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"Doctors of Reddit" #4 | Controversial Medical Advice

676 454 views | 27 Sep. 2020

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Sunscreen, swimsuits, football head injuries (concussions/CTE), dogs and babies… the doctors on Reddit have strong takes on all of these things and so much more. I decided to look at a thread about practices medical professionals have started based upon things they’ve learned from their patients. Some of the advice is good, such as having an up-to-date will and the benefits of quitting smoking. Other things, such as making sure you pee before you get inside ANY car… are a little too much for me. At the end I also share 3 ways I’ve changed my life based on my interactions with patients, including thoughts on skin cancer and coffee and alcohol consumption. Let me know down below if you think any of these will change the way you go about your daily life!

Check out the rest of the thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/medicine/comments/gkv1x8/as_an_orthopedic_surgeon_i_will_never_ride_a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!

-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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** The information in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional **

Charis MW

Wait, are you telling me that shoving coffee grounds up my butthole for a coffee enema ISNT a good idea? REALLY? WHO FUCKING KNEW!?

OrangeCrush Gamer

I used to smoke. I haven't since 2014

Enas Zaq

8:31 am I the only one concerned about pop out (I think veins?) on his neck


Petition to make schools care about our mental health

Gwynn Sinkinson

I always hit the bathroom before going anywhere for more than short trips. I once sat for 3 hours on the interstate (behind what I later found out was an overturned oil tanker); I had left work with a mild urination urge but wanted to beat rush hour traffic. Btw, I also empty my bladder if I can before a code comes in if I have any urge. Lessons learned. ?.
But you are right, instead of emptying the bladder: wear a seatbelt, drive responsibly, be aware of other cars, leave room between your car and the one in front of you.

Vanessa Winsor

Dr. Mike: Don't be afraid to ask your doctor about their experience

My BFF: * Gives her surgeon a full-on questionnaire about experience

Kamila V. Oliveira

6:48 Doctor Mike, I appreciate your content a lot but I think you messed up in this one. I'm someone who struggles with benzo addiction for a few years and everything that person says was correct. You never know when you can become addicted to prescription drugs and substances like alcohol and coffee can behave very similar to those drugs, so you need to be careful (I have found myself drinking alcohol on an empty stomach because it gave me similar effects to Xanax). "Smashing" your sleep schedule means prioritizing a good night sleep so you don't rely on medication or other substances to start sleeping/staying awake, because it can mess you up a lot and you can fall into a vicious cycle. The "purpose" thing is about unnecessary consumption, for instance, if you aren't struggling to focus and had a good night sleep, is it really necessary to drink those cups of coffee? If you're having fun with your friends, should you drink another glass of wine? Pondering is extremely important in substance abuse recovering, especially when said abuse happens with legalized/commonly used stuff like food addiction, alcoholism and smoking. Be very careful with medication that alters your nervous system guys, also speak with your doctor about alternative therapies that you can use alongside your meds, so they aren't your only option in a crisis situation. Stay safe everyone.

Amir Densy

Dr Madida on YouTube cured me with his herbal medicine and I am herpes virus cured now.


The family doctor wasn't afraid to tell me he didn't know what my skin conditions were when I asked about it and he sent me to a dermatologist and asked me to let him know my diagnosis. I respect him for admitting when he didn't know instead of making something up. It turned out to be vitiligo and eczema working together.

Atomic Thunder

Doctor Mike,
As children our parents always told us it's cleaner to use hot water. While washing my hands with soap, does the temperature of the water I'm washing my hands with or showering with really matter?

Rosario Ruiz

Apenas te enpiese a seguir y eres una linda persona muy sencillo y umilde eres una exelente persona y doctor........I LOVE YOU


So I know this is a bit of an older video so I doubt anyone will reply.. But my parents smoke (indoors and in the car) and although I live on my own, I see them once a week so I inhale their smoke when I visit them and I was wondering just how bad this would be on me?

Theresa T

I absolutely refuse to stop smoking...... mainly because in order to stop smoking I would have to start first.

Fried ear

Ok I just feel like I have to say something on the American football subject I don't play American football I play rugby last year I had my 4th severe concussion (I'm 15) rugby/American football are dangerous yes but I have had the best moments of my life on the rugby pitch ( well worth the brain bleed)?


Dr Mike : "don't be sedentary"
Me : locked up in my bedroom because of covid

Paul The pew pew guy

Humans are like smarter dogs that are independent

Emmett Moss Brown

"Never become sedentary"
Who needs sleep anyway?


