Tiktok comparisons

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I’m short I’m tall I’m medium tiktok anime

46 236 views | 9 Aug. 2020

I’m short I’m tall I’m

I’m short I’m tall I’m medium tiktok anime challenge!

Hope u guys enjoyed watching this tiktok anime compilation and make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more videos

Also, let me know in the comments if u would like to see more!

Love y,all ❤️




meanwhile me being 4'8-


I can no longer not hear this song in my head

stay safe my children - isabella

I'm shorter than hinata and noya.... Well ok then

Sara P

I'm 5'6 and most of my favorite characters are taller than me!!!!! WHY?! ??

Aida Sharabati

This video is the best ?


this song got ruined by tiktok

Sophie Collet

WHAT LEV YOU FREAKIN 196 cm!!?!?!?

Eren Yeager•_

Levi ?


Imagine the tallest person do this tiktok challenge

El Crack

0:55 Levi ?


So ur telling me that the second dude is making fun of my height- I’m 5’1 and he is basically making fun of it???

Melody Kyoto

I like the 6’0

Mr Endeavor

I'm 5'10 male at 16
I think that I will grow more for sure because of my genetics xd

Tricky Sugar

5'2 im short because, im still a kid xD

Jolyne Cujoh

But I’m 150cm/4’11
This song ain’t for me-

Botan Berry

The first one was a mood ?

Heyzous _

Kakashi is 5’11 not 5’9

•Lazy Studios•

me: wait why are most anime character so tall
also me being under 5 feet


I’m the same height as Mohammed Avdol from Jojo...coincidentally Mohammed is also my real first name!
He’s 188cm and so am I!

Pus Grey & Pus Meng

Im 5'1 13 years old

Itachi is my birthday twin

I made fun of Edward Elric for being short but then I realized I’m only half an inch taller than him

johnny Lopez

HES 5'2

Makenna Schofner

Does anyone know what filter this is?


This shows what anime you are

Pus Grey & Pus Meng

I am 5 ft tall shorter than most anime

Whatever Goes

Could've credited Jack Stauber for the music but you gave no credit whatsoever

Dakota w

im 6'10

Rohail Faisal

Anyone have a link to one of these

Its Maggy

0:21 All of the ones that said that he was tall was because they were all kids!

sky children of the light

i`m short i`m not tall
to the other fandom
charcter i`m short
i can`t be tall

Choi Yeonjunie

I'm a 5'7 female now i feel taller than i am


I'm 5'5 and im 13


One Piece height tiktoks? A lot of the guys and girls in that anime are tall as fuck-


Sailor mooooon


When you realize that your 2ft shorter than almight......


What is the filter's name?


1:06 why would you put mt.Lady here ?! ?

Cyber Youtabe

The song is called “How tall are you.” By Jack Stuber

Hitoka Yachi

Heh... Im 5'1... I stopped growing at 12 :')

pepsi man

Im shorter than mineta ??


insert colossal titan

Without manga spoilers

Isaiah Coles

I was 5' in 7th grade them I was 5' 7" in 8th

oni asmr

I hate that Levi is taller then me

I might be a weeb

Ok so I looked up how tall Nishinoya is to refresh my memory, and below that the internet said that one of his goals is to always keep his voice raised- ????

Also I'm taller than him and I'm a 13 year-old girl


My god piclo is 7 ' 5" feet wow ?


I thought that ryuk was like 12 feet but OK.

lemøn vìbes

I'm 7'8

Its Maggy

Almost all I f them had kids to measure that they were short


Uuuuh I thought Nishinoya was 5”2?

agent zero

when u realize izuku midoriya is taller than zuko........

The Random Storyboy



When you made fun of Hinata and Nishinoya for being short but then you realize you're shorter than both of them-

yes no

0:27 haha I guess me and gon would cry together ?

Aboda FGYT

Wowo u will be a big star youtuber i love your vidios ♥️

Abbie K

Man I'm like the odd one out here not being ANY of anyone's size like what happens to 5'1 QwQ I lonley TwT anyways idk if it's just me but if I could meet mha then that would be a dream come true :0


I'm 6'5 and I notice since the whole social distancing thing people move over more quickly for me when in a narrow aisle for instance. Another benefit of being tall?


