Trillion dollar

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The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.mp4

24 492 views | 10 Feb. 2012


Skip the first 14 minutes of BS.

Daniel Gontar

1:02:43 The debris was pulverized by the bombs detonating in the buildings and also the debris' impacts on the ground.

Greg Lecuyer

Most people today have mental problems thanks the mass media ,Hollywood and television which we all need to be weaned off of to get back to the real world, which I think we are all trying to escape from.


why these pricks always needs to make jokes in their conferences when they talking about these really  "important" things.

Marcel Molenaar

1:14 The murder on JFK was ordered by Moche Dayan

Marcel Molenaar

All terrorism is created by Israel



Daniel Gontar

1:05:15 Many of the reporters are actually intelligence operatives. These terrorist events almost always use crisis actors as well.

Daniel Gontar

1:08:01 They had been planning their destruction back in the 1970s. If you study movies, music albums, things in the media, you see the messages. The movie Back to the Future references it.

mary nespolo

I have read the book, there is a lot of info in there.


Novo means order? Look at the pulpit he's preaching from. What does it say? NOVOtel Twin Waters Resort LOoOL


Jim Marrs does a great job in this lecture but you can never truly understand what's really going on until you're willing to discuss the immense role of the Zionist Jews. You will find the Zionist Jews at the heart of almost every aspect of the New World Order.


thanks maybe can save 14 minutes of my life or rather 7 .I download fils and run them in quick time at 2x times speed in players .means i can see twice as many films try it frys the brain after few hours

larry mansfield

He just nailed 2020


His book is what number in the best sellers list? How rich does that make him? You tell me if he's for or against the New World Order?

Danny Baby

I cant stand his annoying lip and mouth smacking.  drives me nuts.

Lynette Krohn

So interesting him talking about socialism and not to let them push us towards it. Exactly what's going on.


This befuddled old clown has been full of shit for decades, and age hasn't improved the quality of his bullshit.

Daniel Gontar

59:16 For more information on chemtrails and geoengineering look at Dane Wigington's research on youtube. Each week he gives a radio address.

Gaz Lanham

take you r hat with you back to yankiland lol rsol

Daniel Gontar

51:25 Fluoxetine and Fluoride are considerably different chemically and their effects are different as well. Fluoxetine doesn't cause passivity, in fact, it has the opposite effect.

52:22 That's why our drinking water (or toothpaste) doesn't make a good anti-depressant, among other things.

Georg O.P. Eschert

... not only the picture is fake ... the Internet is great but unfortunately many people spread rumors too easily from out there in the shadow w/o thinking of the consequences to follow. Great Video.

Mikey Adam

What’s his name? Wondering if he’s still alive

The Angry Tank

And here we are in 2021, and the late Jim Marrs being proved quite right about communism coming to America.


All material any person with a IQ over 100 already know..To bad like many so called experts on world events that are true and monstrous we need PROOF>>

Trillion dollar

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Anti-Flag - 1 Trillion Dollar$

2 550 537 views | 25 Oct. 2009

Anti-Flag's official music

Anti-Flag's official music video for '1 Trillion Dollar$'. Click to listen to Anti-Flag on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/AntiFlagSpotify?IQid=1TD

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More from Anti-Flag

Fabled World: https://youtu.be/1sEYvdG1wiM

The Press Corpse: https://youtu.be/e5Wxn37Tt1Y

Brandenburg Gate: https://youtu.be/cWE4VXGMeIk

More great Alternative Noughties videos here: http://smarturl.it/Alternative00?IQid=1TD

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One trillion dollars could buy a lot of bling

One trillion dollars could buy most anything

One trillion dollars buying bullets, buying guns

One trillion dollars in the hands of killers, thugs

Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh

Fuck the world, a lot of people gotta die tonight

Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh

Fuck the world,

Fuck 'em all


a decade later - things are much worse..

Joseph Miles

I've learned more about politics from this band than I care to admit, but I think they also saved me from falling into a hate group as a troubled teen

John Suttle

Its never worth it. Tell the recruiter to fuck off. We are all either dead or dead inside. Smoke a joint and go to school.

Red Mind



Anyone still listening this 2085? :D

Nikolay Malkov

PUNK is not a style! PUNK is life!