I always take a piss before getting in a car, but not because of any fear of any accident. Because if there was a traffic jam, and I suddenly got the urge to piss... I'd be pretty pissed (pun very much intended).

Greg Settle

I have CKD and have to chart everything I eat and drink every day. I analyze everything for nutrients to stay in line with the limits my nephrologist set for me. I have also had cancer, twice. You do not want to have to pay as much attention to your health as I have to on a daily basis. You don't, really! Dr. Mike is giving good advice. Listen to it!


Interesting, my father who ended up with some skin tags/moles that had to be removed from his face as they were concerning. The doctor recommended 50 or higher to him. But it’s not more effective?? Should he be avoiding the sun instead??


"More then 5 sunburns" have you ever been to Australia. You can't go outside in winter for 2 seconds without burning

Mary Harbaugh

Why'd you have to bring Dan into this?

Siri G

For the dog and infant situation, even if you think your dog is the best dog and will be gentle you don’t know if a infant would. I knew this baby who would love to try to poke my dog near the eye or pinch her. Once when she was a puppy, she had extra skin, he tried pulling the skin so hard. Now we were near her so we got him away and always covered her face so he wouldn’t poke her. But imagine if we left them unattended. The amount of pain that she had I’m pretty sure she would bite. She is a really good dog. She wouldn’t bite him when he first started pinching her, but you never know. Now even if the child is the one that hurts the dog and the dog is just trying to protect themselves the dog is going to be taken away.

Simon Doe

The ad I got on this video was “ which chakra is block” XD

SSgs wsnd

When I was a kid I think I fell of a bike going down a hill I was going 20mph it hurt so bad

Emo Queen

"God I hope bear doesn't do me in in my sleep"

I laughed way too hard at that omg

Robb Presler

just me terrified cause i’ve had a lot of sunburns.

MUI sab FC

But smoking makes me die faster...


I am crying and laughing when he was talking about to always go pee before getting in a car.

Christina Hansen

I can't stop smoking, what do I do?!?

Ginny Jolly

The death instances he rattled off (bear?) reminds me of Ask A Mortician's Caitlin Doughty who has a book called, Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?

Gh0st Sh3p3rd

Imagine driving a car and someone says ''I NEED TO PEE RIGHT NOW! AND IF I CRASH, MY BLADDER WILL RUPTURE AND I WILL DIE''

Eva Belle

Man, I get more than 5 sunburns a year from how easily I burn!

a. w.e.

I know this video is from a few months ago and you see many many comments so not sure if you read them but question....do prolonged periods of bedrest have the same draw backs as a sedentary lifestyle? I spend atlwast a week a month fully bedridden and after will take a week or 2 to be able to just move comfortably leaving only one week a month where things like dancing or yoga are actually doable

Diana Szasz

I don’t smoke but my family always have. My mother smoked even when she was pregnant with me and later when I grew up and asked her if she could smoke outside because I think it is very bad for me she used this to as a kind of exuse. Like saying: well I smoked when i was pregnant with you so it won’t change anything if I go out now. At the moment I live with my grandma and she also refuses to go out to the balcony or even sit next to an open window when she is smoking. Both her and my mother smoke incredible much. I also have two 10 year old siblings. Is there anything I could do to somehow minimize the harm of second and third hand smoke?

XENO Ramirez

Dr Mike: don’t just sit there move
Me and my ADHD a** be like: ??‍♂️ alright time to kick ur legs for no good reason

Erin Goff

“Had more than 5 sunburns” - cries in summer lifeguarding

Iz Stormy

Dr. Mike: movement solves a lot of health problems including mental health.
Me: exercising so I'm in a good enough mood to be depressed today

Angus Miller

ill never get in a car without peeing again

Aloysius Roy

2:43 i love the dogo in the corner

Hannah Rosser

My dad was a paramedic. He never let us have a trampoline.

#Just Elaf

What is the point of a cigarette?

Abraham Weiss

I love how when telling us to stop smoking Dr. Mike fails to mention that you will live longer.

Megan Cihak

Sir, how do I avoid the thousands of moles on my body?

Kpop Lover2.0

Doctors mike: Go for walks, don’t always lay down or sit
Me during quarantine: ???✌?

Megan Singer LCSW

Asking hivemind. I use Farm fresh you. Is Thrive Market better?

