting better.

This video tutorial will show you how to setup a new carrier in JenesisNow.

Check out this other helpful tip in JenesisNow about Basic Agency Setup: https://youtu.be/vNjb3p1tOCo


Jenesis Software, an affordable insurance CRM software, helps Insurance Agents to efficiently manage personal and commercial clients, by keeping relevant agency and coverage information in an organized, easy to edit and use insurance agency management system.

For more valuable information on building your insurance agency, get your copy of "The Perfect Insurance Agency" - Amazon Bestseller by Jenesis' founder, Eddie Price. Learn how to grow your agency faster, improve team training, and implement simple changes to ensure success!


Have you heard about our new Jenesis Software podcast?

Listen here: https://www.jenesissoftware.com/podcasts/

Or on iTunes at https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/jenesis-software/id980066758


Make sure to connect with us on social media!




JenesisNow - Company Setup

From the JenesisNow dashboard once you log in, select the “hamburger” menu indicator in the top left corner to reveal the vertical menu on the left.

Select Companies, New Company. Once inside the Editing Company screen, complete the information. If your carrier has a Parent Company, make sure you’ve entered that information first so that you can choose it from the drop-down menu.

Enter the correct website and producer code information so that you can link properly to the carrier’s site. Complete the carrier’s address.

Enter loss ratio, commission details, and other details you have about the carrier in the Notes section.

Save a copy of your contract from your carrier, and any revisions to it, in the Media/Files section.

In the section entitled People, save your sales rep’s contact info and any other useful contacts you have with the carrier company.

Beneath Download Configs, you have the option to edit characters in the policy number from when it’s imported versus how it’s displayed in your system.

Merge Company is for if/when your carrier purchases another and you need to merge the companies in your system.

Copy Company is for users with multiple agency locations and allows you to copy a completed company profile to your other service locations.

Still have questions? Check out www.jenesissoftware.com or Request a demo here: https://www.jenesissoftware.com/request-demo/


Feel free to contact us with any questions

• Email [email protected]

• Chat with us at www.JenesisSoftware.com

• Call 828-245-1171 Option 1

Subscribe to this YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYSscaowDZ8QtPKH5aEm4Dg

Send any additional questions to [email protected]

If you were looking for the JenesisClassic Company Setup video, it’s here: https://youtu.be/HSi3--Sx1g0


About Jenesis Software


After struggling to find the solutions he craved in insurance agency CRM software, Eddie Price began taking programming classes to create his own. He spent the 90's crafting and developing the robust JenesisNow system you know today.

His appreciation for technology and marketing, combined with the desire to serve customers efficiently while helping agencies grow, is reflected in the user-friendly insurance agency management software named proudly after his daughter, Jenna.

This agency management system (created by an agent for agents) was incorporated in 1999 and continues to provide the same personalized customer service and commitment Eddie has always shown for his customers.