Chris Benoit

This is happening right now

Jonas Loef

Still listening 2019

Mercury Dust

Kinda hard to be anti corporation when you are rocking at least a 3000 dollar mesa boogie amp.

Lavan W

Such nostalgia when I use to think Bush and Cheney were the most evil people in power. I’d take the evil bush days over a single day in trumps crazy shit!

Angie Syafari

The memories?

sonic soul

Can't buy a soul.,,, ???????


That wink Justin pulled just killed me lol


They need a sequel now for the 2 trillion confirmed wasted on Afghanistan

Nikolay Malkov

song of my childhood , first love and first kiss....oh ....how happy I was! And how I want now that everything would be like that and even better with us, and that this song would be in our wedding playlist. But she doesn’t like punk rock, and I’m still not serious punk for her .... Okay, the day will come! ! ¡No pasarán! PEACE!

Giancarlo Villanueva

What a masterpiece!

Marcus Reid

I miss being 15.

Sun Ny

Weve got a ratt problem

Shay Stratton

fuck them all no chances, quit giving them chances


I like the politics, but this song is horrible.


i hope these guys dont start getting all political like rage against the machine did.


1.25 playback

Jeffu Karosta

man... what they did to the little girl disgusts me in every way possible

Justin Ikpo

As of 6/20/2020, the US Debt sits at $26 Trillion +




Hey Watch MoJo, here's a punk anthem you losers failed to put on your list!

smhily ツ

I'm covering this. People need to hear these words.

Juqn Vasil

Mire like 9 trillion

Josh White

somebody 2019?

Ku Ra Ma

That bassline ?

Stick Figure Guy

[Verse 1]
One trillion dollars could buy a lot of bling
One trillion dollars could buy most anything
One trillion dollars buying bullets, buying guns
One trillion dollars in the hands of killers, thugs

Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh
Fuck the world, a lot of people gotta die tonight
Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh
Fuck the world
Fuck 'em all

[Verse 2]
One trillion dollars to Africa, Iraq
One trillion dollars and it’s never coming back
One trillion dollars could buy some bad-ass drugs
One trillion dollars makes me wanna kill myself

Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh
Fuck the world, a lot of people gotta die tonight
Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh
Fuck the world
Yeah Yeah
Fuck 'em all

Until the sun burns from the sky
Until the sun burns so bright this world is no more
Sunburns from the sky...
And all the people are just dust on the ground

[Verse 3]
One trillion dollars could buy a heart, a soul
One trillion dollars buying nations - all the world
One trillion dollars could make the fat lady sing
One trillion dollars, what a bullshit useless thing

Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh
Fuck the world, a lot of people gotta die tonight
Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh
Fuck the world, a lot of people gotta die tonight
Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh
Shit loads of money spent will show us wrong from right
Fuck the world
Fuck 'em all

Louie V A

Lets Wake up society, wherever we are right now!



Alice Nina

Here when I heard Jeff Bezos is on his way to becoming the world's first trillionaire, and laid-off citizens are worried about health insurance during a global pandemic since health insurance is tied to employment.


One trillion dollars going to the American people in response to the coronavirus. Finally a thing that can be praised.........

Harry Hood Is a Hero

Oh my gosh I forgot how great anti flag is, 16 year old me just shook his fist in angst


551 People are the world

Nicholas Gieser

I changyd my mind I only want 1 million dollars

Anti bakteri




Ok I love this song and the message but I think it had a time and a place in the early 2000s when America was doing horrific stuff in the Middle East, but since different administrations and a lot of effort the military has got a lot better and safer. I feel like it’s a little disrespectful to the people who just want to serve their country.

Joshua Bumgarner

I’m one of those 1 trillion


I remember when I first heard this song I thought it was cool then I listened to it these guys are dipshits if it wasn't for money spent on our military and weapons they'd be working glory holes in a communist world

Thomas H

4 trillion
6 trillion
10 trillion
idk what number it is they are extracting from the US government right now during this pandemic. but its cruel when they only give the working class like 500 billion

money is fake
its a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet and promises and debts that all came out of an exploitative system of oppression that effects anyone who didnt get a small loan of a trillion dollars from the federal reserve or their father or king

Cliff Griffen

Hard to believe there's so many stupid people that would listen to this crap. Why don't you go to China and have your organs harvested? You live in some kind of dream world drugs Maybe. This is so stupid it's not real to me


That capitalist puppet running Venezuela in the video looking pretty good in 2020 huh? Love Anti-Flag and this video but you have to lol at that.

