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BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED In Less Than 5 Minutes | Joe Rogan And Ben Goertzel Talk Bitcoin

1 555 views | 2 Feb. 2021


BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED In Less Than 5 Minutes | Joe Rogan And Ben Goertzel Talk Bitcoin

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Blockchain Explained: https://youtu.be/8jBajfKQgJ0

Ashley Mark

Wow hackermendax9 On insta just got me some bucks on my bitcoin wallet , i’m so happy i thought it was a scam but he proved me wrong with $12k worth of bitcoin.

Growe Gary

whenever I remember Allhackerservice1 on Inst or Allhackerservice on telegram he is a blessing to me and my family he saved us from been homeless. thank you so much sir a life saver

Brinkley News Network

Well made! ??????


Let’s run it up

The MissClick

Great video guys love the work put into it actually helped me under stand it more

janet kekang

Fantastic, amazing and The Future


Like if you're bullish on crypto ?

Geovany Velasquez

Let’s go???

Wil Wes Studios

I loved how to the point this video is compared to other educational videos. Not to mention its somewhat entertaining lol

Watermelon Weber

Goat talks

Manish Kumar

Thanks to hacker milli on telegram he got me 5btc some minutes ago ???

William Wofford

It was the "I am confusion" for me ??

Joe rogan bitcoin

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Here’s Why Elon Musk Bought 1.5 Billion in Bitcoin | Andrew Schulz & Akaash Singh

70 112 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Watch Full Episode -

Watch Full Episode - https://youtu.be/n19WMBKBfOs

Video By - AlexxMedia https://www.instagram.com/alexxmedia

Secondary edits - Miles - https://www.instagram.com/MilesMcCreery

Flagrant 2 is a comedy podcast that delivers unfiltered, unapologetic, and unruly hot takes directly to your dome piece. In an era dictated by political correctness, hosts Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh, along with AlexxMedia and Mark Gagnon, could care less about sensitivities. If it’s funny and flagrant it flies. If you are sensitive this podcast is not for you. But if you miss the days of comedians actually being funny instead of preaching to a quire then welcome to The Flagrancy.

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Akaash Singh

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New York native and internationally touring stand-up, Andrew Schulz is known for his hilarious and unsafe comedy. He has starred in the sitcom BENDERS (now available on Netflix), can be seen in Amazon’s SNEAKY PETE, HBO’s CRASHING, and on MTV including GUY CODE and GIRL CODE.

In the podcast realm, Schulz can be heard on the wildly popular THE BRILLIANT IDIOTS — co-hosted by nationally syndicated radio and television personality Charlamagne tha God — the hilarious sports commentary podcast FLAGRANT 2, and the film and TV analysis podcast WESTERBROS. He has made major appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Bert Kreischer’s BERTCAST, Joey “coco” Diaz The Chuch of What’s Happening Now, and Theo Von’s This Past Weekend. He has even done solo interviews with the likes of Lil Duval and many others.

Andrew’s online presence has touched hundreds of millions of people across the globe and his unconventionally funny approach to the comedy world has launched him into stardome. His shows Dropping In and Inside Jokes will rack of hundreds of thousands of views weekly. Nothing is off limits for Schulz, from sex to race, and even the occasional audience heckler roast, Andrew is hungry to be the best. He can be seen in New York City performing regularly at New York Comedy Club and the Comedy Cellar.

sumit lodhi

I think he’s now a big market manipulator
Many retail investors will invest their money during this euphoria and end up losing all in a longer run

Beem Dinkins

He said "crack" down and that's exactly it. The American government will treat it like cocaine in the 80's. Just use it to do dirt and make money for the government. My theory at least.

Daren Ali

Isn't the value of bitcoin measured in USD?


All Europe is the same? Europe seems different af, and what do you mean by culture? do you think the Swiss and Swedish are the same? Belgians speak Deutch, Dutch, French etc. France is French and strict af about it and seems to be pretty different from Belgium. Explain what you mean by culture?

Bobby Hill

I think they should let this segment alone.

