Wwe edge figure

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WWE Mattel Elite Series 83 Edge Unboxing & Review! Modern Day Edge!

674 views | 6 Jan. 2021

WWE Mattel Elite Series

WWE Mattel Elite Series 83 Edge Unboxing & Review! Modern Day Edge!

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Waylon Mercy

You're the daughter of two girls!


This was the only fig from the set I ordered, I love the regular version much more than the chase ?


Every time i see Edge or an Edge figure I think of Alter Bridge ?

Deegan Villanueva

fire wolfpac lyrics ??


I can’t wait to get this figure :)

Scottyboy Downunder

They seem to be able to nail modern day Edge headscan compared to the younger versions


The Ultimate Edition is current Edge. It's his Royal Rumble return attire.


That head scan is on point ??

Callum /CFCYABOYGAMING06 Christie

Thanks Kyle


You think you know me !!!

Wwe edge figure

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93 918 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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abdullah javid

Do the fiend and black vs brothers of destruction



Nick Munson

I love wwe I love you

Vaughn Guenter

900th comment

Cynthia Patterson

How long till new video

David Joan and Ben

You are really good in this

dean denyer

When will you cash in

Kiesha Green

Wait if he attacked Alistair black who's going to be his partner

Bray Wyatt fan

That ending wow

Red Flame032

this has my favourite match of yours. it is just the story telling in this that makes so good


I can't believe it, but at 12:53 when Zalina Vega comes in, the real world implications actually gave me a thrill! ??

Hangman The Cowboy

Lol Rambling Rabbit telling truths He is gonna die again ?

Kool Panda

I want you to upload Daily (please ?)

Jacob DuBois

A deadly games match for the WSC hardcore tag team titles would be crazy six tag teams in a match like that would be wild team extreme vs dominik and Humberto Carillo vs aleister black and the fiend bray Wyatt vs Christian and edge if edge can be in the match if Christian and edge can't be in the match then aj and finn could be in the match as well and maybe possibly lucha house party.

Fabio Ali Wrestling Figures

Christian changed face in video

Flash X2

Bro this match was the best I have ever seen

Dark Riolu96

Are you going to make the hardcore womens championship


I want to see wsc vs gcw

Justice Pixel

Your way better then any other yt even me

Sean Aldis

Please do wyatt family zelina vega Alexa bliss alister black and the fiend

Chris Bole

Stage creator is so nice he likes like every comment on this video


Hey WSC when are we going to get a women's division and WSC Woman's champ bro it needs to happen my dude

rapid phoenix _yt

I thought Alistair black was going to turn on the fiend

jew wresting

Awesome match

John Qualls

Why wsc don’ have a million Subscribe

FunTime FoxBit YT

I like the editing (GZW (ground zero wrestling) was inspired by ur content so I thank u for that) (I saw u took the heart away

Jaquis Brooks


SNM Navy619

Por edge Hardy's black Christian

Zyaire Burnett

I love this but dam that was his wife

Lasse Kranz

An another Hardcore Elemination Chamber

I like this

Gaming WithMe

Randy orton and john cena for the wse gardcore tag titles


EDGE is the best of all time

Ethan G

Can’t wait for your next video

Carter Jackson

Great job man


What a crazy match I think we all wish we had the talent you have

Leanne Stephen

PUMA Elegance spaceSET IAMPIZZ4 surfboy Big Babi porky isbelino ZMDE BraveOP FightetLuv wardTNT Quantam

Shawn Mills

You should do a women's hardcore championship match lita vs alexa bliss

WSC Stage Creator


Thank you all for checking out the video!

Please hit a black mass on the like button and spear the subscribe button if you haven’t already!

Things are heating up in WSC! ???

kayla Johnson



U finally used that attire off Matt Hardy

Sonya Smith

Next video team extreme v.s. Alister black ricochet and zelena Vega v.s. The fiend Finn bálor the demon and Alexa bliss?

