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What the heck is Steem? (in 60 seconds)

2 215 views | 13 Feb. 2019

So, now you know about

So, now you know about Steem, why not sign up here? https://account.steem.ninja?ref=ashtv

It's safe, quick and low cost with Steem Ninja!

You can browse articles at http://www.steemit.com, watch videos at https://d.tube or listen to music at https://dsound.audio/ - all apps that you can log in to with your Steem account. Easy!

Aaaaand, if you don't want to post articles, you can 'curate' others with your vote!


Way to GO!!! #STEEM


Howdy Ash, it's @article61 from steemit here :) Hope you're well.

Darren Joy

great work.. love it

Clix Money

Great video, well done. ☺

Ranking The Complete World

Hello Ash, can I take your video as a copy..?, I would like to share your video on Steemit one more time...?

Offgrid TV

Awesome.... subscribed. I’m on Steemit too. Http://www.steemit.com/@offgridlife

Ivan Snz

once more, great video Ash!

Travel Lit

Yaaay! You uploaded it! We will share the hell out of it! And ofc, Subbed to your channel! Closer to 1 k every day! Cheers fellow creator! :)

Aleksandar Mahovac

Hands down the best video on Steem in 1 min!

Raw Utah

loved this! loving the steem blockchain also!!! thank you!

Ranking The Complete World

Hello Ash, Can I take your video as a copy..? I would like to share your video on Steemit one more time...!!!

Digg'n Deeper

This is awesome. I'm posting it everywhere.

Jon Olson

Absolutely brilliant! Great stuff!!! Sharing this for sure...

Melissa Van Dijk

It's just amazing. Fantastic job! ?

Fredrik Aarrestad

Awesome video! It's actually even better than "getting paid" to post content, you actually both get paid and also earn part ownership in the network (blockchain). It's like if Facebook gave you a dollar AND a bit of Facebook stocks.


Nicely done ?? steemit needs more and more advertising, we are still only a drop in the ocean ?

Steem meaning

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Peter Gabriel - Steam

8 095 365 views | 9 Apr. 2012

The official Steam video.

The official Steam video. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson.

The second single from Peter's sixth album, US, was released in 1993.

The album US continued the now well-established Gabriel motif of mixing high technology with decidedly analogue contributions from musicians from West Africa, Egypt and Armenia. Reunited with Daniel Lanois as co-producer, Peter extends the hand of collaboration to Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, Brian Eno, Peter Hammill and Sinead O’Connor.


Michael Ekelund

Thats a lion...and a great track???


Very fun music and videos


All the best music videos are 4:3

Paul 51

2021 this guy was far a way of is time
Love Peter Gabriel


2020 and still the best mv ever made

Kirk Edwards

Phil Colins was just satirized .


Man this is one of those songs I just forgot about from my middle school years, gonna have to get this on iTunes.

T.K. Fox

People need to know more about this song. People may know Peter Gabriel but they dont know this.

Ryan Silver


Padraig O'Donnell

0:28 "In 1982, Ford launched the slippery shaped Sierra and mad a mistake that was to cost them millions"


Peter Gabriel deserves an honorary award at music awards for being the first father of special effects in #ArtPop videos ??? "?" and early animations Contribution *

Miguel Angel Rivas

Gracias Peter

Chikamoto Kenji

2:56 peter the tank engine and friends

theJONeG cle

this is what genius looks like in it's youth.

Julian Susko

Hang on. Guys, this was made before PlayStation in 1992, and even PlayStations graphics in the 90s were worse than the floating head part. THATS AMAZING! They could have made a 3D video game in 1992 with a LOT of work

Billy Giamou

From the days when videos were fun and entertaining.


1992 had some incredible graphics that seem to still be used today lol

Ryan Silver

How congress sees The world


Ultraje a Rigor nessa bagaça....??

Ryan Silver

At 2:13 Nicolas Cage is that you. Update I forgot To include @ 1:16 it’s sir Richard Martin bicentennial man (movie)

Russell Bailey.

Awesome, I like the production. Kinda nailed it. NICE


Wait. Released 1992 ? This is EXATCLY SLEDGEHAMMER (composition, production , everything) that was released in 1986 (got the 7"). Never heard this song before (did not do well in France i guess) and it's really weird.


Always Cutting Edge

Damian Makaveli Carrefour Dionysus Anansi wpt'-Levi

sup all


He looks like Ace Ventura Pet Detective



Rosalea Katam

Choir class high school 1996, good times

Mr Bonesaw

Im gonna tell my kids this was "The Mask"

The Phantom Singer

if you're listening to this in 2021, you have good taste ?????

