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Reddit Outwits Wall Street, GameStop Shorts Implode

189 027 views | 28 Jan. 2021

Wall Street gets owned by

Wall Street gets owned by Reddit. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Support TYT by becoming a member: http://tyt.com/join

Read more HERE: https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-gamestops-reddit-and-options-fueled-stock-rally-happened-11611743400

"Shares of a handful of firms such as GameStop Corp. and BlackBerry Ltd. have posted triple-digit gains in recent weeks, part of a frenzy whipped up by individual investors. Here’s what you need to know.

Shares of GameStop are up more than sevenfold in 2021, compared with a 2.5% rise in the S&P 500. The Grapevine, Texas, videogames retailer has become a favorite of online traders who invest in companies championed on the Reddit forum WallStreetBets."*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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eyeoftheshydragon shine

Ah the tears of the wealthy/Wall Street bankers tears taste so sweet lmfao

GT-R Nights

This is how you truly "occupy wallstreet". Apparently, they didn't get the message, let's see how powerful and smug the are when their bank accounts are full of dust.

Walter 3579

As The Wall Street Turns


Anyone else notice CNBC can’t even spell Microsoft??

G Lopez

Any similarity with the past elections is mere coincidence ?

N Broomhall

A new sport

Joe Hiding

Also Trump isn't a politician, he's an idiot.

Jason Paul

This is market manipulation. And the only reason the Masses aren't crying foul is because THEY are the ones doing it!! The hedge funds shorted these stocks because their fundamentals were bad not because they wanted to be mean to Gamestop or AMC. The repercussions of this type of market manipulation have yet to be felt and are being ignored because y'all love a good DAVID BEATS GOLIATH story. DAVID wants you to focus on the "Elite" Hedge Fund and and it's wealthy clients (you know, the people of whom you're jealous but, secretly, wish you were.) This way you will applaud DAVID. But, the investors in these Hedge funds include Teacher's union, municipal employee retirement plans and such (you know, DAVID's brothers and sisters) DAVID you shoot Goliath but it wasn't with one stone. It was with 3 million pebbles at once and you sprayed other innocent DAVIDs in the process.

jaden mitchell

The gainful pyramid seemingly pack because france systemically rain along a rotten printer. recondite, minor board


i still dont understand what is going on.


Thanks to fake lefties cheering on censorship, popular uprisings like Wallstreetbets can get their discord arbitrarily shut down for "hatespeech".

Congratulations for fighting for the establishment.


2 corrections: it's Blackberry, not Blueberry. And Shapiro thinks this is hilarious so wtf is she talking about?


Nothing rich people hate more than we the poor/middle class messes with their money.


Right on Reddit!!

Jacques Goudin

I couldn't find contact email addresses on your website so I'll just say it here. Ana, I always love to hear your sane voice but please get a compressor for your microphone so that it wont pop. All the best!


members only aye? just another commerce whoring expense for your prey.

Shane Lee

Hold amc! Hold game! Diamond hands to the moon!??????????????

Cheshire Le Chat

Nah. Just keep holding and the price will keep going up

Ian Fitzp

Big respect for this channel, you are a part of progress and won’t be run over by it


I didn't buy a $5 coffee and avocado toast this week, instead I invested in $GME & $AMC


I love this story.

JP Biscuit

YEAH this is all SICK. The rich look for bailouts because they aren't getting richer, but the people who try to get rich get "SHUTDOWN" by the rich. Heaven forbid that the RICH should have to share the stock market........

Anand Vadlamani

Funniest thing about this whole situation is everyone covering it starts with "I'm not a financial expert, but...."

Shane Lee

Ever seen the movie trading places?

this Bushnell

Nobody remembers Alan Greenspan urged a similar move against small traders in 1996 with his (translated into ordinary language in essence) 'the wrong people are getting rich.' Wall Street has always been 'rarified' and actively manipulated to keep it so. Hedge funds, by their actions, 'put the hit out on' companies they have a vested interest in seeing fail.

Winnie Nguyen

Bong bong se bi no nhu nam 2008 , giong nhu 2008⛷⛷⛷???⛷?

Mauricio Palazzi

Netflix writers/directors must be popping a bottle of champagne for the best script of the future most watched movie of all times.


F**k the stock market! Only the wealthy playing games with people's lives! The average man should have a better chance! The rich hate it when average people use the loopholes meant only for them. One I can think of is Bankruptcy! EVERY AMERICAN WHO IS BEING PLAYED BY THESE VERY, VERY RICH CORPS SHOULD FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY! EVERY SINGLE MAN AND WOMAN WHO CAN'T LIVE BECAUSE THEY CAN ONLY PAY THE MIN. PAYMENT! HELL YES! DURING THIS PANDEMIC IT WOULD BE A PERFECT TIME TO DO IT. DO IT PEOPLE. WE SHOULD NOT BE LED AROUND BY A 'CREDIT SCORE' !!!

Von Fowler

I wonder if ex president Bush still feels that it would have been a good idea to have people put their retirement pensions in the stock market instead of the government social security programs?

Jason Waltman

So the "Lord's and Ladies" thought that the "Peasants" couldn't ever possibly understand how money works and giving them toys like RobinHood was just a way too squeeze a few bucks off of the ignorant masses.

the blue penguin

Anna's analysis is spot-on here, ditto for John.

A. Real Black Woman

Power to the players indeed!?????????????????

Tarruvi ψ

The transparency of Wall Street manipulations, could not be clearer as it has been this past week. The momentum of the stock has been slowed, but, they can’t stop international, and other firms from buying the stocks.

Roy W-G

Nice to be able to praise millennials for once.

That Amateur Gaming Guy

Were going to the moon! ?

