Litecoin price 2018

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Litecoin Price Within Bottom Range?

4 561 views | 14 Nov. 2018

Litecoin price is at the

Litecoin price is at the very least within the middle of my litecoin price target for heavy accumulation. So how much lower might we go? How is LTC really looking?

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin and litecoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price and Litecoin price move very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

Rantaa Koivu

Patience! Mr Mtgox is on the board....

Crypto Capital Venture

technical analysis @ 1:40


TA is useless. Litecoin is useless. Invest in a real project or you’ll be kicking yourself soon.


buying LTC, BTC & ETH

Titus Maximus

This is not bad it's good and it's gonna get better. More bang for the buck is always better. ?

D Money

Gotta be on the side of inside info. Wall Street destroying BTC/LTC out of jealousy. They wish they had it 5 years ago. They literally built futures markets just to rek it and make money short. And we got rekt! Jim Cramers face when BTC went to $20k was full of disgust. He wasnt happy at all. Scumbags.

Terence Gould

Well it has not been this low since Aug 2017 so how can you say that this is NOT bad ?


A few weeks ago, people were talking like LTC was going to shoot up to $70; now, people are talking like it’s going to dip to $20 (or even lower) for sure. Everybody acts like they can predict this shit, but it just goes to show that NO ONE can.

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I have advanced my knowledge base of investing. Greatest investors don’t do DCA, and advise against it. Over time, DCAing is not a wise strategy and the return is way lower than reserving fresh powder and waiting it out. Feel free to disagree, but I like to buy at the very best deal.

Ercan A

I bought some today for all waiting for 20.. or 10.. i give a damn attention, the sentiment will change before you have any chance to buy at these prices

Nav Sidhu

These 20-30% drops from EMAs aren't the bottoms though sadly, as it keeps dropping down so it's pointless to accumulate until there's a clear confirmation of a long term trend change so save on budgets. It does feel like to accumulate now it's basically knife catching, the best method would be to watch and wait for confirmation to buy on a trend up that's confirmed or else most people will be under water and out of budget.

Adolf Hitler

If you can afford a hundred as a gamble it could hit over 200 again and you will profit very well.


You doubters sh*tting on LTC is a bad move. LTC will go parabolic when BTC spikes hard! Just wait for the stock market to crash 50% - the smart $$$ will pour into crypto. Boys it’s coming!
LTC has better days ahead!!!


Wait another month when it's in the 20s

kenney andrews

Definetly that time arpund now to buy the dip but Ima wait a bit to see if litecoin drops a bit more.

Satoshi Squanderer

I love all the fud comments. You guys have no idea of the long term potential of the technology Litecoin is built upon.


$20-30 LTC incoming!

Paul H

Plenty of opportunity to buy the dips

Marcus Wilson

Massive head and shoulders on the weekly...or am I wrong?

Houston Observer

I'm not sure where you are drawing your lines for your channels (for BTC and LTC). Can you share from what date and price to what date and price you are drawing your channel? I want to draw your channels on my own chart.

Proda Jie

Looks like this dip could be related to the futures contracts expiring today? would you expect this to happen again around Dec 19/20?

Rod Stohr

bought more LTC


25 bucks in less than a week.

Titus Maximus

35 it's a good accumulation price


When will we see this bottom be set? If we hit the 30-50 dollar bottom range and hold, will we see this reversal finally? Love your vids, I'm HODL. What is the chances we do not go below the 30-50 range and it is the confirmed bottom?

s trav

Charlie lee really sold at the right time. I Bet he is giggling right now

Dean Albertson

The bottom could be $4.


stop using bitfinex charts. they're inaccurate for using tether. use coinbase/bitstamp


Great analysis...Thank you.


Looking at 4700 and 3800 next for btc, gonna take a few months though


Looks like the bottom will be between 20-30 i won’t do nothing for now, will wait

Henry Goh

Ltc doesn't look that bad....
Means it got more to go down

M Morse

Hey everyone a double triple bottom forming . Send crypto to [email protected]gmail.com

Ryan Shaeffer

Buying bitcoin, still have a ton of fiat, kind of want it to drop below 5k now

Sarah Chin

What happened to Nakamotorized? Just disappeared like that?

SohilDeep Singh

One more thing that i would like to add is that, it is very possible that sharks will put buy orders soon as people in the market are now scared and they might pull money out of the market which will drive price even lower maybe to 35 or 25, but then sharks will gonna put huge buy orders which can drive the price up like crazy

R B P E 3 That’s Me

All smiles here

Adolf Hitler

Its bottom is 10 bucks and it could even to a dollar. Its only worth whats bought in using real currencies.


Thank god there is someone in this industry who understands technical analysis ...respect my friend...keep the hard work!