G. Moore

Cool stuff. they never play this on the radio...ever. Lil unda rated. Some slight influence from the great Benny Hill here.

Harry England

is it me or is this an acid trip

Jorge Diaz Martínez

Que vídeo bárbaro. Muchos años ya pasaron. Muy bueno y un tema espectacular.

Juan Valverde

Still less bugged than Cyberpunk 2077

Василий Петров

Обожаю 90-е , жаль нельзя вернуть их.


The 3d animation gives me PS1 flashbacks

Limbo Bilbo

assasins creed unity face glitch peter gabriel isnt real, it cant hurt me.
assasins creed unity face glitch peter gabriel: 3:49

chocolate ku

holy jesus this is the most psychedelic trip i ever had when i am sober.

Professional Defenestrator

This is so goddamn 90s... Now I'm sad...


Proper funky

Thomas Worden

In all likelihood, Terence McKenna probably saw this air on television.

James Robertson

I bet 2:30 to 2:40 was a fun day of filming

Hector Gomez Jofre

I love this álbum, for me a máster

Matthew Jury

Peter Gabriel is absolutely adorable here

Lia Ojendyk

Coming straight here from Sledgehammer is like continuing an acid trip lol

paradox m

I lost my sanity watching this

Lissa Dawes

Woo! Hoo! Is that what I think it is? 2:29 the girl on the far left


i watched this in coordination with my famliy

Nitin Anand

This is a very good Tim and Eric video.

Wenzel Dashington

Somebody out there should make a deep fake of this video and replace Peter with Nicolas Cage


I wonder if Cyraik likes this guy.

Steve McElroy

That cgi tho


This was back when the AMIGA4000 was the only home computer that could make this video.

Christopher Sims

It almost makes me feel bad seeing this after so many years. This was state of the art shit when it came out.


Peter Gabriel’s videos are always insane. I love it ?

Rad Thadd

this song is about reproduction


Peter Gabriel 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8czpFbLVF4

Sergey LastName

That's a real one (and forever)! (but at the 0.97 speed it would be better (like it was in older's times))

matthias petzl


Steffen Hanner


Limbo Bilbo

steam is sledgehammer but mask off about its meaning


1980's: This CG is cutting edge. The future is now!
2020's: Deepfakes put Jim Carrey's face on Jack Nicholson's head in "The Shining"

Julian Susko

3:36 my dad

Brandon Newman

3:37 - Andross requests your location

Juan Pablo Cahuil

Se aprecia más muchos años después como ahora...

Billy Ray

This could have been used in soundtracks of films prior to this song

Marianne Hopkins

Telly tubbies are boring. Why not gaze at a Washington Navel ORANGE, JUICE NEWTON. Steam on the other hand is handy mate. Fun sometimes too.


Gabe Newell's ringtone.


Better graphics than Cyberpunk 2077.

Think Dragon

Why is everyone turning their comments off. Pretty ridiculous.

Ryan Silver

Watching this Video while listening to Dave Matthews is amazing


One of the grooviest songs ever, discovering Peter Gabriel's music changed my life
Ps I want his shoes so bad


Sledgehammer Zone ACT 2

Marius Onita

What an imagination!!


Iconic the scene of Peter & girls in the sauna happily smiling over white bath towels !


What the hell'd I just watch?

Vance Dance

4:57 And one of the babies looked at me!

Phil Janssen

Steam me UP ...Never Lost this number!

Drew Powers

Forget Darkside of the Rainbow...I think the better move is to drop LSD and watch Peter Gabriel videos

Rose M

When I was a kid, I didn't realize most of this guy's songs are about sex. ?

Rodri Monsalve

4:03 hey Peter Gabriel on Genesis!!

Marcus Ely

Yet another killer bass line. Along with Peter’s amazing vocals. A winning combination.


The beginning of this is a great song for 2020. STAND BACK!

The American Outback

Song is brilliant, but this video has not aged well...

Алиса Селезнёва

I want to be part of this steam :>


This is the greatest music video ever made

Steffen Hanner


rockolaf123 i Panidixx

steam o ghuwno

Gabriel Rojas

Deberían hacer este video con tecnología actual.

jim haglund

wtf i th vid

Bell AH-1G Cobra

These 3D face Animations remind me of garrys mod. Glad I havent touched that game in a long time


Peter Gabriel's song always end with a Big Bang...

Billy Ray

I wish this song was used in soundtracks of past films


t u n e


This guy has the weirdest yet most unique music videos


5:11 'this game is on Steam'

Michael Orick

He's s of talented

Pablo Zuccarini

Los edificios que bailan, jajaja, espectacular!!!