Ryan Riddick

"Melvined" LOL

JP Biscuit

It's not complicated. Stop bailing out the rich. The Trump government never bothered to bail out the Poor. IF you're Rich and you are to big of an idiot to keep those riches, you deserve to fail. This is Simple.

The Mixed Plate Frequency

This is the greatest thing to ever happen.

robert Pence

Because of what the Fed has done by taking rates to zero has forced ordinary people, retirement funds to risk money to get returns on your money

this Bushnell

Wall Street is how the rich keep score in their 'net-worth' contest.


Bad luck for you, Melvin. Your investment suckt. Don´t cry me a river, the market is always right you guys told us for years. The market has spoken and you are f´d now, so what? Try to earn money the honest way like 99% of the people.

Joe Hiding

When us average Americans can't afford to pay our mortgages, car notes or light bill. Who comes to rescue us? But when billionaires go bankrupt, they're running to the nearest congressman to get a bail out. Meanwhile its going to take congress 6 months to get stimulus checks to Americans again... Whoever bails out these hedge funds managers, VOTE THEM OUT!! Idc if its a republican or a Democrat, get that person who speaks for these people OUT!!!


Oh... So the low key *internet trolls* and *white supremicists* and **white males with toxic masculinity** have their uses too huh!? TYT is the champion of the Common Man! Useless.

paige harrison

All I can say is haha hahaha hahaha hahaha.

Donte Boone

I know your slanted towards the left. But don't forget about Pelosi buying shares of Tesla before Biden announced the federal government was going to all electric cars.

Mark S

Well. Time for another 'The Other Guys' movie. !

Topher The12th

19:30 - John points out that with the existing levels of mathematical literacy (called "numeracy") in society now, most people are ill-equipped to do investing that could pay them better than savings and CDs (and this is one of the ways in which the poor are kept poor, if they can't get rewards out of saving money that are better than a bank-account, CD, retirement-fund, or savings-bond). But his answer is wrong. The answer isn't making the market conform to the ability of the least mathematically literate citizens to understand it. The answer is raising the mathematical literacy of the citizenry. This is crucial to the advancement of society. Math contributes something but not everything to things that make life good (the shape of the Taj Mahal, Django Reinhardt's guitar-playing, Robert Delaunay's paintings of the Eiffel Tower), but math, and only math, removes the problems that make life bad.

Killer Wailord

That Pokémon metaphor is accurate af

George Fordham

Get Robert Mercer's Hedge Fund. Hurt him.

Tai Malik

Digital & pandemic version of Occupy Wall St!

Shane Lee

The hedge funds have 300 people working for them, we have millions.

Joe Polivick

One of the best segments I've ever heard.


Don't sell NOK hold. ???

robert Pence

Mutual Funds have become the norm for a lot of ordinary people. Every month the flow of money that comes in makes a difference on wall street. Most people don't pay attention, its a rich mans game. What happen is the hedge fund probably leverage up, borrow money, to cover that position. Your right the fed money and Trumps tax cut money went into the market

Jammit Timmaj

I wonder if Robinhood has any short stocks?

Robert Toms

It's fine when Goldman Sachs issues a "sell" on a company to drive the price down and then step in and buy the company up once the price is at a price they're willing to pay. They've been screwing over retail traders for years and no one cries foul because no one cares about the little people. Lookout Wall Street. This is just the beginning.


buy marijuana stocks, it's a new industry, the legal part is, so it's like actually getting in on the ground floor. maybe it's the 2nd or 3rd floor. but a long growth pattern ahead. think about buying Mcdonald's when it started up as a hamberger store. plus this is a product you are familiar with. you know how more and more states have legalized it. more will come to do the same. just my opinion.

Profit Mensah

is my favorite to

Topher The12th

14:20 - John, SHUT UP! Don't feel sorry for anyone who will lose their money because they put their "last 20,000 dollars" into one investment. If it's $20K, they probably have $480K invested in other things. Nobody who has ONLY 20,000 bucks between themselves and poverty will invest it ALL in ONE investment. If the money they are losing is not their LAST 20,000 (of 500,000) but is their ONLY 20,000 bucks, they have only themselves to blame, we should not feel sorry for them, and let the market make an example out of people who behaved foolishly and didn't diversify.

900fps 900fps

bleed the greedy ratbastards hedge funds dry ,empty their banks and fail them like they do to other companies ..crush the greedy rats.. YAY REDIT TAKE THEM ALL TO THE POOR HOUSE ..

John Sanders

didn't gordon geiko show you in the movie wall street how the stock market is manipulated!!!!!!!!!! And that movie was made in 1987

Rhonda Tischofer

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Rich people got got by some average working class folks. Hahahahahahahaha! Somebody should call them a Wam-bulance. Great story.


Use it against them. File bankruptcy!


4:35 miscrosoft........ LMAO

Frank The Tank

It’s completely fair. Don’t let the elites and their puppets twist it. It’s completely fair. What’s not fair was when these same mofos fail, they ask for a bail out.

Texas Yankee

The hedge fund traders who engaged in naked short trading of GameStop are criminals.
The small traders who held them to account are vigilantes conducting a citizens arrest and conviction of these trader crooks -- more power to them. Because the courts and the SEC
will do nothing to stop the naked shorts -- no criminal cases or SEC proceedings.
Ordinary investors/patriots forced to protect the free market when the government fails.
Ordinary investor/patriot decisions equivalent to caste doctrine defense of their homes.

Cheshire Le Chat

If people keep holding their GameStop stock they will go into indefinite bankruptcy

Topher The12th

Ms. Kasparian. CONFIDENCE! You can DO this! Polly-happy-TEA-ya. You CAN say that name! BELIEVE in yourself!


