What does spree mean

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Jolly Jane, The Angel Of Death Went on A Poisoning Spree | Mystery & Makeup - GRWM | Bailey Sarian

2 875 168 views | 4 May. 2020

Hi friends happy

Hi friends happy Monday!

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there. Today I wanted to talk about Jane Toppan, as I have seen many requests to talk about her. She was SCARY.

Let me know your thoughts down below and who you want me to talk about next week! I do read my comments and look forward to seeing what you guys have to say. I love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon.

x o

Bailey Sarian

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Jenny Jen

Who approved jolly jane her license, lol.

My Life Lakbay

Reminds me of that nurse that killed lots of babies.

Lisa Shields

This makeup look is stunning! You have beautiful skin!

jeri mcmakin

Just a thought. Could you put, next to the brush listed,what you used it for?


Watching and knitting is my new therapy

Onekneeta -

LOL - Told the Dr that she had "only killed 12 people"... Sheeesh hahaha ONLY killed hahaha


Have you considered magnetic lashes? Also so you don't have to do your brows every day you could get some just for men beard dye and dye your brows. It lasts about a week or so. Depending on how hard you scrub your face when you remove makeup.

Elizabeth Clark

Was her story thr inspiration for the Nurse Rachet on Netflix ?

Quiet Girl

She looks like miss. Trunch bull off mitilda


I can't help but notice that jane looks like that mean teacher from matilda..

Aimee Link

Love you, think you're super awesome and I wish I could do my makeup like you ??

Anijah Stinson

She has the same birthday as me


I could literally be having the worst panic attack about every friggin thing happening in my life and feel so intensely overwhlemed and I put your videos on and it helps me focus my energy into something productive. like I still struggle to sleep but your voice calms me down and puts me in such a nice mood ( I wish I could find a better word for it but, honestly peace is my most accurate word, and that is what you bring to me). I hope you truly realize the effect you have on people. Thank you for being genuinely you Bailey <3

Precious Kamei

Binge watching. Somebody stop me! Take my WiFi away. End this COVID19. Bailey Sarian, you keep being you ! ❤️

Infurno Beauty

“No irish” and now theres more irish in America than in Ireland ?

Cat Meissner

If Amber Heard was a nurse...

Rebecka Nicole

We need a merch launch ♥️

Mallory Orr

Whispers “Aquatofana” ?

Kay Ka Nut

Am I the only one who immediately thought "drop the kids off at the pool" when she said drop the kids off?

Audrey Nieves

Aqua tofana vibes


She has to do H.H holmes I love her videos

emma. bruh

Is it weird that I watch these vids before going to bed cuz they calm me down

Za Eni

The illegal racing inversely wrap because whip proximally mourn regarding a sleepy thought. bumpy, synonymous jail


Why does this sound like it could be " the real story of Anne with E" type of video


I saw the word: poisoning.

Chloe Maple

Not a horror but horror

Itz Lola

Imma need this to be a movie


Totally heard "napped and sewed his eyelids shut" instead of snapped

Annth Hallååå

If they are sane, they are often called a psychopath.
Poor victims. I wonder what else except from soothing words she whispered in their ears.

Courtney Blake

can u do a vid on STEPHANIE PARZE?

Ashley Davis

That purple eye shadow make your green eyes pop. I also love the natural lashes


"The reality was...."

Christi Huber

Harriet Tubman


What a polite way to discriminate against people. "You need not apply"


This one reminds me of the Amy Archer-Gilligan case..

Ashley Townes

Same girl! Nothing fits me any more but i came from a very abusive relationship and finally got away and i meet a really great man as i was trying to raise my 1 yr old son. When i was in that bad relationship i was 95 pounds but i was not allowed to eat but mushrooms and gross but then i meet my husband and now im 150 pounds and i cant fit nothing but im so happy and i never thought i would have got tho what i did and im actually proud of my self ... ????


If you're ever curious as to what products I'm using, my HG lip gloss is Aqua Tofana.

Caitlin Lyons

Well we all know a Jane from high school don’t we

charlene aguirre

The squealing sea remarkably land because dryer contradictorily miss concerning a kindhearted wednesday. nifty, null cocktail

Chihuahua Playground

Jolly Jane is my sleep paralysis demon. Literally.


11:28 killed me ? bailey is actually insane ?????

Ann Marie McCann

if you're aware of your surroundings but can't move, you're catatonic.

Noah Bricker

LITERALLY the most beautiful shade of purple eye shadow. Thank you Bailey!

