Linear regression charts

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Forecasting in Excel using Linear Regression

60 425 views | 9 Dec. 2019


#Forecasting #LinearRegression

Hello Friends,

In this video, you will learn how to do the sales forecasting in Excel. We have explained four methods – Forecast formula, Trend formula, Linear regression equation using Excel Formula, Linear regression equation using Excel Chart.

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Awesome ??

Lavanya Ks

Hello sir can u tell me how to add secondary vertical axis in charts

Dinesh Pokharna

sir can u help me converting a pdf containing voter list in hindi language to excel

Arnold Kilaini


Nailea Large

great video thank you

sunil bs

Can you also share how did you got the forecasted numbers on the chart

Kristina Paula Jaso

Thank you for the tutorial! Stay safe and well! ?

Plamen Yankov

Thank you, PK !!!
Great video!

Debasish Nath

How you dothe formatting part when the date value appears as a result of an equation?please help

Chinmayi Manvi

You have a unique way of explaining which can be easily understood!!
Waiting for further forecasting videos!!

Thank you, PK !!

mohammed embabi

Thank you dear

Muthu Raja



Nicely explained. Easy and simple. Thank You!


I'm looking for an exact equation for "Linear Regression Extrapolation on Time-series spatial data". can anyone help me?


plz tell how to do using logistic regression?


thanks for the great video! My R2 is fairly low. I'm concerned that this will mean that my forecasting may not be very accurate

Ashish Kumar Tripathi

Very nicely explained..great ....thanks

Prabhu R

Hi Good one.. you have explained it very clearly .. eagerly waiting for your next forecast video.. as I am working data which is consistence.

Rinin Sunny Mangalam

Please help me to do 3 dimensional interpolations ( say X,Y and Z)

Excel Free Pour Tous

thank for 4 we can use the LINEST function which is a matrix function

on two adjacent cells to detreminate a and b

Tamil movie review

very well explained . thank you so much

Shorya Arora

Your every video has unique things which we never know before. Thank you PK

Jim Harding

How did you fill in the results in the forecast columns?

ashish mohan

Hello sir have u complete series regression and correlation kindly let me know

Hashmat Saidi

Great presentation. Thank you very much!!

sityebi simamkele

Can I use this approach to predict future rainfall?

Mustafa KAYA

Hi, thanks for you this video. I want to try by myself, but I couldn't download example file. When I hit the above link which is "https://www.pk-anexcelexpert.com/forecasting-in-excel-using-linear-regression/", get the file not found 404 error.


Thank you so much.

Alex Rosén

Super useful! Thanks a lot

Trilok Shah

I get #value error while forecasting!
Please help

Shailesh Gaurav

Beautifully explained PK sir. Can I request you to create a video on Markov Analysis for workforce planning?

Soumik Choudhury

Will you please share the link of the video on the forecasting of data with trend and seasonality as mentioned in the last part of the video ??

Donald Tripdarlinq

i sent you an email but you don't reply. i am sad.All the way from Nigeria

Kevin Yordy Cornelio Prado

Awesome job, thanks ???

Aadvika Laghari

how did you obtained sales data on daily basis

Fiona Yu

Thank you so much! You explained the concept so well and patiently!

Ahmed mohamed keynan Gure

Cntr+shift+1 or Cntr+shift+3

Cosimo Piovasco

Thanks for porsting this, Mr. PK!

It comes very handy to foresee what 2020 will bring us (or at least to have an approach)

Best regads,


Forecasting with seasonality VDO plz


Freaking great video!!!

Tech Santosh Kumar

Nice job

Vi Tran

Thank you !!!!!

Jason Siu Ching Yuen

simple to understand! Thanks

Prasanna Anbu

Very Informative

Wojciech Wiśniewski

very useful movie

Pratik R

What did you do to change the format for Forecast 3 when date shows up?

Fathina Atsila

what if there is an outlier, how to handle it? thank you in advance.

I'm sending signals

You know when you are studying when you hear that Indian accent..


good info pl support

sushil v


Kristīne M

Thank you, you explained this better than my university professor!

Mark Meadors

Very helpful! Thanks!

Luke Nolan

Where is the follow-up video he referenced?

Brajesh Kumar Tiwari

Dear Mr pk
Thanks for your vedio. It's really informative and useful. I am facing a problem. The data date and a variable are fitted with 5th order polynomial. When I am using to recalculate te historical data the variable numbers are way far. Like to have your viewpoint or help. Regards


what do I do if i don't have a continuous data.. like I have data for 8th 9th and directly 11th march... does this still work?

cesar saldana

Amazing!!!!!!....Tank you..... Best Regards from mexico.


Impressive content: thank you so so so much!

Ravi Rao

Beautifully explained.. thank you for such tutorial ??

I would like to request you to please make some videos on Statistics with real life case studies.

Ramyar Kamaran

Thanks it is very useful ?

Santosh Mekale

Forecasting study check
PK expert Check

Thank for this video

Monica Dantis

Thank you very much!! you explained well

Maithili Dias

Lovely , very well explained video

Neenad Sawant

Very nice explanation. Thank you so much


Awesome approach ?? good one ????

Majida Kejji

Can i have the excel sheet you used please ,to better follow the tutorial

Linear regression charts

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How to Use Linear Regression Channels to Trade

2 079 views | 21 Sep. 2020

How to use linear

How to use linear regression channels

linear regression channels explained

In this video I go over what are linear regression channels, why I like to use them and how to trade using them. If you guys enjoyed watching then feel free to gently tap that like button if you believe that I have earned it and consider subscribing to the channel for more content. Thanks for supporting the channel, and I hope to see you on the next video.