The Stock Market vs Social Media, which criminal organization do you want to win this war and why?

André Tanguay

These rich guys will finally acknowledge that real money is in the hands of poor people.


If he was crying over a loss of a wife, family or friend then I'd feel bad for him. BUT TO PAY TAXES? DUDE YOU NEED A SOUL.

tersse b

This is the stock market, the hedge funds, overleveraged themselves on shorting game stop, this was seen by some ppl on redit, they made ppl aware of the opportunity, and now the hedge funds are going broke, they made a bad bet, bad are paying for it, this is how the market works, i say no bailouts, let them fail, it could be the start of a reset for stock exchange at last.

spencer cate

"I Care that's it!"

Frank Grant

Wallstreetbets becomes an apex predator feasting on great whites

DeltaUniformTangoCharlieHotel EchoSierraSierra

Progressive here. Some of Anna's take is correct but a lot of it is typical misguided uninformed bs and ignorant of how [over time] saving and investment can and does lift people, including many POC, out of poverty. Being in the stock market doesn't mean you are in the uber-wealthy 1% nor are you necessarily [or even likely to be] part of the excess of a capitalistic society.. Does the system need to change? Absolutely. The best path forward is a balance of smart socialism and healthily regulated capitalism.

alex jackson

Ana looks S0 steaming Hot !??

Quhan 76

My favorite segment

Justin BentRails

Clinton and her minions must not have invested in these hedge funds or else their bought & paid for sheeple on TYT would be on the other side of this argument screaming for regulations.

Carrie Dulaney

Ok I thought shorting is actually kinda a considered a negative practice anyway? I thought at some point it was considered as bad as insider trading? So yeah they did bad and the Reddit people just punished them for it. Let me be frank I don’t invest in the stock market so I am no expert.

Mayan King

No risk No reward

Christopher Cofelice


Gee Gale 150

Wow who would have believe it another tech company ceo duce bag, selling his own customers data,, and using it against them, priceless.

On the end of the hook, to rich hedge funds.

Jason Waltman

You know as cathartic as this story is I feel like there's an elephant in the room. Nobody has brought up that if these guys don't immediately dump the stocks for profit then they have in fact INVESTED in those companies. This is a massive infusion of capital into these companies that could allow them the room to save themselves. GameStop could completely reinvent it's business model. Nokia could R&D the next my must have device. AMC could become something more than just movie theaters. If they do, then these reddit guys made it happen. They would have created a powerhouse company from the ashes. IS THAT NOT WHAT INVESTING IN A COMPANY IS ABOUT? The hedge funds that are playing short games are just whipping pencils to extract money from thin air in a manner that is, at the very least, ethically questionable . The reddit guys are in a position to actually make something happen if the companies they just propped up can seize the moment.

Chase Westlund

Should make that crying rich guy my screen saver too funny


Some people think the stock should go up, others down. Nothing new.


Please all you smart, clever individuals please continue to show the average person how to play their game!!

Maikel Chao

Keep up the great work


So.. the people that take out insurance on other peoples homes and burns them down to collect the insurance money are getting their comeuppance...let me play a sad tune on the world's smallest violin.

Kent Russell

It's nice to see that a group of commoners can take a small risk of a few grand (pocket change for hedge funders) and absolutely destroy the rich. It sucks that any time this happens, we suddenly have calls for regulation. The regulation will only be pushed upon the commoners that pushed the market. I don't see the issue in common folk propping a struggling company when the rich have put money on the companies failure. Seems pretty shaky when this has been the norm of the market for so long. It just sucks for the rich when normal people start to jump line and run into their ranks.

Maura Quish

Hedge funds....parasites of society


It's set up for the filthy rich folks!! They hate it when their loopholes are used by the average American!

arthur dolle

Maybe retirement accounts should have ethical standards which restrict their funds being invested in short selling.


Can't hide forever under your luxury king sized bed. HA...HA...HA...

Topher The12th

If you have trouble hearing what Ms. Kasparian said about the book at 18:28, the author is Nomi Prins, the book is "Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World".

Jim L

Shorters are scum. Hoping for others to fail makes you trash. Reap what you sow


They didn‘t just short it they shorted it by like 140% and they did it just as the company got a new, capable CEO who plans to rebuild Gamestop... they planned to Tank it and make big profit once it’d go up again. The thieves just got robbed, so let them cry. (They also don‘t just massively short stocks, they release publications in which they recommend to sell your shares of said company to further lower the companies value)


Hmm! Melvin got a 2.7Bn bailout in less than 48 hours while The US govt has been stalling meaningful bailouts for regular citizens for.. how many months now? There's your problem, right there, US.

Roy W-G

So this mass of 25 year olds probably have happy memories from that store when they were teens spending their paper round money. Even if they don't go there any more. I suppose for us Gen Xers the equivalent would be Blockbuster Video.

