Ripple coin market cap

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Ripple XRP: $7.59/XRP If XRP Could Surpass BTC’s Market Cap. How Likely Is This Possibility?

18 681 views | 22 Nov. 2020


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XRP Ledger metrics










Historical Snapshot - 15 November 2020


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andrew handelsman

Morning wmc, listening while cleaning the bathroom :D


XRP pump is mostly BTC selling not new money into the market. MC is still around 423B

Colin Smith


Fid LaF

Bitcoin is rising rapidly due to record amounts of Tether being minted daily.

Anyone who’s read the lawsuit knows Tether will be shut down. They have no defence, and are up against irrefutable evidence.

When this Tether bubble pops, we will easily go to $10,000 and lower
Why do you think Tether has the most volume on the market?

Why do you think BTC pumps immediately after Tether is minted?

Why do you think during the months in 2019 Tether stopped printing, we dropped 75%?

Why do you think Tether doesn’t make their reserves public?
This is the same thing that caused the 2017 Bitcoin Bubble.

After many jumped in at the top at 20K, over 250 billion dollars was removed from the markets.

And prices tumbled to 3K lows in under 12 months.
Tether is a ticking time bomb.

It’s been strategically implemented in every big exchange, and has control over the market prices.

Once they stop minting, or are finally shut down, we will drop as fast as we went up. Fear will consume Bitcoin.

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John May

Boy won't this be a tease if it drops back down to $0.30!!!! I have faith is going to keep going blew all of our minds away!! Come on XRP!!!!!!!! ?????✨✨✨



Chase Green

If we share what xrp is it will moon faster banks and media dont want us to know. Alot of people are like whats crypto .... If we share it it will moon faster

Matan Matlyuk

wtf why anybody trusts ripple its just a dump coin for jeb

John Jacob Dionisio


Billy Bob

XRP might be going up on PayPal.  If that happens then it's to the moon for sure. Pack your XRP  bags folks and be ready.

Gascon Kelvin

Every bitcoin investor right now is just  smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held  strong and  indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that

Jay McDine

next vid, can you say heyyy guyys and girls, misses not happy

jcpatrick mcclure

??WWG1WGA?? Gratitude!!!⭐??

Russ Tanner

It won't ever hit its all time high again. It's going to crash down to the teens or 20s. Whales won't let the little guys get rich.

Just Charlie

Here my comment, WHY THE F#$K Do all you xrp moonlambo boys always fooking start talking about $5 $10 $100 $7.59 blah blah blah EVERY MOTHER FOOKING time xrp rises 5 cents?? Jesus christ enough already yall seriously need to get a fooking life!!

Michael Angelos

I just paid the most I've ever paid for XRP, TWICE!!!
I added more at $0.36 and then I added more at $0.43 so that brings my average up to about $0.30...
I'm not really looking at the market cap of Bitcoin.
I'm looking at the market cap of gold.
If ripples goal is literally 'all the money", then the market cap should be similar to gold which would be about 7 trillion dollars.

Gio V

Well spelled out xrp potentials...I tend to agree with you WMC...very reasonable!! Haven't watched many vids lately..this vid was Excellent..Thank you sir!!!??

Blake Ryan

Great video!

J Luu

Didn't SBI mention some testing being done with XRP this month in forex?

we4yu tech

xrp up up up ???❤️❤️❤️

UniversalFlight UFLIGHT

Is Fed using USDC for relief aid to Venezuela in order to cause other crypto (XRP) to fall?

Brittany rolayoo

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Billy Bob

Guys according to some analysts XRP and ALGO will 100x this bull run. Don't miss out. Your welcome ???

Dash213 Gaming Channel

Amazing videos!!

Jaroslaw Mur.

hello, please see my scalping 2101 closed positions 2 lossy what do you think about it. greetings Poland


Thanks for your great videos

Le Trong Hieu

Will it happen?

Eric Martin

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Alex Nichols

Really tempted to exchange some XRP for ADA and Vet

Abura Kadabura

Not Bitcoin ..

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john fahy

We are going a lot higher than that . In a bull run market cap is irrelevant its all hype driving prices

Roseline Smith

I think it's time to kick out bah government, how do they expect us to survive without the stimulus check, I know a couple of family that could have lost their lives if not the help of bitcoin investment.

Ed Chamberlain


Crypto Lunatic

XRP still at bargain price!

Josh Gibbons

I think it's likely to beat btc current mcap, but when it does btc market cap will also be much higher than it is now, so it won't surpass btc but it will surpass the current mcap


On our way to $10,000 a coin. Keep holding, keep buying. Don't sell yet.

