Poloniex review

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Poloniex Review Legitimate or SCAM?

214 views | 21 May. 2017

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Locating an unbiased review for various binary options trading software programs is generally a tremendous challenge . The majority of these reviews come almost entirely from online marketers who sadly are paid once they get hold of other individuals to test the software system and make a down payment with a particular broker they recommend highly.

As one can find compensation payments involved with these types of Poloniex reviews, their bias and also trustworthiness may very well be called into question. Exaggerated guarantees relating to the easy six-figure income found by making use of the binary options trading software system tend to be made by someone who has never traded for possibly even 1 day.


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When the Poloniex system is said to be so extraordinary at producing fast fortune without much time and effort, would most likely not the reviewers be utilizing the program rather than trying to persuade other people to make deposits? Every affiliate for one particular software program often makes a minimum of $250 for suggesting the program to other people and compelling them to make a down payment in one selected brokerage account.

The great amount of financial risk and scams tied to the binary options trading scheme has been divulged by the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission ( CFTC ).

Who makes the real money here ? Is it individuals using this binary options trading app, or just the internet marketers who market it?

At this time , over 160 quite similar binary options trading opportunities are available in the marketplace. This makes it fairly evident that developing and marketing all these software applications is a more lucrative endeavor in comparison to truly helping other people or maybe getting involved with binary options trading alone.


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Identifying an unbiased review for a number of binary options trading programs could very well be a tremendous challenge . The reviews come directly from online marketers that happen to be paid the time they get other folks to try out the software application and make a deposit payment with a certain broker they highly recommended.

For the reason that there exist compensation payments linked to these kind of reviews, their bias as well as sincerity could very well be called into question. Bold claims about the instant riches generated by using the binary options trading software application is likely to be made by someone who has never ever traded for possibly even 1 day.


Poloniex Scam Review:

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When the Poloniex program is reported to be so extraordinary at generating fast riches without a whole lot work, would most likely not the website owners be using the application rather then persuading other people to make deposits? Every one affiliate marketer for a particular program often makes $250 for suggesting the program to others and compelling them to make a down payment in one selected brokerage account.

The risk and scams in connection with the binary options trading scheme has been divulged by the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission ( CFTC ).

Who earns the serious money here ? Is it everyday people using this binary options trading app, or only the online marketers who endorse it?

At the present time , over 160 similar binary options trading applications are available on the market. This makes it pretty crystal clear that developing and marketing these kind of software applications is definitely a more lucrative venture than actually helping other individuals or perhaps getting started with binary options trading alone.


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Nik D

This lady is getting paid to make reviews! She is a fraud!

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Poloniex review

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Factom in 2019: Still Any Potential in FCT?

1 419 views | 16 Jul. 2019

► Our long form review

► Our long form review here: https://www.coinbureau.com/review/factom-fct/

► Bittrex Review: https://www.coinbureau.com/review/bittrex/

► Poloniex Review: https://www.coinbureau.com/review/poloniex/


⛓️ ? Helpful Links ? ⛓️

► Website: https://www.factom.com/

► Whitepaper: https://www.factom.com/assets/docs/Factom_Whitepaper_v1.2.pdf

► GitHub: https://github.com/FactomProject


?️ Socials ?

► Blog: https://www.factom.com/company/blog/

► Twitter: https://twitter.com/factom

► Discord: https://discord.gg/SxPePjQ


? Overview ?

Factom is developing a platform that would make it easier for companies to integrate their legacy enterprice systems into some blockchain technology.

There are many industries that could benefit from Factom's technology. These include Healthcare records, Financial data, Legal documents, compliance etc etc.

Central to Factom’s protocol is the Factom storage chain.

The only things stored on this chain are hashes or links to your documents. This can significantly reduce the potential of blockchain bloat that comes with uploading the actual data on the chain

There is also a unique consensus mechanism that relies on federated servers that are best able to handle the bloat that may come in traditional blockchains.

You also have “Audit servers” and “follower servers” which perform different tasks in the consensus mechanism.

There are two types of tokens on the Factom ecosystem. These are the FCT (Factoids) which you can use to decentralize the ecosystem. Then, you have the Entry Credits (ECs). These are used to pay for entries on the Factom Chain as well as to vote on the Authority nodes.

The company is based in Austin, Texas.

The team has a pretty diverse background but the CEO, Paul Snow is well known in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Factom did have an ICO and this was back in 2015 where they were able to raise $541k – quite good for 2015.

Factom is listed on a number of Exchanges including Poloniex and Bittrex. There are pretty low volumes here though which could make liquidity tough for large block orders.