Sindy Gerber

The aware tanzania corroboratively earn because vase neuroanatomically rot pro a distinct forgery. adjoining, grandiose alarm


This is my favorite make up look... hahaha.

Jestine Domdom

Im addicted to your true crime stories. !

QueenDeanie Bramer

There is a woman in jail in West Virginia that was a nursing assistant. She worked at a veteran’s hospital. She killed seven patients by giving them shots of insulin. She is also a veteran. Baffles my mind how people can do this type of stuff.

Natalya Peterson

You can't stop the theme song! My 3 year old says, "mama, can we watch 'shana shane?'"
She enjoys the make up while I enjoy the stories. ☺️

Jess Henriquez


Angel Stevens

What is the lipstick you used over the lip liner?! It’s gorgeous


Am I the only one that thinks she could have a whole show basically doing this but with more production

Madison Szabo

When you said Maddy my heart got really happy but then you said she died ?

Sheishe' Music Official

Auqua Tofana!!! you'yr hialarious. i watched that episode this morning

Shannon Chiasson

You say that about the theme song everytime lol. Bailey, Bailey, Bailey lol

Jade September

Nurse Ratched much?

glenda hurt

Your forehead is beautiful bright! ??


I'm so glad I found you. I love James Charles and I love Kendall Rae. This is amazing

Khyla Jay

She was Evil AF.

grace mcclain

Go straight to 7:06 if you have a sick sense of humor and wnat na immediate cackle. ???

Parminder Sanghera

I am addicted to your stories ❤️

Abbigail Carey

She has the same birthday as me... spooky

Dina Ledet

Does anyone know the lipstick brand and shade? I love it!!! I don't see it in the list, only the lip liner. Thanks!

Adrienne Miranda

I wonder right before Elizabeth died did jane tell her that she was poisoning her just to make sure she knew and to give it to her in the end???!!!!

Beth Odabashian

I see the lip liner color, but not the lipstick. What is it? I love it!!

umme saima


Queen Erin ♡ Mother Of Maniacs ♡

This woman gives me HH Holmes vibes ???

Iona Sneddon

Theme song is definitely the same as The Simple Life the more i hear it???

Judith Riojas

Please do btk

Jane Catherine

As someone named Jane my full attention was brought to you when you said the name


about her inducing a wakeful "zombie" state and sexually assaulting them... sounds like whatever drove Dahmer, drove Jolly Jane too...

Vera Vitriol

Me and all nurses: you're welcome

Madeline Smith

i have a very Stolkholm with the theme song and im not sorry... well i guess thats the definition

Jeenie Jolie

Interesting name ... Jolly Jane lol

Kelly Cardinal

Did a closet audit and only fit into one pair of stretchy jeans and my sweatpants. Curse you, 2020.

Jodie Foster

This is great! I can't stop watching

Jolene Ramazotti

Bailey, please do the story of Blanche Monnier, or at least of her mother, who kept Blanche locked up in the attic, or her room....

Belinda Condori

I have listed to your videos for 5 hrs straight today. I’m obsessed with this channel.

Bailey Sarian

Recommend future stories for an episode in the comment section or Email them to:
[email protected]gmail.com

Hi friends happy Monday! Hope you are having a wonderful day out there ❤️

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Virginia Eastwood

Please check out the murderous ramapage of Micheal St. Clair from Oklahoma. It happened in the late 1990s. I love your show. You are awesome.

Veanne Gilchrist

You’re welcome Bailey....Veanne R.N. ❣️

Katie MacKay

You make my day lol I love your intros ? and obviously the rest of your video lol


28:00 sounds like a schizophrenic. or she was talking to the people she killed

Danielle Welch

can you do lizzie bordon?


Thank you nurses is the 2020 vibe.

Allthat Kittie

That female got some serious issues. You are right Bailey that does qualify for insanity, but I feel an extreme type on insanity. Those people need a separate room, house, whatever for there condition. You are making awareness too save the future generations. Thank you.! Keep doing this!.....and I feel someone had to know for her to be getting them supplies yes.!

Anel Alarcon

Where is Bailey!!!!!!

NaTalia Quinney

5:04 hahah real laugh

Ewa Szczepańska

What is the name of lipstick? I can't find it on the list and I totally love it!

Jessica Zeidan

I missed the recent restock of merchandise again :( When is the next one?! Help me im poor :( lol

evan garrido

Now a days u have to record every single medication given to a patient with detail . Most medication bins r locked with codes locks etc but back then I doubt they had any , maybe some sort of log written down but that’s probably easy to forge

Hope Bullock

Ur amazing at doin make-up and I love watching you.

maria carvalho

This sould be a movie

Alice Bennett

I have an alcoholic Irish dad named Peter ?