Shawn Palasz

Can you make bray Wyatt and alister black battle the Mysterios

Michael Murphy

Can you Please use cm punk please?

zidane imc beltejar



Is Fiends hair made with noodles lol

Lisa Reddichan

o.m.g holly crap very scary

Michael Jansen

Hardy’s vs Wyatt and black TLC match

Terence Noah

That is the end of edge

Fredy Martinez

Road to 200k man that match was emotional

Hangman The Cowboy

WWE should hire you

Notex mar world Sheikh

WSU can u plz make 3 videos a week

Mason Gaitley

Why is wsc have so many good figures I would do anything to have the figures he has ?good job man keep going and doing what you are best at that is recording wwe videos

matthew idrovo


Zach Baker

Phoenix Nitro sent me

John Judy Krathwohl

so Fiend and Black vs. Team Extreme (Hardy Boyz)

Luke Holmes

That Matt hardy figure tho ???

Kenrich Lee

Edge should bring back the world heavyweight championship that he never lost

Shaine Murphy

I loved this vid it was so cool and aliester black should return and team with the fiend ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW

Fran Owen

That. Was. AWESOME!

zachlw07 lillywhite

can you make some female matches please

DinoPlayZ_Yt -

This was a great match Alastair black vs the fiend I what them to have a match again

optimus prime

Can you do a match with the fiend ,willow, and boogyman

Ivan Yuri Velasco

pls dont end this tag team with the fiend and aleister its just too early

Cole Behan

Man This Storyline Is Brutal For Aleister Black I Just Don't Know On What's Next For Him And His Wife And For What I Do Know Is That Team Extreme Is Coming For The WSC Hardcore Tag Team Championships I Give This Match Up A 4 Out 5 Stars After This Amazing Story Like ? If You Agree

Silver Ninja Games1230

God damn this was one of the best wsc matches I have ever seen 10/10

Doge Smith

Aleister can never catch a break

Sandra Scott

I thought that edge would win
But who next black gone who is HIS next partner

WHT Wrestling

Please be a women’s division I think it will be cool

Tjconn 512

Wow. Just wow. Phenomenal story telling. That was brutal.


Singularly the BEST vid so FAR! Just simply, WOW!?


A revenge match Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz vs black and Fiend (please Edge and Christian Winn)

Roronoa Zoro

WSC stage creator, Can you please do a giveaway ?

UWE Underground Wrestling Entertainment

Hi www stage creator love your vids but I was wandering I’d you would be able to maybe send some of you subscribers to my channel it’s name is UWE underground wrestling entertainment

Let Me in

Yep wwe should definitely hire you

Captain Bo Sheep

Your bray Wyatt impression voice is spot on


Could there be a WSC Women's Hardcore Championship?

Austin Barnes809

Whatching this was awesome and sad poor black but keep it man love your videos

Saifi Sheikh

Wow ???

Ameer Eatmon


Blue Evolution

This genius thing you created about aliester and the fiend should be in WWE


This was the creepiest and most adrenaline boosting match ever!

Shawn Johnson

I actually almost cried ??? your sick man ???
Really good job tho

Mason Creekmur

Wow. The beginning was deep. Maybe you Could get BC( Omega, Hangman, Young Bucks, Cody, Good Brothers) Back together and go for titles

FunTime FoxBit YT

And the videos in general

Isaiah Paul

Wsc is so good you should get more credit man and more subscribers you deserve it


He should make a diva wsc hardcore championship

Tyrshema Eiland

Best match ever


“I wanna see edge and Christian more these videos”

olly norman

It’s not wrong it criminal activity

Jason Spencer

Just a question is there any reason you haven't like stop motioned it completely

Harry Fysh

I paused it cause my mum was coming in the room and look what she saw 03:04

King Reigns

Ah yes another wsc post, Great :D


I’m subscribed

And liked


Love your channel

Really good stop motion

Better than me

The fiend

Hardy boyz

Excellent match

Joshua Venables

Next Week The Fiend and Aleister Black vs The Hardyz!

Alan King


fun cars with jesus

Maybe do Alexa vs ??? Pls

Juber Cuevas

Do team extreme versus team fiend please please I just want everyone wants to see this video get 400, 000 likes for this video

Nogotou Karamoko

Great match hardy boys best tag team ever!!!!!!

It's me Westin

Matt hardy And Lita or jeff Vs Alexa bliss and The fiend

kingsley anthony

great match