Poloniex trading software

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How To Trade Using Poloniex

308 views | 27 Nov. 2017

In this video I cover how

In this video I cover how to trade using the popular exchange poloniex. This is the exchange I use the most for trading altcoins and I recommend it to beginners and experts alike.

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Jake Hoffy

Hey Man, I am looking for someone to tutor me on Polonie... Interested?

Poloniex trading software

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Adding live trading to your cryptocurrency trading bot using Python and the Poloniex API, Part 1

6 057 views | 12 Sep. 2017

We're taking the bot we

We're taking the bot we created for backtesting and setting up live trading to make some real money. Check out the previous videos in this playlist for some context.

The code from this video can be found here: https://github.com/bwentzloff/trading-bot

Peter Henry

I have attempting the same-thing with Forex, using Oanda API https://github.com/Henry-bee/gym_trading would like to convert to Cryptos also, any ideas?

Jorge Osorio

I have a question..why u can´t use the candlestick data? I mean u can just grab "close" price for your strategy and the implement your strategy based on that close price.


can't wait for part 2


Really enjoying the series. Gave me a lot of pointers for starting my own system I am currently working on. Lot of fun.

Young Ghost

New sub trying to learn how to code and trade crypto using a bot

Manstantin Mazonov

Thank you!

Erik Spurlock

wow man, very good videos. take donations please? and also maybe harbor a few questions. thanks


These are great, can't wait for the next video :)

Poloniex trading software

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Crypto Trading Bot for Poloniex Exchange - Robot trading with most cryptocurrency pairs altcoin

1 202 views | 2 Apr. 2020

The best updated crypto

The best updated crypto bot for the Poloniex platform with which you can trade on most altcoins

? Blog where you can Download the Bot: http://bit.ly/Official_Poloniex_bot

⚫️ Poloniex Exchange Registration: http://bit.ly/Poloniex_Registration

Good time everyone. Welcome to my Mining Coin - Trading Bot. Today's video is dedicated to the free version of the Poloniex exchange bot trading. The crypto bot 2020 is already running, the keys to this altcoin bot I will not drive, just explain how it works. In this field, we select pairs from this drop-down list. Here you can see a lot of pairs of your choice. Below we can see the name of the couple we're on: maximum price, average price per day and minimum price. Then we see the exchange of trades on this pair, the selling and buying prices, the last price, the "move" indicator to a digital expression, time to connect trading robot to the Poloniex exchange. Our Sell and Buy orders are also displayed here.

We also see the Bitcoin and Ethereum balance on our crypto bot - these are the pairs we have chosen. Next, the percentage of the deposit that we have chosen on the order. Then the ratio of the past price to the selling price is shown as a percentage. In the next window we see the buttons for resetting the maximum and minimum order. The Api keys are entered in these fields. Below you can see additional buttons for resetting the minimum order and the maximum order. Further we see the button for averaging all Sell orders. The drop-down list is "Sell scale per second", that calculates the average price over a certain period of time. Below is the "request period to the api exchange". Here you can prescribe a proxy and work through them. This is a notebook for personal records.

Below the drop-down list is the deposit expense, what percentage of the deposit to use for each order. Here is the "pump" panel where we choose how much to twist on the previous price to buy and how much to spin to sell and press "pump it," the bitcoin trading bot will start buying and selling on your terms. In this list we choose how much to increase the price of purchased coins, i.e. the twist percentage. Here we prescribe a price above which we do not want to buy. Below is the period for resetting a buy order. "Price minus percentage" is a decrease, we choose a percentage of the decrease from the last price as much as the cryptocurrency trading bot takes and issue a purchase order. Guys! Explanations for the best trading bot I finished. If there are any questions, I'm waiting for your comments. I just want to remind you... Download the poloniex trading bot only from the official web site SimpleBot.do.am. I wish everybody good luck and a great deal of comfort. Goodbye, everybody.