Joseph De Julius

Y'all don't have a clue haha. Fun listen.

Morgan Paschall

I appreciate the switch back to moderate comfy clothing, the sword and al Pacino fits were just kinda overwhelming


Welcome to the club boys hodl

Mo Sheik

Lol these guys have no idea what they’re talking about

Siddhant Suvarna

Bitcoins source code is open source. Anyone can verify the supply by running a node.

Quali D

Can we take a moment to acknowledge Aakash's beautifully even toned legs???? #fastforward

Michael DeMasi

Elon was the first major corporation to put bitcoin on the books. If all other major American companies follow, the price will jump from $40K to $200K and Elon's early investment will payoff bigtime.

Alexandre Bridgeman

You guys really do not know what you are talking about ???

Travis Centers

They are after Tesla and SpaceX both because Elon didn't go fake woke.

Lane Babb

Here's the thing with no disrespect to either Akaash or Andrew... They have no idea what they're talking about, and that's ok because it's complex. BTC is completely decentralized, meaning it CANNOT be shutdown, it cannot be controlled. Not by any government, not by any person, no matter how rich or powerful. As long as people use it, they keep the network alive. It is not possible for there to be more than 21M BTC because that is how it was designed. And in reality there's probably more like only 18.5M BTC available (once all the supply is mined) because of everyone buying it in early 2010's and losing their hard-drives with thousands of BTC on them.

Ok I'm done, BTC is the future.


Maybe you've seen me talkin shit on other videos, maybe not. I always say the same shit cuz I wanna be historically correct when I come back to these comments.

The US will "pay back" the 23 trillion they owe (mostly to the communists, rememeber that) and then when the US dollar is like the German Currency after WWII they'll come out with a US-Crypto currency and they will have the Saudi's back it as the oil dollar thereby boosting it back to its intrinsic value but with no debt attached to it. Bitcoin is the only currency that wont deflate with the global economy so the elite will transfer their current US dollars into Bitcoin, so they can trade their full value to US-crypto.
What's china gunna do? They can't get their resources and I-phones back, we got em here on Western soil. If they wanna go to war they will lose all of their invested infrastructure on US soil from their current investments and be in a reallly tough spot. In the end its about making the rich, richer and keeping down the Communists as far as the US is concerned...

Jose SR

They have tried they cant control crypto

Enoch Eyim-Danquah

The US government has been trying to stop bitcoin, they cant do it because of how it was built. They tried to take down the silk road but unless they hunt down every bitcoin owner and make it illegal which its too late for that. They cant do anything about it. They already tried propaganda and it didnt work.

Job Stevens

Sometimes Andrew exposes how dumb he is ?

Nikol K

the fact this arrogant idiot compared countries in Europe that existed 100’ &1000’ of years with rich history ( i don’t understand how it is possible to compare Italy to Sweden and say its’s the same) to US is so laughable. please. gfy.

Alan Thompson

Great point about Europe being mostly fake woke. That analogy about France - Belgium basically being NY - NJ killed me. Think that makes me spiritually Belgian if I'm in Jersey ??

Ayoung k

Andrew's epiphany at 1:50 ?

Jones Guy

So today your Tesla cost 1.1125 Bit but next week it’s 1 flat... Come on this doesn’t legitimize shit but it props the shit out of the Valuation of Tesla. If he takes Starlink IPO in the next 2yrs he is rushing to miss the short sellers cause Tesla is so Heavily overvalued that’s how dude made 140 Billion in a calendar year oh no wait his Net worth is hardly 180 Billion but his valuation in his % of Tesla. Bezos got out of Amazon CEO to go Liquid without hurting his stock price. He is playing 4D chess but everyday people are more and more onto his next move. This shit got way down Shultz rabbit hole of conspiracy there is No Government that can control Bitcoin gotta understand Blockchain before you sound smart about this topic kids

Sid H

Im sorry this is hard to watch, i like these guys but man they are not completely informed on how this works lol