Alice Incognito

I think XRP hits .50 today, 0xMR is going to do well too

Steven Klein

Mmh i have my doubts. Maybe 1$ until 12.12. and then crash back to below .50 and go to sleep in the shadow of BTC again. Just my 2 cents

Manuel Gomez

Higher lows and higher highs, TO THE MOON CAPTAIN ?

Alex Wyatt

As I watch this, volume has gone to 20 billion

Frank Latimer

Crypto teacher is saying that.. xrp will never ever reach its all time high ever again.

bitcoin 1

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Fid LaF

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Project M41

7.59 now. Interesting. Too bad you can't be stuffed in a jail cell till that happens, that would give lots of revelation as to how much you really believe your own bullsht

yummy tea kudasai

When we get rich.will you still make a video about cryptocurrency

Lynda Smith

Silver/ Gold much better investment than any crypto !!

Jude Quinn

Just wait monday, people will be selling their stocks to buy xrp. Traders will jump on due to the $0.30 resistance breakout. You only have 12 hours before the stock market opens. Buy XRP before it will reach $1 this week!

crypto user

Dude you need to do a video about Infinity Wallet they are supporting XRP now and one of the most advanced wallets ever pushing blockchain tech to the limits very strong team and the founders of defi with shard coin 3 years ago. Got into XRP thanks to these guys most professional platform ever seen.


Magni 1

Governments might ban bitcoin or a 51percent attack. Xrp is bank happy. Xrp to be No1

Alex Wyatt

I think we wake up one morning soon, and XRP is four digits

Rio Richardson

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Ripple coin market cap

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Ripple/XRP: Market Cap is BS!

7 187 views | 2 Nov. 2018

Why does everyone think

Why does everyone think Marketcap is Value? We have to stop limiting xrp by thinking of it as if it’s like everything else.

Flappy McFlappington

They should just pin it at $1,000 and use it for cross-border payments and clone victoria secret models.

Murtaza Shah

First ;)

George Toki

Awsome!! This is great info

Pocketful of Cryptos Crypto-Cube

Applesauce, flummadiddle...= MC
MC is a nonsense index! It is bullsh*t! I've said it at the first day, since I'm concerned with the cryptomarket.
MC is setting peeps on the wrong track.
Best wishes from Switzerland


As soon as more mainstream platforms offer xrp/$ pairings or £ or € possibly Coinbase but doesn't have to be it is going to go crazy. Remember what you had to do to get your XRP. Usually coinbase/pro (gdax) or to binance, now some use bittrex. If the average person can easily buy XRP easily on many platforms, the real market for XRP is born.


Another good one brother. Keep um coming...??

FuzzyMilk Prime

Nice to find a like minded individual. Ive explained this to people before in simple terms. If you have 100 apples selling for $1 then you should have $100 total apple cap. But if someone buys 1 apple for $10 then you should have $1000. If they dont see the error in the logic with not having that money actually then there's really no hope.


My man, on point again! Peace to the XRP Fam!

Jonathan Rayne

Great points!!!

Ronny kinasih

Never pay heed to anyone telling us about the price based on market cap.
Stay firm & strong !


Grow your crown

b t

Yea cap is BS for crypto. Do you have a better way to quantify the amount of cash flow to make movements in token price ? I didn't think so.

Alfonso JL

I've found that many people are too lazy to even pull out a calculator and they want to do everything based on sentiment or faith. They constantly watch CoinMarketCap and they think that it represents all the money poured into it, when actually you can do some basic math and realize that "Market Cap" = [latest] price * circulating supply. But no, it's all religious to them. Noone that I've talked to in person, that participates in the stock or crypto market, realize this and other things about trading. Just this Thursday someone was complaining about makers having a lower commission than the takers, how it all was unfair, blah blah blah; and I was just amazed. All a bunch of BTC hodlers, who bought high last year, putting a 100% of their savings and crying now that they're worth less than a fourth of their investment.

I got in XRP at the middle of the bull run, it touched a ~100% gain, and I got out when I was winning 50%. I had no strategy, no trading knowledge, nothing, but I wasn't dumb enough to see it going from gain to loss. I took a step back, got serious, got to studying and understanding (100s of hours invested), to form a entry-exit strategy, even a plan of action for volatility scenarios. Two months of paper trading and further tweaks, then got back with real money and further tweaks, to the point where I'm confident in my strategy. I've been able to take advantage of the september bump and other smaller bumps, ignoring the days of sideways movement, and to have loses as small as possible (the latest was a 0.2% loss). This was not to brag, but I can clearly see the difference between me and the 40+ people from friends and work social circles who are into this and act on pure sentiment. They think I can see the future because I get in early in the bull run and a little bit ahead of the revearsal; but is just a lot of time invested, a strategy with sentiment out of it. The hardest part is working in your own psychology, patience, and mental strength to get up and back in the game.