There is not that much choice for storage of the tokens. Your best bet is to go for something like the Factom enterprise wallet.


? Disclaimer ?

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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Best reviews ever.. Great project with lots of future.. Can you do a review on Theta Network (THETA). Thanks

toan doan

Hello, is Factom an erc20 token, if not then how do you send it to the Ledger Nano?

Thank you very much

Laurence Gagno

How do I buy some?

Eduardo Lima

Factom is a top 5 crypto project in my opinion. They have a real product solving a real problem. Extremely ethical in their dealings and disclosures. Keep going Paul and team!

Poloniex review

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Poloniex Review 2019

1 165 views | 22 Mar. 2019

My first review of any

My first review of any cryptocurrency related service.


* Fees : First tier is under 1 Million in Trading Volume, .08 % M and .20% T

Poloniex deserves a little more merit than what it receives.

For an in-depth written review, please visit my steemit.


and follow me on



If you want to donate some nuggets to improve speed and quality...

XMR: 4A2eDUhddmsUeWrAdMKGoERWzo26hq7wXLfbhAZ6Em7fB6BdETn4oKMFqpNXph75DwAsUDkBsSPeeGsenDofkuX53e3GMXf

BTC: 3FsUhrMb38kt7XfAUDgeXrxibGwyMePNv1

LTC: MPzykhPN11ecdE9jEkmpX5jKvNqx2AVryK

EOS: dacryptonaut

Poloniex made changes as I edited so there may be a few mistakes. Otherwise, please throw up some suggestions to improve content

Music Credits

► Music Credit: Mt. Drei

Track Name: "Wednesday"

Music By: Mt. Drei @ https://soundcloud.com/mtdrei

Original Upload HERE - https://soundcloud.com/mtdrei/wednesday

Official Mt. Drei SoundCloud Page: https://soundcloud.com/mtdrei

License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...

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Track Name: "The Battle"

Music By: Dj Quads @ https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads

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• Music promoted by NCM: https://goo.gl/fh3rEJ

Iren Color

do you know why they do maintenance so often?

Frank Dowell

withdrawals on Poloniex are incredibly slow dudes, don’t ever mess up with that platform

Herrald Makkalainster

Perhaps they are preparing something new, but over the past two years I have withdrawn all the assets from this exchange, mainly because of its client policy.

your bro

i hope poloniex will never get their positions. They do not deserve it

Christian Terrero

Poloniex has no chances to be among top crypto exchanges nowadays if they won't fix 3.5k trading volume. Afaik only listing "grins" and shitcoins, no worth it updates etc.

Anna Brown

i am not sure if it is actually possible to trade at poloniex without any issues. i always had to wait weeks in delays to get my withdrawals processed

Trap Music Sounds


Lars Stern

I was better opinion about cosmos atom. I’m sorry to see them collaborating with scammers from poloniex

Mentorat CSN Anul 1

Everything is clear without any reviews

Henry Zeifer

I believe that cosmos and poloniex work will be a disaster. Just monitor this couple

Natali Edger

Poloniex is supporting suspicious projects like grin. That’s just a tentative to stay on the market

Jack Tony

Poloniex are just ridiculous. Their system upgrade and promises are just bulshit. Don’t see any positive changes so far...

Tom Farkans

I don’t want to come back to Poloniex, that was a really bad time for me..

Charly Horrit

thanks for the video. perhaps a poloniex should rework its platform, as the speed is really terrible.

Rebec Linaress

Cool style, but difficult to take seriously.
The first review of the service ... hmm, for 19, the Polonix looks just awful, read the reviews, it has so many problems that you will be disappointed in the crypt itself while you use it

Yellow Lemon

rocky start! who of us didn`t do anything s/he was ashamed of afterwards? I bet you will laugh at this review of yours in a few months :)
poloniex is a mark of shame of the whole crypto world.

Paprika Pringles

if Poloniex hires some new managers mb the situation can change in a good way but that’s hardly possible

Norman Simmons

Poloniex tries to make something and somehow stop running users. But all these decisions were taken too late and Poloniex reputation won't be saved.

Brady Clapcott

poloniex is dishonestly duping their clients promising faster services and profit. the strangest thing, they are doing this without any punishment

Caleb Goldman

I’m sorry that I have wasted my years for funky poloniex. their behavior makes me puke

Stan Adams

I’m begging everybody who has an account on poloniex to withdraw their money and leave before it’s not too late

XD Sour


Barney Lee

usually we should respect the old companies but not poloniex they are an old fraudulent platform that doesnt deserve our respect

Steven Smith

the features of poloniex aren’t impressive at all, the platform is stuck in 2014

Justin Burns

all those new features Poloniex is trying to promote aren't that relevant irl, as this exchange's app was always a buggy mess and I don't see it actually changing anytime soon

Kristen Freud

the potential of poloniex has been lost by the talentless management and absolutely indifferent way of running business

Tomas Anderman

here’s the problem – Poloniex has no intentions to change anything, the platform just continues free falling


Poloniex is a scam, never answer emails, never verifies your account, just steals whatever crypto you were stupid enough to put on back when "anonimity" was allowed.