Abhinav Mathur

Add some beats after the intro drop


This video is looking RIGHT!

desi stang

You cannot create more bitcoin, only way to do this is everybody who runs the bitcoin node agrees to do it which is millions and millions = impossible even if we want to, hacking is also impossible because if we can hack bitcoin then we can hack anything, essentially the whole world economy collapse to 1970s and internet goes down, which is essentially impossible. Only conspiracy i believe in is satoshi nakamoto who is the mystery creator of bitcoin is not really a person but its the American government or collection of global super power , we know satoshi owns 1 million bitcoin and also about 4 million is considered lost, maybe the US government do owns around 4-5 million which is insane that means US owns 19%, US dont even Own GOLd like that, which kinda of explains their positivity towards Bitcoin. Also bitcoin is decentralized, so only thing the governments can do is make it illegal to own bitcoin like drugs but people can still do it in secret

Sanjeev Yoge

bro, i'm in the asshole army so don't take this personally. you knowledge on bitcoin is poor. the code is open source and the ledger is public so we know where all the bitcoin are and you cant create more than the code dictates. crypto is a wormhole much deeper than conspiracies on youtube. i suggest wait till the inevitable crash and start buying, then tell your army and everyone will get rich together

Mayo Yoma

What people need to understand about Tesla is that it truly isn't a car company. It is a tech company that happens to make cars. That's why it has a valuation of a tech company. Smart people betting on Tesla aren't just thinking about the cars. They are think about restructuring the whole energy production, automation and transportation sectors. If you believe that Tesla can achieve even a modicum of that, then you look at their valuation and know that they are actually undervalued. However, if you don't believe that's what Tesla is about or that Tesla the company cannot achieve those massive goals, then it's an overvalued, destined to crash company.

im Jerry

5:36 yhea.....no

im. good



8:43 exactly what charlie lee did w/ litecoin

Jemz Moodly

These guys are funny ?

Augusto Vaz

I love these guys commentary because they are funny, not because they are smart.
Having said that, their take on the world are almost always dumb as fuck


I wonder if this is a representation of most people's perception of Bitcoin. I guess most don't realize that MicroStrategy, Square, Paypal, Mastercard and many other big players are already on board with it.

Ag St

Lydia was trying to unify the African continent like an EU using only one currency. The killed Gaddafi because then a unified Africa would have control of all natural resources. Hence the reason why America and Europe have made sure the continent was poor and unstable


ok so we all know Akaash shaved legs for MIA

Fluke Explanations

Tesla made more profit in a few days they bought bitcoin than in their 4th quarter of 2020. let that sink in..

Raul Clark

The level of ignorance they showed when saying that europeans are all the same is scary. Just to put some facts europeans, because of their cultural diference have been killing themselves since time inmemorial and only WW2 put an end to it and attempted to create an european identity. As the europeans are so different the attempt failed miserably. Americans managed to make a federal state, that much different you aint my friend... Within the differences u're all americans, here everyone is its own country and even in some countries the differences are huge: Belgium, Spain, Germany, Ireland, etc.

Micah G

You can look at all of the bitcoin on the blockchain and all of the code.

Bodiless Voice

How little Andrew knows about bitcoin is hilarious!

Taiwan bird

last september jp morgan were fine 920m for money laundering


I’m pretty sure Elon gonna watch that video !


I think Crypto will be the same as gold and oil meaning it wont be used as an actual currency but an asset to back our current currency. But who knows what will happen in the future.

Bruno Pupo

Elon Musk, greatest African American of all time.

Pen Pith Mind

I doubt US government is not doing anything. These mf did everything to just to stop ThePirateBay.

Brick Maestro

The decentralization aspects of blockchain technology are the future. That I'm sure of.

AK 4o

One reason and one reason only . THE DOLLAR BILL IS ABOUT TO CRASH

Dylan Hayes

Watch this video explaining why he did it...meet kevin tesla bitcoin secret

Ashley McNally

The fuck are these 2 clowns talking about?! They obviously have no idea about Europe

Coco Kolombia

Shouts out from #HuskerNation ?