Mike Joseph

Now you know why the market always kept going up its manipulated it's fake

Topher The12th

Just an observation: one thing that contributed to the Mortgage bubble was that nobody rated the credit-worthiness of the last mortgage-payment (to occur at most 30 years from now, in the typical 30-year mortgage) differently from the credit-worthiness of the first mortgage-payment. That was so very stupid. How many people will sign a mortgage and then miss the FIRST mortgage-payment. Almost zero percent. Sure, there's always going to be SOME case somewhere, a high-earning guitarist loses their hands in an accident right after signing for a mansion, but it's going to be so rare it's almost zero percent. Now, with 10s of millions of mortgage-signings in some year, and almost nobody missing their FIRST mortgage-payment, how many of those home-buyers are NOT going to have any financial problems FOR THIRTY YEARS RUNNING and make ALL of their mortgage-payments? That's a lot less than 100%. Of those who run into changed circumstances and can't pay their mortgage anymore, a large percentage will be able to sell the house to a new mortgage-initiator, and take the proceeds of the sale and wipe out their existing mortgage, and have money left over for a less-valuable house that they can afford. But SOME of those people won't even be able to pay off their mortgage after liquidating. For the entire run of mortgage-payments to have the same credit-worthiness as the first mortgage-payment, for millions of mortgages, requires that none of those millions of mortgage-holders across the country run into financial reversals for 30 years. It's just not possible that ALL of them will have the same ability to manage their burdens for THIRTY YEARS. So rating the entire mortgage at the credit-worthiness of the first mortgage-payment was beyond stupid.

Reddit short

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?Can Reddit Day Traders Crash JP Morgan Short Squeezing Silver ?!

41 396 views | 29 Jan. 2021

Can Reddit Day Traders

Can Reddit Day Traders Crash JP Morgan Short Squeezing Silver ?!

A decentralized Reddit forum called WallStreetBets is causing chaos on Wall Street. The WallStreetBets a longstanding subreddit channel where over 4 million users discuss highly speculative trading ideas and strategies, briefly went private on Wednesday in response to millions of new users pouring in. The Reddit subgroup is operating now by invitation only.

WallStreetBets crushes hedge funds and crashes trading apps by creating major short squeezes. A short squeeze happens when a price increase for an asset prompts a rush in buying activity by those who previously bet that prices would fall. A short squeeze might sound complicated, but it’s actually a relatively straightforward process. When institutional investors short-sell a stock, what they actually do is borrow a number of shares they believe will drop in value, sell them at the highest price possible and try to buy them back later at a lower price. If they’re successful, they hand the initial borrowed amount back and pocket the difference.

If the market turns against them however, and the price of the shares increase, they are forced to buy the shares back at a loss. If the price rises dramatically within a short space of time, it can cause devastating losses for the short-seller. Major hedge funds have already lost around 7 billion dollars to WallStreetBets day traders short squeezes.

WallStreetBets traders are not stopping here; they are now turning to silver for their next short-squeeze target after being restricted from hot stocks like GameStop and AMC.

Silver has become a new target for Reddit day traders after multiple posts on the infamous WallStreetBets subreddit .

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? The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System https://amzn.to/2L2688q

This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:


Matthew Colquhoun

They're buying up all the physical silver now lmao. Investment-grade coins are going out of stock everywhere here.

Alexander Paulsen

What I do not get is why so the producers sell their output on the CME at a low manipulated price? The producers typically supply 1000 oz bars or .9999, the buyers make coins, bars and rounds. With the extreme premiums now, it seems that the silvers producers could tell their output direct to the coin and bar producers at a much higher price ans cut out the middle man. I know the theory of the CME, to stabilize the price to the producers giving them a guaranteed market at a price you agree upon when you enter into the contract, but that system is clearly broken and clearly unnecessary.

bruce pennycook

I wish you all the best fuck the wall Street traders and the big bank's

Dean Burk

Buy PSLV it holds silver and buy's more .

sarah mar

So shud I buy gold or silver physical

cyanide wolf

Fuck yeah. ? ? ? ? ? ?

Bret Tucker

We can crash anyone.................

Silent Hunger

i am buying out of the money #SLV call spreads march expiration and plan to exercise the contracts.

Daryl Graham

Awesome thanks

Doug Esselman

They are going to ruin the precious metals market by cheating a few ounces by adding some filler metals and the claiming it's not worth as much.Mark my words ,they will claim it's Chinas fault.

First Edition

I loved the 1 second of the shorts

Bill Soup

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has up to $1 million riding on Tesla's future right before Biden's EO on Federal mandate on electric cars.

Anyway you boys can make sure that Tesla stock drops in value in the near future?

Matthias Waage

Next week is SNDL week

A Landry

Yes, yes, yes. Jamie Dimon is the biggest SCUMBAG of them all.

David Knight


Jewelry Bag

Silver is a good investment but did it out perform crypto? Bitcoin, for example?

Bryan Tint

Buy more silver.

Shannon Baron

Better get on XRP crypto too, they have that in their sights and it is pumping.


good content but the robot voice doesn`t do it justice ;D


The hedge funds should stop gambling with their clientele’s’ money; and instead purchase shares of companies that pay a dividend.

Slobodan Matic

I don’t think they can short squeeze silver lol

Robert Matthews

Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise in price…

David Knight

There isn’t a squeeze on Silver. This is MISINFORMATION


Black Beard

Jaime Dimon should start buying more Gold, silver, Copper, & crypto to save his ass

Bret Tucker

AMC....buy and hold Monday......running it up....more to follow

Phil K

Careful they don't bury you while you're trying to bury them.

who is John Galt

You go ...hit them and hit them hard ...JP Morgan nearly 1 billion dollar fine was like paying $10 out of our pockets bankrupt them... let's get the silver prices where they're supposed to be is furthermore let's get the gold and silver ratio to reasonable levels... no more manipulation you Wall Street scumbags and I hope all your short Traders with ETF of silver stocks lose everything you don't hold it you don't own it..???

Make Money

Let's do it ?
And get ready of manipulation

Stefan Houston

Fantastic video ..... if it could only go viral !

Micky Sanchez

This channel didn't see this reddit coming? Why? ? what happens to your speculations?

Jon Rod

I'm in. Let's play.

Peter Kim

Even with the short on silver by JP Morgan, they may lose money on the short, but ultimately be the biggest winner since they own 1 billion ounces of silver. They win either way.