Celynne Laliberte

The sunburn thing freaks me out. I can go out for 10 minutes and My cheeks and nose are burning


"Who lives a live like that?"
uuuum Me? :D
I drink beer only sometimes for dinner or to celebrate something
And i rarely dring coffee


"higher risk of cancer if you had over 5 sunburns in your life"
I get a sunburn if someone's teeth are unusually white and are in a 10 ft. radius of me.

Ginny Jolly

So I guess all the Zooms should be on your phone so you can move around?


yo he said if you got 5 sunburns youre at a greater risk. Im 16 and Ive already had like 6 of them 'o'

Sarah Madsen

i stopped smoking half a year ago, no need for nicotine gum or anything.. just stopped.. best decision ever!!

Lily Chang

Each of my online classes are an hour long with no breaks and we have to have our camera on. Guess that explains some things

Lexie Equestrian

One of our dogs follows toddlers up stairs and around looking at the mom and making sure they don’t fall ?????

Fangirl _6574

Dr. Mike what do I do if I'm allergic to sunscreen?

Lily Rettke

Can’t unhear the fact about peeing before I get into a car.

Half Empty

I dont think you specialize In skincare but Joanna Ceddia recently posted a vid about her eczema and your the only doc/YouTuber I know soooo maybe a reaction to her video is in the near future???

Foxy Cinnamon Kitten

Hey Dr.Mike do people ask for your opinion on covid my mother works as a nurse and she gets a lot of questions

Insignus Gaming

I want to go to the ER and just have the heart monitor go BWOOP whenever it beeps


I felt really bad when he said stop smoking because I was smoking while he said that

Lekushi Nieto

doctor mike: never leave a child with a dog

My mom: *Leaves me with 10 dogs surrounding me even though some of there owners said they WILL attack"

P.S I am 16 almost 17 but I have a mind of a 5 year old or even younger and will only act mature around people I don't know UNLESS there is a cat or dog around...

Sei lá

Doctor Mike talking about skin cancer:
Me, a Brazilian who faces everyday 95 fahrenheit of sun at least: That's not good I guess...


Hi, I wanted to ask is it normal that sometimes my eye starts twitching randomly and I cant really control it but I can end it by rubbing my eye or blinking fastly and what could it be causing that


yo MY DOG thinks toddlers and babies are DOGS LMAO


Do you have any tips for breaking out of a sedentary lifestyle?
I work 12-14 hour shifts driving a forklift. After work I don't usually have the energy to do much, even though i just spent so much of my day sitting. I'm only 25 and I am FALLING APART. My back is in constant pain, my knees hurt, my hands/wrists are in so much discomfort I actually struggle gripping things sometimes (even my cell phone). My mental health is also declining (depression and irritability).
The longer this goes on the more I realize I need to do something to get better, but it also become more and more difficult to actually do something...

Nerd In A Dress

More than 5 sunburns whelp

hannah goodchild

Once my niece was at my house and my sister needed to go to the toilet I was in the other room cooking. She went up because she was desperate and I went to go in and my dog and niece were only for about only 1 minute at the absolute most. When I went in my dog was on top of her playing but since she was only 11 months old at the time he was being way to ruff. I immediately rush to her and shouted at my dog. My dog is actually very sensitive when hes extremely well behaved and if he ever gets told of or has done wrong he goes and sits in the corner and covers his face. My niece was checked and she was completely fine and once it synced in I felt so guilty for shouting at him. He was intentionally trying to cause her harm he was just trying me nice and play with her. Dogs don’t realise that they need to be gentle with baby’s they can be naturally really heavy handed. Although now my dog is always afraid that he will hurt my niece and is always super gentle around her.


Covid has RECKED my active life style. I have spent about the last 8 months pretty much just laying in bed. I only get out of bed to do online school, do house hold chores, take my dog outside. Plus my dog has a leg injury so he can't go on long walks anymore either. D: I used to go to the gym, go hiking, kayaking, et. Now my neck hurts all the time, my migraines are worse and I feel like poopy all the time


"never become sedentary"
me who has to go to online school for multiple hours a day:

Macie Savage

As someone who’s been suffering from bulging disks in my lower back and locked up SI joints for past few months, most doctors told me to not do much of anything so I didn’t and laid in bed for longer than I should’ve and that made the pain worse in the long run even though it was sometimes really painful to move some days. Then my vacation to California came along, I was walking pretty much everywhere and felt little to no pain granted it’s not easy to stay active but 4 laps around the inside of my house seem to be enough, that plus physical therapy


8:28 I am currently doing a bachelors degree in biochemistry and with the stress of that and having to stay home because of the pandemic, I have become very sedentary and that kinda worries me. Studying for hours and then not even being able to excersise well is not a good combination

Kevin Mencer

I once had an ER looking at my knee. He was huge, completely ripped, and had a weird "hood dudebro turned Doctor" vibe. You had better believe I listened when he explained the RICE protocol that he wanted me to follow.