Dave Blacjcowski

think that dropping Poloniex was the best decision of my trading career

Captain America

not sure if poloniex has eliminated its problems with withdrawals. the delays were just too long too wait

Lenny Grey

without lies it wouldn’t be possible for Poloniex to stay alive for so long

Zack Jordan

im sure that Poloniex is crashed – so many maintenances…

Greg Late

I’m sure that Poloniex is preparing a massive scam.  Right now they are playing the perfect platform just to attract new investment.

Sadia Noreen

Poloniex is in maintenance mode 2-3 times a week and they even didn't notify us about this
BTW your outfit is perfect :D

Leland Palmer

the platform is going to be deleted by the community itself, I don’t think Poloniex has something to say against all those claims

Justin Pilman

I wrote to Poloniex support and it still doesn't respond three days passed

Gotengs K

Why arent you making videos anymore ? Your editing style and entire personality is pretty entertaining and I could see you making it big

Donald Gibson

think that Poloniex gave up a long time ago, everything’s bad inside this company and I don’t see any efforts from them to change it

georgie bell

love your style! i think hackers will hack Poloniex soon, if they manage to attract investors and gather some money

Nicola Barrington

Poloniex is now really out of game. That’s not only because of regulations, that’s a logic end of what happened before

John Ford

In my viewpoint Im tired of waiting until poloniex will be investigated. Already lost my hope

Rita Laputisah

Three months later my ticket was answered, to.. wait for it, wait for it....
 to make me wait again :D. I have already aged.

Luke Lewis

hard to predict what’s gonna be with Poloniex in this summer but I don’t see anything optimistic to be honest

Matthew Harvey

I guess it's always easier to start your reviewing with something not worth reviewing in the first place hahaha

Amely Helsy

It's always on maintenance, unplanned, almost every day

Matt Danmer

I don’t remember the day when Poloniex got a good upgrade – just everything was in vain

Sam Rightone

I think from the beginning Poloniex was doomed to remain behind everyone on the market...

Tony Crypto

Why poloniex bosses are so grim? What did they expect from an empty and poor platform with a dirty reputation?

Mr Jenkins

Man you rock! Unlike Poloniex, ha-ha. I`m eager to watch another cryptoexchange review by you, just choose the one with good customer service. I`m sick & tired of Poloniex crap.

gonca ışıl

haha everyone already mentioned your view :D You look really great
But Poloniex doesn't deserve even a review
This platform for me became a shame in crypto industry in general

Markus Gates

Do you think authorities are not aware that Poloniex is doing these crazy things? That’s impossible. Why do they stay silent?

John Brown

I have never believed in poloniex illusory ambitions and dreams. I was right considering this just bullshit.

Jack Black

trying to drag ETC into this mess wont save Poloniex, this exchange should go down already and not come back

Jack Willis

with all the fkups that Poloniex did this year and the previous one, I can't rly tell how it still has any users, crypto traders must've truly lowered their standards

Austin Bates

its still necessary for Poloniex to fire half their staff for incompetence, cuz otherwise the liquidation of the platform will turn from a huge possibility to actual reality

John Germen

polo is always supporting unknown shit projects as grin. im sure, that’s not a coincidence. they get profit from all this

Julia Vass

its almost embarrassing that Poloniex still doesnt have fiat currencies, one of the reasons I dont take this platform srsly in fact

Jaja Boo

I don’t wanna see these comedy vids about Poloniex- are you kidding dudes

Nick Edger

First of all Poloniex should start solving important for users issues such as customer support or slow withdrawals. The app can wait! That's why in my vision this "review" has no sense!

Ron Redmond

Everything is poloniex doing right now is for their ratings not for people that are still trusting them


In fact there is no much about this platform you need to know - find a better place to trade

Le Retour Du Soleil

A very nice review but very poor exchange :( They make users wait to withdraw their funds for several months while the support doesn`t reply. Poloniex is a walking disaster. Pick some good exchange for your next review ;)

sjaka sk

We need a review of Poloniex all minuses here.

George Harsh

do you remember when was the last time Poloniex was reliable? I don’t