Nazir Ahmed

Lets do it...

Frenn Lee

Hopefully it kills Wall st and the square mile dead.


PHYSICAL SILVER. Pumping the paper stock only helps Wall Street, buy bullions ?

voice 01

Epic video. You nailed it 100% my friend. Pandemic driven silver spot increase has been a silver stackers dream & now this ! Fantastic action. Stick it to the super rich & increase the fiat value of my stack, hell yes. Power to the little man is in numbers. All we need is about 9 billion dollars ($1 for every person on the planet) & we could bring JP Morgan down in one day. Good luck ! They will just change the rules again in their favour as too much political money is at stake.

Steven Minor

Welcome too Vegas boy's and girls..

EAC Alim Khan

They can't restrict us to buy Silver. I am Indian and I'm in.




Time to run the crooks outa town folks.See how this new faux administration has showed its spots and piled in behind the bandits.
If you couldnt figure it out before cos you didnt like DT then figure it out now.it wasnt him theyre after, its you.wakey wakey


Go WSB Community Go!


Mined silver to gold ratio is about 8 to 1 and decreasing every year, not 10 to 1.

Thomas Geissler



Remember this comment you fuckin idiots Reddit is controlled opposition.

R Nunez C.

Only together we can ...


This isnt Reddit or WSB....lol.

WSB dont touch dirty heavy bags. we invest in Tesla, not....this :)

bruce pennycook

Max Keiser almost brought JPMorgan down with the same bet a decade ago good luck

David Roe

Oh yes they can.

Dominik J

Time of the revenge?


Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise in price

J.e.h. Hopkins

Become a Knight, a shinny knight, become physical ???

stellan apel

When you buy psysical bullion it will push the papper price higher. The opposite is not true.

Joseph De - Zordi

Brilliant idea, Silver deserves it, besides this life saving incredible element, is more useful than gamestop, and even kills corona virus


buying physical not slv ? well slv price follows physical silver price .. right?

Matt Matt

Been stacking awhile.... and got so smart that I bought a small amount of AG as a hedge just 1 day before they started short squeezing it.... Buffet.... get out of my chair... lol... To be fair I listen to Peter Schiff.... he is the man!

Jon Thor

This is the way ?? who like shiny SILVER

Susan Criblez

Go reddit!!!!!! It's a free market! Take them over with their own game.. how many people lost their businesses because of hedge. They need to be taken down!

Son Of God

And this is another way of conquering divide this is another way of the elite the top 2% of the United States Rich that control 80% of the United States wealth with Reddit they watch their hands and say hey it's not my fault that the stock market crashed they're using them as an escape goat for their nefarious ways.

IT Tech

I bought some gold but now it's silver. reserves decrease and use increases

Son Of God

I still think the stock market is the better option as long as gold and silver are being manipulated and no one is going to jail just a little slap on the risk then I think precious metal is a waste of time.. and don't believe me I'm nobody I don't have no degree in economics. But let me tell you one thing mister or ma'am read the Bible and it says that an end times the rich man will howl because they're gold and silver will rust like I said don't shoot the messenger peace out to all my friends rich poor it don't matter you're still friends

Charles Lee

Been buying Silver for 3 years, doing fine.

FilthyFrank Black

wallstreetbets are not pumping silver. Big hedge funds are pumping silver.

Matt Matt

Everyone here should thank guys like Peter Schiff for his never ending attacks on fiat currency and his promotion of purchasing physical gold/silver... when it blows up I will!

Jeremie Roy

Reddit guys are not alone. It's a world wide phenomenon by now

Jubilant Vision

They’re lying. They are blocking investments in GameStop and are trying to push new investors into something else. Metals won’t get you anywhere. Don’t fall for this bs. ONLY LOOK AT THE R/wallstreetbets on Reddit. Everything is misleading intentionally.

Mike Daniels

When 25mill entities demand 1000usd worth, or if 250mill demand delivery of 100usd worth of Physical delivery, no JPMorgan paper BS can stop the tsunami. BTW when the legit POTUS returns on 5 March, 21, and The Donald decrees the remonetization if gold & silver, aka RETURN TO THE GOLD STANDARD, that short squeeze will be like the Great Flood reloaded, and who will be in the financial ark then? Not JPMorgan & fiends.


Are you riding the WSB train to influence your own bets? Nobody is talking about silver on WSB.


Silver can oxidize. This is why gold is always king. Literally for millennia.

bruce pennycook

You should put all your profits into bitcoin that would really hurt the FIAT trader's

clayton davis

Buy silver and hold!!!!

Kimber 1911 Kimber

Buy PLSV & buy physical! It’s the only way to screw this criminals!!! Absolutely awesome awesome video!!! Let the power of the people prevail!!!!

Dursun Ayyıldız

real money is very cheap physical silver, silver I'll take turkiyede Greetings from

Silent Hunger

Get in early, get in big so when they shut down buying, the crop will be ripe for the harvest.

Nicole Gobble

Not a chance....bad idea

Bill Petersen

If JP Morgan, has a billion oz. as has been rumoured for years.
Isn’t driving up the price, to their benefit??
They cover their shorts, then later ring the cash register!!

Antonios Panayiotou

Silver is all I can afford but feel great as I stack my ounces here and there and know JP is being deprived!! ?

Anthony Weaz

" Band of the Hand " Activate Europe, Asia, America
Crush the dollar and JP
2nd wave ......For Trump

chapin yoker

Were i can hide my silver when the goverment come to get it

Ian Mac Dougall

Without malice in the intention the consequences of those who disposessed the wealth of a nation and young America's legitimate inheritance, " the strong will be made weak and the weak will be made strong", the filthy stinking rich are about to get a taste of their own medicine, a Tsunami is coming.


