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Top 5 Best Minecraft Survival Servers of 2020!

410 737 views | 31 Jan. 2020

In this video, we go over

In this video, we go over the top 5 best Minecraft survival servers of 2020. From servers that have custom quests to servers that have multiple survival worlds for you to explore, this video covers it all! We show off the top survival servers for Minecraft and tell you why they are the best servers out there. So, without any more delay, here are the top 5 best survival Minecraft servers!

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BreakdownCraft: Play.BreakdownCraft.com

AppleCraft: Play.Applcraft.org

The Seed: TheSeedMC.com

TreeMC: Play.TreeMC.net

Vulengate: Play.Vulengate.com


★ Minecraft Server IP: Play.BreakdownCraft.com ► Store: http://Store.BreakdownCraft.com/

★ Join BreakdownCraft on Discord!: https://BreakdownCraft.com/Discord


► Subscribe!: https://TheBreakdown.xyz/YTSub


Best Non-Survival Servers!: https://youtu.be/6FVD2Wv4JRQ

Start Your Own Server!: https://youtu.be/Lr7UVn1m99A



Facebook: https://Facebook.com/BreakdownHowTo

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/BreakdownHowTo


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About this video: This video is our complete list of the best survival Minecraft servers in 2020. No matter what kind of survival server you are looking for, this video has a server for you! From servers that have custom quests and an RPG style feel to towny survival servers to even survival servers with a /shop based economy, we have one of everything featured in this video in order for you to find the perfect survival Minecraft server in 2020!

The first server on our list is BreakdownCraft. This is actually our server, and its IP is Play.BreakdownCraft.com. Survival Minecraft is our specialty on BreakdownCraft. We have two survival Minecraft servers. The first is Medieval survival which has an RPG style feel. It features 30 custom quests, a player based-economy, MCMMO, grief-protection, crates, and more. It is a great place to go if you want more to do than just survive, which you can do just that if you want. BreakdownCraft also has Aquatic survival which recently got an update adding in MCMMO, a newly updated economy, better PVP, and much more. Aquatic Minecraft survival actually has a /shop based economy setting it apart from the rest of the servers on this list!

Next up we have AppleCraft. Their IP is Play.Applecraft.org, and AppleCraft has 3 separate servers. Their Blue and Purple servers have KeepInventory on with claims and no griefing allowed even in unclaimed areas. PVP is permitted in unclaimed land though. As far as their Red server goes, it has KeepInventory off, claims on, with griefing and raiding allowed in unclaimed land. With this AppleCraft has a server for everyone whether you are looking for grief protected survival or open PVP raiding style survival.

If you are looking for a server with a few different worlds that all sync together The Seed is for you! Their IP is TheSeedMC.com, and they have 3 survival servers with a player-based economy, jobs, and a grief free policy. All of these jobs, economy, inventories, etc. sync between all three of their survival servers allowing you to switch around and have as much fun as you’d like!

As far as Towny survival goes, TreeMC is the server for you. You can join TreeMC with the IP Play.TreeMC.net. Here, you’ll find towny survival featuring large towns, MCMMO, jobs, custom enchants and more. This is actually the only Towny survival server on our list as this type of server has been dying off over the past few years. TreeMC, however, has kept it going with a large population playing!

Last but not least on our list is Vulengate. This server’s IP is Play.Vulengate.com, and it has 4 survival servers all with the exact same features. These servers don’t sync in anyway. Jobs are the primary way of making money. There is griefing anywhere on the server making it complete grief free no matter what even in unclaimed land!

And there you have it! That is our list of the top 5 best Minecraft survival servers in 2020! If you think we missed a great survival Minecraft server, please let us know in the comment below, and if we did help you find the best Minecraft survival server, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps us out, and it means a ton to me. Thank you very, very much in advance!

Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you go to these sites and make a purchase.


why the heck isnt there a damn normal survival server without those damn claims. its not fun when eveything has protection. just a normal survival server why its not possible.


what if i want a server thats like survival worlds, with dungeons, and custom enchants


I just want a server in 1.8
No grief protection, just anticheats!!
thats it. you can PVP everywhere, you can loot other people and ally with people (like clans)
but on god u wont find it anywhere

Big Daddy Hoe

Is he rapping or talking fast?

crused boi

thx this was helpful


can you play with friends in your server?


1:10 to 3:00 was all just self promo of his shitty pay2win Minecraft server with the shittest staff on the planet i mean come on like most of these minecraft servers are pay2win does he just love pay2win or what

Whitfield Hyde

why does the link work for breakdown craft?

The Breakdown

BreakdownCraft: Play.BreakdownCraft.com
AppleCraft: Play.Applcraft.org
The Seed: TheSeedMC.com
TreeMC: Play.TreeMC.net
Vulengate: Play.Vulengate.com

balli n


Ethereal Bro

is this like a smp server?