Amanda Gardiner

Sunburned like a little red for three days or sunburn blisters from hell? ?? As a kid I usually only burned once or twice a year no matter how much I was in the sun and everyone just said oh let her burn this once and then she won't need sunscreen for the rest of the year or burn again ? let me tell you those sunburns were the worst thing ever.

Skylar Southard

Soccer is also terrible for brain injuries if I remember correctly. They have high rates of concussion due to headers/ physical contact.

Nia Putri

Oh Gosh It reminds me back in high school, me nd my fellow student organizations. Long short story. He smokes in front of my junior nd shit piss me off. When we about to leave. I grab his jacket from back nd took his cigarette nd stepped on his cigarette in front of him, and said "You make dirty air, what's more, you smoke in front of juniors. Stupid !!"

Jewels Neal

My grandparents had the rule of go before you go. Literally go to the bathroom before you leave the house. Mainly because I hated public bathrooms from a young age (I'm not even sure why.

Ms Maybe

I have more than 20 moles just on my arms. And I’ve definitely have had more than 5 sunburns in my life. But I’ve had a dermatologist look at my moles and they said I was fine. I’m still young so maybe I’m ok?

Elly wick



Honestly, taking coffee as a drug has been something i've been able to do 100% no problem.

Mentally Not There

Also, after the video, i had to google how to clean your BB properly, so thanks for that, i'll start doing that.

Ashley Casteel

Only 5 sunburns?!??! It only takes about 15 mins in the sun to start getting burnt lol. I'm doomed.

Nadine Heintz

the thing you said towards the end with experience and diabetes.... I used to work with a child with type 1 (I used to be a nanny). I'm vegan and try to eat as colorful as possible with as much variety as I can (and feel like because excuse me, if you take away my fries and nuggets if I want them, I will end you) and I don't believe in kid's foods but that kids will eat better if everyone eats together and there isn't separate meals for every person, which meant that kiddo ate mainly plantbased with me after a while and he loved it, I didn't force him to eat certain foods but I exposed him to it while still offering some of his staples but in a more complete way that was also better for his bloodsugar. let me stress this. kiddo still ate foods he liked, he was never forced to eat a certain thing, nor was I cutting something out of his diet. I just shifted the focus of his diet to vegetables and whole foods and he loved it! because we were eating together and it was colorful and interesting.
we switched from injections to the pump and I was keeping a diary for the foods and the specialist was SHOOKETH!!!! on how his levels were more like a lake with a light breeze instead of an insane rollercoaster ride by simply shifting the focus of his meals and he couldn't explain it and has never seen it. he had years of experience with type 1 diabetes. the only real spike we had was breakfast.. because breakfast was a b-word for him.... and we tried it all.... so we just accepted the spike.... which will get better.
my point is: experience isn't always the one thing to go by because here it clearly say anything :D
do you have to be vegan if you're type 1? nah....
does it help focussing on eating vegetables as the main star in your meals? absolutely but you have to find something that works in a life long setting though. everyone should eat like that though tbh. eating more veg is important


You keep talking up the benefits of quiting smoking, shoot, im about to start just so i can stop

A Canadian

Hey people of the comments how many of you have never gotten a sun burn but barely ever put on sunscreen? In curious

M. B.

Funny story about dogs being around A toddler/infant

My brother grew up around dogs

there were these two dogs
there was a Bubba who is an English mastiff
then there’s Cesar who I forgot the breed of

Those dogs took care of my brother they went to my mom whenever he needs a diaper change
They looked after him
And they protected him

They also tried to put his pacifier back in his mouth lol

Courtney Smith

As soon as you said to never become sedentary, my cat got up and jumped off the couch

Sea Logic

My mother once got in a car with a full bladder and got into a serious accident. Her bladder didn’t rupture, but she said she had to hold a full bladder for several hours while she was being evaluated at a hospital


I switched to vaping from dipping and cigarettes'. I have quit everything now for like 6 months. I still want to smoke every day.