0:43 this guy don't get it


The first one I can relate so hard

Jason Bowen

Don’t think the third dude did it right

Katia Ustulin

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Pizon the man

Good to know that I’m as tall as Kakashi and I’m 13 and weigh 175lbs

Ashlyn Peace

well I made a new discovery today

I'm only a bit more taller then shoyo :')

fredbear the best bear

Im 214 cm

Gacha Life

Hinata is short af but I still love him so much????

Sobhy Oyoun

Wow wow wow the best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best beeeeeeeeeewstttttttt ?????????


LOL I don’t use feet and inches

•who the hell is Maddie? •

Im shorter than noya im 158.5 cm

Tiktok comparisons

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USA vs India | The Box Indian remix tiktok memes

2 476 555 views | 6 Feb. 2020

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USA vs India round 2 | The Box Indian remix tiktok memes https://youtu.be/W3rq5laaobE

Original Intro where they insult each other: https://youtu.be/ukznXQ3MgN0

Song: https://youtu.be/4Ol9opc4MIQ

Your daily dose of smartphone optimised tiktok memes to watch right before going to sleep.

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If you wish to contact me in case of credits inclusions, video removals or copyright issues please write me an email:

[email protected]

#tiktok #funny #compilation

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Jackz BroBruh

0:35 me when my parents say I could get the ps5 is I cut my hair like that


Fuck you you come to india i will show you what is india tje you will forgot america

Isaiah Raphael Duenas

4:13 that was not india that was aftica

Neyansabir hama

With the singers we have joven the disco time meme

Plankton Plonkster

Indian approved

Mr. Unknown

Guys It's not the actual Reality of india, you can research. This video is for fun, do research before taking it serious.



Robert Ramirez

sure feels good to be indian


india has real innovation


(Drake is Canadian btw) 0:07

toara mahesa poluans

0:35 the reverse mohawk


America we got the best rappers Drake isn't Drake's Canadian


3:52 lol

Capstone axis

3:55 ever heard hydroman who dances under water..

Rahul Ingle

How many things show in this video which is not indian nor a American ??they brought from another country... Like, Bangladesh Pakistan, Indonesia


Check out round 2 of USA vs India:

Zayaan Kazi


Ramen child

Us: we have the best anime bing watchers
My fellow Indians: " no sleep "

sukumara kurupp

America :-we have best super heroes
India :-we have BALAKRISHNA ??
(മലയാളി )


0:35 killed me bro

Chandra Kumar

i like india


america:we have the best memes
brazil:hahaha try again my friend



Bailey Francis A. Barros

Thank god im not indian

Zayaan Kazi

You are very dirty ???????

the antiques

Help me with the rap or song used.

Jay Jay

song please ?


Its funny how most of those videos aren't even Indian

Radbert Benedictus

0:50 can someone send me the original video please?

Symon Madera

Whats the name of the song?


America : we have corona virus hahaha
India : cool ????

Luikang Bethel

The farmer of India is the best

killer sanju

What song is this

Asher Albert



Song: Ricch Roddy - The Box Indian Version


Anyone plzz tell me this song name?

DJ_ Beast

Some Indian’s creations are worsted than USA
And the superman and iron man are just photoshop

Prashant mavai

Tu India Ka he ye dusre des Ka

Lucy Rapy

Indirectly you are insulting India.
Don't you how much foreigners respect our country.

Karan Kk

What is bgm name when Indian meme shows please say ?

Stuart Victory

America:we talk the most shit
India: well done we can’t compete finally

Christiam Sanchez

0:58 I have no clue what just happen here? Did he dunk the ball in the net. da fuk man?!


Bas Hendriks

Lamborghini is Indiaas

Enrique Jose Lopez

Xavier is the legand?????

Lee Roy

Ye video mai chupke se india ka roast huya h ?????

Mohua Roy

Indian Army forever ?

maggy espinosa


Joshua samuel Susai

India literally sucks

Daida's Stories

Honestly in my opinion, India's Dog house actually looks cool!

Akshu Thapa

USA* We got the best rappers
India* maybe you should listen to Ashish chanchalani's daspaccito ?