TheNuclearKing // TNK

Yo first of all you posted on my birthday second is your server for all ages?

Wise Craft



I luv dis!!

Hany Mohamed

i only wanted a normal server with pvp on no mods

Lynne King

You forgot to mention my favorite "Mr Dizzy"

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

It took this guy over a minute to get into the video.


I got banded from breakdown for no reason

Green Grass Gaming


Cosmic blox

I love extreme craft


Trying to find a server with absolutely no rules for griefing, survival only, massive world, no economy, mods or anything.

-Moon And Fancy-

For some reason I was able to open the server onto my minecraft multiplayer but it wouldn't let me join to ANY of them


What is the texture pack you use

Murat Playz

Dream smp

legendarykiller Gaming

How about Hermit craft???


hello everyone welcome back to BreakDown

plixum official

3:03 to skip him talking about him talking about his server


Is their is survival server where you can have ur freind and beat the ended dragon

DreamX FN


Mir Wurscht

endlich mal jemand mit ferstand jedoch hässlich bist du trotzdem


I'm craked at fortnite my guy

The Atlas Joker

that air conditioner is staring at me,,,

sandro gloveli

dont you ever join treemc because its paytowin

baby snake

Is it just me or does he advertise all the servers that are broken




Will aquatic survival be updated to 1.14 or later updates?

Isaac The good gamer

He says ”best survival servers Of 2020”

2020 says “ooh they’ll be better hehehe”

Everyone else “ooooo”

Wilcef Marty



Pssst, AppleCraft does custom items. Every month there is a new crate with custom items that do different things. Its not modded, since all these items use vanilla enchants/effects and put them on items that are usually reskinned and do certain things.

Red World is Best World! (If you like pvp, raiding, stuff like that)

cruchy salad

i dug straight down and i got to straight diamond and i got banned for x-ray lol screw apple craft


Vulengate deserves none of its success. Its owner, Ashinos, is a spiteful creep and stalker. In addition, racism, sexism, and other toxic behavior runs rampant in its community.

I was one part of the staff's inner circle for about a week back in 2017. Once I was brought into the circle, he revealed a VERY extensive history of him intentionally sabotaging competition via bot raids, sending in his staff to grief and be toxic, and his favorite thing: DDoS attacks. I left Vulengate forever after learning this and Ashinos still stalks me to this day on the server I play on now, sending the ocassional DDoS. Do no give this server your money or attention.

Bd’s yt

can someone give me a server with no mods not laggy no currency no nothing besides survival and kinda chill?


yo @salc1 LOOK AT THIS

Kev Corbalan

Bruh you need to PAY to make your own server

Butch Seneres

Kinda dissapointed that hermitcraft is not included but great video

Quacky innit

are you a rapper?


ofc this b1tch had to plug his own sh1tty server

navle 123

For breakdowncraft server it sas invalid session pls help

The shrub Vr

Why do i have to put my adress into apex???

måns kjellberg

breakdowncraft is best :D

Agent P

??? ?????? was here


Why all the servers Indian or other language try find servers as English

Dru Tube

how old is he he looks 15 but talks 34

Hollow Husk

I don’t like people who have a server made by themselves then put that server into the top five. It’s obvious that no one uses it


You think you'll be playing again with Mark and Wade any time soon ? ?

Lyll Els

I got baned firs time I joined BreakdownCraft pls help me

C A R R O Tツ

what version of minecraft

Dominic Ballinger

Tree mc? People were duping there to break the economy


i feel like he self promotes his server in every video


I’m banned from breakdowncraft

Daniel Flowers

Are these available on mobile or pocket edition?

محمد المنصوري

is it free ?

Gallactic Gaming

I’m just trying to join a normal survival server where you can break anything hit anyone I need help

Sami Suleman

The Breakdown

the logo is a 'T' combined with a 'B'

yet it's not TB?


pls make the server cracked pls


can u also give the port case for mobile people it wont work


Your awsome

gino garcia

fine ill play your server


My dream is to finally find people that want to play survival with me and together rise a village or something

Yes. No.

you know selling things like kits is against minecrafts EULA

The Lava Beast

You should have added fruity craft it’s a really good survival server

Shoog Almuhailib

Y’all I’m new to Minecraft on pc but I just want to play a normal survival world but with loads of random people u know? Mines windows 10 so if y’all can give me the IP or Address or whatever pleaseeee


Vulengate is terrible you get banned for nothing

Owen Cantrell

Ok of course your gonna say urs is the best its not

Marc craM

Breakdowncraft band me from X-ray wankers

Mikel On Juice

Hey calls his server the best you can't afk fish farm

Goblin Innit

mY sErVerS ThE besT BecaUsE Its mY SerVEr
nothing else

Apollo Innit

So you can build a a dome around someone’s base so you can basically grief


dude i dont understand why anyone would dislike the breakdown videos. this man is so enthusiastic and fun


Please update breakdown craft

Hello F

of course they show their server

Java Jake

My server has survival and it’s really good to! And it also has bedwars, skyblock, duels and imma add more to it and continue updating it! Lots of plugins that add to the vanilla experience!