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__________________________________________________________________________Disclaimer: These videos that I create on YouTube shouldn’t be taken as financial advice. I am NOT a licensed financial professional. Nothing I mention in these videos is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any stock, etf, index, or future. Please consult with your financial professional for your financial advice. Do your own research when it comes to investing and trading to take 100% responsibility for your financial decisions and future.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#LinearRegressionChannels #LinearRegression #Indicators #DayTrading #TechnicalAnalysis #DayTradingIndicators #LinearRegressionChannel

James Paffrath

great vid!

Orlando Miner

How many videos you releasing...?

France - Finance & Debt

Another great video and explanation!

Al Foreman

Hi Justin. Thanks for the video. Nice explanation. Pro tip - If you only want us to focus on looking at a specific indicator, then simply uncheck the others temporarily and make them invisible so that we don't see them. Thank you.

Linear regression charts

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DAX Fridays! #135: Linear Regression in Power BI

15 453 views | 2 Aug. 2019

In today's video I will

In today's video I will explain Linear Regression: what it is, how it is used and how to calculate it in Power BI.

Happy summer!

#curbal #powerbi #dax #daxfridays

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#daxfridays #curbal #dax #powerbi #mvp


Very good!

David Benaim

It’s useful but I would also like a video showing how to use the regression and correlation coefficient in the online quick measures galleryplease!

Rick Brook

I always thought Linear Regression was so complicated. Thanks for making it clear and easy - and showing how to do it with DAX

Andrius Kačergius

And then some prominent youtuber mentions you as part of trending meme and your predictions go out of the window.

Ankit Tyagi

Please send me the direct pbi file link of Linear regression
I can't find the file as fast as possible

Chamila Mihiripenna

Thanks Ruth for your simple explanation, Greetings all the way from Sri Lanka


Watched first 30 seconds and already in love :D Great video!

Kris Takx

It’s about time someone did this subject. Many thanks. I’ve written a Power Query grouped linear regression function if your interested?


Great use of the pen to explain those points on screen. Thanks for a great video

Jessie Fan

very appreciate for your amazing and clear explain for linear regression, can you please give other example for multi linear regression in Bi? many thanks!

Alberto Armenta

Amazing, I really liked your video another way to make regressions

Peter Hui

Always love your videos! Love your comment "DAX is driving me crazy today" haha


what is [n]????

mary marieme

thank's to you! can you share with us your datasets to do the example thank's you

Kather - pillar

how do you calculate r-squared for line chart where the x-axis values are dates?

Eduardo Arellano

Hi ruth, I'm trying to access your website to download the file. But it seems that the download link is broken, I'm not able to access the downloads page. Thanks!

Ayobami Ologun

Good job. Thank you Ruth.

Edgar Peralta

La serie de Estadísticas es lo mejor. Muchas gracias por compartir estos temas.

Fede Lauda

Great Video!! But Can't download the PBIX from Download Center :(

Elson Fabiano

great! and what about a multiple linear regression? is it possible?


Awesome!, very awesome and...i think the results you get are totally exact ruth you should continue on statistics series it's wonderful (statistics +power bi= business analytics)

mary marieme

plz what [n] measure means?

Dirk Van Aerden

Hi Ruth, great stuff, very intresting


I agree with your frustration with the dax editor not closing. My work around is to click the dashboard canvas UNDERNEATH the dax formula window. This location appears special for some reason and closes the dax window first click. Hope this helps.

Carlos Castro

Wonderful Love you!!!! Never cross my mind to use Parameters in that way. Thanks

Kather - pillar

Hello, how do you do this linear regression for percentage measures?


isn't more reasonable to use subsrcibers as x variable

Abhishek Mani Tripathi

Great video Ruth ????????

Muchai M

Excel gives you the formula :-) . Great video


Great video and i have a question at 7:07 min. How to get the formula of predict subs = 2 + mx?

Tanveer Islam

Your Video is very helpful Madam.

Fer Gonzalez

Hi Ruth.. can you please some time make a spanish video for all the latin people?? .. Saludos desde Colombiaaa

driss elfigha

Very very interesting lesson (at least for me).

Luis Cuadro Moreno

Gracias Ruth !!!!! me estaba volviendo loco con cálculos para el almacén de una empresa aplicando Z y varianza con distribución normal pero no sabía cómo confeccionar la tabla para el slicer. Ahora aprendí Generateseries y Parameters!!!! wonderful!!!! thansk so so much for all your work!!


Thank you for educating us all!!!


I have 92 subscribers and I've never posted a video. My goal is to match Ruth's subscriber count with no videos.

Jerry Kappa

Nice addition.... long overdue function ? Looking for polynomial regression...

Pedro Pamplona

Awesome Video!! But I can't find the PBIX from Download Center :(

Raman Bhivania

People complain what they have studied in school does not help them in real life or job but i am happy to tell you that i have studied this in school and using this in my job

Dennis Caasi

Interesting video. May I ask, how did you compute the "n"? thank you.

Joaquin Achinelli

Hi! Great video! Do you have a link to where I can watch the Formulas of Regression that you mention? Just to understand how to build the Parameters [n], [xsq], [ysq], etc ????