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Xi hails historic significance of War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea

52 927 views | 23 Oct. 2020


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China held a meeting on Friday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered a speech during the meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. #China #KoreanWar1950

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jeff strong

Crazy communist China making lies again that they helped S Korea during Korea War. WTF!!! F Y C!!!

Sai Gok Chia

China is blessed with a wise and intelligent leader and so things would turn out well. Long live China, the mother land of all Chinese


How dare you.....


Two Trump administration officials, Andrew ‘Drew’ Horn , and Jason Beardsley, met with ex-US marine and approved Operation Gideon, according to the Miami Herald to
overthrow Venezuela's President Madura in a botched coup

José Lopes Amaral

Oh and ... You need to apologize for having let the Wuhan Flu spread out of China...

Bat Augustiner

look what china made out of North Korea? and look at what the US did to South Korea.

Lubsiabxav Lolushais

China will be a stronger nation tomorrow to come.
China is ready for war with US anytime from now onward.

フローラル ショッペ

Millions of people around the world stand with this cause

Super Rider

Biggest Copy mistake done by Chinese was copying rotten Communist System from Karl Marx (Germany) and Lenin (Russia) by replacing their own ancient good Chinese Governing System !
Now entire China is a corrupted, slave, bad mannered prison only !

Geo economics

This is your lucky day
Now you will learn what is going on:
those who control
control the world
john halford mackinder

USA (British) can't conquer EurAsia
from this came what is known as
Balance of Power

IT's Imperative
that no EurAsian challenger emerges capable of dominating EurAsia and thus of also challenging America
Zbignew Brzezinski

Godstolemybike Jones

U.S.A. stands with Taiwan and damns the Orwellian national security law. Life is cheap according to the CCP.

Jeffrey St. Hill

Hegemonism can never foster peace and prosperity. It should always be resisted.

Ernesto Dalangin

Are. U sure CCP?...make. my day!!!.

Belle Moua

Xi JinPing have nothing to do, Xi now History story teller (what happen We not afraid of War).






john smith


prince of persia

It’s how calm and attentive they are for me ??

2nd Amendment for Canada!


Leandro Rafael Bayonito

5:56 "More than 197,000 martyrs sacrificed their lives for peace."

On the true side, Philippine Lt. Artiaga sacrificed his lives among others, as a UN Peacekeepers, from the UN which China was not yet a member of in 1945 to stopped Chinese aggressions from advancing to South Korea.

Lt. Artiaga was a true hero, to respect the dignity and freedom of South Korea in the Battle of Yultong.
Today, South Korea is living in peace.

charles cheechien

There is no wisdom greater than Chinese wisdom cultivated since the dawn of civilisation.


Go China. Do not listen to the West. The West have no interests regarding anyone else but themselves. They are a bunch of selfish humanity and they treat all non white citizens as a second class citizens, not to mention what they do to the aboriginal people.

Du R

Yes, we have to learn disciplines from China and think about how the China thinking.what is peace and war. world must learn the lesson. Don't be jealous about development.

Douglas Bruce

Xi is lost in space. Wants rewrite history


GLAD VIETNAM woke up to the CCP .Rubbish,

Tan Tran

I always fascinated by the history of man and tend to view it in a different angles before I conclude.

True North Strong and Free

Very appropriate.....*Words of wisdom from a previous leader of China*
China is not a superpower, nor will she ever seek to be one... If one day China should change her colour and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as social-imperialist, expose it, oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.
Deng Xiaoping
On that note, it’s time for the PLA to fulfill their ORIGINAL mandate and “LIBERATE THE GOOD CHINESE PEOPLE FROM THEIR OPPRESSORS”

william Loh

China should follow her own path of building a strong and developed country economically and more importantly militarily in order to preserve peace and happiness for chinese people.

Chan khung lei

whatever reasons given, war was stupid acts ....