I usa

Best Bros

We are Indians and we could tell you it’s true

Rishit Meshram

If you are searching for original song its the box by roddy rich


I got a little offended but it’s still funny

Prashant mavai

Tera Desh Kaisa Achcha hai pregnant desh ki Shakal to dekhle Kaise lagte ho oh my God

King Joe III

0:06 um, my guy, drake is from Toronto, canada

kaguya shinomiya

if anyone wondering abt man cursing at each other at the beginning of this sound here u go;

Yogi 3018

4:43 is aladin Indonesia



Zayaan Kazi

???????????????? your fuckin family did not teach you anything your bloody America is a fuckin country

Yajas Terian

This vid sees to be made to roast India, hence it's kinda biased, I feel like both kinds should be here, to see what indians can come up with to roast us

Allen 007

America : We have best fast foods !
India : We have the best spices which make u more healthy+ stronger + memory power too ?

Meme s

Plov twist : this youtuber is racist and america is gone sue this youtuber

zepeto star

I don't think India is more good than America

Vinil Dsouza

American think there are only one ????

Pete Adame

America obviously has the best nukes?

Gamer X Change


M1 India

You wish

Guillermo Morán


Ritesh Babhale

Aj pta Chala India sachme chuthiya he?


4:44 I'm pretty sure thats from Indonesia.


America:We have more corona cases in the world
India:shame on you america

Jonathan Cruz69

India is on another level


Fucking india

Sameera Khalique

Hello i am under the water pleas help me ooooooo

Devesh Kumar

Song name in background please


I love usa. And i hate india lol:/

Idk & Idc

4:07 really was waiting for selmon bhai ???

Lakshitha Madusanka


Devil Life Channel

bhai kuch samaj too nahi aaya par joo bhi tha aacha laga


Who are the guys blabbering shit at 0:02 to 0:09?

News Micrakle!

Americans:we have Robert Downey
Indians:We have Kamal hassan

Muhammed Mubeen

Why you people blaming we indian not all the indians are like them ???

Nielbert Lenizo

Indian Is so Very Creative

royal Ariesh

Song name pls❤

Ravinder Kaur

Indian movies are the worst some of them are good and where is krish the best hero

charan Cherry

India is best you think so

Ishika Dhikia

America* we have annabelle and chucky

India* we have 'pappi guddiya'.???

Cody By

wow 1:12

GTF Vlogger

Plz tell the song name plz


I am thinking that in this video they are making India a joke by comparing to others, they are showing only bad thing about india..

Abhishek Shinde

America- we have the best entertainers
India- hold our 'gopi bahu'?

Free Fire Status tamil

Don't compar iron man with that ediot

Prashant mavai

Apna khud ka Munh Dekha Hai To Koi dekh le badtamiz ghumne Tumse Mili To Main Bata Dungi

Ravinder Kaur

U just pick everything from a movie and people who build they builded their own house u are a nerd some of them are picked from meme and movies

vivek bhowmik

woh wala pool indonesia k bande ne banay uffa naal fuck fuck karke kuch bhi dikha raha hain

Rúben Barbosa Tuga

name of the song?

Wilson Alvarez

USA : India you suck whe have the best tings and america wins lol India ok:( you won ?

Epic banana Gaming

0:48 that guy movin

Tiktok comparisons

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TikTok Music Promotion Results And Platform Comparisons | How To Use To For Music Marketing

51 636 views | 11 Jan. 2020

FREE TikTok Music Secrets

FREE TikTok Music Secrets Training at https://www.tiktokmusicsecrets.com


Hi BrandMan, i check the free course but im not able to hear nothing

Sound De Daniel

Dawg the thumbnail got me good I knew you were dropping gems on em !!


Hey! I would love for you to follow me, like my playlist, and listen to 1 minute of any song- I will do the same for you?
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Do you offer marketing services?

Kristian Fejer

If you are looking to promote your music, I work with a network of 50M followers on TikTok and would be happy to help. Hit me up @technowonders on IG.

RealJayJobes ジェイジョブズ

Thank you for your work!!?? Boutta check out the webinar replay today. You’re definitely the person who got me interested in TikTok (not on there yet). Been hearing about it since it was musical.y or whatever just never really got it. But I guess it’s almost just like vine fr.