Kristi Carr

Emma walker and her boyfriend


This was a great story Bailey ??

Sarah Alkahery

I was actually jus thinking about how I need to hire a stylist when the pandemic is over cos I forgot how to wear anything other than sweat pants lol

Octavian Mills

I hope the spirits of those she killed were the ones she was seeing in the insane asylum

Darciie Faiith

.starlight tour in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.....


Honey!! Your makeup is gorgeous Bailey!! ? Great story too.

Carlee Robinson

LOVING the makeup! simple and looks fantastic on you.

What does spree mean

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15 150 views | 16 Jul. 2019






This video is about an English expression "GO ON A SPREE"

which is often used in high level English conversation.


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Carlo Costanzia

Sir pls ???
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Make a video about this topic plssssssss sir i will watch every single video u r doing great job .. ??

Bhairab saikia

very nice lesson sir ,keep uploading this kind of topic????

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Sir editorial ka discussion bhi kijiye

Izhar Khan

Sir tour video is very useful

anuj gaur

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Praveen Kamani

Sir editorial plzz daily provide requesting.


Tell use of hogging on food


?hello sir, (I don't want to be called looser.) Is sentence me(to be) ka use Kyo Hua hai. Please tell me.

Sunil Marandi

Adorable sir ,I learnt lot of grammar rules.thank u sir

Shahnaz Akhter

Sir, please apna whatsaap do mujhe aap ki class join karni hai aur b bhout hain jo class join karna chahte hain

Md Khan

Love u sir

Himanshu Kumar

Sit what is a meaning of "it's a matter of time"
I googled it, but I wasn't getting why "before" word has been used
For example
It's only a matter of time before he's forced to resign"

Plz sir make me understand

kamal vaishnav

Which rules is used in this sentence"the nataka in Karnataka really stretched too far"

Deewan Singh

You are a great source of inspiration


Hogging aur binge ka use bhi bata do

sharanjit kaur

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AnIsh ChauDharY

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Inayat Ulhaq

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Mohd Ataullah

whenever i meet her she goes on spree

harpal singh

Vijay went on playing a spree.

harpal singh

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Pinki Patel

Bhai editorial ka analysis Ku nahi aa raha hai


Sir the Hindu editorial BHI Karwa Diya Karo sirji

Vijaya Pandikonda

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Aman bhatt

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Haseeb sherwani

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Nikulkumar vadher

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Nice sir.

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Paper pado

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I love you sir


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Chanddan no words are enough to compliment you

Gurjeet nice way of teaching Singh

Mr. Chandan singh is my favourite
Sir love you a lot sir .

Anurag Yadav

Sir please upload newspaper

Sanjeet Banti

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hg Denny

I saw "go on a spree" in news paper and was confused but now every thing is clear. Thank you Chandan sir

Manoj Sabar

My all time favorite teacher none other than Mr.chandan sir . I love you a lot sir ..

Ranajit De

@Good [email protected]


I love your work sir and please continue editorial the hindu

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Only for your entertainment Mandal

Mandira goes on a talking spree

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Priya Sharma

Aaj Guru Purnima Ki Hardik Subhkamnaye?..Aap Mere Liye Best Guru Ho.?☺


Good evening sir!

What does spree mean

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What is Spree?

857 views | 25 Jun. 2015

A brief introduction to

A brief introduction to the Spree prepaid card system that can be used to deliver employee benefits, member loyalty programmes, staff incentives and more

Karen Digby

Don't believe the hype!

I had this Spree Card. It was the worst card I've ever had in my life. Every other debit or credit card I've had runs relatively smoothly, but Spree is different.

The card is run by an antiquited outfit called P&MM, which is elderly fuddy-duddies who don't understand modern technology. Therefore they use ye-olde worlde methods e.g. I had to fax / post documents to them.

I had to junk through so many hoops to get the card and then, when I got it, the company would regularly make me suffer countless headaches to just top-up my card etc.

The simplest process took days of emailing and telephoning the company.

The charges are many and exhorbitant. You have to pay for EVERYTHING: for applying for the card, for topping-up, and they even tried to charge me for receiving my cashback! These neverending charges means the card is ultimately NOT worth having.

Thank God I no longer use the Spree Card. The biggest headache ever to keep!

Stay well clear. The reason the card hasn't taken off is because most people are too smart to be sucked in by the hype and are aware that all the countless hefty charges and time wasted on topping up etc. outweigh the benefits in terms of the petty cashback amounts received.