Nathan Lee

China is playing the victim.
Korean War started as North Korea's surprise attack into the South. But there are complicated international affairs behind the scene.
Stalin equipped North Korean army. They had 280 tanks at the start of the war. But South Korea had zero tanks.
Recently declassified Soviet documents(after the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991) prove the fact that the 3 communist regimes(CCP, USSR, DPRK) are responsible for the war. They discussed about preparation of the war with each other since a long time before the invasion.
Chinese Civil War ended in May 1950, and Korean War broke out in 1950, June 25th. It means North Korea's leader Kim Il-sung waited for the best time to start the war. China's support was needed for him.
Just after the Chinese Civil War, northeastern China(Dongbei district) under Gao Gang's administration was more industrialized and wealthy and strong even than central government under Mao Zedong(because Imperial Japan invested for industrialization of it's puppet state Manchukuo). So Mao wanted to consume Dongbei's soldiers and resources to weaken Gao's influence in the communist party. By purging competitors in the party, Mao consolidated his dictatorship. It is one of hidden intentions behind decision for sending Chinese army to Korean War.
South Korea was the only legitimate government recognized by UN at that time. And it was obvious that North Korea invaded South Korea first, so UN decided to send forces to help South Korea. The Constitution of Korea states that Korean territory is all Korean peninsula. So I think South Korea had the right to unify Korea at that time. But communist China frustrated it by unlawful intervention with it's troops.
Chinese are still calling Korean War "抗美援朝(kangmei yuanchao) and it means "resisting US, helping Korean war". The truth is that they Chinese killed Korean people by sending army without justifiable reason only for their own interest. They have no conscience even when naming the war. We Korean simply call it as "6.25 War" to remember the date it broke.

Francisco Garcia

The americans think they can boss around every nation. But when faced with a proud and strong nation they just shy away. Congratulations to the brave People of the Popular Republic of Korea! Thanks to the great People of China! The murderous empire is coming to an end!

K Mind

Just look at the unity of the Chinese and look at the mess in the US.

Ben Sanderson

North Korea is evil; they starve their own citizens

Laurence Gagno

I would love to work for the chinese government how can I get in touch with you I work and live in Italy and can help China with investing

Kheero Samurai.

US aggression ?? USA MADE CHINA....they didn't even had food....ONE DAY CHINA WILL END UP WHERE THEY STARTED...INEVITABLE


Great speech. Greetings from a Dutch (environmental) communist.

Cristobal Huerta

Look at china's Economy and leadership and look at America's leadership and Economy, one country takes care of its people, while the other cares less of its people, or its self destruction , colonialism is on it's last stroke, China is a unified country, while American is a divided racist country,.......

skye smile


Eric Ulric

He doesn't exactly work in my favor, but I love Xi JinPing's spirit toward strengthening his homeland. I'm well experienced to know "we will never" means if by natural means it becomes us.

George Washington

Grate nation and grate country. Viva communism, death to capitalism where rich walks over poor people, law and justice.

Kris La

Xi is my hero. A great man who wants peace.

Carlos F Doria

CCP double talk or BS

Linus Archius

Cringe comments

G-Max TV

pls sleep again...your not peace loving people..CCP must not dealth with.

Brady Chuck

commies trying to change history ?

kennidy john

where there is America, there is war

Super Rider

These CCP members has betrayed China for CCP money for years now ! Shame on it !
CCP is made other democratic peaceful Countries Militarily Stronger by threatening them !
Now India, Australia, Japan, UK and France etc making World most advanced lethal weapon systems as a result of that.
It is pretty clear India will not stop developing it's weapons arsenal to match Chinese or exceed it even getting help from western countries !
So at the end Xi hasn't gained any advantage at the War front Either !
We don't think any Chinese Soldier want to get kill and lose one and only son to the family by going to Xi's insane losing Wars !
What Xi has to do is to make China's Governing system similar to Singapore where CCP can still stay at power but as good Guys !


The greatest leader in 2020.

