International pizza day

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The Midnight - C O L D P I Z Z A

39 970 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Happy International Pizza

Happy International Pizza Day ?


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Fernando Santiesteban


Jose Lino

This song truly needs vocals/lyrics ???

Creamy Stallion

When that pepperoni drops

Ace of Props

This is exactly the jam I needed this week <3

Abdool sattar Cassim

Do you know why I love the midnight? Their music transports me to a time that never was, an era that I should've been in. It's a transcending feeling I cannot explain. Thank you midnight for being here ?

Photo 80s J

You are not stoned. The clouds are moving. Also, Maybe your stoned.?

Seras Victoria

I absolutely need that video as my wallpaper!

Lola Victoria

Spotify please ??????❤️????

Synthwave Classics

Adam Back is Satoshi Nakamoto

Vital Mode



The dislikes are from people who like their pizza scalding hot

N Raymond

I would eat pizza for every meal of the day if it was not frowned upon by society

Anan The Nab


Dream State Films

This is how I started my night.

Mee Mee

Ah yes, cold pizza.

XemyJIb_GoD _BK201


Ella Tayhon

The background looks nostalgic as heck

Will Cannon

More panflute!


You know what I can honestly say I really enjoy your music. So much that I actually bought your music when I usually don’t buy music I just get Spotify but I actually went into iTunes and paid money for your music that’s how much I like it I don’t care for 100% of it but I will admit at least a good 75 to 80% of the music you guys make I can honestly say I enjoy it brings me back to a better time growing up in the late 80s through the 90s just thinking of all the good shit that happened in my life,friends, family, girlfriends long gone just a good time.

Ahmed Hossain



Absolutely beautiful ❤️....thank u to the The Midnight for this amazing feeling!!!

Damon Arnold

best cold pizza ive ever had


I literally ate cold pizzas some hours ago, what a coincidence!

Omar Mahmud



Woah! He stole that guy's pizza!



I ain't Telling

The background is so beautiful ❤️

Mak Sze Ka

Nice one

Alex Davidson

It's time to deliver a Pizza Ball!

Affan Mohamed

aah this track has 80's vibes a lot ^.^


I really hope this is a hint to an album

Marc Mays

Normally I am thrilled with new releases from The Midnight. This one just misses the mark for me. Their earlier music had more of a Retrowave sound, and while I appreciate the need they have to grow and evolve as artists, I will be taking a pass more often, if their music continues to diverge from the great style their sound had originally.


p i z z a


Wow pretty nice track I wouldn't say it's one of the best from the midnight I like some of their older tracks. So is this track about pizza? One thing I've noticed about the midnight and other synthwave groups they don't really have music videos all they have is just this digital artwork although I will say it looks nice. They're actually is a pizza place that has a retro style look when you walk in over here in my town it's locally owned been around for a very long time. I will say this song makes me want toget on my Domino's app and order a ? Pizza oh and let's not forget the drink I'll have a 20 oz Pepsi please.




Haha is that Miku on vocals?


rainy days. cold pizza. great music. the right vibes.

Jason Filan

Why not drop it ?


When the late night shift ends and the sun comes up and you can finally leave freddy fazzbears pizza

Andy Walster

Well I remember my first day of public school
I was very scared of getting pummeled
And sure enough I did at first recess
I got pegged in the head by a big red ball
And stumbled, my head hung
Back to class with a bloody nose
And soon it was lunch time
Mom said I should ask about how poor kids could get fed
So I got a book of tickets and a schedule and it read

Monday hotdogs
Tuesday tacos
Wednesday hamburgers and chocolate milk
Thursday sloppy joes and burritos in a bag
Friday was pizza day, the best day of the week
All the kids would line up super early just to eat

Monday hotdogs
Tuesday tacos
Wednesday hamburgers and chocolate milk
Thursday sloppy joes and burritos in a bag
Friday was pizza day, the best day of the week
It always came with salad and a side of cold green beans

Hooray for pizza day
Hooray for pizza day
I miss pizza day
The best day of the week

Well I remember my first day of Jr. High
I had hairspray in my hair and my pants were way too tight
And all the breakers and new-wavers and the rockers and the preps
Would all be in their places on the front lawn or the steps
I hung out with some punker kids who used to make me laugh
Got thrown in the dumpster by some rich kids near the caff
As time went on we figured out it was totally uncool
To eat the welfare lunch
Provided by the school
So in poser punker fashion we just mooched off all the kids
And lived off eating candy bars and bags of nacho chips