I don’t watch your videos but based on comments from other viewers I did... and I must say you make a very good and valid point.. just one angle on this, lot of ppl says in market that this will not reach to highs of over $100.. but I think they are wrong.. if we are doing 9bn in volume and the price is almost $4 then can you imagine where this thing will be even if we captured 10% of $20trn cross border payment market? Almost touching $100 per Xrp.. this doesn’t even take into account the forex market worth $6trn Dollars that ripple has its presence in... more than likely Xrp will be huge but as jungle inc says on his channel, we just have to let it cook for a bit longer... those who hodl will be greatly incentivised at the end of it with massive bump in price... just IMHO.☀️.... keep up the good content buddy..!

Matt Laroche

Like you said, xRapid doesn’t care if it sends 1,000,000 coins at $1 .... or 1,000 coins at $1000 .... both equal $1,000,000 in agreed value. Interesting thing is, there’s only so many value marbles (for visual reference) for a FI to grab out of the bowl at any one time, and there’ll be a lot of players at the bowl grabbing for them. Easier to give each FI a couple of high value marbles to do their value transfer (small amount of orders filled on the exchanges) rather than one FI have to grab all the marbles out at one time and empty the bowl ... (wipe out sell orders etc of an exchange which leaves it illiquid)

Besnik Bislimi

I fully agree with you BRO! Very good explained .And very good pointed out .

Everything is cool

Thank you for explaining. .

Jota Kolopa

ya whatver MC doesnt = value, but to expect the MC of something to go from 20b to the crazy numbers im seeing out there is ridiculous, but to each their own.

Crypto Drag

I dig it. Hit me hard.

Silver Eagle Investments

My first time tuning into your video and I would imagine you should be always trying to impress your wife, the best you makes the best her...

jim hopkinson

What a great video thanks for the explanation now it makes sense!thanks again

Tony Sambucci

Thanks brother. Great video ?

Jason Smith

Thanks !

Daniel Southern

Thank you!! Subscribed.

Leonard Gonzalez

Coinbase doesn't even want XRP. I tend to be weary of overhyped projects. It's the silent projects that skyrocket. Even shit coins do better in price than XRP. That's a fact. XRP is more like a stable coin.


good 1, ??

Tommy Boy

I like the logical discussion. A high number during cashing a hand full or two will be glorious.

Adam Heslop

great work mate

Butthead Freely

The best explanation of cap market I have heard in a long time keep the up the excellent job.



Blue Collar Designer

Yeshua my dude... that beard is growing must be eating a whole lotta vitamin "P"

the big fella


Ernesto Felix

San Juan Puerto Rico?

Whitie in Vermont

I'm a new subscriber. I ❤ XRP!

Audrey Sorg

San Juan is beautiful

Devon Jackson

Omg thank you! I keep saying this shit. Market cap is calculated based on price, not the other way around!

Darnell Rogers

How would ripple/the market go about making a higher price for XRP?

Bitcoin Jedi

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZdsVXRfvOs Link to original video about Marketcap without the shaky camera...

Mask Task

For sure marketcap is bullshit..?

Chris Wood

Xrp is a scam fake fiat coin . Run away and buy Ltc

Mike Anthony







Mr Rippler

Bro .. google 70’s gi joe doll ... you look just like him ... good vid ??

Micöl Rankin

So I guess my only concern is HOW does the xrp price go up in November, december aside from us retail investors just sloshing around money? We need new money in the market ON the exchanges...not OTC....so we can see price action....right?

Crypto Legend

Ripple is doomed



Patrick Blaze

Silly question. But what about supply and demand.

Tony Gradisa

Majority of people do not understand MC, I noticed this long ago.

alex s

Whats your twitter lad

john LFC

Great video yeshua! Interesting perspective!
Do you think xrp can hit $100 by end of 2019? Thanks!


No one knows the OTC market so I kind of agree.

Gregarious B

Thank you so much for this video. There have been so many amateur mathematicians making YouTube videos trying to show that xrp market cap could never reach high enough for the token' to reach 300-400 $500. But all market cap is, is all of the tokens in circulation multiplied by the last sale price. It is not the total amount of money that has been invested in a token or stock. The short version is xrp market cap can reach trillions no problem

Matt Laroche

Bang on man ... bang on.

WRX GuY SubarU

AWESOME video man finally a video breaking down FACTS about MARKET CAP FUD!!