Rick Holland

TRUMP 2020!!!!

Mel Leblanc

This is a LEADER...bravo China!!

The US and Frump are a pitiful lot of grifters...


Many western news outlets are essentially becoming facist network nowadays, so many bigotry, hatred, and underlying racism. CGTN is like saint in comparison, way high up there on the moral high grounds

Sarah Khan

The US has an agenda to destroy others in the pretext of help economically or fighting terrorism. They are the terrorist to the world. Look at the long list of conflicts past and present they have created

G Ha

Victory is sweet when serve cold. This is why China has achieve happiness, prosperity and progress in a century after Imperialism.

Mr Bardel

it is not the system . it is the people in leadership that matter ...

it does not matter what they call you . or how you call yourself . if your people live well and they are happy ...

John Kemmer Insurance Agency

North Korea invaded South Korea. The United Nations sent in un peacekeepers of which the majority were us troops. Just compare north and South Korea today. North Korea is concentration camp committing crimes against humanity. The idea the the CCP would maintain support for North Korea makes them a participant in these crimes against humanity. Let’s hope one day North Korea is freed from this nightmare. The USA is flawed, no one can deny that but so is every other country. It is a matter of degree of evil and the CCP is far ahead of the USA in this regard. There is a reason why so many people want to come to the USA. There is a reason why no one wants to immigrate go to China. Ask yourself why even CCP members have foreign passports and send there families to western universities. They have have escape plans to leave China if the CCP turns on them. Actions speak louder than words.

Zaldy Fernandez

What a Propaganda till you tell your people vote Freely it's all just lies from Greedy and power hungry Communism plain and simple

Albert Nongrum

Good speech! But his heart is doom in illusion.

Declan O'Rourke

and China now trying to bully everyone. thank you Putin for seeing China for what they are dirty fighters

Toxic Ninja

Only china would parade around a war that nobody cares about, which had no resolution, and where nothing was accomplished.
Tells us about how you lost to japan Xi, that's an interesting tale.

José Lopes Amaral

Free Hong Kong! Give Tibet back to the Tibetan People! Stop killing Muslims in Xinjiang! And Taiwan is not China!


China no need war bit us.. Fucking us want always dominate other countries

Richard Finch

The US government is nothing more then a terrorist organization. A bunch of sheep who are lifelong slaves to the bureaucracy. The US government is a pathetic joke.

Alan H

Chine wants to treat everyone in the world like its own citizens - complete control using Tech

Oscar Guan

Finally a comment section that doesn’t criticise China

Ivan lim

China just strengthen your military

Peace through Strength

WAR between Super Power World Be Half Gone
So let pray for NO WAR
? ? ?

Sapere Aude

1) No live human organ harvesting for profit.

2) No modern day genocide of ethnic minorities.

3) No festivals where dogs are burned alive before being eaten.

4) Stop attacking and demanding land from your neighbors, like with India, claiming Vladivostok, the definitely an independent country Taiwan, Japanese Islands...China has territorial claims on 17 countries!

5) Free Tibet

6) Free Xinjiang Turkestan

7) Free Inner Mongolia and let them have access to the sea through a union with Manchuria. This helps protect Vladivostok, too.

8) No nine dashed line. Let the Vietnamese and Phillipines fish and have their waters.

9) Demilitarize South China Sea.

10) Free Hong Kong.

11) Allow your own people to worship freely.

12) Stop stealing technology from other countries. It makes you look like dirty thieves.

13) Forget about the arctic when you are a Pacific power and don't border the arctic.

This is what will happen to China if she insists upon continuing to unite the world against her through her actions. China has a HUGE chip on its shoulder from the century of humiliation and thinks it has the right to make up for it by bullying every neighbor it has.

China, this is unrealistic. It is only natural that you will unite the rest of the world against you when you behave in this entitled way. The Indians didn't cause your CoH, neither did Bhutan, Vietnam, Taiwan (its own country), or the Philippines.