Monday hotdogs
Tuesday tacos
Wednesday hamburgers and chocolate milk
Thursday sloppy joes and burritos in a bag
Friday was pizza day, the best day of the week
It always came with salad and a side of cold green beans

Hooray for pizza day
Hooray for pizza day
I miss pizza day
The best day of the week

Well now I'm out of school and I don't have a job (you're a slob)
I just sit around all sweaty and lethargic
And I'm just thinkin' 'bout where it all went wrong
Why I can't concentrate on anything but reruns
I wish I had some more stability and I
I wish I had somebody makin' lunch for me
I guess I miss the simple things in life
The thought of pizza day
I thought it's stupid then but I wish I had it now
I just want

Monday hotdogs
Tuesday tacos
Wednesday hamburgers and chocolate milk
Thursday sloppy joes and burritos in a bag
Friday was pizza day, the best day of the week
It always came with salad and a side of cold green beans

Monday hotdogs
Tuesday tacos
Wednesday hamburgers and chocolate milk
Thursday sloppy joes and burritos in a bag
Friday was pizza day, the best day of the week
It always came with salad and a side of cold green beans
Hooray for pizza day
Hooray for pizza day
Hooray for pizza day
Hooray for pizza day
I miss pizza day

Best day of the week
Says Michael Jackson of Encino, California
When he's not at his little theme park
He's eating pizza with the kids
Oh boy, moonwalker's back
Have a slice buddy!
Take off your glove off first
You'll enjoy it more

anderson vox

The improvisation is super, very tasty !!!


Actually had pizza when this came out. I love these guys.

Aryan Kamnetz

Definitely the slice I have been looking for

Jeffery Sweeney

You want qanons?
This is how you get qanons

Midnight Agenda

Vibes! ?

crow iswatching

almost has a bit of helvetica in it if you listen a bit.

Francisco Martinez

The Midnight ? ? shadows is my favorite ❤️

joel valkila

I usually want my pizza hot and warm, but nice piece though

Izreal Manzanares

This beat be packing some heat might have to call the fire department

Shane Jeffery

This song's been stuck in my head for 3 days now lol


sorry, can't lie about it... I didn't like this song! please DO NOT include in next album

Watson Ransom

i love how the entire song, they literally just say "cold pizza" AND IT'S STILL A BANGER

Alexander Leslie

That's really cool Background

Liam Fee

Good song ?


pizza with a jam

Cobra Panther

Cold pizza shooby dooby

Heath Vance

Love it! We need this single on vinyl, I'll be dammed if their artwork and music isn't always top notch!

Alvaro Leon

When Can i purchase tihs Song

Julien Coudray

1:46 Make a wish.

Zing Murphy

This song sparked a conversation between my brothers and I about the old Pizza Hut in 90s for some reason. We went on to recollect all of the restaurants we used to frequent and the fond memories that those places invoke. The Midnight always brings me that incredible feeling of nostalgia and has brought my brothers and I closer through our love of this music. Thank you guys for every song you make and keep going.


I would definitely freestyle off this no capping ??????

Gershom Gerson


Héctor Rodríguez

Pizza is life ?❤️

Panturbo Fanger

Cold PiZZA ?????? it's good for breakfast


“Cold pizza for you, it’s good for breakfast.”

-Point Break (1991)


I will follow this band until the day I die.


I love it, I wanna hear what they're thinking for the vocal parts


Things this song makes me think of:

• Pan pizza
• Pan flute
• Panties

niq V

"Cowabunga, dudes!"
-- Michaelangelo c. 1987

Daniel Olsson

Almost sounds like 'Call Peter' in a brittish accent.

Neta Mulikelela

This is Neta from Zambia (AFRICA) , I discovered your music in 2019 and it has changed my life...I play your music ,when am Happy,studying,sleeping and just Hanging out with the family. THANK YOU !!!

꧁Sakurai Kurosaki꧂

I don't know why but your new songs aren't the same nostalgic like they used to be. Added trap beats and changed the vibe/style of your music and it's disappointing. I'll just keep enjoying your old songs which unfortunately/fortunately have become more nostalgic and reminiscent.