BITCOIN IS 24/7 TRADING. IMO.⛱️????️?️?️?????️?️?????.

Seyfettin Budak


Just Think

With a global population of approximately 7.8 billion people as of 2019, that's about 0.385 ounces of silver per person or nearly as much silver as found in a standard pre-1965 United States 90% silver half dollar.

Grey Fox

JP Morgan is not short it is fact long on silver. But Silver being manipulated lower is 100% correct but JP Morgan was busted, forced to divest silver shorts, and forbidden to short silver last year. So most likely JP Morgan secretly is behind the call to go long on silver as they are now forced to go long and can only buy physical like everyone else.

Doug Esselman

Spend your money on food or something useful.

Karol K


ApplyingPressure 423

Will I be able to invest next week

Jeff 702

$100 Silver Let's Go

Lupe Delgadillo

666Chip.Beast 2020-27 trib is here for us and we are very scared....


I have been waiting for a plan That would allow us to fight back This is a great start we need to stick together and fight And pull your money out of the bank Just keep enough to pay your bills do not give them any of your money could play with that they play against you

Greg Richey

If you actually read wallstreetbets subreddit they are saying they are not targeting silver.

David Knight


-Miniwig -

Move you’re silver to GME the media is dividing us, we can’t short squeeze sliver, it won’t happen, GME is still on board for one

Michael John Scott

Buy AG= "First Majestic Silver" shares & Physical Silver Coins or Bars! Buy & Crush JP Morgan Shorts! ???✌

Necron 99

just using wall street rules against wall street...this is capitalism at it's best...

Romeo Papa

J P Morgan is not short silver !

First Edition

It has been believed that the US control of the financial markets was imperative at every ones expensive. They are after global control, however, it has turned into pure greed

Bad Actor

I sure hope this applies to the miners. I am heavily invested in them.


You are all gonna run dick first into a brick wall 1.5T thick

WSB is not promoting this. the same people making this video are.

Burkhard Dahms

Keep on stacking physical silver ? folks ✌️

Reddit short

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Reddit WallStreetBets Silver Short Squeeze Not Real? | TRUTH REVEALED

11 278 views | 6 Feb. 2021

WallStreetBets Reddit

WallStreetBets Reddit community caused a short squeeze on GameStop GME and AMC stock in 2021. Is silver the next short squeeze? Why did Gamestop crash? Why did AMC crash? Is the Silver short squeeze real? Is the price of silver going to fall? How can silver be short squeeze silver? How do you buy physical silver? Should I buy SLV Stock or physical bullion bars? Robinhood didn't allow users to buy GME and AMC will they do the same with SLV silver stock etf? What is a short squeeze?

DId Wallstreetbets call on SLV & PSLV Silver stock and physical silver bullion as the next short squeeze? Is it even possible to have a short squeeze in Silver? Did Citadel bail out Melvin capital and are they short silver? Do banks and hedge funds benefit from silver? What will happen to the banks if we buy silver? How much silver do the big banks own? How does silver effect hedge funds and big banks?

Would love to have you as a Subscriber on Youtube: @Rob Soltan

Follow Rob on IG: @RobSoltan.

Website: https://mineralexchange.com/

#WallStreetBets #Silver #ShortSqueeze

Juan Hernandez

Your thoughts. Do your thoughts about XRP and XLM. I hear the they are try to bridge central banking around the world. It's all I know


im gonna sub you


Just started my position in BTC. I like the Trezor. Might get the titanium one eventually.


Can you sell a used steam gift?

Sergio H

Silver is a pleb metal haha

remco blyat

fucking cheat engine

nak clahan

Happy for u
If u do have that much real money..
Iam chasing after 5000oz
Of sliver need about another 2000oz more

Adam Schwartz

Does anyone else feel like he loves showing $$$ and metals lol.. we get it bro your a baller!!!!

Mr SpliffDoctor

Where do i get the game keys? Can a gamekey be used more than once on the same product?

Tyler Tim

Ethereum knowledge is lacking:
• The biggest problem with eth is the gas(trading fees) at the moment
• The trading companies mentioned are the competition to eth so they will will not adopt
• The biggest use case for eth is a poor man's stalk market as demonstrate by Robbin Hood's actions.
• eth will be deflationary with the implementation of eth 2.0

Sander Visscher

Excellent video! I personally use this link - https://www.kinguin.net?r=31308 - to enter their affiliate program as well, that way you not only get paid when you sell a game, but also when you recommend Kinguin to family and friends!


Silver has a pathetic ROI


I must buy game from Steam and to sell it to Kinguin ? can give me some details about this please ? :)


No industrial use for gold it’s to expensive you say??? You are a nut job lol

Ισίδωρος Καλαμάρης

if I had already played this game can I still sell it?

NC Farmer

Thank you for the video.


You are talking about making Kinguin Cash and not real money, correct? I’ve sold two games recently, but it’s never for real money. It’s just like having a store credit.

steve j

great stack bro, on your left i mean.


den mporw na vrw to steam key..

Quidpro Quo

As everything moves towards crashing the system,the system exponentially grows. Brrrrr

C h e r r y ツ

Ginete na pouliseis kai games apo steam? thelw mania sthn paypal m xD

Shadow Walker ASMR

wallstreetsilver is the new reddit group now. Join the silver army ladies and gentlemen.

Dr Ademiso

got $17,000 hack from welfarehackers,wordpress,com you guys are so legit

Jake Matthews

i love this guy

Bruno Tapia Zúñiga

My friend great video. I followed it and sold a game. But, how can I use now that cash to buy another? Maybe a video on how to do that would be great ?

