What time is it in the eu

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MEPs express concern EU Parliament will be left with no time to ratify Brexit deal if one is reached

14 975 views | 15 Dec. 2020

The EU and the UK are

The EU and the UK are still negotiating at pace. But even if a deal is struck before December 31, parliaments will have little time to examine it before trade barriers come into force.

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colin peachey

Why do I keep hearing no no no from the French , also the Eu does not have any sovereignty it is a trading bloc

Sue ells

It is in breach of our sovereignty leave us alone

N&A Films

Why dosent every parliament adopt the EU practice of packing everything up after 3 weeks and unpacking your parliament in another city, for a week and then repeating.


How is this not obvious? I'd find it difficult to believe Boris hadn't anticipated this as a better alternative to requesting an extension if he wasn't such a buffon. So much oven readiness.

Chris Shapcott

Funny how Switzerland didn't need any special rachet clause. That deal was done within weeks. Perhaps because Switzerland is outward looking & competative, rather than a protectionist ring?

James Douglas Whittaker

“Will find a way to Prolong the status quo””. ???? .......Yet another delay, yet another delay to screw us for yet more billions The devious E U will always find a way to hold us back. This propaganda comes to us by a site funded in whole or in part by the E U and is therefore not to be trusted . The 31 December is the fixed deadline set by Boris — set ! On that date we are fully out snd glad of it.

Falco 666

He’s rattled! ?????

David Hudson

There is a friggin big problem pal , we are totally pissed off!! The constant delays time after time at a cost of 1 billion per month are outrageous & simply cannot be tolerated!!! 4.5 years you bunch of corrupt politicians must be stopped FFS!!

Jens Berlin

It seems the EU is a democracy unlike the UK run by rightwing morons ignoring international law

Barry Birchmore

Great then the UK get what we voted for NO DEAL WTO

Ricardo Smythe

If the UKs red lines are crossed any deal will have a very short shelf life. Approximatley 1 parliment term


so uhm... the EU boast of it being so advance, whatever happened to emergency meetings and councils... seriously? a late deal such as this there can be no provisions made for?

Kenny Fenny

EU Parliment have no say in this.. they are just symbolic.

Mike Stead

Note if a deal is reached we can extend the transition period if Boris does that the Torys are dead the EU will never give Boris what we want, they do not under stand we will be sovereign

K Edmodson

You’ve had years to sort this numb nuts, we’re out. No doubt another politician that’s never done a real days work.

Jeffrey Gallon

EU can fishoff time is up

Julio Ames

EU parliament is non elected therefore isn’t democratic! For starters...


OIf course the past 41/2 years doing nothing but demands from the EU don't count. OH! It's all our fault. of course.

Bev Roe

NO. No. NO.

Paul Wood

No more cash is to be handed over to the EU after 31 Dec. No more EU laws either.


Fish fish do you want to buy some fish we have loads at a price of course ??????????

Clive Johnson

Sorry but you will be pushed aside if there is a deal.


Just leave and do WTO rules

Ernest Himself

True Brexit, is a no deal exit.

Luke Forrester

I'm a little confused, so does the E.U. have s free trade agreement with Canada?

Do they have to follow the E.U. standards and regulations across the board even to items that they are not exporting to the E.U. market?
I don't know, but I can't imagine that being there case, but If that ISN'T the case, as I find it weird that Japan and Canada now live life by E.U. standards, then why should the U.K. if they are seeking a similar free trade agreement?
Or is the U.K. asking for more access and other incentives?

I find it sad that after decades of the British giving billions and billions of dollars, pounds, euros into the E.U. club after having its county bombed, and hundreds of thousands Britishers died to support the European continent, and the E.U. won't even give it a free trade agreement like Canada's?

I know the last part was emotive, but it is a context the Britishers will be thinking, "after all we've done", "and your giving countries half way around the world more respect and better conditions".

I personally believe there will be bitterness left there for years to come, and the idea of the U.K. ever joining anytime again over the next decade is out of the question.

Sad all round really, whatever way you look at it, no matter what your views or sides taken.

Edmund Brown

The usual moronic comments from the Brexifascists.


I feel quite sorry for the EU. They simply could not accept the fact that the UK is gone and are still farting around.

EU master

It's some kind of a Trade Deal , otherwise it's still a No - Deal BREXIT. What does the EU have now to show to it's Citizens ? A BOWL OF FISH, Really so....???


No deal. sorry but no.