Big bully China isn't quite powerful enough to take on the whole world yet. Don't forget Russia's historical friendship with India. You can't claim Vladivostok and expect Russia to just take it as your lapdog and to fight the US and Europe for you. They have more self-respect than that.

The EU is on to you now, too.

By the way, how's Huawei doing?

If China wants the world to stop uniting against it, maybe it should look in a mirror instead of obsessing about the past.

Chong Kim

G2, China
Our original master
From South-West Korea, Anti-Japanese.

united asia

Thank you heroic Chinese soldiers for helping North Korea...

Kheero Samurai.


Douglas Bruce

Aggression is on the head of Xi. The Chinese people are so tired of his heavy hand at home. No other country wants Xi style communism.


You mean...North Korea, not just "Korea", right?#BTS's South Korea and the UN fought AGAINST China.# ???? vs ???? Got it?!

Harbin Humphries


Steve Sin

Kim Il Sung had an explicit approval from Stalin and Mao to start the unprovoked war of aggression. If China didn't intervene, Korea would have become one country.

I wish Harry Truman had the courage to drop atomic bombs on your cursed land. From intentionally spreading Covid-19 and emitting massive amount of greenhouse gas, China is the single most dangerous threat to the humanity.

K Mind

Nobody mess with China, period, especially the illegitimate call for freedom of navigation by US.

Joy Chen



World must unite to fight aliens coming to earth...not eachothr

herbert clyde maligro

please continue to inform the world about the real history because here in my country they twist the history. They are also funding news agency to twist story and destroy the moral grounds of our government and leaders. In philippines they created racism between asia and especially chinise.

Tan Kin

In most Youtube columns..Xi Jinping is Winnie the Pooh, Clown of CCP, Covid dictator..etc. Omg, but here comments lots of compliments, even some Americans respect him.

432hz Music Worldwide

Xi can't put a coherent sentence together without reading the script.

Tan Kin

US blames China for spreading Covid globally, China blames US for importing Covid into Wuhan lab...who's got the truth??

Sadi Alizadeh


Kheero Samurai.

THAT WHY you are secretive and have so much to hide ????

Karo G

Subtitles would be way better than the voicover interpreting.

Cristobal Huerta

The American Industrial military complex has lost much ground, at this time, China, Russia, Iran, are now the competitors, and will be the dominant powers in the world, hopefully putting a stop to the profit colonial unjustifiable wars , around the world, putting a stop to demonic cult agression,.......



Gsh Chf


Bhatt King

Deeply. So. Much. Miss. My. Chinese. President. & Ist lady very. Miss. Miss. Miss. Moment of in style. Enter in. Public hall. Chinese presidents I share. Daily

Tom's BioLEEgy

I can’t believe how much these Chinese people are brainwashed

keeping up

Our asia is standing up for itself to the westerns colonisers with china leading hope india doesn't get fooled again to be used against its nieghbour for the binifets of the west again


China rise to prosper and advance


Great speech by President Xi but translation by CGTN is bad

Steven Kok


Geoffrey Anyika

Bulling everyone else by USA will not work. The World can not wait for USS anymore.
Jealousy is an illness only through prayer you can be helped

Raymond Chin

We, the descendants from the Gobi deserts to the South China Seas bow in respect and in deep gratitude to elder brothers and sisters who heroically fought and protect our nation's from harm.

Kheero Samurai.


Edward Daniels The Artisan

He is the Anti Christ and he is going to burn in h*** for ever for his rejection of Christ. He has a mandate to stop religion not only in his own country but all over the world. And bring everybody under China rule, China law which is basically himself. That Hitler mentality Isn't going to fly today. You would have thought he would have learned from history. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good. Psalms 14:1 NIV.
I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am he, you will indeed die in your sins.”John 8:24 NIV.
Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.
Revelation 20:15 NIV
If anyone does not love the Lord, jesus Christ let that person be cursed! Come, Lord !
1 Corinthians 16:22 NIV

Eric Yeung

CGTN, 你們用英文字幕還更好啦. 習主席的說話都給你們打擾了. 說國語的片我又找不到.