Jesus Gutierrez

This guy heard the fake WSB pump on silver and ran with it....

I like silver too, but relax. Itll go up.

Hound [SRB]

Im reach the limit how to sell more games then i curently can?

John Goodman

JP Morgan have a very big effect on the price of silver


thankssssssssss omg

Liquor Boys

Whats up with all the fake garbage in from of this guy???? Ok maybe one gold coin.... im supposed to listen to a faker


scammer side dont buy keys from here

Kc Mac

Wsb is a casino

Bad Motherf*cker

Hey man i sold two items on kinguin but when can I get the real money?

Luciano Mezzetta

There is aways a sucker at a poker table. If you can not discern who the sucker is then it is YOU.

Cucko Rollers Koels and Loons

φιλε το kinguin το έμαθα σήμερα γιατί μου έκλεψε λεφτά απο την paypal μου κ μπήκα κ είδα ότι μου είχε χρεώσει ένα cd key για μια μαλακία. Και τωρα ζητησα refund. Ξέρεις αν μπορει να μου τα επιστρέψει;


Why you set a price of 0.01 and when you search the game your price is 6 euro?


Hedge funds didn’t do shit robinhood screwed those people

Mr that's just your opinion man

The game doesn't show to even sell it when I type it in. What a joke of a website

Brad Albone

Dollars aren’t money, dollars are fiat currency. Silver is money. Get it?

Anthony Cassidy

Caught in the jaws of the pit-bulls from wall street

jay pong

Physical Silver is where its at and this Physical squeeze happens differently than a GME stock. It is still happening but it takes a lot longer before you can see a result. See Silver has no limit and is an ocean in size compared to a little GME/AMC water puddle. When you throw a giant rock into the water it takes a bit for the ripple/wave too reach the other side and thats why this Silver Squeeze thing is happening but likely not til the 2nd quarter of the year before you see some decent results. check this video by Kitco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHt9RHkhv_c ----> Goodluck buying physical Silver though its like crack to people right now lol.


Thank you for making yourself available to us!!!!!!

mehmet halis batmaz

I came across your video by chance and thanks a lot for your valuable thoughts and ideas. As a muslim ,I really appreciate your words about the "honest and decent profit".Noone should be hurt or lose money as we "make money".We call this "halal".So all income should be like this. Congratulations brother.

Robb Knight

Go to Bitcoin rich list and look and the distribution of Bitcoin wallets. Most of the Bitcoin is held by a few thousand wallets.

Louis Zielens

Great vid again. Was linked to your live last weekend, youve got a new subscriber man. Silversqueeze is very much real. Are those 5kg bars btw?


PEOPLE, TEN YRS AGO SILVER WAS AT 48 us !! Gold and silver crashed big time gold is back up (doubled) silver to follow silver is suposes to be @ 40 US !! HEADING FOR 60 - 70$/ounce!!!

Daddy Silver Bucks 78

I love the eye candy!!! Talking about the silver Lol.

Anthony Cassidy

Ccp ?? China owns amc

Lea T

The physical squeez has just started , but Reddit has nothing to do on this , big hands are all in it because they cannot deliver ...

Jennifer Sanchez

Guys lawsuit against who began the trading now is rich we are poor

vincent v

Not too long ago the phrase "Iron Hands" was used frequently on WSB. It seems like they have abandoned that and now everyone is just spamming "Diamond Hands". I feel like we could start a new trend... "Silver Hands".


Don’t lose your keys to bitcoin lol


About bitcoin; you don't think it's suspicious that these rich people choose bitcoin over others?


I really just get Bitcoin. Is a fiat currency that no one accept as payment


To be fair its wasnt so much WSB and ppl dumping GME, This was Robinhood. They locked thousands of ppl out of their trading accounts and sold ppl stocks without their permisson and prevented ppl from buying and still are. The drop in GME is mainly the fault of manipulation of exchanges like robinhood. Great video though!

Greg Knauss

..could be true. But maybe just maybe your wrong. Guess time will tell.

patt er

the banksters want to get rid of cash, pure digital economy , where they can trace any money you get and how you spend it, then they will apply a negative interest so you have to spend your universal basic income , within a certain time or it disappears. so the average person will not be able to have any savings . lot of places have already made bartering illegal and there are already stealth laws that make growing your own food illegal but they are not being applied yet .. and if you disagree with them they can remove your income at the touch of a button .

Прекан Кукинодов


Gunny Smith

Rob, have you heard of Mike at Rethinking the Dollar? He is a big precious metals and crypto guy who has been making really good videos saying the same kind of thing you have been. I think it would be awesome if you guys made a video together


No one has explained it better...Your right on point GREAT JOB?????

John Bennett



Gold is also used in semiconductor industry, like CPU chip. IC design...

The Economic Ninja


The storm is here, dont be late


The Economic Ninja has spoken!

In God I Trust


You Tunnel

DONT SELL YOUR PHYSICAL SILVER to dealers, banks, cooperations, casters, smiths or any kind of shops. Only sell silver to another civilian. Physical silver is more rarer than Physical gold above ground. Let the market manipulating elites beg us to buy our physical silver. Let them correct the price of silver. That price you see on them charts is pure bull shit! Simples.

Robert McManus

This is exactly why bitcoin gold silver are a huge threat. I love all three


Without failure being pushed as a negative, and not the positive that it really is. You could not have the massive amount of unhappiness that is constantly being created as a result of self judgement. As a result of one constantly condemning oneself for having failed.


Hey I saw a guy pretending to be you in the comments giving some phone number. Think he's trying to scam people. I reported it. I thought I should let you know

Steven Robjanets

Gambling ?..... why would investing be gambling? I just like the stock?

trapstar stacker

Keep up the good work

Alex B.

