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NBT - Who run it

7 210 views | 12 May. 2018

Thizzboy To young


Joseph Reyes


Tee Visions

Live u boyz all wrecked it video live too

Diona Green

tank!!!! ????

Roger Godfrey

Then lil man's went crazy wit da dance tho

NBT YungTrap


who_neXt witthaPlex

To the righteous nation


Who Run It ???

Thizzboy To young

Dad if you see this don’t get mad but fuck them haters

Tarik Bridges

Trap Trap ?????

Thizzboy To young

Tank in my dad


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Nothing But Thieves - Impossible (Orchestral Version - Live at Abbey Road)

1 911 511 views | 2 Oct. 2020

Available now on Amazon

Available now on Amazon Music "Impossible Orchestral Version Live from Abbey Road" as an Amazon Original http://nbthiev.es/impossibleabbeyroad

:: It was a real pleasure to make. Special thanks to Amazon Music, the string and brass players, Rosie Danvers, Jon Gilmore and Mike Crossey for making it happen. ::

Listen to Impossible: http://nbthiev.es/Impossible

Hear Real Love Song: http://nbthiev.es/reallovesong

Hear Is Everybody Going Crazy?: https://nbthiev.es/iegc

Moral Panic Our new album out October 23rd. Pre-order now: https://nbthiev.es/ytmoralpanic

:: This album is about the tension in the air. It's about people. It's about you. Moral Panic Is setting in Terror fever It's too late to begin. ::

Click here to subscribe :: http://smarturl.it/NBT_YT?IQid=yt

Follow NBT on Socials:

Facebook: http://nbthiev.es/FB

Twitter: http://nbthiev.es/TW

Instagram: http://nbthiev.es/IG

Spotify: http://nbthiev.es/SP

Website: http://www.nbthieves.com

#NothingButThieves #NBT #NothingButThievesImpossible

Naturelle Monroe

Im here in 2021 and the year can begin. Feelin so alive.

Vange Contos

just when u thought the song couldn't get any better

Evelyn DH

I love it?☄️

Jesse Z.

I'm slowly falling in love with this song. NBT has so many good songs that it took a while. Always goosebumps at 01:07.

Stefan Leardi

Best Vocalist ever

AMY whimsicalworks


eduard van stee

I thought this was performed by a woman...........until today

Dmitriy Soldsarg

Эта идиотская привычка использовать оркестровые инструменты с инструментами солистов. В результате получается не звук а каша. Или то или то.



hans anders

If he was born in america, he would have the credits he deserve ...

Brogan Ashton

A masterpiece.

Charlii Roberts

Who's just come from the radio x live set!??

Henk Meijer

Best song of 2020....by miles!

Bára Mik

This will be my wedding's first dance one day!


I’m wanting to use this song as backing music for a slide show I’m making for my daughters 7th birthday - how do I get permission if I want to post on social media?

Red Neck

Great song , do you think he cuts his own hair?

Elton dos Santos

Minicover scatolove! ??


The melody of the song gives me James Bond vibes ✨

Laura Trewern

Absolutely beautiful voice! I love him ❤️

Gaz W

Put violins on anything and it sounds like a bond theme

lesley gerrits

is thiss the new james bond soubdtrack? sounds good!!

Magic_ Shop_12



Meravigliosa! La grande musica non ha bisogno di modelli bellissimi, personaggi fuori dalle righe, gesti eclatanti, divi inarrivabili e danze sculettanti!

Cristian Tosi

aspect ratio 200/1 lol

roy klein

This is just pure ear-art!!!

Dan Lonick

So amazing. What an absolutely increadible voice!

Nancy Goymerac


Julia Silva


Simona Di Mauro

Sublime ❤

Carolayn gatica

this version always makes me cry haha

Enby Mack

This guy's voice is INSANE. I can't stop rewinding. It isn't just the crystal clear belting either, his control on the falsetto is just amazing.

Barbara Jeen

His voice makes my soul burst with happiness

Lynn Walker

This is amazing so talented


What a phenomenal sound. In a world of music following the same patterns and sounds this is a breath of brilliant fresh air... absolutely love it !