Edwin Subijano

Speaking of peace but acting warlike !!! Stealing other countries sovereign seas and fishing grounds are not the action of a peaceful nation !!! Xi Jinping simply doesn't walk the talk !!! F*cking greedy asshole !!!

Gsh Chf



Please pardon me for one moment! Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Club -- 2020 MLB World Series Champions. Corey Seager was voted Most Valuable Player. I Love LA...it's all good. What this means is I will be purchasing a replica of their WS ring. Cheers to all & God bless America!

Mark Tiller

The Korean war was started by the communist north, and the it was UN troops that came to the aid of the South Koreans. I don't know the losses of South Korea but the UN lost 57,000 troops, and according to Russia the north Korea lossed 3 million troops and the PLA losssed over 1 million hardly a win .
xi is no Putin, if I Joe nobody can poke holes in xi's speech he's no leader, he's relaying on the communist version off history. Basically bullshit .

Xi speech

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Marathon Xi Jinping speech

8 735 views | 24 Oct. 2017

Xi Jinping’s speech to

Xi Jinping’s speech to the 19th Party Congress lasted three and a half hours. The lengthy speech outlining his plans for China over the next 5 years proved a bit too much for some of the delegates in the hall.

Xi speech

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Full video: Xi Jinping delivers speech at WEF Davos Agenda 2021 via video link

38 535 views | 25 Jan. 2021


For more:


Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday delivered a speech titled "Let the Torch of Multilateralism Light up Humanity's Way Forward" at the virtual Davos Agenda event held by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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viper gx


Gordon Turnbull

who is he trying to convince here . this is not for Chinese people as they cant have you tube .

Benjamin Gal-Or

\\\\ HI Germans, Open letter #2, to drastically reduce corona deaths per capita updates your graphs and change diet as in GROUP A COUNTRIES - WELL, FIRST CAREFULLY STUDY OUR STATS AS REPORTED FROM GROUP A NATIONS VS. YOURS IN GROUP B //// 2 scientific methods, reported from 2 groups of nations listed below, indicate relatively high COVID-19 CONTROL in GROUP A, which, unlike Group B, is characterized by simple diet: Method (1): % Fatalities of those diagnosed in GROUP A reported on Jan 29/21 by: >Sngpr 0.05 >Bhutn 0.12 >Mnglia 0.12 >Qatr 0.13 >Brund 0.13 >Sychl 0.26 >Dbai 0.28 >Mldv 0.33 >Ertr 0.34 >Mlsia 0.36 >Bhrn 0.37 >Curc 0.44 >Tlnd 0.47 >Sri-ln 0.49 >Npl 0.75 >ISRL 0.74 >TWN 0.78 >Arba 0.86 >>GROUP B: >[Germ] 2.66 >[NL] 1.43 >[U.S.] 1.68 >[Brazil] 2.45 >[Fran] 2.45 >[Spn] 2.07 >[AU] 3.16 >[Cnd] 2.57 >[UK] 2.75 >[Swdn] 2.04 >Sws 1.79 >Grc 3.71 >[Chin] 5.19 >[Irn] 4.14 >[Itl] 3.47 >[Mxc] 8.50 >US EARLIER: >Oct 22: 2.75, Jan 29: 1.68 \\\\ Method (2): COVID Deaths PER 1M-POP [JAN 26 v. 27]: >Belg 1,822-1,837 >Itl 1,421-1,446 >Hung 1,231-1,267 >SPAIN 1,2O3-1,237 >Frnc 1,097-1,117 >Swis 1,074-1,097 >Portgl 1,043-1,129 \\\\ The Data are daily reported from the listed nations to JHU, WHO, etc. ['in', U-Tube, 10M PLUS LIST OF REFERENCES at google.].\\\\ HI Ge
How America Bungled the Plague | NYT Opinion