Sky Santana Music

its definitely worth it, i remember we did a livestream months ago and u told me to keep my content separated. i created a food tiktok a few days ago, and one of my posts is gonna hit a million in the next few days & my page been growing like crazy, im currently at abt 26k followers, in 2-3 days, (no promo, no prior fans following the account, i wanted to see how far i could get on my own) theres definitely something there when it comes to gen z & the way they use social media that works in the favor of Brands & artists if u do it right. once i get it to a certain point i plan to refer back to the network to figure out how i can funnel this traffic back to my music. the engagement on tiktok doesnt even compare to anywhere else, ive never seen such crazy #s, with REAL people, REAL engagement in my life, i can only imagine what an actual paid campaign would do for me


Needed this, i was just contimplating starting one up! Thank you BrandMan Sean!

Lop Kop

I’m an artist from the UK I want us to work on tiktok from promotion how do I get in touch


Numbers don’t lie?


Great job, Brandman. Kindly explain how to run ads on titkok. I do mainly comic music and I think tiktok is the ideal place to market my songs. Thanks

Mr. Scrabflow

U da best in your craft. Certified.

Apollo Veritas

I appreciate the insight man!

thesun collective147

Your energy is "transferring" to me..I'm in .

Olaniyi Temidayo



How much do you charge to do a tiktok campaign?

Ik Starr

I subscribed the moment he used the word "dangerous"

Monica Momney

its worth it, it not only is helping me promote is helping me bust stage fright

Corrin Campbell

Way to break down a new platform! How are you attributing the views/streams/followers, etc to your Tik Tok campaign? Are you not running any other campaigns to this content?

Conduit of the Gospel DarrellBe



wait how are you getting 49 cents per view on spotify??


Great information man, what a gem!


Hey man, how do you know how much TikTok paid for views or video generated? If I using distrokid and get like 10k views, how much I can get?

King Ed



For example, how much would you pay somebody to make a TikTok if they had 1M followers?

Makaila Janai

Wassup! Can you please check out my 2 singles “Cocky” and “pull up” and react to them. They’re both on my channel but you can also get them on all streaming platforms. I promise you won’t be disappointed❤️?


.49% of a cent is what he means. No streaming pays 50cents per play.


I gotta get my shit together Smh.......


Such a cool video man! Clear and informative, thank you


How can I purchase your promo service?

Mario Hernandez

Love the content ty


What's the buy in on tik Tok anyway. Minimum? For ads

Her Star

Love you. <3


real talk

Tony Fight

Would you be so kind and share the name of the song you were using for this campaign?

Animal Comp

For People Trying to Paste Their TikTok Username!! Go to TikTok and go to your profile, click edit profile, look for where it says Username, UNDERNEATH that it should say "tiktok.com/(your username)" and on the right of that you should see two little black squares, click the black squares to copy it then paste it like so tiktok.com/@animal_comp make sure you see that it's Highlighted or els no-one can click the Link. If its not Highlighted than download a note app for taking notes, paste it their making sure it's Highlighted, save the note and then copy when you need it. But Make Sure The Link Is Highlighted When You Post It? My TikTok is about funny and cute Animal videos if you want yo follow❤ tiktok.com/@animal_comp


Can I use tik to promote video if I’m a videographer


I'd say 20k/30k IG follower should get 100 dollars. Tik Tok has taken the money to their own side.
It's just a post they don't even have to sweat

Iam Starks

How can I work with you this year ?

Ogundare John

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Eduardo Moran

Is there someone who can share to me paid videos for TikTok campaigns on BrandMan??


What about triller does trillion do samething to because triller is mostly for hiphop ?


Had to put the glasses on for this one

ET, The Love Philosopher


Life with Teshara

Follow my youtube on Here guyssss


Yo I want to buy something that will help me learn TikTok and start promoting my songs there but I only have 300 dollars in my bank right now. What should I buy? A course? Should I join the network for a month or two and get a consultation? Money is really right rn but I want to take advantage of this opportunity


how do we set up a tiktok campaign witchu

ET, The Love Philosopher

Love your content man!! I’m an upcoming artist from Angola/Portugal and I’m trynna get in the game internationally. I’ve been learning a lot from your videos! Keep it up ????


where do you actually go to run ads on tiktok.. it's saying it's only accepting advertisers from certain countriies?