Annabeth Chase

Those trumpets though!!

Jemima Araujo

Damn...the voice of this man is insanely beautiful

Deanna Jay

I heard this song for the first time last month and cried. Absolutely beautiful.

tiniak le niak

Je les ai découverts avec 'Sorry'... Depuis, IMPOSSIBLE de m'ôter la voix de Conor hors de mes pensées les plus criantes !!
#NothingButTheaves, yet great melodists, #saywah, John?... #saywhat, Paul? ;)

Scott Challis

Loved it from the jump, then at 2:17, it somehow, got unbelievably better. Amazing composition. Wow.

Daniel James Hinton


Jimmy the mac

The first time I heard this It brought the feeling of a Queen song. Them rip-rouring vocals and the powerful music. ?

Cristiani Albuquerque

I love it❤️❤️

Donny Adriaens

Your voice moves people

F. L.

Incredible pop song. Intelligence, charm, electricity and tears. Perfect.

Kirsten H

On repeat!


I watch this at least once everyday to feel alive again.

Moira Diana Tsakarisianos


Fabio Gervasoni

Im pre sio nan te

Stefano De Chirico

I'm working on a radio station as a sound engineer, composer and speaker in Italy. First time i've played Impossible on air i was impressed by. After few hours i started to listen here. I belive a great pop rock song comes out. So many times i play and compose synthwave music, sometimes we listen a lot of trap and latin influences in pop commercial songs. But THIS song means there are so many compositions, lyrics and sounds ready to be discovered. Maybe pop rock music is not died. Great song, great band and whoa, what a voice!

Widdershin Holland

Epic performance.


Una voce fantastica, potentissima e con un timbro meraviglioso, arricchito da alcune sfumature del registro femminile del contralto

J. De Bruin

This song makes me come back every day to listen ?

Aleksandr Radus



Это первая песня коллектива, которую предложил мне ютуб, до этого я о них не знал. И я с начала песни такой "ну что за очередной фальцетный инди-нытик", а потом он как бахнул... ) Раз 20 уже послушал.

E Zeef

One of the Best Songs on Air Now Brilliant ???

노래 너무 좋아요 ! ?

John Smith

Are you sure you're not Matt Bellamy's son?

Sabine Hendriksen



Every time I hear this song it's better than the last time. Sometimes I get tears in my eyes, simply because it is so beautiful and because the text sometimes comes in extra hard, I don't no... It was on the radio a few minutes ago. I think my husband's colleague heard it too... ?


I like it!!!!!!!!!

Nathan Boyd

Thank you all from Nothing but Thieves for creating such beautiful music and helping me get through such dark times. ...Rage, rage against the dying of the light...

Farina Olsen

What a beautiful song!!

Iris Was Here

Tears in my eyes, goosebumps on my arms. This song was already beautiful, but the element of the orchestra made it immaculate, showstopping, wonderful and just so damn perfect


Una perla!!!!.....e che voce!!!!

John Baxendale

New to this band but, wow, what a voice!

Rick 91

3.10 Solomon Kane on trombone

Brad Andrews

WOW!!! Brilliant

From Jolien

This is so perfect !!!!

Supreme Being


Stephanie Mathews

Totally breathtaking

Lynn Wood


Vyshnavi Pushpa

Why are they not getting the recognition they deserve ?????. Their soooooo amazing???


This legit made me cry

Il Milanista News

This is the best song of the last 20 years

Arnoud van Olst

I really, no I mean REALLY, love it when singers use ALL their breath to sing out loud as they can. That's where the kids are separated from the pro's. Most 'singers' nowadays just mumble a bit. But this though... My god!


Oh my musician heart ❤️?

Rachel Green

Wow!! Incedible ?

Andre Flavell

Love you bex


The next James Bond theme...

семен семенов


Anabelle cruz

this song manages to give me chills eveRY TIME

Sonja den Drijver

im an 62 year old girl and never thought that any music could make me cry and feel emotional. This song does. So beautiful.