Jimmy G

Ya, ok.....we will just fall in line with whatever the “elite” class tells us......NOT ! Their time is swiftly coming to an end, as “We the people” rise up Nd take our lives, and our world back from these power hungry maggots !

soukprasith Chanthasaeng

China change all Country Bad Chian King all Country get with China all Country stop not work out now change everything all Country make with China make all Country get with China55555555


Don’t be fooled by a speech that sells communism. At the end of the day in china there is no freedom of speech or freedom of religion. They are among the worlds biggest polluters. They stole technology to advance their communist agenda from the free world. Goes to show that humanity creates and prospers under freedom. His speech is good and it was carefully written to be that way. Don’t be fooled. Remember they shut down wuhan to rest of china but kept travel open to rest of the world. So he already went against everything he said in his speech. If we all stand together then this agenda will not move forward.


Chinese leaders are the best. They are real leaders for the people.

alexander nerep

The new global leader of the free world, soon all the countries of the world will be as free as China.


#chinaliedpeopledied communist fucks

Zoran Mancic

Great Man



Aakash taware

Please reread your speech....really you mean it..?.?

Rodney Degens

He's just like Donald Trump. A bare faced liar or a hypocrite, either will do

Owl Me

Pooh...is gonna cry soon

makau onesmus

my president

dimpos silaban


James Anderson

Winnie the Pooh is a compulsive liar.

Pete Smith

Quick, somebody help him find his honey pots.

North Pole

Despicable dictator. All lies. He is the criminal against humanity. CCP carried out and are carrying out the genocide in XinJiang, Tibet and Mongolia. He belongs to jail, not called world stage.

Gordon Turnbull

Oh . but I thought you told the world that you had it all under control. hahahahahhaha lies. CCP likes to control . but look you cant control Nature . it will kich your ass between .floods earthquake and covid


'The Big Lie' 2.0
This man is a psychopath

zdenek oldrich marek

Thankyou President Xi' Jinping for your wonderfull speech towards Co-operation and World Unity.Be Blessed.

Filipe Nunes

Mr Xi is an hypocrit , how can he come to Davos tell lies, he say's One thing and do the opposit , China's the biggest bully in the world .


Virus is a hoax to usher in a world government!

Kasmot Turrero

A bully and an evil human being

Satch3d 66

It will be difficult to get peace with all the warriors from the new US government. China is strong and does not need to bend over the US decision. China should put effort into Africa to give them the place they deserve. But China must take care as the stupid warriors of Washington DC are always bloodthirsty and don't care about the American people but always care about the next place they can do war. China is good and strong enough to walk without the USA.

allies Team C

We appreciate the generosity, optimism and important role of some American presidents including President Carter which have helped China evolve. We Americans are proud of America’s constructive role in building strong allies for a better world for all. We are glad America has helped developed other countries to help share the work and pay for solutions to achieve a better life for members of the human family on earth! It is time for servant leadership... let’s get over ego fear attacks and stop wasting resources in war games.

Dear Angel

Xi <3 brilliant speech!


If you find yourself agreeing with a tyrannical dictator like Xi Jinping while not condemning his actions, then IMHO you are complicit in his many crimes against humanity.

Ashley Hubber

Is this a joke? The hypocrisy. The strong should not bullying the weak, what about hong kong? I have never seen so much double-speak in one short video

Pierre Couture

bull shit


Typical example of when you say one thing and do exactly the opposite


All countries are developing countries.

Edlewise Winter

please Bring back Jack ma, you must know very well what really happend to him.




Bunch of lunatic Trillionaire and Billionaires that want to control the world who are not going to give up any of their riches just want to take everything away from us... sick agenda No mention of any of them giving up their riches....