Ydnservin Bizzy. 1804 - topic

2m views in 10 years

John Suttle

1 trillion dollars. Sign here. Sell your soul. Say with me RIP to your heart and empathy.


Of all the bands, Anti-Flag sold out to Vevo.
Seriously? Fucking Anti-Flag?
God is dead.
Even when we thought we were being rebellious, back in our youth. The Man was closer than we knew all along.
Is anyone else really pissed off by this? Is it just me?

Петя Петров

Актуалочка, социалочка

Pedro Pantera

*Update 2020*
1 Trillion Dollars didn't buy Mitch McConnell a heart or soul. SAD!

Daniel Welch


Jonathan Writes

"600 bucks should do" - The US Government, to it's people,

Your Tuesday Darling

well ironic this song didn't get more new comment in feb 2020 ??

Stephen Heling

Underrated band

Angelo Macero

Anti Flag kills it on 2020

Juqn Vasil

This if fucking gold

Ryan Secrets

Gotta change it to 2 trillion with Trump's latest move.


A lot of people gotta...yeah, yeah, F them all for their riots and burning.


\m/ (^7^) \m/


I am an Italian boy I have been listening to this song for over 10 years and I like it more and more

Gary Good

I'll never forget getting my glasses smashed in a mosh pit at club laga in Pittsburgh many years ago watching these guys


If you like this don’t listen to the new stuff. It’s terrible.

Artists For Andrew Yang

I wish people heard the warning a decade ago. From rage against the machine to system of a down to anti-flag. Hey warned us, we didn't listen.

ron james

What a great band

Corporal Slip-TiT


Ana Cavalcante

cool music and horror senary meh ok

Lillian Teixeira

Lembro da primeira versão dessa música, em que o Justin canta: "Fuck the world, kill em all"

Oscar Perez

Miss you Billy.. Wherever you are

Tony Sol

время идет, а текст все также актуален :c


Anyone listening in late 2019 still??

x SO x FATAL x

Recent events keep pulling me back here. Who needs a draft when the majority of your country is at or below the poverty line, want that free education and CHANCE to live a better life, sign here and take an oath.


I miss music videos like this

Nikolay Malkov

Not a mohawk makes a punk, a punk makes a cry from the heart and a call from the heart!!!!!

Crazy Kids124

Yep 2020

Uncool Culture

March 12, 2020... the FED just bailed out wall street again for 1.5 trillion dollars and here I am

Mikey Shmelby

1 dollar might buy a better written song.

Lorna Kennedy

Oh tear my phucking heart out.

Daniel Welch



?love n peace

Mikey Shmelby

1 million brain cells could write a better song.


Join the army see the world as it burns.

Raymond Horn

Crypto just hit a 1Trillion dollar market cap... And this song poped into my head

Renée Vanderwal

Awesome song, but the FULL lyrics should be here, not just the 1st part


It's 2020 and this song aged very well.

Charles H4

15 trillion later

Jeff Camacho

Mmm 7/28/2020


Haven't listened to this in at least 10 years but I randomly started singing it while in lockdown from CoVID-19


Man, it really bums me out that Anti-Flag monetizes their songs. It feels Anti-thetic...


This band always takes me back to my teen years. I remember when this song came out. It's so relevant today in 2020 especially.

Leonardo Caicedo

Welp there's a good chance the military budget will reach 1 trillion every year if we keep up the same act.

Mike Pict

True story

Nikolay Malkov


my moms a bro

Am i only the one who's listening this in 2021


Oh hey, fed just dumped 1.5T into the void, hello my old friend!

Robey Coyote

Lets go


2.4 trillion + 784= 4trillion in two bills and that not the most crazy part. Most crazy part is trump the one who actually vetoed and threatened veto those bills, if the people don’t get a cut

Social Experiment

and apple has 2 trillion dollars


Where has this band been hiding? More people need to hear these songs!

Nicholas Gieser

1 trillion dollars yeah


Today's headlines: "Amazon reports big earnings, crosses $1 trillion in value"