Justin Brooks

Bitcoin is gold. Ethereum is the dollar.


Quantum Computing makes all cryptography invalid. Bitcoin is no threat to the USA


Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation


This was Andrew's dumbest clip yet. Nebreka being more different than certain European countries? Americans speak English and all have 1 currency. Europe has more than 200 languages and half the countries have their own currency. These guys are what people talk about when they say "dumb Americans".


US government can’t do what you guys are saying, bc then advantage Russia and China and whatever country they can’t just go to war with. Some countries have tried and are trying to prevent Bitcoin adoption it doesn’t work/isn’t worth it

Priyank Patel

Universal currency is the US dollar? USDC exists already....


Investing in Bitcoin is a power play but always comes with risk. Did anyone forget how the price of Bitcoin DUMPED when the covid pandemic was first announced? I believe global crypto adoption is inevitable, but so is another life-altering pandemic/natural disaster. Let’s hope by that time Bitcoin is more of the norm when that happens


Im not going to expose what but coin is used for but Elon is up to some shit.

satyam tripathi

I would believe my sovereign currency more than a global currency any day

Melissa V

Have Andreas Antonopulos on.

Ronald Jackson

Schultz FINALLY starting to understand the POWER of BTC!!!

Jah Eerie

So Americans from Nebraska are 'more different' from New Yorkers, than Germans are to British?
That's the most American thing I've ever heard.

Eddy Edify

Stellar coin

Brian Dennick


Lazy Luke

*Connectivity is borderless*. Well you've obviously haven't been to China.

AK 4o


Still Bill

Bitcoin will end up going down as one of the greatest inventions of all time.


I lived in chicago 2018-2019 and my friend took me to a headshop and they had a bitcoin machine on the wall where you could pay that way and do other things

Ag St

Us currency isn't based in oil anymore but our currency is used for the sale of oil dollars per barrel. Our currency is a debt base currency. Money is created when it is owed

The Knight

An ethnic indian with smooth hairless legs?
I think Akash is a dark Filipino...

Angel Chavez

Ethereum and Bitcoin to the moon ?

Andrew L

And elon's compensation is tied to tesla stock price

Donkey Kong

I Hope Akash said "no Homo" before he put on those shorts.

marius coleman



Y’all both made terrible pants decisions this morning

AK 4o

I really hope a lot of people banked on this. Bravo to them. I'm an idiot like sandy


This is why this is smart. If bitcoin goes down in the market Tesla can write off the loses in Taxes. If it goes up they don't have to pay taxes unless they withdraw the Bitcoin.


Why y’all got a gold butt plug on yo table?


Petro-dollar is not a thing, and had never been a thing. The origin of the dollar hegemony is bretton woods

Willy Good Good

Why did Ellon promote Dogecoin too???


I bet they're doing this just to raise the value of bitcoin so they can over inflate the value and then sell it while it's still high and it'll crash after

Travis Mulligan

You guys need to have a crypto expert on the podcast sometime


Bitcoins value is based on the American dollar .. Elon exchange 1.5 billion in “dollars” for bitcoin .. USA controls the medium like have brokerages pass on customer info .. USA might or might not have crypto but they have their hands in all mediums that handle crypto .. it’s decentralized money that’s based on American dollars in centralized systems ... if bitcoin was it’s on currency without its value being based on American dollars then USA would be like fuck no ... I think idk

Jester 88

You got to talk about China and how they control info online.... how can we connect to people who are controlled by evil governments??? This convo falls short and isn’t intelligent.

Henry Olivares

LOL! I’m glad this is comedy channel and not a channel that people come to learn about crypto and investing.

Get Money

You can buy Lamborghini with bitcoin

FSO Records

Andrew was supposed to be an accountant...??? big J energy

Ameerul Aqmal Malek

That background is Fucking distracting af


From bro science to bro economics ?

LaVie Esp

Hodl hodlllll

Bin G

It's nothing too crazy IMO. Just a hedge. $1.5B was les than 10% of their cash reserves. instead of putting that in treasuries Tesla instead put it in BTC.