Watch "The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice" on YouTube


I hope Ltc does drop to €10 it won't of course, people will buy like crazy.
When the price drops to a certain level and the buying starts, then sit back and watch the fomo kick in with the price rise.
When that will happen, who knows, but it will happen, I'm certain of it, and I'll be one of the people buying on what I hope is the lowest low. Lowering the euro cost average is what I'm going for now, and consolidating my position.
I'm in for five years whatever happen anyway, treat it like a long term interest account in the bank. Invest and forget for the term. Stop worrying about what happens in between. It has done all this before, what comes down, must go up at some stage. Hold firm, and have faith.

SohilDeep Singh

Just buy lot of it whenever shark sell a share in the market as i have noticed price trace back up fairly quick like it dropped as low as to 53 cad but within 1 hour it again shot up to 60 cad that's almost 7 dollar difference, if you brought 200 coins that's almost 1400 $ profit in just 2 hour

Hermes Soza

Reason I subscribed: You don't tell me everything I want to hear. You keep it real and back up your statements with data. Respect.

Mindaugas Karla

i was holding all year.. my investment down like 85%.. finally i am selling,, im done its terrible, too much stress. 15% will spend for holidays and try to forget a life time worst investment memory. stupid technology, scammed a lot of ppl


One thing that I love about our LTC community is that we are organic. We aren't deterred by any skepticism and we actually believe in Satoshi Lite. This is where the smart investors are. We are being greedy while others are fearful. They dont understand how ethical Charlie is.


Litecoin is the worst coin, the market cap is way too high it can go down alot further , charlie lee doesn't hype his coin up while all his competitors do , its pretty much a dead coin. If you take into account that he has 800k followers the price should at least recover sometimes but it doesnt, meaning the coin is dead right now . The only thing that will revive it is if Charlie buys back in. I personally invested over 80 BTC in litecoin a few months ago and lost most of it , it was the worst decision of my life


You have a great composure and your reporting style is very very good.
Your TA is very good too.
If you could do TA on ReddCoin would be much appreciated! Cheers!

Michael O

I've been subscribed for a minute and can attest that you have not been predicting a bull run lol. As a matter of fact, because of you I was hesitant at buying in before this recent crash because your zoomed out weekly charts give me some perspective. I recently just bought in at these new lows and am still preparing for the chance of the market to dip even lower! Thanks and keep up the great work Dan!

Cody Miller

I think we are getting close to capitulation. There are more and more comments on your videos saying LTC is dead. Crypto is over. Do you think this is the first time people felt this way? Was crypto dead those other hundreds of times? Patience.

Jazeapokergod A

My buy target is $35...but I'm keeping some dry powder for $30.

Paul H

Do you have any to the moon t-shirts left?

aka Action #NaKaMotoUnity


Royce Provencher

Worth watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn3IEOLBg0g


I'm new to crypto and i'm just looking around to see what is going on and i was wondering what he meant when he kept saying 'overextending'

Titus Maximus

Hypersciences is a good project.

Iranola Akinrolabu

Lol at all this technical analysis and speculation... it means nothing. The market will do what it’s going to do. We’re in a bear market simple as that. And it’s here to stay . Wake me up this time next year. What the hell does a Fibonacci on 4 hour chart have to do with a billion dollar market. Like pissing in the wind. I DID tell you months ago that triple bottoms are typically NOT a good sign.

Stephen Brown

Bitcoin moves to 4k...Litecoin under $20

Titus Maximus

50 will be the new resistance. Let's fuel the rocket with more fear ?

Ziyad Tarik

Other than LITECOIN,how many alt coins are used for payments?

Diver Dan

I'm not sure about buying this dip as there is no change in the trend so I'd guess there is no reason for a sudden bounce back...bears are in control I'm not going to try catch a falling wedge.

Litecoin price 2018

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Litecoin Price Prediction 2018

1 863 views | 29 Dec. 2017

2018 is gonna be a great

2018 is gonna be a great year for litecoin and othert altcoins in the space get ready for 2018

Crypto U.K.

If you take a look now ripple is -10.76
If you see my first vid regarding predators, the followers, the pray, the type of traders you'll understand, my background is Cambridge law graduate, worked for Lloyds bank , HSBC bank, and been doing for the computer currency trading for eight years

Crypto U.K.

What you think of ripple will out do lite coin ?


Look out at cloak coin going open source 31 december. It’s a monero killer

2018 living

stay woke everyone

Litecoin price 2018

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Litecoin Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

498 views | 16 Jan. 2018

Litecoin Price Prediction

Litecoin Price Prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. LTC forecast is updated daily at https://longforecast.com/litecoin-price-prediction-for-2018-2019-2020-2021-ltc-to-usd

Long-term Litecoin price prediction from the Economy Forecast Agency.

Litecoin price prediction for near days and up to one month at http://30rates.com/litecoin-price-prediction-tomorrow-week-month-ltc-forecast

Music: www.hooksounds.com