Stephen foley



Philippe clearly does not understand the simple term "a Sovereign Nation", the EU cannot be a Sovereign Nation otherwise it would have NO National Parliaments or No National MPs. The EU is 27 Sovereign Nations that chose to pretend to be ONE when it helps them OR 27 individual nations when that is a better bargaining position. If the EU is ONE then by definition there needs to be NO APPROVAL from individual nations and therefore PLEASE EXPLAIN Why Macron is allowed to speak on the behalf of the EU Parliament, or for that matter Merkel, Head of the Fourth Reich?, they are NOT members of the EU Parliament? The answer is it is all LIES! There has NEVER been any intention of acting in Good Faith by the EU which automatically INVALIDATES the Withdrawal Agreement = No Divorce Payments ! So Long and Enjoy your last fish before 2021. Happy New Fishless Year.

Jens Wehmeier

Lol all these brexiteer comments where worth it... :D

Darrell Holland

We have left and you count for nothing! Concentrate on trying to stop the "Domino" effect!

Stephen foley

Well who's fault is that..Macron
the tin pot dictator

Shaun Smith

No deal is a deal, it’s wto.

Boghos Kozadjian

Patting his own back with "the UK should find a way because they created the situation" is the embodiment of the EU denial Dogma.

Jack Harrison

No status quo, no extension.

Bowling Crony

Lets just leave already.
Why are we even trying to make a deal with these people when they have held nothing but contempt for our democracy and wanton sovereignty.
We should have left on WTO and then looked at making a trade deal that could help both parties.

Cute Smile Gooner

I really really HATE the evil union

Kyle Coleman

So they admit they will only be kind if they get what they want, they will not get what they want... No deal right now... Its what the British people want not the corrupt EU

Maria Frost

Respect democracy.......but 'don't mess with The Parliament'!! Laughable.

mark spilka

Thats their problem take them 5 yrs to agree anything, when it suits them change the rules when it des not .


Who would have thought that MEPs are the fifth wheel? They are powerless to do anything, it's the EU commission that is in control. The unelected, antidemocratic, unaccountable commission. That is one of the reasons why the UK left.

xeno neomorph

Make this fundamentally clear the reason why Boris Johnson is in no10 ,no fair trade agreement and no fishing in our borders ,you can get your large vessels out of our waters and fishing boats ,our stocks need to replenish and the damage you have done to the sea bed .
Fair trade we are not going to change any tariffs just because you want to preserve your own businesses if you do not want trade that is fair enough .
I understand your page ,but understand ours you have enjoyed and power over our fisheries of 72% while our own was taking 22% how is that fair ,our boats were took to Norway to be scrapped i guess you need to understand what happened to us will happen to you accept Karma.

Lisa Christer

Oh the irony....imagine a parliament with no legislation ability would actually give us what we want.

Andrew Towell

Lmfao, it's called a "mixed-agreement", your Commision signed it for Canada FTA too ??

Mark ward

Let’s hope there is no deal to ratify and we leave on WTO rules

ian Smith

Should have thought about that before you slowed it down

Mike Jones

Despite my surname I'm a Swiss

John Whyte.

The MEP's have NO say in this Parliament Its VDL & Co WHO RUN THINGS

Jason Bee

No deal end off

Graham Epps

EU negotiators have issued no end of ultimatums, made no end of demands, given us orders, made threats, promised punishments, advise we will be seen in court, their court. All these designed to bring us to heel.
They have said relentlessly we must be made an example of. Our people and our economy must suffer at their hands.
Is this negotiating in good faith with good will, with good intent?
The truth is the EU fear the consequences if we are a success as an independent sovereign country free from their shackles. Free from their power and control.
The recent successful trade deals completed around the globe have rattled their cage, shown other bloc members what can be achieved once free of the elite of Brussel meddling.
We asked do we need a second tier of controls, of laws, of regulations, rules. Do we need a second parliament, government, do we need second legislative and banking sectors? Do we need a Presidential Palace? Embassies by the cart load? a museum devoted to self- promotion? Do we need endless new laws, rules, regulations, red tape? Do we really need to pay Billions into this quagmire ( 10.8 Billion alone just for overpaid staff), 10,000 earning more than our PM?
We came up with the answer NO. We had a referendum to get back control.
This goes against everything they stand for.
That is why they will never agree a fair trade deal with us.


Irrelevant - its a NO DEAL for sure - thats the best deal!

Phillip Davies

Out out out
Buy British fish and British chips?

Joe Cat

doesnt have to... there can either be technical extension or the council can sign preliminarily.

