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SDUSD parents demand reopening of schools

372 views | 22 Sep. 2020

SDUSD parents demand

SDUSD parents demand reopening of schools


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SDUSD changes grading system to combat racism

333 views | 19 Oct. 2020


What a colossal mistake!

Theeraphat Sunthornwit

We will give everyone an A+ Stupid students will not get discriminated anymore.

Ratty Hall

What’s racist is assuming that someone’s race will determine their grades. All this will do is demotivate them.


Then why don’t they fire all the teachers for being racist ? Lol ?
Now teachers will have to give everyone an A to avoid being a racist.

gilberto Cuellar III


urMommaBear • 5 months ago

These kids aren’t going to be able to pass an ACT test for college. You’re dumbing them down. Having a due date for homework teaches responsibility, not just help with the material

Jeff Smith

Richard Barrera is a brainwashed leftist SJW. The fact that he has so much power over children should be terrifying to parents living in San Diego. If you are a parent and can afford a private school, for the love of all the is good, move your kid to a private school to avoid Barrera's insanity. He will turn your children into useless brainwashed SJWs who can't cope with the real world. If you can't afford private school, then vote or support school choice.

desiree hunter

This is so dumb! The ethnicity of my teacher did not make me do better or worse. When I got a bad grade, it was because of ME, not the race of my teacher. Wtf?!

Arnold O

This is another example of liberal educators holding down POC by lowering their expectations of them . They should instead be building their confidence by letting them know that they are as capable as the next person regardless of color. This is an extreme racist policy and they should be ashamed of themselves.


The bigotry of powered expectations

Jeff Smith

This is insanity

brado jacko

So if you act up in class all semester and slow things down for everyone else and then pass a test, you are considered a master? Most of living life is showing up, attendance, punctuality and drive. Not just a final grade on a test.




Leftist is a mental disease


This guy talking about students going into the real world but he’s probably worked for the government his entire career. ?

R_ Blaze

Setting these kids up to fail miserably at college (If they even get in) and working life. Consistent and sustained effort is how a person succeeds...not this.


The racism of low expectations.

Kelly Carruthers

Combating "racism" with actual racism. Amazing.

urMommaBear • 5 months ago

Oh I know. Give them all TROPHIES too!!! We all know how well that’s worked out?

Robert Lundquist

The students who struggle the most have parents who don’t care. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with parents and the family unit. Unfortunately some groups are out to destroy the family unit. Fix the parents. Fix the family units.

Louisiana Patriot

To combat racism or education?

Alan McGill

If the school district does not trust teachers to assess work fairly and accurately, then the final grade should rest on a centralized final exam. If a student fails that, nothing they did before should count - regardless of their race or ethnicity.
And the students who did no work and messed all semester around can whinge about the exam being racist. That is the logical alternative to continuous assessment.


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10News - 8.30.20: SDUSD Facing School Meal Cuts

10 views | 31 Aug. 2020

Children in San Diego

Children in San Diego could soon go without food warn leaders at the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) after the US Department of Agriculture ended supplemental food support. "Having access to that nutrition is vital. As teachers, we are expected to be feeding their minds, but how can you do that if their bellies aren't being fed," shares Mauro Soria, a teacher at Clark Middle School, City Heights, San Diego. To help fill in the gap, SDUSD is working with partners such as Feeding San Diego and the San Diego Food Bank.