Mentally Not There

Man, i hate myself for being able to ignore urination calls for +8 hours, i really don't know why, i just forget about it.


I wish I smoked so I can give it up and improve my non existent sex life and shitty skin.

america roleplayer

"Over 5 sunburns-" Me: An Irish/German woman. ". . . Dude. . ."

Vickie McKie

Being sedentary: I have a LOT of medical issues that make it tough to get around. Ive tried very hard to at least walk to the mailbox everyday. I got covid. I had it bad and was really sick for almost a month. Almost immediately after i got flu. I had my flu shot!! It lasted for two weeks. Just before i was recovered, i was putting on socks and injured my back. Sciatica. Oh my gosh. It hurt to blink. I am still having to move like a sloth. Pleeeeaaasssse tell me how to get active again. Right now the pain, dizziness, nausea...that i get when i move is keeping me on the couch. Please give me some advice.

Madeline Jane S

i go over my advance directive every year. i work in funeral services so i know it’s important but everyone should have one! it doesn’t take long to get one set up!

Piper Theos


William Wheeler

Just 5 sunburns in your life? I had 5 by the time I was 5 hahaha ?

Jesse Spika

“Who lives life this way?”
It’s really not as crazy as it sounds. It’s about principals, some people know they can’t give themselves an inch or they take a mile, some like me use caffeine but not alcohol or anything else I’m not prescribed.
You don’t have to look both ways before you cross the street, you know? But you do because it’s a metaphorical truth. The behaviour it instills is beneficial overall. The problem with this is that you can apply it to anything. Walking down stairs, swimming, driving, even eating and drinking has its risks. You can’t live life in a padded white room not doing anything. What does it mean to truly live your life strictly according to your values and what you deem good? It’s nearly impossible to do because we cannot account for every single thing we do or think. However, some get closer than others and I personally think things like “how can you live like this” and “who lives like this” are really tiresome unless used in a joking manner which Mike clearly does to what perceive as a significant extent. I get slightly annoyed when people say that type of thing. I think about it in the same vein as ethnocentrism. We don’t need ethnocentrism, but we do need some kind criticism or wake up call as long as it’s constructive.
Society is so weird, we aren’t consistent at all about what we enforce on others and hold ourselves to. The general idea of why something is harmful will be both part of something that is legal and illegal, socially acceptable and unacceptable, kind of scummy and kind of goodie-two-shoes. I’m not explaining what is in my head very well but... yeah. Humans are weird. We are weird. Especially me. I’m in a completely different head space than anyone I’ve ever met or heard about. I like it. I am autistic however and often feel like an alien on a different planet where everyone else is constantly communicating with inside jokes that I don’t understand and probably never will. Are you guys weird?
Address me as Jesse “king of run-on sentences” Spika please.

Mari Yokiro

How many diabetics have you treated?

I like food

"Is this something I want you thinking about? Absolutely not!"
Me: Too late.

Paul The pew pew guy

Is age involved with skin cancer also I got a lot of sunburns

Brandon K

Lol whelp I'm screwed. Can't even count how many sunburns I've had. Gotten to the point where I'll get one sunburn then I won't burn again rest of the summer...

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GameStop, Reddit, And Robinhood: Wall Street Chaos Explained | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

32 964 views | 29 Jan. 2021

Veteran tech journalist

Veteran tech journalist and New York Times Opinion Podcast host Kara Swisher joins to explain what's going on with the fight over stock in the video game retailer, GameStop. Aired on 01/29/2021.

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About The 11th Hour with Brian Williams: Brian Williams delivers the latest updates on evolving news stories and places the major political events of the day into context for viewers. Broadcast live from New York, Williams' show convenes a dynamic panel of guests to offer a forward-thinking look at the critical stories that are expected to drive the conversation the following morning. Williams has also anchored MSNBC's special coverage around key political events and major breaking news stories as they occur domestically and around the world.

MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.

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#GameStop #Reddit #MSNBC

GameStop, Reddit, And Robinhood: Wall Street Chaos Explained | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


They got neat at their own game and now they mad..well screw them. They have ruined peoples lives and been protected now they scream it's not fair, only because they have to worry about the money now. Driving around in 500k SUV's looking at working people like they are filth..well it's coming get ready

Jimmy Goode

Free market lol

law Sharland

gotta love how these guys love to talk about capitalism yet they kick and scream when the free market actually starts acting freely

The Wolfpack

Damage control.