On The Moon

All BTC is able to be seen on the blockchain. There is no BTC hiding somewhere.

edward lewis

@11:29 "zero crackdown on it"
that's because first, they want to cash in


Please don't talk about BTC when you don't understand BTC. There ISSS only x amount you idiots.

Sid H

Andrew you dont know shit lol

Owen Zacarias

Please bring on a crypto expert to expand on your thoughts. You guys are getting pieces of the bigger picture but with some guidance y'all can communicate it more. Impaulsive may be able to help with this!!

John McCLure

Pretty soon it'll all be Chinas currency

Top Hat

God I hate their shoes

Keller Waldron

there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin. per the source code. its open source so if you know code shit, you can see that thats true

Joe rogan bitcoin

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Joe Rogan on Cryptocurrencies

22 485 views | 17 Feb. 2018

$10 Free Bitcoin Now VIA

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Inventor Down The Rabbit Hole Network

Joe is trying to explain tokens like on Tron or Ethereum . You can make a personal token and yes in theory use them.

Rahul Puar

5:56 it’s a band?

Dean r

I heard some guy called Vincent Wilson say "20000 gmp will make you rich some day" or something. ?

Kyle Pankonien

Or What if your Electrical Bill was only excepted in GPM? You have a Motorcycle you sell for GPM because All you have is Bitcoin. You sell the bike for GPM and then go pay your electricity bill....

Ripple Rick

Micro payments will resurrect journalism


Bitcoin was very very good to me today!!!! Thank you Elon!!!!! Please please keep talking about it!!!!!

Mr Blockhead

Joe: It would have to be someone super baller like Kendrick Lamar..

Akon: Yo Africa, I got deez Akoins!

Marcus Morin

The Waves platform allows you to create your own cryptocurrency

Tiago Silva

You need to have Vitalik Butterin on the show Joe!

Ripple Rick

Love you bro

Spread The Knowledge of Islam

Lol Btc stupid !!!?????? .got too stack more sat now .

paul lunney

im a jre fanatic and a bitcoin millionaire its the future

Philip Quaglino

Diamonds are the scam...and still bitcoin is more valuable than diamonds anyway


wanted 2 like but srry bruh your at 69 rn cant do it

Junior OG

Needs to talk to Charles Hoskinson. Rogan was close, but it will be Soujacoin lol

none none

GPM when lambo.

Jake St. Peter

http://d.tube - Steemit Video ....

Samuel Hatcliff

Damn joe doesn’t understand blockchain technology

Ripple Rick

Joe, get Garlinghouse from Ripple on the show


Bring Andreas Antonopolous back on!!!

Sean Michael

Joe talks here Crypto Underground https://youtu.be/42qgRllMO3s


Steem is the future of Social Media. Welcome to it Joe. Love your show man! #dtube #steem #steemit #steemit

OxiClean Gets the Tough Stains Out

It's 2020, Bitcoin is holding steady at $20k, Ethereum holding in the 500 range. Lot of people are making a lot of money right now. Banks, credit institutions, lending services and the largest investment organizations in the world are pouring billions and billions of dollars into the technology. This is for real dudes, and it's probably going to play a role in this "great reset."

Silverback Animal

Get Sit Satoshi Nakamoto on , he watchers you ...

a gray man

Xrp is the way forward. Bitcoin is the Napster of crypto, great idea but xrp is The next level. Super fast and super cheap


You need to get Brad Garlinghouse on or david schwartz

Kaujahn M.

Charles Hoskinsins NEEDS to be on this show!!

Silverback Animal



Joe should start an ico

Liana Akobian

yup steemit is some next level shit

Harry Robinson

This aged well haha ??

Thrift Shop Hustler

Yes dude! Steemit!

Drew S

Golden pony dollars sounds a lot like toys r us dollars, remember how that turned out?