The guitar at 4:02 is almost as hot as the girl at 3:45
edit: come to think of it, a lot of the females in this video are stunning

Obi-Cam Kenomille


Diogo Soares

This is perfect. Should be used as a movie/serie soundtrack

Six Castles Wish

I can't think of a better performance of a song in at least the last 24 months. Absolutely awesome.

Alf Torrisi

That was just sensational! The orchestra was a perfect addition to a fantastic song.

joeri buntinx

Chills everytime I hear this song

Daniel Jung

This is amazing. Well done guys! !!!! I love this

Jitske Postma

So beautiful that it makes you cry!! Absolutely amazing❤️

Hetzalwel Dusdat

A master piece. That voice, the violins, it gives me goosebumps.... FUCKING ART!

Carolina R.A.

I felt every fiber of my heart vibrating with this song, and so it is with every time I listen to it, a mixture of melancholy and joy that floods my soul. Lovely until the bone!!

April C

Me the day the vaccine was out. Thought it was impossible



hendra purbaya

Please, please, please, release this as a record, sounds sooo goood!

Patricia Lizano

Born in the 60’s loving the exquisiteness of this song

Martijn Janzen

Still can get enough of this epic song!...Awesome band....(lead singer) sound and his voice is mind blowing!!

Mascha van den Weijer

This is beautiful! It's got Jeff Buckley, Nirvana and ELO, I love it!

Stephan Schouten

Man, i realy love the sound of the cello in this song! Amazing! Followed by the violins and then the rest of the band ;-)

Adriana Nogueira

Every time I hear the song, I'am speechless and cring and smiling for I donno why! But is lovely.


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Nothing But Thieves - If I Get High (Official Video)

12 715 230 views | 9 Feb. 2016

Our debut album 'Nothing

Our debut album 'Nothing But Thieves' is available now:

Apple Music :: http://smarturl.it/NothingButThievesDLX?iqid=yt

Spotify:: http://smarturl.it/nbtplaylist?iqid=iqid=yt

Our online store:: http://smarturl.it/NBTAlbumD2C?iqid=iqid=yt

Google Play :: smarturl.it/NothingButThievesGP?iqid=yt

Amazon :: smarturl.it/NothingButThievesAmz?iqid=yt

Get tickets to the Under My Skin 2016 UK Tour - smarturl.it/NBT2016UKTiqid=yt

:: Connect with Nothing But Thieves ::

Get your #NBTiD now :: http://smarturl.it/NBTid?iqid=itchvid

Click here to subscribe :: http://smarturl.it/NBT_YT?IQid=youtube

Facebook :: http://smarturl.it/NBTFacebook

Twitter :: http://smarturl.it/NBTTwitter

Spotify :: http://smarturl.it/NBT_Spotify

Instagram :: https://instagram.com/nothingbutthieves

Website :: http://www.nbthieves.com

#NothingButThieves #IfIGetHigh #Vevo #Indie #VevoOfficial

Tyler Leswing

This music video and song is a masterpiece

shyamolima bhuyan

Sorry that I never gave you the chance to see me for the last time and sorry for hurting you ...I'll meet you soon on the other side ?.

Kacey Linn

Anyone randomly have this pop up and rip their soul to shreds?

Eduardo Bezerra

acabei de descobrir essa música, e estou amando

Ireneo Tabudlong

whos here after you heard this depressing song on conan story :)

Abimala Sagi

bagus saya jadi menangis :'(

Gritzky 98

Cm assim esse cara anda? Ele n é paraplégico?

Claudia Urtecho

I?this band???

corey michael

Does any of you like minded musical loving people have any other songs like this that you could recommend please?



Found this song after my dog passed away last year. Every time I think of him I go back to this.


경서 양 고마워요

Doananh Phuonganh

I love this movie.


its been years since i first heard this song and to this day i still cry every single goddamn time i decide to torture myself and listen to it again. i dont think ill ever be able to apathetically listen to this

Dominic Scotti

ive had dreams like this after my wife died. Shits fucked up.



Riz Gallowdance

Just lost my best friend on the 21st of this month.. it fucking hurts so bad he helped me so much with my depression..

Courtney Ditta

Such a beautiful song ? I can’t

Ellie L.