Philippe Forest

Respect ! Great peaceful speech ! ) Quite positive. Personally, I feel the tremendous technological steps forward that the world has made by profiting from last century's mistakes (wars) are more than enough for now; if we can't achieve good international relations with the amazing inventions we already use, when will we ? For love's sake !
p.s. Why bring the world economy out of the woods ? How ? Was this the good translation ? Merci du Québec, Canada

H.o. Chema

Very Interesting Speech of Mr president Xi jinping we share he's Views over international relations and global situation issues worldwide

Jam West

The new world dictator spewing lies.

Li Hua


Gordon Turnbull

China dosnt have market in the near future. its going to the dogs

John Smith

His excellency hits the nail right on the head, “Different in itself is no cause for alarm, what does bring the alarm is arrogance, prejudice, and hatred.”

Essco Lab

Friends.....what friends does the CCP have?

Gordon Turnbull

all i can say to the world is dont let China any where near your sceince or technology

Dane Harris

Uighur "reeducation" camps. Illegal mining in Ghana. State doctrinated atheism. Falun Gong persecution. Black market organ trade of Falun Gong prisoners. Recent border conflict with India. Almost 800 days of arrest of two Canadians in retaliation for the arrest of Huawei executive. Possibly up to another 30,000 detained under questionable reasons since 2013. Tiananmen Square. The Cultural Revolution and the forcing of Maoism cost hundreds of thousands of deaths, possibly up to 20 million. Red August. AQI in many cities over 150, some tipping over 200. Respiratory deaths around 750,000 per year. This man is supposed to give us advice on how to make things better? Ok....

K. Fron

OOPS! Opened a wrong Winnie The Pooh Movie. Carry on.

mafis mathis

this is not a good video... you should do two videos, one with the president speaking chinese and the other with english words only

Alice Chang

Absolute shithead who gave the world the Wuhan virus. CRIMINAL

michael steely

Openness sounds great. Mercantilism does not. Crony capitalism does not work. For the people by the people only works with the goodness of the people.
Theft of ideas by either companies or countries deter the idea creators.
Mandelbrot transformation

Eric Lim

Better to have the speech in Chinese with English subtitles


Winnie the Pooh

Radha Krishna

This kind of philosophy is a great blessing??❤ for all mankind....

Indiahindustinky Curry

Xi, "Shared community and common destiny,".


What's this? Hold hands and sing Kumbaya?

Dequan Evans

Never shake hands

Fasil Merenu

Chinese are going to be the star of the planet soon they will free their people from poverty within coming 10years while capitalism collapse in the near future

viper gx

pcc satana

Neil Dmello

China gifted the people of our world a new industry that is called CCP China 19 now humidity is paying a very heavy price for this Genocide on the world, destroyed economy destroyed Lifestyle and made a killing Machine. China has got to pay for the Genoside what has the United Nations and W H O don for humanity act now to prevent another disaster...

Gordon Turnbull

Lies lies lies.and more lies.

Acin Ptk



4:24 you hear that jews, muslims and christians? you have no room in china

Jess Jess

Exactly! Well said! <3

Gary Lee

SARS Virus 2003和COVID-19 2018是AIRBORN病毒
NWS JetStream-噴射流(weather.gov)
Maps Mania:24小時的全球飛行(googlemapsmania.blogspot.com)
人們如何在飛機上獲取呼吸空氣(氧氣)? »科學ABC
飛機廁所的工作原理:它們是否在中途傾倒廢物? -驚悚

Tey Hoon Boon

The western countries must put aside their prejudices against China. China is a big nation with huge population of many ethnic groups. Give China the time to reform and open up the policy for the better future of World. The discrimination against China cause a major setback to public health in the world.

Jesus Gilbert Valle Jr III

Am I the only one who Thinks His actual main goal is to Get as many developing countries on his side as possible to prepare for idk ..Anything that comes

boiboi Brandibock

This speech is as void of any real conviction for multaterism as chinas west of Muslims in some years if they continue the incarceration of thousands of innocent people... The most funny thing is, how much he is lying about corona :D "more information sharing" even he wants laugh about that (y)

Stevie Gorman

China has blood on its hands

Antonio Com Sabedoria

A single world government, that's what they want ?