Ian Kings

What !! Four and a half’s years is not enough time ?

Chrissy Fincham

Don’t remember the EU quango worrying about ‘due course’ for ratification, during the last four years ??


Listen to Philipe. The UK has the sovereign right not to follow any rules. The EU also has a similar right to deny access to its single market to sovereign nations who exercise their right not to follow the rules. Absolutely spot on!

David Bigley

Oh yeah, take your standards and shove them where the sun don't shine!

andrew thomas


Nicoleta Carnu

this is what dead lines are for, right?! But I think that it’s a strategy here talk, talk, talk and ups 1st of jan. “accidental no-deal brexit”. And then... we continue talking but the thing is already done and it’s nobody’s fault ?. The EU have more important things to do so they just don’t care and it would just be a problem that solved by itself... and the discutions will resume because the brits are going to ask for that sooner rather then later, they are just going to have even more leverage over the brits so no worries. There is still nothing to ratify... that is for sometime in the far away future... ?


The EU and UK both know there will not be a deal.

Only reason they are not cancelling talks and walking away is the negative publicity would be colossal on whichever side did walk.

The UK also know they are in a superior bargaining position when they negotiate from WTO terms from 1st January 2021.


Goodbye EU good luck keeping it together in the EU


Philippe, with his hatred for the UK, meanwhile Belgium is the permitted headquarters for 15lamic térrorists.


Its their own fault, they've had four years to get an FTA done!

Ian Mcgarrigle

Another EU problem. No reason for the UK to care.

Derek Moore

No extension by a millisecond or they will be claiming more money from US for lurgy relief

stephen richards

There may be nothing to ratify. he he


I hope all Europeans tell the poisonous EU to FRO and enter FTA's to enjoy productive and prosperous lives. Long live sovereignty!!

Jintaro Kensei

Just leave the UK to the sharks.


FCUK ?? EUssr ✔️

Grouse The Ghoul

It doesn't matter what you call it, IT'S STILL AN EXTENSION !!!!Arrogant EU muppets think they are dealing with fools.

Antonio Santos

Mep are only decoration in EU, useless parliament, only Merkel n Macron will decide


The EU Parliament and the EU national Parliaments must ignore the deadline Mr. "I constantly break my own deadlines" Boris Johnson has stablished in the Britsh Parliament. If a deal is agreed before the 31th of december, Boris Johnson should remove HIS deadline, to give all the EU Parliaments to debate properly about that deal.

The EU was patiently waiting for 9 months until the UK finally triggered article 50, and after that was waiting for some months until the new British Goverment was elected. When the EU and Theresa May's British Goverment agreed a deal, the EU patiently waited for UK's Parliament to ratify it. When that deal was rejected, the EU patiently began new negotiations, until Mr. "I constantly break my own deadlines" Boris Johnson agreed the customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of GB Theresa May's goverments had rejected 18 months ago.

So, if there is a deal, the UK must wait for some months until it is properly debated by all the Parliaments which must ratified it, including, or course, the British. If the British Parliament doesn't extend the transition period, then no deal Brexit the first of January 2021.

Grant Newman

Is it the EU dragging its heels or the UK dragging its knuckles? I cant tell now.

David Bigley

There will be no agreement with the EU's demands. May they forever be confused and done down. Disgusting organisation. I will never buy another item of produce from any EU country!

Sue ells

No deal

Jason Bee

To all EU Bullies in parliament,,,forget it cos not an any kind a deal will not be accepted from the British parliament not a chance

Mark Anthony Wilson

No deal 100%

Dave Monday

They don’t express concern
He says U.K. do has your told
Typical Eu. Behaviour this is why they won’t get a deal.


Spoiler alert..........you don't need to ratify a no deal ?


They'll just get an extension. Brits are so desperate.

Baz Robb



Brussels will push any deal through if the negotiations go that way. But the UK parliament like the EU parliament have to agree to any treaty first.

Henk Oosterink

Let them sink in the ocean.

Shaney Hellboy

European union officials are criminal

stephen sneddon

??? won't have time.... they've had 4 and a half years...the EU treat countries unequal...

Linda Holden

I shouldn’t worry there won’t be a deal to ratify.


