Palace p cap

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Customizing Palace Skateboard Caps/Hats - SPRING '18 DROP

733 views | 25 Mar. 2018

Did not like the

Did not like the scrunchy/strap on the P-Dino 6-Panel so I decided to swap it with an orange strap to match the trianglosaurus embroidery.

I also liked the fastener/string on the back of the Outdoor Shell Running Hat, however, it looked empty/hollow. I added a two color snap to it and now I can experiment with different looks with both the string and snap.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnxoIRigFnc should buy a hat press bro


yeah the trianglosaurus strap is so shit, i have a bare small head so it just doesnt work. ID orange cap that that you got the strap from?

Palace p cap

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New Palace 2016 Unboxing! First Palace Magazine and New Stadium Hat

1 347 views | 14 Aug. 2016

My latest pickups from the

My latest pickups from the August 2016 Palace drop! Palace released their first magazine with this drop and I got my hands on one of them. The quality of the print is amazing! Also got another stadium hat added to my collection.

Antonio Rupeti Anderson

I found a navy blue one at a vintage shop in new Zealand for $35nzd

E&J Moto

Ur annoying

alt alien

What bot do you use for your supreme/palace drops?


you're gonna skate that FA deck right

Palace p cap

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Palace Skateboard SS16 Pickup/Unboxing "P HAT"

588 views | 28 Jul. 2016

Picked up a P hat from

Picked up a P hat from last weeks drop.

Kek Keke

dude how can you affor that much stuuf

Brendan zz

I always want to buy from their site but shipping and duties just doubles the price..