Worst explanation ever. Barely even touched on technology and gave a poor explanation of Reddit.

Ja Loux

It may not be criminal, but it’s f’d up that robinhood can restrict you now to purchase 1 stock, who the f wants to buy 1 stock?

Jimmy Goode

Socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for us

Maria Herrera


Reena punjabi

U r a boomer when u call gamespot , gamestock


Msnbc sucks

Tommy Jefferson

That woman is a disingenuous, liar!

Me Off

LoL, the second Robin Hood lived up to its name it shut itself down.

Scott Gordon

Remember the 80's movie Wall Street? Blue Horseshoe loves Anicote Steel? It's become REDDIT loves Gamestop. Then you have American companies betting against other American companies will fail only to profit from it. Sickening.

Adam Volný

I get it now, so when Hedge fuds do it it's ok, but when people do it it's market manipulation and uprising.

Danny Deal

To Leftist elites Capitalism is only a dirty word for "little people".


Jesus loves you ,Please repent because He is coming soon

Like so more people can see this.

cdx cdx


Mick 579


David Carter

Happening because Biden is weak...

Mathy Don

this has been the greatest transfer of wealth from the top 1% to the rest of us in history.
It was done peacefully, and perfectly legally.
Hedge funds are parasites that only bring suffering and destruction to businesses and lives.
Melvin , Citadel, Citron contribute nothing to society


This was hands down the worst 3 minute explanation of the scenario

Maria Herrera

The news is proving they are in favor of big business only and against the little guy. The little guy made a smart move that paid off and the big guys made a mistake that cost them. Now the news is going crazy!

Aniketh Sreenivasan

It's "gamestop" not "gamestock"..
Well you can call it a game stock now..

Clay Owlglass

So basically, Wall Street is a bully that takes your lunch money every day for years, and then when you and your nerd friends actually stand up to the bully, they burst into tears and threaten to sue you because their dad is the mayor of your stupid tiny town

Russ Dickson

The U.K.variant has an English accent an therefore has a 10% increase in I.Q. Whatever. 1out of 769 people. Seems normal to me. A government and it's media so challenged by gradeschool division can not stand.
Bill Gates wrote DOS? That's impossible.

Chuck Shew

Big tech manipulates the election - big tech manipulates wall street - new media feeds us BS.

Ben Jacob

I pulled all my stocks from robbing hood

J Sulty

That was a bunch of nothing.

jacen cade

Read the Intel. Don't just ask your friend on the internet if it's true. If you really want to dig for the truth.

Try it.
Stop with the excuses
Try it

Paul Szymanski

We like the stock. I think GameStop is worth $100 billion +.


Robinhood already has a class action lawsuit against them, they're going to be a smoking crater when this ends

Zarathos The Cyborg

This whole ordeal give "Power to the players" a whole new meaning.


Brian, ? Hush.. let the woman speak.

Kristofer Wodejszo

hahahahahahhaa u lie so much take the money back from the stealing that hedge funds has done for so many years

Tom H

Talk about twisting a narrative. The hedge funds ALL talked to each other either directly or indirectly and colluded to drive the price of GameStop into the ground by SHORT SELLING the stock. Along come a bunch of 99%'ers, who talk either directly or indirectly about BUYING the stock and all of a sudden, collective talk about trading becomes a bad thing. This woman is rationaling for the rich. Neither she nor MSNBC rep[resent the interests of the average person and aas more and more time passes, this becomes more and more obvious.

On the plus side, thank you MSNBC for giving us yet another clear example of why people SHOULDN'T watch main stream news. I've downloaded this video to add to my library of examples of corporate servitude of the major networks. I couldn't do it without you.


Robin hood marketed itself for the little guy then selling out to wall street.
It's time to buy silver coins.

Christopher H

It was funny funny funny to watch the billionaires cry ????????

luke channon

So the rich want a free market when its in there favour but when they lose they are saying regulate it


Look like those managers are going to have to stop buying Starbucks and bike to work.
Dry them out!


And yet...still no word from MSNBC about Biden's new Secretary of the Treasury (Janet Yellen) taking $800K in "speaking fees" from Wall Street hedge fund owners. Gee, I can't imagine why nothing is being done about this by the new administration.


Andrew Left of Citron Research must have lost his pants as he shorted the stock and claimed it would come down to $20 bucks. He no longer talked about the short thesis on his site after the downfall. Good riddance.