You are so useful


you brag about your server for like 5 minutes shut up.


I cant play Breakdown with tlauncher or any other server I can't even play hypixel with tlauncher

Allwyn Hiwale

I played on tree mc on my account but after sometimes someone hacked my account and I have to wait till 2021 March so that I can get another account I got on a alt account and saw that someone was just giving out my account for in-game money I immediately reported him but I couldn't get my account back

I am Rin

Does this work on cracked minecraft?

CryptoHec E

Its not survival when there is protected claims.... i dont mind claims. Just not fully protected. Not survival. Closest thing to vanilla the better

very high

Anyone wanna join my server?


ZLKN . net
Fresh new Survival server only 1 week old. Very fun and great to spend time on, really nice and NON-Toxic community. Staff might be needed in the forseable future but a the minute it's well managed. I do not own the server and I am not staff. I play it because it's fun. 100% worth checking out atleast!

ItzPiezz _

I have just been playing the breakdowncraft server and wow it is incredible. When claiming land it is so easy to do, all it takes is two clicks and you have claimed the land. For my first minecraft survival server it is fantastic. 10/10 for me.


its funny i got banned from all of these servers

Rubberhose The Protogen

egg man is nice man

axell gaming

This is so stuped all you merch is promoted dumb craft server and it’s pay2win

yolo da bolo

i dont like this guy

Boden Schwamb

him, why am i self promoting, does more self promoting

JohnPlayz Gamer

Add me my Gamer tag is JohnPlayzYT4664


I am just lookin for a multiplayer survival that is just like the offline one no economy no challenges just some people trying to defend themselves from ghosts and zombieas and living together going on huntin etc


Hi how can I join

med hamido

I just whant a normal one just to make some friends,_,

Minecraft servers economy

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5 Best Minecraft Economy Servers ? Minecraft Makes Even Economics Look Fun! ?

2 846 views | 17 Dec. 2020

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Hey everyone. Today, we will be learning 21st-century economics and Minecraft is going to help us make things a lot more fun. On a serious note though, did you know that sleep deprivation actually costs the US economy billions of dollars? let’s look at 5 of the best Minecraft economy servers that are so well thought-out, that you’d think Donald Trump was the one running them.

#5 Splash Network - play.splash-network.com

#4 Grand Theft Minecraft - gta-mc.net

#3 Detox Network - mc.detox.gg

#2 Ecocitycraft - mc.ecocitycraft.com

#1 PrimeMC - play.primemc.org

❓ So, what do you all think of our top 5 picks? Drop a comment!

?? Please like and subscribe! Thank you very much for watching!








Edno Gaming

you deserve so much more subs keep it up !!!

Its Jovo


Alfredo Lorenzo Rivera

Can ypu suggest cracked economy servers please

Turhan Başer VURAL

Im suprised there isnt any comments yet. This vid should be getting at least 1 comment :d

Minecraft servers economy

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Minecraft Survival Servers - Top 5 Best Survival Minecraft Servers of 2021!

13 965 views | 28 Jan. 2021

What is the best

What is the best Minecraft survival server in 2021? Well, in this video, we give you a list of the top 5 best survival Minecraft servers that you can play in 2021. You can find all of these survival server IPs in the description below, so you can easily check them all out. Overall, no matter what kind of survival server you were looking for on Minecraft PC, this video will help you find your perfect survival server!

Start your own DDOS Protected Mineraft survival server quicky and easily with Apex Minecrat Hosting!


BreakdownCraft: Play.BreakdownCraft.com

Altitude: play.alttd.com

Simple Survival: play.simplesurvival.gg

AppleCraft: play.applecraft.org

Survive With Us: join.survivewith.us


★ Minecraft Server IP: Play.BreakdownCraft.com ► Store: http://Store.BreakdownCraft.com/

★ Join BreakdownCraft on Discord!: https://BreakdownCraft.com/Discord


► Subscribe!: https://TheBreakdown.xyz/YTSub


Best SkyBlock Servers!: https://youtu.be/P2yefFJfNXU

Start Your Own Server!: https://youtu.be/E7or-3wnpmk



Facebook: https://Facebook.com/BreakdownCraft

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/BreakdownCraft

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/BreakdownCraft/


About this video: This video is our complete list of the best Minecraft survival servers in 2021. From grief-protected survival servers to survival Minecraft servers where PvP is enabled, you will be able to find the prefect survival Minecraft server for you and your friends in this video. Thus, without any more delay, here is our list of the top 5 best Minecraft survival servers in 2021! You can find all of the Minecraft survival server IPs in the description above.