The part where he laughs then cryies is very real. The song is so real. I intoxicate myself to jump to another dimension where I can see everyone that I love

Diogo Santos

Oh my god, his face was so similiar to me, but only now i noticed that this is walter white's son, and he looks manly as fuck

Techno Combat Gamn

I dread the day my mother draws her last breath. I don't think I'll ever be able to cope with that loss.

Ray Elba

Damn i miss my mother so bad

Caleb Mclean

I wonder if high and dry just wasnt enough.....


Does anyone know the name of this actor at the beginning?

Hype Edits

The dude in the thumbnail looks like Walter jr

laurel kim

I just realized that actor is RJ mitte OMG. I’m so dumb.

Veteran Weeb

Discovering bunch of one hit wonders ain't that bad eh


I am not crying, u are ?


Cry everytime ?

lorenzo urbani

Childhood is a nice place to be

Map T

We kept running yet we're still not free...

Oh heavens, when will you hear my plea?

Yağmur Karaca

I know very well the cry that comes after laughter while watching video.

Heather H

Legit got tears in my eyes...

Julian Legros

Beautiful song.


I used to watch this video over and over and I finished breaking bad like a month ago, and just now it popped into my head I was like hold up. Was that mf Walt jr?

Nah NopeNopeNope

I had NO idea the video would be about someone losing their mom. On February 1, my birthday, it will be 1 year since I lost my mom to lung cancer. I miss her so much.

Haylei Renee

This makes my bunny super happy


Heart breaking but beautiful

Mark Rowley

This is like Radiohead on steroids

salma Chemloul

If mom dies and leave me to live with dad alone i would literally just kill myself

hero joshie

What would anyone understand..

Jay Perez

It’s painful to realize just how burnt out you are when you come back to this song feeling like you need to cry and let everything out....and you can’t. I tried to and I can’t. I wanted to cry. I needed to. And I couldn’t.

Edmundo Gomez

I start watching Breaking Bad a few months ago....Now i realize that this guy is RJ Mitte (Walter jr)...Now i know why Walter jr seemed so familiar to me

William's Imaging

This has broken me

Emil Nikolaisen


Nguyenviet Thanh

if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

Becca Machado

I love this video!

Kelly Fleisher

The ghost of Jeff Buckley moves through every word
By far one of the most original, talented bands out there today

Daiana-Nicola Petruș

I keep thinking of a person while listening to this
And my heart breaks-

Cole w.

This sht so sad the video make me wan die

Gabriela Mundim Ferrari Diniz

i cant explin but i teared in like 30 seconds

Mark Jager

bro i just noticed walt jr

Bianca Belmer

perdi meu gato mês passado e ainda dói como se fosse ontem.... koda eu te amo, obrigada por ter sido meu melhor amigo ?

evelyn chitashu

Listening to this song, at the point of sadness. It's been a year now since I lost you Grandpa, my love for you will never die, I know you are at peace but it still hurts.

Andrew Grenci

This song is so depressingly amazing it should be banned!!!!!

Toasted Bread

D-dad why are y-you cooking meth without me!

Patty Ice

People say that this song or even the video is sad, but its really not, its more theraputic than anything, or to me at least. I lost my mother to suicide in 2013 and in more ways than i can discribe i relate to this video. Every time i think of her and feel upset I watch this video, and it really helps. Also not condoning the use of drugs but getting high to see someone again in your dreams does work if anyone was wondering.


Случайно попалось-да это новые Радиохед!

Constanza Ortega

Reminiscent of early Radiohead. Very beautiful song . ?❤️

grace x pump

Hi people, also this is spam lul. I was wondering if anyone would like to be in an Instagram gc where we share/appreciate underrated and good music of literally any/all genre(s), and periods of time. We can talk about anything, but all I ask is that y’all don’t just bring music that’s already quite popular or well known, especially stuff from tik tok. Just reply to be added. It’s ok if you reply that no one asked bc no one did??

gorący hot - dog

I miss myself a year ago

Christiano Sousa Silva

It's okay son, we know you come here everyday to listen to this masterpiece. We all come. <3

Romy Barbosa

Adoro os Nothing But Thieves

ricky littlefield

He looks like the son in breaking bad

Norman Valtierra

Comments: depression
Me: he found his mom.