Villainous ChrisK

Robinhood has destroyed themselves. by imposing limits on what people can buy, they've completely alienated everyone they were trying to attract to their service. suicidal business practice.

vokasi mid

Redditors: Introducing a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes... CHAOS!

Also Redditors: I'm an agent of chaos

Another Redditors: Oh, and you know one thing about chaos? IT'S FAIR

Luisa Perez

Mr. Robot ...

Tiberius Brastaviceanu

This is part of a trend! I wrote this long time ago, and it becomes more and more real.

This is the multitude starting to affect the financial system and the markets. The market is based on the assumption that agents are not coordinated. Another assumption in market economics theory is that agents have equal access to information. Well, the second assumption doesn't hold in reality. So rich people/organizations have always had an advantage on the market since they had more information. In essence, they have always rigged the market. But the new technology allows the crowds to coordinate, to sum their forces, to form what I call a new wave of Multitude. These people also have rapid access to information and can coordinate in real time. So they can now rig the market as well. The forces amassed by their sheer number out manouver and overpower traditional institutions.
We've seen this dynamic in other spheres already. The financial system has now become unsustainable to the attacks of the multitude, like other systems before. We're in a process of major transformations.
The establishments is going to counterattack. They are going to use all the tricks in the book, clean and dirty, to fight this But they cannot stop this massive movement.
Forget the left vs right, communism vs capitalism. We're seeing the rising of the antagonism between the multitude using p2p dynamics and the centralized world, controlled by the 1%-ters.
The centralized world getting bitten at it's own game :)

The future is in our hands

Hope America finally comes to peace! ,, Ladies, gentlemen!, Sorry that my text is off topic! .. I am from Russia, I live in Siberia, I am 63 years old, I position myself as an Inventor! For obvious reasons, my know-how did not find popularity in Russia, in a country where the budget is 50% formed from fossil fuels, my invention is doomed to oblivion! I hope for caring business people who are not indifferent to the environment and nature. My PTO rotor (conveyor type) will allow you to obtain energy from water flow (rivers, sea currents) on an industrial scale, using my underwater power plants without a dam, will help you avoid burning: coal, gas, oil, atom ... I am looking for a sponsor. ... investor (non-proprietary), my address is: [email protected]yandex.ru .... It's great if my message reaches the office of President Bidon, who cares for the environment!

Hank THE Patriot

Power to the player!

Lilian Yabut

Your all fake

LaTanya Jones

Robinhood is actually the hood-robin.........


When their money is involved, all of a sudden the Rona doesn't exist

Get this Channel to 1000 Subs

Check out this gamsstop meme on my channel

Saket Patil

Hail Elon Musk ?


The light needed to shined on this instead of helping the people that lost there job this system just keeps giving money to the ones that dont need it


hodling my doge since 2017

Mo Yum Pulgasari

UNITY = Left and Right together against the establishment, which is biden regime

Edward Hines

im noticing a familiar pattern emerging: riches made for a good run followed by traumatic crash. Traumatic crash followed by catastrophic war.

Gamer Historian

Power to the common people!!


Hedge Fund: Imma exploit the market.

Retail Investor: Same.

Hedge Fund: I'm telling! MOM!

Gabriel Hart

The opening shot of the GameStop logo coupled with the breaking news music is absolutely hysterical to me

Steelers Country

Boycott Robinhood

J Mye

"I was flying in a helicopter in Afghanistan and I was shot ~ it was scary. " Brian Williams Tel LIE vision Robinhood and Little Jon are running through the forest BOOM

Angkor Bonsaiberg

Reddit, a LITTLE BIT of a social media site?? :ermm:


"We don't want the masses driving the stock, only the elite".

Tayler Mahan

You guys are a total joke. The whole world is waking up to the propaganda and lies you tell. You don’t even try to mAke it believable anymore. You no more believe what your saying than we believe what your saying.


agreed ...
we should all band together support the common folk people.. And close your robinhood accounts withdraw your money and uninstall robinhood from your phones !

Baylen Railey

This is the most punk rock thing ive ever heard of


Dogecoin Baby

Eddie Armijo

Not new, pretty sure it been going on for the last four years

Richard Flanagan

Bricks and mortar have been in decline for a decade .. and I have to wonder , who buys game software on DVD . it’s a bit like the horse and buggy builder vs the Ford motor company .. GameStop will go into receivership if not this year , then in 2022 . People seem to think the stock market is the same as Bitcoin .. but then again .. merica

Raw Stihl

Check which brokers blocked small investors from buying GameStop shares today and never do business with them again.