Unknōwn User

I suggest looking into any of these guys for a crypto interview.... (Each of them can and will talk your ear off)
Vitalik Buterin - Creator of Ethereum
Roger Ver - Early Bitcoin investor. Prominent voice for the evolution of Bitcoin.
Daniel Larimer - Creator of EOS, Steem, and BitShares
Jed McCaleb - Creator of Ripple and Stellar
Brad Garlinghouse - CEO of Ripple
Jackson Palmer - Co-Creator of Dogecoin


On debt cycles, monopolies and the transfer of wealth...

Truth is absolute. Our perspective on truth is not. Our perspective on truth, is largely informed by the hand we were dealt in life. And so I believe, social and political divisions are less a function of taking positions on truth, and more a function of economics.

The further we can be separated from our neighbor economically, the further we can be separated politically. Many people in power are simply there because they have learned, perhaps unwittingly, how to manufacture and manipulate economic division.

Capturing value in a money system based on debt is all about creating imbalance. This is why the organisms with the most power, are the ones with the most debt.

If you can consistently avoid taxes, take out unlimited loans, without the requirements of profitability, then everything that the organism purchases, has been purchased with the discount of the people, through the vehicle of taxation.

This is why we have to change the way that money is created, if we want to live at peace.

Money should not be created as debt.

Creating money as debt should be internationally outlawed.

Because leverage is created through borrowing, it follows that the financial leverage a company gains, appears as debt on their balance sheet. Furthermore, we know that all new money in the financial system is created through the borrowing process, ie: all money created "as" debt.

As a company borrows, the money supply expands through the creation of new debt. The increase in money supply means the value of the existing money in the system has decreased. So the value of the new credit is greater than the value of the old credit.

This is the advantage of the borrower closest to the bank.

If the company can avoid paying taxes and interest on debt, then less old debt in the system is being paid off, slowing down the rate at which the national debt is paid down, leading to further pressure to increase the money supply.

Of course, the company still requires sales taxes from the consumer. You pay your tax, why don't they?

Additionally, if the company is not required to make a profit, then it can scale it's assets as fast as it can leverage. Buying property, top talent, lobbying, etc. A viscous, dirty cycle.

This is the business strategy of the monopoly. It can grow virtually unchecked so long as it can continue to borrow credit faster than it is required to pay down debt.

So the company has the advantage of fresh credit, while avoiding the requirement to pay it's dues, thus it can aggressively and unfairly outgrow it's competition, while exacerbating the debt of the common man.

And so, the company that creates the most debt, wins.

This is the unspoken rule of monopoly.

This is robbing the poor to line the pockets of the super wealthy.

This is the transfer of wealth.

The system is broke.

Your stake in the economy is fake.

Buy Bitcoin.

Lee's Uploads

No Bitcoin is not a religion. XRP are religious crazy people. If its on a ledger its safe. The lightening network is happening. Bitcoin will never be a general payment coin. See it as a Digital Gold a hedge. It recently moved with gold, oil the same. Proving its a store of value.

Garrett Malone

Look up "Akoin", that's an actual rapper's cryptocurrency used in Akon's city in Africa.

Shane Bowden

Pornhub was listening

Pete Pierce Realty

@ Joe Rogan, huge fan of your show and crypto currency. I love bringing this into the lime lite but I think a well rounded expert on the show make a nice splash.
Cryp0’s News Omar would be great on your show!!! I watch him all the time and just presents all the facts on the matter the good bad and ugly.

Here is his YouTube channel!


Kenneth Carr

I'm not smart enough to use bitcoin anonymously, kinda what's keeping me out of it.

Jenni H

Love J.R♡ sooo smart

OPIut bf

joe rogan is quite a ingnorant in this terrytory. He talks so many nosense bullshit in a short time

Cave Man

Who’s here in Jan 2021 lol


Golden Pony Money(GPM) to the moon!

Tony M

Interview Charles Hoskinson. Cofounder Ethereum, now working on Cardano project. Smartest guy in crypto IMO

Matt Ball


Joel Hensley

He is now, sitting there, hatin'...