Густой волос - мудрое слово!

Kem Kem

What is China Doing With the Uigur minoroty shamless giving this man a Plattform Like He is worth of it, your end and the end of all opressers and unjust leaders is near

Gordon Turnbull

what a lot of bull shite

Trajan Anevski

I andesten the world as fields for cultural challenge of the society ( Goce)

Mega Fan 11

Excellent Speech! Unfortunately the American Side knows nothing but racism & hostility. Just like Canceller Merkel said it's better to leave the US behind & keep moving forward to multilateralism

Gordon Turnbull

awwww was that not just lovely . does any one believe a word of it



Brillant speech! Can't agree more on that the world is changing, and the world needs to adapt, and every action helps to shape the future world. Never seen China so confident, so constructive, and yet so self-restraint. It'll be to the world's advantage to have a strong and powerful China. Well done China, and jiayou!


what a blatant liar!!so many inconsistencies. China should be relegated to the bottom by whatever means possible.

Kareem me Friend

The tapestry of this great man's words is evident and coincides with his actions (despite the uncertainties of his Muslim populations which I have great concern). American politicians tend to cloak it's depopulation activities behind gestures and titles suggesting "GOOD WILL concerns, actions but void of transparency. As an invisible evil hand is at work on both sides, they function as one yet avoid mingling (as do our waters salt and fresh) their's is NOT of GOD! So there you have it...great words of peace on one side, while on the other side a glaring agenda of death and destruction (global abortions) starvation and of course "covid19" that seem to be gaining more in political allies than in Doctors that still exercise respect and adhere to their own HIPPOCRATIC OATH...

shawn wan


CCP Troll Hunter

Dr Pupil thanks for the China virus ?

julian barker

Well said by an absolute world class leader, with honesty and integrity and fairness for all. We need more leadership like this in the world

Kathy Jago

Sick plot

Opi Co

Anyone else get that song by queen play in the background - Don't stop me now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKny_ia8Fvo

Affected Area

Purple colour revolution tie. They are ALL in on it. These governments pretending to hate each other is all scripted, the controllers use these scripts to start big wars and kill off the populations.

Gordon Turnbull

Did he actually use the word openness.


hello un président comme XI JINPING bravo et merci à votre pays la chine, la première puissance de l'intelligence, du commerce, du spatial, de l'honnêteté, merci de continuer !

Lost Avatar

Is this speach available to the Chinese people or is this just for the westerners?

allies Team C

We appreciate the inspiring, inclusive, visionary and high level of awareness his words reflect. This speech is a hopeful big step forward in the right direction. May the new Biden team followup on this important invitation for the sake of Americans and the people of the world!

Johnny Tsang

I am proud to be Chinese !

TC69 Kiing

Xi is a gifted leader for China. 2 eyes have turned red and another 2 turned to China and remaining one sitting on the fence, asking for God blessing them for a leader like China has.


Pak q chinese people and ur president xi jinping. ,!,.


Full of shit

sam russell

Don't believe a word this snake says!! Unfortunately there is plenty of idiots that cant read between lines!!
China wants hegemony at any cost.. Look how they treat their own people what hope have the rest of us got!!!


Chinese youths gave me impression that they have vision and ambition while our youth just happy with meaningless stuff .

Trajan Anevski

China and Macedonia fren forever

Jonathon Sakks

World evil forum.



Leng Zai

Xi Jin Ping is playing stupid, empty rhetorics theres nothing true in it but blackmails, he is like a venomous snake.



Randall Fowler

China has 1/4 of the world's population. I have no problem if they become #1 as long as their people are free. We need to focus on decentralization and freedom while we accomplish a common world vision. I do not like the idea of corrupt elites controlling the masses. Corruption should be rooted out of all governments including the USA (we have had a problem with that for sometime).