They’ve had (wasted) over four years to sort this out.
Now at the last minute they’re complaining they don’t have enough time to ratify any deal.
They fully expected the UK to crumble.....Teresa May might have done but this lot won’t.
Our fish, our sovereignty and our playing field.

todd frame

They shouldn't have wasted our time, we told you what we wanted ages ago lol

Rudy Bayoumy

I'm certain that the "Brexit deal" with the EU is done & dusted, It's just a "Soap Opera" to let E Macron & B Johnson look victorious in the eyes of their electorates, besides to squeeze the national & EU parliaments to rush to ratify before 31st of December, make no mistake, they'll announce the deal between Christmas & New Year...Happy New Year everyone

Blair Parkay

We want out now!
WTO Brexit and BOLLOCKS to the EU ??????


The only deal the UK make is with countries that want to deal with us

EU master

EU 's Von Der Leyen literally sold the EU to Britain virtually Cost Free by replacing BREXIT deal with a Trade Deal instead by giving away full, tariff- free access to the UK to EU markets against receiving a BOWL of Fishes ( only 25% fishing Quota for 5 years only. ) Shame, Shame and shame

Ian Kings

The EU is not a country, so sovereignty doesn’t apply.

What time is it in the eu

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What time is it in the eu

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Gabriel Pedroso

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Fernando caires

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Guilherme Moraes

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Julio Cesar

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Jacson Araujo

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Raul Alves

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Jonathan Lopes

Começo do vídeo é muito zoado, mostra tudo que é legal no vídeo

Mateus Moura


Rodrygo Santista

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Anderson Luis

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Concordo com vc plenamente irmão. ????????❤⚽️.

E quando vc jogava no vitoria, realmente era sua chance de ir, mas e muita, mas muita .... para jogar na seleção do seu país.
Mas isso só para quem quer jogar por amor .

Mas segue sua vida irmão, faz seu jogo .
@0711artebolla insta ajuda nós la ??⚽️❤


Pensei q era o Martinho da Vila hahahahaha

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Teco Santos

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Convida o Zinho para ser o Rolezinho Zinho

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Cbf e o lixo aquele bosta, infelizmente a política tomou conta da cd.

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Sales Brasil

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Flavio Fabbri

Mas onde estão as máscaras ?? ???


Nice one!!!♥

ɱя. Ŧяєֆƈђ

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Rylldo Lisboa

Humilde d+ só pode ser do meu nordeste, parabéns rei da América....


Dirigindo falando no telefone que belo exemplo em Maurício ??


Marinho monstro dentro de campo e fora das 4 linhas


Gostei desse cara

Felipe raça fla

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André Zanin

Esse vídeo já não foi postado?

Adilson Freitas

Da hora essas entrevistas

Adriano Reis

Verdadeiro seleção mas nortestinp n é valorizado.

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Lucas Ike

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Luis Fernando

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Bruno Barreto

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Admiro muito Marinho, deveria realmente ser mais reconhecido. Joga demais e se entrega dentro de campo como poucos.

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Gabriel Nascimento

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Victor Machado

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Gabriel Munhoz

Se não fosse antiga a entrevista, seria ainda melhor!
Marinho é dahora d+!

gregori toledo


Elias PES

1 min de vídeo já tava me acabando de rir

That's Football

Adoro o Marinho ?
Figura de mais ??

Adamo Pierre

Di marinho idolo da seleção do peixao

• Mano Sampa •

Pipocou bonito na final em cara, e o Soteldo também

canal cremosinho ofc

Minha seleção É meu pes mobile ?

Eduardo Oliveira Silva

Marinho é pipoqueiro igual ao cai cai. A diferença é que ele não vai pra seleção. Muito pipoca

thyago santos

Por que demoram tanto para colocarem os conteúdos? Deve ter maior tempão

Canal do Futebol Brasileiro 2001

Marinho e Mosntro

i hp

Na tumb tá parecendo o Martinho da Vila kkk

Arthur Cruz

Última convocação da seleção brasileira: Everton Cebolinha, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Richarlison, Roberto Firmino e Vini Jr. Marinho querer vaga entre esses caras é brincadeira. Se tiver vaga só no lugar de Vini Jr. Mas, temos Rodrygo, Anthony e David Neres q são bem melhores. Respeito Marinho e um grande jogador. Mas, não tem vaga na seleção brasileira.


Caramba marinho falou a verdade mesmo , hoje em dia seleção e panela
Por isso não vai para frente essa seleção brasileira

Caio Palharini

Marinho ⚪⚫

Alessandro Simplicio

Belo quadro !!!!

Felipe raça fla

Duvido que esse programa foi gravado antes da pandemia ..

El Canal de Rebeca

Que hermoso comentario dejastes