Dinner? Where's breakfast?

muffin kalıbı

Yep,I found my music.


Clicked on the video of R J Mitte, stayed for the incredible sound

Angela M

0:32 omg it's and Walt Jr. and Walter White sitting again for food

Valentin Roux

Old Radiohead Fake plastic trees vibes :)


is that Walter JR

Cat Random

I lost my brother two weeks ago, one day before his birthday and now it's Christmas. He was in so much pain that he couldn't see other side of it anymore. I forgot to be there, I was too busy being there for myself. I loved him more than anything, he was a God in my eyes. I wasted time on silly resentments and dumb arguments. I lost so many laughs and so much love. If you are suffering, please seek help. I've been there and I've tried but suicide destroys the people you leave behind and robs you of a chance at happiness. Reach out. That national suicide hotline 800-273-8255. I'm not angry with my brother. I'm angry at the world. I'm angry at myself. Tomorrow isn't promised and kindness saves lives. <3 https://gofund.me/d814f16a

Deege Williams

i can't define all of the crevices this reaches into. i can't grasp the end of the pain, i can't even sense the light at the end of the tunnel that holds all of the loss. i could write a thousand books on the space you left behind, filling my head with something other than the void shaped like you.

for now, i will listen to this, and think of you, and smoke a bowl, and cry. we will be together for a moment. it will be what i needed, briefly, and then i will have to continue. i love you. i miss you. one day the universe will rebraid the frayed edges of our souls back together, like a maypole. see you later alligator.

jay richard

Its really sad...

Built-by-recovery Arctic-Glacier-rescue inc

This was and is my life an. For so many others. Man never again will I ever stay in a rotten environment and help anyone that's asking for help

Dan DelVecchio - Guitarist

Love these guys. Did a cover of one of their tunes on my channel if anyone wants to check it out. Keep on rockin.

Lame Me

I'm in love with this band and their music.

robbert snyman

So basically this song saved my life.

Abbie Jenkins

How the actual f**k did this song get 3.4k dislikes....??


Things I wish to unsee

Katie Reimer

Old kodaline vibes?

jen jen

Está canción es hermosa

Amara Steele

im glad i found these guys when i did.

Shai Thomas

This song makes me wanna go for a ride & jus smoke..

Abresch Fam

didnt know he could walk

Jr Almaguer

I miss my mom ????

Red Inferno

My great grandpa April 2020
My nana March 2020
I miss you ?❤️?

Daniel Cayo

El chueco


Thieves all work money shouldn't pay fraud cheater and lier.

kenya c

30 seconds in and chills are everywhere. i think I'm in love

Teresa Fontaine

I miss you mom I know you see I’m happy Truman’s happy & I miss your smile , your voice and I hope I make you proud. I love when you make your way into my dreams. ❤️ I try to focus on lucid dreaming and watch videos of you so Ill get to see you in my dream. Keep looking after Truman shining down on him I know you’re so proud. I love you

imagine wagon

This comment section is so cringeworthy but I enjoyed the song

Justin Alli

This one's for my brother who passed away yesterday. We miss him so much already.


For me, the line "If I get high enough, will I see you again?" hits pretty different than the traditional interpretation here.

Fell out of a relationship that was the best thing that ever happened to me, even though she doesn't wan't anything to do with me and I'm a stranger to her now, I don't have a bad word to say about her. And I adore her and just want her to be happy, however and whoever she's with, but I miss her so much.

So when I hear this line - "If I get high enough, will I see you again?" I think to myself - if i'll succeed enough, follow my path, get high enough, be true to myself - maybe I'll see her again someday, in this archaic circle of life.

Renato F.

Nothing but Thieves likes Radiohead

Katherine Tutschek


Axel Tatipatta

2021 :)


damn i wish i could sing like this


My mom passed away last year from cancer, and this song hits different when you lost someone you truly cared the most. Miss u mom :'(


I’ve been crying to this song when I’m terribly sad/depressed since highschool. Three years