Papper Turtle

This video is really weird


No more steam~ uncle Mikey

Richard Huff

2:45 THOMAS!

Steem meaning

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A Beginner's Guide to Understanding What is Happening on Steem Right Now

447 views | 3 Mar. 2020

Over the last few weeks,

Over the last few weeks, there have been a lot of changes to the Steem ecosystem. Everything from Justin Sun acquiring Steemit inc, to the Steem Softfork, to the most recent takeover of the chain.

My DM's have literally been full since yesterday with people asking questions

and trying to understand what really happened from a technical perspective. II've also noticed from all the conversations I've been engaging with on Twitter - that there seems to be some confusion/misconceptions about what Delegated Proof of Stake (DpoS) is, and what it isn't.

I thought it would be helpful to make a beginner's guide to understanding what is going on and really try to break it down in a way that will be digestible for most. I also get into why this matters and why what has happened is not only a big deal for all DpoS chains but really for the entire crypto community.

If you have had any questions or confusion around this entire situation - then I truly hope you will find this video to helpful!

Because there is literally something new happening in the story every 5 minutes, this is less of a "catch you up to date" on the latest things, but more of a foundation of knowledge for how the Steem blockchain works, what DpOs is and has been going on from a technical standpoint.

Of course, if you have any further questions - leave them below and I'll do my best to help!

?Let's Be Friends ?

YouTube - https://YouTube.com/c/GirlGoneCrypto

Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/girlgone_crypto

Linkedin - https://linkedin.com/in/GirlGoneCrypto

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/girl_gone_crypto

Steem - https://steemit.com/@coruscate

TikTok - http://vm.tiktok.com/m3kSQX/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/girlgonecrypt0/


Thanks for the info! Always on point ?

Conscious Crypto

Great summary. Decentralization is being fought for here. Can dPOS have decentralization, or is that impossible?


Excellent video GGC, its worrysome development if good dapps lose funding if they aren't witnesses anymore. But then again dictatorships are more efficient at times and maybe we get things passed faster now and improvements on the platform might happen more frequently. That being said im sure Steem-Classic fork is going to happen though

Justin bought the shares and steemit.inc he wants the prize go up, so hes invested here to make steemit more profitable remember that guys.

Guarda Wallet

Thank you for providing information about Steemit, very helpful and self-explanatory for people.


Great video. Thanks for the update and understanding of this situation. Also, you don't look grey!

the land of PVZ

Thanks for dumbing it down.
I was not 100% sure exactly what happened with Steem yesterday.


Good Job


It's the same as don't leave your money in the bank!
ledger :)

Karl Thompson - ReviseSociology

Justin Sun and Steemit seem to be spreading a lot of misinformation about recent events.

Don't believe Justin Sun's spin on this his track record strongly suggests he's all about centralisation and control.

They are calling the top 20 witnesses voted in by thousands of community members 'hackers', which is incorrect - these are the long standing witnesses who have secured the blockchain for the last four years, in a truly decentralised way.

As far as the soft fork is concerned they didn't hack anything, that was a carefully discussed move to temporarily freeze steemit inc's assets, which they had committed to not be used for voting.

Justin was then uncommunicative with the elected representatives of the Steem community and then out of the blue he votes in his own 'sock-puppet' witnesses.

In order to do this, I understand that Justin Sun convinced three exchanges to withdraw private funds without the permission of the account holders to Steem and power that up, and support him.

This seems to me to be hostile and extremely centralised. Someone a bit more emotional might call it emotional and petulant. What we now have is a monopoly of one controlling the Steem blockchain. This is a real threat to freedom.

However, two of the three exchanges have now backed down, having seen through what must have been Justin's lies, and he's left with his own stake and one exchange's votes on his sock puppet witnesses.

The community is currently fighting back against this hostility from Justin Sun, we currently have 2 witnesses back at the top, and one more on the cusp. If we get 4, we can block Justin from making any further changes.

Also, most of steeminc's original developers have now resigned.

Thankfully, the ex Steem Inc employees aren't the only who no longer believe Justin's lies - the crypto media doesn't and the Steem community certainly doesn't.

If you're reading this and you're on Steem please vote for the original T20 witnesses to help defend this network against what appears to be a crazy capitalist power hungry monopolist.

If you're not on Steem and want to defend a decentralist project against one bad monopolist-capitalist, set up a Steem account, power up and vote for original T20!

Big up the Steem community!

Peace! Yes even to Justin, just no more lies please!

Serge Vieillescaze

you're good :) thank you ! .. not your keys. not your money is really the first and only rule of crypto world !

For 91 Days Travel Blog

Me and the entire TravelFeed is fighting to get witnesses with consent back into the top 20.