Gutenberg Petit-vil

wish i was grown already so i could have got some millions

E Vo

LIMITING TRADE IS SOCIALISM!!! Call a priest and bring hot water!!! Capitalism is dying!!! And reddit is the murder... :-)

The Homeless Travel Network Airways

Liberal Democrats elites loses wealth??????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????

Paul Edwards

Doge coin to the moon!! ??


Worst explanation ever...what????

jason w

Time to go after Robinhood next.

Greg A

Working class Redditors outsmarted Billionaires resulting in billions lost for Wall Street gamblers through.....Robinhood?

kusinix gaming

this is hilarious

Anthony R

The je wish su prem acists keep the whole world in debt po verty, with their us ury pon zi 'scheme'.
rene gade trib une dott kom

Russ Dickson

That does it kids. Masks are required everywhere, but all other clothing is optional

Dana Sleeper

EXTRA EXTRA READ All About it>>President Joe Biden the # 1 American job killer this week say it ain't so and you're lying just sayin, respect only when earned ?

Lars Haake

The segment clearly fails to lay out the ethics problem at hand.

Noneya Negocios

“Reddit is a bulletin board site.” lmfaoooo ?


This is not investing. This is a product of Fed money printing and US government helicopter money that have caused real yields in virtually every market to be near zero or negative. US society is living a lie in almost every facet of its endeavours. If the good people don't prevail soon your society will totally eat itself from the inside out. Markets need proper regulation. The banks need proper regulation and the Wall St criminal bankers need to be put in jail. Just look at the quantum of fines, penalties and restitutions paid by the big Wall St banks in the last 20 years. It's absolutely staggering and just the tip of the iceberg. One bank alone has four felony counts against its name and at the same time has been contracted to manage the Fed's balance sheet. The whole system is corrupt. Your society is disintegrating. Libertarians and Republicans in your country are becoming a danger to the entire world, tilting towards racism and fascism at an alarming rate. The good people need to rise up with more force to stop all this. Biden's unity stance can't work until the bad people are shamed out of the system. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. It just helps to legitimise the fascists. Silence and acceptance of wrong allows evil to reign. Its happened before in history with devastating consequences. Better fight now than be in a fight for your freedoms and lives later. The nutty right wing second amendment crowd needs to be crushed and disarmed. You can't have politicians from both sides living and voting in fear of them. If you do what have you left?

The Homeless Travel Network Airways

When liberal Democrats lose money makes me so happy!!! ???????❤????????❤❤?


The fact that she called reddit "a little bit of a social media site" makes me roll my eyes

Tom H

According to this woman, if someone commits suicide because of a trade gone bad, they should shut down or heavily regulate the trading platform. By her logic, we should shut down the entire exchange because the guy that committed suicide wasn't the only one to do so because of a trade gone bad. Thousands have done the same over the years and that was LONG before Robinhood. They used the NASDAQ or similar exchanges, so yes, lets take her advice and apply it ACROSS THE BOARD.


Robinhood is owned by Citadel, which has a stake in Melvin Capital.

He who must not be named

For years I have been telling people. We are an oligarchy. We have never been a democratic country. Look at the research study done my northwest and princeton University on American politics. Proves we are an oligarchy.

Yashi Stampedes

they finally want regulation after the 99% manage to shove the 1%-r's nose in the slop bucket they want us to eat from. so they want to make sure only they have access to wealth...no sale bro. dont worry we'll make sure you benefit in the trickle down effect..thats the line YOU tell US right?

Jessica Anderson

"Robin Hood" take from the rich and give to the... wait that doesnt sound right

whatsyurprob ?

This is a RADICAL RIGHT operation, and therefore, a Clear & Present Danger to the U.S..

Isn't that what the msm has labeled it?

Like CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN, The People, will always UNTIE when our $ is stolen.

Cat's outta the bag now, and I have physical SILVER!!!?


I like her style. She told it like it is. Taught those funds a lesson.


Bruh i feel like i learned this a week ago you're tellin me you cover this now

Rich Smith

This host has zero credibility

Jimmy Goode

Robin Hood steals from the poor to give to the rich


Like the Wallstreet movie.

Paul Zuri


Saket Patil

That woman sucks


I think the news anchors will be in hiding when the collapse begins. They will not be able to hide

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