Ians poetry


Juni LEE

Market Cap = Price multiplied by Supply. However, MCAP is not a reliable indicator of how well a crypto is doing. Its current price action (with loads of crazy spikes follows a typical behavior of a "lower MCAP" crypto) The liquidity/volume and current price vs. support levels, etc. are more important to me.

Ripple have been progressively and gradually releasing their XRP tokens into the market as well to the bankers, this increasing circulating supply little by little over time. If those who receives the tokens doesn't dump it but instead is locked up to support its use (which I believe the banks would, if their intent is to use Ripple's xCurrent services), the price wouldn't reflected on the retail market (just like OTC purchases isn't immediately reflected as well); however if the price stays the same, while the supply is gradually increased, the MCAP will gradually increased w/o ppl noticing too.

Also the missing blocks in XRP's blockchain is extremely worrying to me.

See: https://nulltx.com/the-deceptive-nature-of-market-capitalization/
and https://steemit.com/money/@calaber24p/why-the-market-cap-of-a-coin-can-be-deceptive

For Goodness Cakes- Atlanta

Well done video. Folks need to hear this because a lot of people use this argument to spread FUD.

jungle bunny

yeh but what about market cap though?

Colin James

Even if what you are saying was true...you gave absolutely no proof of what you implied...your answer simply is...it's not how much is in the market cap divided by circulating supply...it's circulating supply and what we are willing to pay for XRP. There is NO proof about this from you...simply a statement. Anytime you divide the listed market cap by circulating supply you get the unit price! It that simple dude. What is B.S. About this, and this is what you should be driving home, is that the listed market cap is 100% manipulated! Thus the price is manipulated...please, if you are going to make this type of claim, first prove it, which you didn't, and also show "how" this works. You simply are guessing at an answer with no break down. I gave you the solution pretty easy...divide the market cap by circulating supply...the proof is there on marketcap.com for us to equate 24/7...if you are right...how exactly do we jump into all XRP buyers and sellers heads to truly discover the "price we are willing to pay"??? Please explain how we are to guess this? Because I want to be able to apply YOUR method to the equation. Or maybe there is a "what we are willing to pay" price list out there somewhere that people can announce what there preferred price is? Just like in school...break down the mathematical steps please...because you need one in order to calculate. Show us in a video next time.

Filip Gregov

Couldn't have said it better! well done mate, we're in for one hell of a ride :D


Subscribed, thank you for the intelligent discussion, I’m so over these xrp porn King channels

XRP Pom Mom

San Juan PR??

Peter Corbet

Of course !! It's the same as buying a house, if you bought it last year for $100,000 and today you can sell it for $150,000 only because of the market that does not mean you should have put in an extra $50,000 ! In this example the 'Volume' has even been zero over this time period.


I don't get why people valuate xrp by market cap. It's the other way around. The value of the coin determines market cap not the other way around.

Michael Hanin

why you don't all go on the exchange and set buy option at 100 dollar ( or more ) / xrp ?

Sure some people will be happy to sell you xrp at that price, and you will all finaly see the xrp price go up !

Am I a genius ?

Tiger Tiger

A fantastic explanation and demonstration....so impressed. I remember last year very well indeed. I was watching it every second of the day the last week in December and the first few of weeks of January....I was on cloud 9!! ???

Naked Screaming Man

Hey Yeshua was that your Lamborghini being stolen at the beginning man? Lofl ! Great vid ✌❣✌❣

Seattle's Best

Tell them bro!

#LipGlam Multi-purpose Beauty Balm

Old recycled vid? Good vid for anyone who don’t know what mc is

Fait Accompli

The next time someone brings up the market cap argument I'm going to play this video, great work.


OTC messin it up


Just found you, watched, subbed. Clear and Concise. Good job bro ?

Pazzu Crypto

Great video I will be tweeting this one out thank you

leone leone

So basically . You believe that will go to 10$ by end of 2018 ???
Honestly I don' t think .
Can you please give me an opinion ???

J. C.

Puts white guy on thumb nail for more views, clicks video bait, reveals scruffy black guy...

Ripple coin market cap

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480 views | 8 Jan. 2021

Ripple XRP Today and

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Footage credit and special thanks to

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#xrp #ripplexrp #ripple

Prakash Parbat

Watch I’m going to get everybody wife’s

Warrior Boyagain

Future Skyrocket ?⏰?????


Put ripple in headlines then schill another I see what your doing

ali baba

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Akshay 95

According to my analysis, xrp will reach 1$ . No worries about that. You guys were all seeing the candel stick were startee raising up xrp holders got that up to be higher. It will 1$

Alejandro Morales

Should drop an eth for a xrp?

Juan Alison

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Really schilling that Emin coin buddy how much you make off that?