What do y'all think about Litecoin? I think it is worth it because it actually has a cap. 84 million.

Eli Groff

I type in AMC short squeeze and the first tw videos were on Silver... lol If that doesnt tell you Silver wasnt WAB then idk what does. Ya know.. because that rolls completely with the algorithm of google. This guy was probably pai by hedge funds. im not sure. Who cares. AMC AND GME!

Indiana Jones

I think JP Morgan ist playing poker with the other Bullion Banks. But not with monopoly money.
They play out with silver and the other banks will burn in hell.

patt er

..platinum , uranium , and SCANDIUM would be more suitable as suppressed and as low total physical metal available compared to other metals. they would not be able to flood stocks with extra metal to lower price ..


All the idiots thought it was a SLV stock squeeze and bought the wrong thing and then started telling everyone it was a trap and not to buy physical silver..derp.

Roy van Beaumont

I would love an answer to the question poised on this video title in 5 to 10 minutes. Perhaps just include in the description a link to the core content. I don't have 2.5 hours to devote to this.

Steven Robjanets

Does silver create economic value over time?

Marius M

People at Wallstreetbets clearly anti-silver, so little anti-GME is not that bad.

Doctor Skelestein

Buy NAKD before it moonshots!

WallStreet Pickers


your channel

There is a good industrial use - for connectors. Every charging cradle, every circuit board that needs to connect to another. Gold doesn't corrode, this is why it's used in these cases. Also chips are connected to boards with gold micro welding. In say cancer treatment they use irradiated gold as it's a noble metal that doesn't cause problems in the body.


Keep telling your truth, and I'll do my part in collecting ideas from. ? Up are guaranteed.


Coinbase wallet?

Ryan Gale

Fake money stacks of printer paper with $100 bills on the top. Flip those bills and show us what is on the inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaoLang Gold

what bars are they? look nice.

GebbZ Music Channel

How much paper silver,GME,bitcoins goes into a electric car?

Patrick Frissel

? hands feel good?

Steven Robjanets

The answer is neither. Both piles are fake friend ?‍♂️♾?


Isnt it possible for larger already established institutions to take over Blockchain and bitcoin by either dominating the middle man exchange from crypto>FIAT or simple provide a new cryptocurrency that utilizes Blockchain but is simply a soverign crypto?? I dont see how bitcoin or any crypto isnt compromised.

Eddy Smith

I bought 350 oz in 2020 and maybe 50 oz in 2021 so now that i see your stack that is me in 2 years.

R Rizo

founders said silver and gold when everything collapses we will fall back to silver and gold only.... bitcoin is a giant ponzi that can go on for awhile the only people that will benefit are the ones that cash out and convert. Peter is warning people like you warned people about GME . Just because the bitcoin Ponzi keeps going doesn't mean it will take the place of the dollar... I would suggest you stop pushing it and stick to silver and gold

Derek srt

wow his morgan silver dollars have an ounce of silver in them? Mine only have .77344 troy ounces....:)

David Mehrhof

I have a concern that the government could manipulate the price of silver if they needed more of it. They are the ones pushing solar panels and electric vehicles. They are also now 1 with the fed.


Excellent video! How about KOSS, inexperienced traders traded up, KOSS family sold at massive profits, now that is how you do it! Elders always win!

R Rizo

Who says bitcoin will be the digital money of choice by the billionaires that run the world....IT WON'T BE Gold and silver will be the choice to barter with most people don't own bitcoin so good luck buying food or anything else from your neighbors who don't own or want bitcoin GOLD AND SILVER ONLY

Greg Knauss

Silver is fake news. Reddit $GME and $AMC is still holding ALL shares.

RK RocketKnight

Guys ... silver can not take out 30$ without the help of Gold ... but if you leave out the historic relation to Gold ... and look at the chart ... this was the 2nd run onto the 30$ barrier within a year. Will they beat it down to 25 $ ? Maybe ... but even ... so what ? ... get the larger picture: Silver is long term story ... no way to compare it to GameStop (this stock might go to 0 if the management can not solve the current problems and if the Covid bug does not back off soon) ....Silver never in the history went to 0 ... you see the difference? Can Silver take out $30 with gold hanging around 1800 or lower .... yes even that is thinkable but unlikely ... right now they keep Gold "artificially" low because the people in Washington don't want to have a rush in Gold ... not now ...it will happen sooner or later anyway. Those who purchased Silver on Monday with high premiums ... that is not lost ... wait a bit till premiums come down and add positions then ... you can also hold onto the ETFs (if you still trust the system). Silver was on 29 on Monday ... it is back to 27 ... that is not a disaster. Silver mining companies hardly make a profit at current prices .. I never received much dividends from miners ....even during the years of 2011 ... to 2012 when silver was over 30.

Austin Lassitter

Ethereum is like fiat as well. Theres no limit on how many can be mined. That's why I'm not a fan of ethereum.

Stewart Waller

Best way to buy at spot price?

vincent v

The US dollar is actually too big to fail. Silver is good but the dollar is here to stay.

Marcin S.

hi, your precious metal shop is empty?

trapstar stacker

Here's how much precious metals are in a smartphone on average. Smartphones are pocket-sized vaults of precious metals and rare earths. A typical iPhone is estimated to house around 0.034g of gold, 0.34g of silver, 0.015g of palladium and less than one-thousandth of a gram of platinum.

trapstar stacker

You're so right brother about buying silver instead of storing cash in the bank.all we have to do to hurt the banks is store your wealth in precious metals. Most people just don't realize but it's the easiest thing you can do to make sure your money goes up faster than Inflation can go up.