Owlly Mannstein

Cold Pea Soup

The Rusted Garage

I want to use all these songs on my channel but I don't want copyright strikes. Love your music.

Degenerate Dragon

Pizza time

Wet Meatsicle

I like cold pizza too, me and this song have something in common.

Kevin Zamora

?? Album Is Coming?
Really Amazing Track


These backgrounds are so nostalgic.. who ever designs them is insanely talented. Great song too!

Anthony S


The Death Twitch

Sadly pedophiles use the term Pizza, or Cheese Pizza, in reference to child pornography.


Helvetica vibes

Usamah Ahmed

Let's get that muthafuckin' pizza RIGHT NOW.

Yacine akrour

The way clouds are moving :)

CuTTeP Denisov

отлично / awesome


Absolute & Brilliant!!!! Love this track!!

John Lane

New album +, intro to The Ivy, now this?! Another new album to keep it going???


Oof, watching this out-of-business place is resonating with me as I watch stores shutting down during Covid19. It's tough out here, guys, stay safe.

Angela B

Pretty cool ?!!


Wait hi???
I forgot I was ordering pizza from the 80s man, I wanted bacon and ham not sausages...


That view...I've been here before

Into The Wilderness

Cold Pizza and playing FF3 for 8 hours straight because you rented it


I fucking love these animations


Since 2016 and still here


When did they get into rap? People listen to them because they don’t sound like the rap garbage currently dominating all radio stations


I love The Midnight, but I don't think this LoFi style is right for them.

Alex Skibicki

Cool tune.




Just ordered from Domino's with this on background... ??

Ronald Toothe

Looks like Tequila Song officially has a run for it's money in karaoke bars everywhere

International pizza day

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The Mets share their pizza opinions on National Pizza Day! | New York Mets | SNY

1 633 views | 9 Feb. 2021

In honor of National Pizza

In honor of National Pizza Day, Dom Smith, Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil and more Mets share their favorite pizza topping and their opinion of pineapple on pizza.

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SNY.tv: The Online Home of All Things New York Sports.

#SNY #NewYorkMets #NationalPizzaDay


Pineapple on pizza sucks

Sam's Sports Shop

Luis Guillorme I agree Double Cheese!

Sai charan Lekkala

I love how Noah gives a whole explanation for pineapple on pizza?


luis guillorme is bult different

Alexander Choi

Bruh who that guy in the second clip

Brian Cullen

You just have to love Dom Smith. You have to.


I love Guillorme but after supporting Pineapple on pizza he has to be traded.

tim oreilly

?⚾️?⚾️?⚾️?⚾️?⚾️LGM! #THOR

Wyatt Klimas

I cant wait to be at Luis Guillorme´s Hall of fame speech

Everything Sports 12


Patriot Scott

My favorite pizza is MIKE PIZZA

Jack Strawb

"Black olives"? Trade that guy.

Try just a half dozen slices of pepperoni on your pizza. It's better that way.

International pizza day

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It's International pizza day, so lets make a pizza

70 views | 9 Feb. 2021


#InternationalPizzaDay #Outdoor cooking

William Taylor


Roni Bee

Is it what they call a deconstructed pizza ?
If it tasted good it's the main thing

Gillian Smith

Happy Pizza day! looks lovely what an excellent idea......bet it tasted good too ?

Hike Camp

How did you know that Tuesday is my pizza day! Lol tilt the camera not the food...

Dartmoor Tramper

Inspiring! My meal tonight: Tesco frozen lasagne, seven minutes in microwave, eaten in three minutes. Starving again after just 10 minutes! I am green with envy.

Dadan gandara

Yummi piza


hola amigo vine en estos momentos que en el mundo no la pasamos muy bien por lo sucedido con esta pandemia, nosotros acá en peru nos encontramos en cuarentena y necesitamos apoyarte tanto a ti viéndote y en tus vídeos y con mi suscripción y también esperamos que nos apoyes y te suscribas a nuestro canal y apoyarnos de igual manera, o también en nuestro botón de donaciones con lo que tu puedas, ahora más que nunca que tenemos solo este espacio disponible en estos duros momentos, te mando un gran abrazo ya seguir con fuerza .

Senior Hiker 77

Good job Lezley.?

Dave ellis

Enjoy a pizza good to try different toppings