The first server on our list of the best Minecraft survival servers is BreakdownCraft. This is actually our server, and it’s IP is Play.BreakdownCraft.com. On BreakdownCraft, you will find two complete different survival servers. Medieval Survival has 30 custom quests, a player based economy, custom jobs, and so much more. Aquatic Survival is the other BreakdownCraft survival server. It has a /shop based economy with a more old school survival Minecraft server feel. Both servers are grief protected!

Next up on our list of survival servers in Minecraft is Altitude. Their IP is play.alttd.com. There are 4 separate servers on Altitude. All of these servers have different spawns, biomes, and maps, but all data syncs between all four of these server meaning your economy, inventory, stats, etc. transfer between servers. As far as eco goes, you have the ability to buy things from the shops around the server spawners. You can also use player shops for better prices. Altitude is grief protected survival.

Third on our list is Simple Survival with the IP play.simplesurvival.gg. You will find three servers on Simple Survival. Two of them are PvP based and one is PvE based. On PvP worlds, you can easily toggle PvP to start fighting. All servers have grief protection, players echos, and custom spawners. This server features a hybrid /shop eco wit you being able to sell to but not from /shop.

We now move on to AppleCraft with the IP play.applecraft.org. There are also three separate survival servers at AppleCraft. All of these servers have a player based style economy. The first two servers are blue and purple. On these servers keep inventory is on, claims are on, and there is no griefing even outside of close. PvP is permitted however in unclaimed land. The other AppleCraft server is red, and on it, keep inventory is off and claims are on. However, you can grief outside of claims without any issues.

Last but not least on our list is Survive with Us! The IP for this server is join.survivewith.us. This server features a complete no grief experience with all servers being completely grief protected. The claiming system is different though with you claiming chunks at a time. There are quests to complete to earn extra items and have more fun. There are currently 5 different ‘realms’ that you can choose from. These are all the same and just done for lag prevention. Keep inventory is on all all servers.

And there you have it! That is our list of the top 5 best survival Minecraft server for PC in 2021. If we missed a great Minecraft survival server, let us know in the comment section below, and if we did help you find your perfect survival Minecraft server, be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps us out, an it means a ton to me. Thank you very, very much in advance!

Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you go to these sites and make a purchase.



HowlingWolf Studios PC [Minecraft Roleplays & M]

How do I get my Minecraft to stop crashing and lagging?

Guy Splunker

I’m just trying Find some servers to hack Because all the servers on Minecraft bedrock pretty garbage




i know im late but i just wanted to say this now for future reference dont play simply survival its nothing but toxicness, people saying the nword and people saying a whole lot of weird stuff to u


First! Haha


The Breakdown you need to do a tutorial on how to download modpacks with the NEW microsoft login version of the Voidswrath launcher. They have the new version pinned in the general channel of their discord.


Alttd is an amazing server but the community has really gone down in my opinion especially with all the politics and corruption in the staff. Used to be better in my opinion

Andrew Boyer

your server is so laggy LOL

Jason Myers

Bro Breakdown has the most egotistical player base I’ve seen it’s like old cosmic factions but on a smaller level


No pvp
No greif
No survival server




Hey man are this all servers have the normal port?

Rose Hesse


AKA Flix

The links don't work you donkey

Axel Buenaventura

I hope breakdown got million subs and biews



Saron Pal

Make vid on craked ones

The keeper of hoped and dreams

Baba booey

Ayaan Gaming

54 view

Darkest Sky

Hello ?

Concealed Hate



Sup nic


Looks cool!



Amir Rasyid M Kamilfitri

How to buy minecraft on 2021?do we need microsoft account to buy it?


I needed this, I’ve been looking for an smp server

Game X

We are your rivals

Bart Hoogenboom

Hey! Can you make a video on how you use the /tags GUI as on The Breakdown server :)

It'sMe Gaming

Haha first

Doodles Is The Name

PLEASE HELP hey i need alot of help man i recently updated my minecraft sever by replacing the server.jar file with the 1.16.5 one and it updated but me and my friends can play but ever since i updated it everyone has connection issues and everyone disconnects and people join and instantly disconnect PLEASE HELP

Elijah Chandler

Can you plz do a video on how to upload a image onto a map in Minecraft plz

It'sMe Gaming

Btw great vid keep it up

Game X

Give us subs

Army Gamer303

Hey my ipv4 always changing how can i keep one ipv4 constant

Game X

I'm tired of you knowing everything! We're making a disstrack on you!

Mr Gift

who remembers theseedmc




Why he look like that ?

Jaded Marrow


Bruh Moment

Simple survival is great thanks breakdown

Scaledbeast 12

I’m gonna use an X-ray pack if possible. Some servers do a good job to prevent that

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